Secret Garden

20.It's time

Author's pov

You and Jungkook sat on the couch when Jieun was in the kitchen with Yang Yang.

"Baby boo" Jungkook called but you just continued your staring competition with the floor.

"Cutie pie" Jungkook said again but got no response from you.

"Baby cake" he called with a cute smile.

"Apple pie" he said again.

"I'm not food" you blankly said but looked away pouting.

"Sorry" he pouted. "I just wanted to tease you".

"Are you talking about calling me with food names?" you asked.

"No" Jungkook said. "You know what I'm talking about".

He came closer to you and cupped your cheeks.

"Sorry" he said. "Why would I even think about any other woman when I have you?"

He smiled and you couldn't help but grin back at him.

He pecked your lips and cuddled with you on the couch.


"I've spread some mattresses on the floor of the room's corner" the witch said and you three nodded.

You all just finished your dinner which was janchi guksu.

The house resembled a hanok and Jungkook and you loved the place.

You landed on the mattress with your head thrown on the only pillow there.

Jungkook agreed to sleep on the couch. You couldn't help but pout at the thought.

You saw him spreading the blanket over himself and got ready to sleep.

You sighed and closed your eyes, trying to sleep.

But you couldn't.

All these days, he'd cuddle with you. And now, the fact that he was not there by your side to hold you, sleep didn't even seem peaceful to you.

"It's okay. You used to sleep alone before he came. You can do this" you mumbled. "One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four sheep, five sheep, six sheep, seven sheep, eight sheep, nine sheep, ten sheep, eleven sheep, twelve sheep, thirteen sheep-"

"Y/n, it feels like you are calling me sheep" the cupid said with eyes closed and you pouted.

An hour later~

"I can't do this" you mumbled and got up.

You took slow steps towards the couch, careful not to wake up anyone else.

You were near the couch but stopped on your tracks when you heard Jungkook's voice.

"There's a water bottle on the floor. Be careful" he said.

"You're awake?" you asked him, more like whispered.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" he asked.

"What about you?" you asked.

"Couldn't sleep without you" he low-key said.

"Same here" you replied.

"Come to me" he stretched his arm towards you and you climbed on top of him.

The couch was small, so you had no other option but lie on him.

"We can sleep there" you pointed to the mattress on the floor.

"No, I'm too tired to walk there" he said as he wrapped his arms around your figure. "I've already wasted enough time by not cuddling with you" he mumbled while you buried your face in the crook of his neck.

He kissed your head and caressed your back, "I'm here" he said as he interlocked his fingers with yours which were on your side.

He kissed your knuckles and said, "Sleep now". He spread the blanket on both of you since this place was snowing and it was freezing cold.

You placed a kiss on his neck, which was the only place you could reach since you were too tired to move anywhere else.

And then you drifted off to dreamland along with him as his body lulled you.

Next morning~

You and Jungkook were building a snowman outside.

You both just had breakfast and Jieun gave you permission to be outside for some time.

"Pancake, look here," Jungkook said. You couldn't help but fangirl over the white beanie he was wearing.Secret Garden - 20.It's time

(You were wearing the same outfit but black in colour)

You went near him to see the figures he built with snow.

"That's you and this is me" he grinned. "And these are our children" he pointed to two other snow figures.
"Where are the other twenty three children?" you asked with a laugh.

"Y/n, Jungkook" you both heard Yang Yang's voice.

You could see him coming out of the house and he was not wearing a winter outfit like what you and Jungkook wore.

Because it was hard to fit the wings inside clothes which were not his.

"I told you both to wait" he pouted and threw a snowball at Jungkook.

You laughed uncontrollably while looking at Jungkook but felt the same snow on your hair too.

You stopped and looked at Yang Yang, his hand pressing the snowball against your head.

And then tada~ snowball fight.

You all laughed with each other for more than half an hour.

"Kids" Jieun called from the door. "It's time" she said and went back inside.

Yang Yang's face turned gloomy as he looked back at both you and Jungkook.

Even you and Jungkook couldn't help but feel a bit sad. It's not like something else is gonna happen. Right?

"Let's go" you broke the awkward silence and both the men nodded.

You all went inside the house and you along with Jungkook removed your jacket.
Jungkook placed his beanie on the coffee table.

"Sit in front of me" the witch told and you both sat on the floor with legs crossed.

"Show me your hands" she ordered and you both stretched your palms to her.

She took out a needle and poked both of your ring fingers with it, making your fingers bleed.

She chose the ring finger because it is the only finger in human body which has a nerve connected to your heart and that is why we wear our ring in the ring finger.

"It won't take long" she said as she collected the drops of your and Jungkook's blood together in a cup and let it drip in the fire lit on the hearth. "Just five minutes".

She completed and you both nodded.

"Your visions will become blurred. But then the glitch will end" she said and you both nodded again.

Yang Yang just watched silently with remorse written all over his face.

"The palace which had the wardrobe and this hanok will disappear" she said while adding some powder to the fire.

"You both will wake up in different places" she said.
"And you both won't have any memories of the glitch."