Shadows Fall From Paradise

~chapter one~

Chapter 1

Coronation Day

"I hate it."

That's what she said to me. After the three hours it took to get her into that dress, do her hair, do her makeup, she hates it. She said it in front of the poor woman who did all that for her too!

"It's too long. It has no sleeves. It's too sparkly."

Ok, yeah. they managed to incorporate all of the things Kiana hates in clothing. But still, that woman looks crushed. Shadows Fall From Paradise - ~chapter one~

{this is kiana's dress}

Somewhere outside, bells began to ring. It was almost time for Kiana to be crowned empress. Then, I was quickly shooed off. I couldn't be late for the ceremony and my parents wanted me to sit with them. I bolted through the doors of the seamstress' unusually large shop and weaved through the crowd of villagers. Though most of them were not allowed to witness the crowning personally, – due to their low rank in society and improper clothing– they still gathered, in an attempt to witness a glimpse of the glamor and glory that the nobles and royal family radiated. The chapel was two miles ahead.


I arrived out of breath and slightly sweaty. My mother gave me a cold glance. I knew she would scold me later. Now, she was doing something much more important. She was talking to Kiana's mother. The godlike slayer of dragons, Aradia. Some say she's a fallen angel and if she really was, I wouldn't be surprised. More people began to file in and butlers showed them to their assigned seats. The room was filled with pointless discussion. Eventually, we too were shown to our seats. My parents and I were seated directly next to the rest of the royal family. My mother, of course, sat next to lady Aradia. On the other side of me, My father sat next to Aradia's older brother Alastor.

Music began to play. A beautiful chorus of woodwinds and stringed instruments serenaded us all. The music also serves as a warning. It was time. Her majesty was here. Everyone turned their heads towards the huge doors and watched as the carriage drawn by two black stallions came to a stop. She was led out by two women dressed black and feathered masks that looked to be mimicking the heads of crows. That was another thing about Kiana. She was obsessed with crows.

Kiana exited the carriage with her face completely shrouded by a long, dark veil. Everyone watched in awe as she walked down the pathway toward the priest. The speech and Oath were spoken. Kiana kneeled down, and Aradia took the crown off of her own head and placed it gently on her daughter's. Shadows Fall From Paradise - ~chapter one~

My name is Cassius Hale. I've been the Empress's dog for six months. Before I go on I want you to know throat I am weak. I fear the ear-splitting screeches of the angels who rule my kingdom. I fear the mighty roar of the dragon Draco who heeds his master's every command. I fear the wrath of my mistress, who with place a slash upon my face without hesitation. I was never cut out for this.