Secret Garden

22.Back to normal

"Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook! Wake up" the youngest felt someone shaking him.

"Just five minutes, Y/n" Jungkook mumbled trying to go back to sleep.

"Y/n?" Hoseok asked himself in confusion. "Who is she?"

"JEON JUNGKOOK!" Jin shouted and Jungkook finally woke up while groaning with his sleepy head.

"What is it, hyung?" Jungkook asked while rubbing his eyes.

"Finally, you're awake" Jimin said while entering the bedroom. "It is already past 10 am."

"Oh" Jungkook mumbled.

"By the way," Hoseok smirked. "Who's Y/n?"

"Y/n?" the younger asked in confusion. "Why are you asking me?"

"You called me Y/n when I tried to wake you up" Hoseok said. "Are you dating someone discreetly?" he raised a teasing eyebrow.

"Did I?" Jungkook scratched his head. "I don't know anyone named Y/n" he was beyond confused. Why on earth would a name that he didn't even know belonged to someone, would come out of his mouth.

"My little fetus is all grown up" Jin wiped invisible tears off his face.

"Hyung, I'm not dating anyone" Jungkook protested.

"Whatever" Jimin said. "C'mon, let's discuss about yesterday" he sat on the couch in the bedroom.

"What happened yesterday?" Jungkook asked. For some reason, his mind felt blank about the memories he right now has about the past days. He felt like they were all fake and they didn't even happen for real.

Because they are not your memories.

"Aish! You seriously forgot?" Jin sassed. "Come here. I'll explain again" Jin told.

'Yay life' Jungkook thought to himself as he jumped out of the bed.

'Well, this is my life right' he thought while smiling at his hyungs. "That typical bias life" Jungkook mumbled under his breath.


Your pov

I groaned as soon as I felt my phone alarm ringing .

I got up and sat on the bed while dismissing the alarm.

"What happened?" I asked myself while scratching my head.

Oh, I remember!

I graduated and decided to take rest and enjoy my life for a month or two before starting to find a job.

And then I do the thing I always do in the morning as soon as I wake up.

I looked at my phone's lock screen.Secret Garden - 22.Back to normal

'Ah, what a blessing! My bunny bias is my everything. How I wish I could have him all for myself.'

I kissed the wallpaper with an uncontrollable grin and slid my hand under the pillow.

I took out the pictures I have of my Jungkookie. PS- Shirtless pictures.

'I'm going to die because of this bunny hybrid's cunning charms' I chuckled and played his songs followed by other BTS songs in my phone.

I jumped out of my blankets and skipped to the bathroom.

I did my morning routine and lazily skipped down to the living room.

"Why does this house feel empty? Aish! It was always empty" I slapped my forehead and went to the kitchen.

"Bangtan time" I said while playing more BTS songs and started making myself a sandwich.

I danced with unreadable expressions for I need U and fell on the couch.

"Yay life" I said cheerfully and started watching Run BTS again.

I sighed and started to sing Paper Hearts. Well, I'm still a bad singer.

But this is my life. Eat, sleep, work, BTS, repeat.

"That typical fangirl life" I mumbled under my breath.

On the other hand~ A few days later

Author's pov

Yang Yang's face held no emotions as he leaned his back on the front door.

Tears were dried and stained on his cheeks. It was already days since he sat there.

He didn't even eat or drink anything all this time. Well, he's a cupid. So he could probably handle a few weeks starving.

It was freezing cold and the cupid couldn't even move his wings.
But he was not ready to give up. He was not ready to give up on Jungkook and you.

"Jungkook told me that he'll have twenty five sons with Y/n" the cupid said while smiling sadly at the memory. He also knew that the witch was listening to him. "That he'll protect her no matter what and that he will give to her all the love in this world".

"Y/n treated me like I'm her own brother" the cupid said. "They both treated me like family. After my parents died, I thought that I had no one left to live for. But I got another family. But fate is trying to take my family away from me again. Please, I- Ouch!"

The cupid winced in pain when his head hit the floor. He raised his head a little.

Jieun opened the door, which made him hit his head on the ground since he was leaning his back on the floor.

"Get up or do you want to freeze in the cold again?" she asked with no expression and the cupid dragged himself along with his wings inside the house.

"I'm not sure if this would work" the witch started. "But we can try".
The cupid's smile lit up and his wings started to flap because of the excitement.

"When I finish, the palace and this house will vanish along with everyone and everything inside. But you'll have a two minutes headstart to escape. If it works, Y/n and Jungkook will be able to remember the glitch, and Jungkook's memories will still be there in others' head" Jieun said while she sat on the floor along with the cupid.

"So, they'll be able to remember each other again" the cupid said with a smile.

"Yes. But..." Jieun started. "It's a zillion to one felicitous fluke. If it doesn't work" she looked up at Yang Yang who no more had a smile on his face. "Either of them will die. You have to understand. Love is destined and would strike as true as an unexpected lightning on a clear day. Or never would come at all."

Yang Yang nodded. He has to try. He only has some hope left in him, hope that it'll all end well.

Jieun chanted something and placed a sword over the fire which is burning up.
"So, we'll go and meet them after this finishes?" Yang Yang asked Jieun.

"Not us" she stated. "Only you will go" she said and Yang Yang looked at her in confusion. "I'll not be able to come" she finished.

"What do you mean? You'll vanish along with everything if you don't come" Yang Yang said with concern to the middle aged witch. "This blend can help Jungkook and Y/n, so we both-" the cupid was cut off by the witch.

"I am the blend, Yang Yang" she said as she took the sword from the fire.

She stood up on her place. But Yang Yang widened his eyes when he saw Jieun piercing the sword through her abdomen.