The Adventures of Lamborghini Luke - The rescue of the earths core

The earths core has stopped spinning

It's the weekend and Lamborghini Luke is planning a day filled with fun and adventure. But the type of adventure which awaits was not what he was expecting.

Lamborghini Luke receives a very urgent phone call, it's the prime minister. 'Lamborghini Luke we need you. The earths core has stopped spinning, if we don't get it back into action as soon as possible the sun will fall and it will be dark forever'

Lamborghini Luke jumped into action, he likes the dark but loves sunny days at the beach too.

He thinks for a moment, hmm how can he get the core spinning again.

He has an idea if he races around the earth at top speed the air drift may get the earth to move which could kick start the core back into action.

He uses his super boosters to speed around the earth in a perfect circle creating a back draft, but the core did not move.

Time for a new plan, perhaps if Lamborghini Luke attached 10 more super cars like a train to the Lamborghini the force of 10 super cars can kick start the core. But that still did not work.

Ok third time lucky, Lamborghini Luke had a new idea, the earths core is magnetic! If Lamborghini Luke attached the worlds most powerful magnets to his super boosters and raced around the earth at top speed the magnetic pull on the core and the back draft could kick start the core to spin.

Magnets attached and ready to go, the sun falling in the distance Lamborghini Luke floored it. 1, 2, 3, 4 times around the earth and the sun began to lift, people started cheering 5,6,7 more laps and the sun was as high as ever.

The core had started spinning again Lamborghini Luke had saved the sun.

Mission complete...... Until next time.