Shadows Fall From Paradise

~chapter 2~


Eyes of the Forest

       The forests of Etruna were the most beautiful things I've ever seen; known for the weeping willows and numerous species of luminescent plants. More often then not, Kiana will spend her free time hunting the over populated species of deer. I'd always admired her for her excellent skills in weaponry. Especially with a bow.

      We were sitting together on a tree branch. I watched in silence as she strung her arrow, drew back the string, and fired at a creature in the distance, hitting it directly through one of its four eyes. We jumped down from the tree and walked up to the deer.

     "I think that's the largest one I've caught all season." Kiana stated with a slight smile on her lips. She retrieved her arrow and prepared the deer to be dragged when I realized something.

     "It's blood is..." I began, looking at thick liquid oozing from it's wound.

      "Blue." Kiana finished my sentence for me. "It's a Changeling." Her smile faded, realizing today's hunt was ending as a disappointment.

We were about to head back to the castle when she stopped and turned to me. "How about you take the next kill Cassius?" Kiana held out her prized bow and an arrow. I stood there staring at her for a moment. In all the time I've known her, she's never, and I mean never let anyone touch that thing.

"Are you sure?" I replied hesitantly. She forced the two items into my hands and we walked off to find another deer. Hopefully a real one this time.

Almost an hour had passed before we found what we were looking for. A majestic looking Krishin deer standing about twenty feet from our hiding place in the brush. I gazed at its shimmering purple coat. The wildlife in these woods were some of the most beautiful creatures to roam the land.

I was snapped out of my trance by Kiana thrusting her elbow into my side.

"Shoot!" She hissed. So, I raised the bow and aimed at the large creature's stomach. We both watched as the arrow neared it's target, and missed. The now startled deer ran off into the distance. Kiana sighed.

"Let's go home." She said. Then she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away.