Shadows Fall From Paradise


Everyone was filled with joy. Today was the princess's eighteenth birthday. She would be crowned Empress and bring our world a new beginning. A better one. A happier one. Which, of course, was a hilarious thing to expect, because I know her. She wasn't as she seemed.

Kiana. The wicked girl, as we all called her when we were children. She had the most beautiful blue eyes that would shine like diamonds. Skin as pale as porcelain and hair as black as charcoal. Needless to say, everyone believed she was the most gorgeous being to ever walk the land. Her family's little angel. A kind, delicate, well-mannered princess, but not to us. She was violent and cruel, constantly enraged when someone refused to heed her every command.

So, you can imagine the joy I felt when I was assigned to be her personal assistant. I must be by her side 24/7. I have to do whatever she says. I have to give away my entire life because my parents gave millions of dollars worth of contributions to the former Empress. Yeah, they sold my independence to keep them rich. Parents of the year.


      My name is Cassius Hale. I was Kiana's personal assistant. For many, they see my position as honorable and it's certainly obvious why they would think that. But, to the royal family,—The celestials— I'm simply a servant. One that will do the work they see unfit for them. In this position, my death is inevitable. I'm writing this as a warning for all who read.

  Don't do what I did.