Secret Garden

17.Fan sign

Jungkook's pov

It was now my turn.

I slowly walked to Jimin hyung and he smiled at me.

'Ah, I missed his smol pinky finger'

"Hello" he smiled at me. It was weird because we always bicker with each other. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook" I said and he signed his autograph for me. And then we kept talking.

"I can totally feel you now hyung" I sighed. "I have my girlfriend's cupid brother who is ten centimetres taller than me".

Jimin hyung thought that I just meant cupid as a nickname.

"Welcome to the shorties' group then" he said and looked at Yoongi hyung who glared back at him with swag.

Our time was up. So, I moved to the next and next and then Namjoon hyung.

"Hey" he said with his dimples showing.

"Hi hyung" I smiled back.

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like a bunny?" he asked.

"A lot" I said while grinning at him. "My hyungs say that"

He chuckled and we had a brief talk which reminded me of the times we chat while editing videos.

"Thank you hyung" I smiled genuinely. "For inspiring me" I said and walked to the last person, the eomma.

"Why are koalas not actual bears?" he asked as soon as I came to him

"Because they don't have the koalafications" I said without thinking and he gave me his famous windshield wiper laugh and I laughed along with him.

We talked for a few moments and then I had to leave.

I stepped down the stage and a few tears fell out of my eyes.

"Aigoo~ Kookie is crying" Y/n said while side hugging me. "This is my first time in a fan sign event".

"I missed them" I said while sniffling.

She smiled and took me outside the building.

We went to a restaurant nearby.

We took our places and I immediately leaned my head on her shoulder.

"We'll find a way" she mumbled and stroked my hair.

"How does it feel to be in the shorties' group?" she asked me to lighten up the mood.

"Feels short" I low-key said and interlocked my fingers with her.

She took my hand and kissed my knuckles, making me smile lightly.

"How many kids can we have?" I asked and she choked on air.

"What?" she asked with bewilderment.

"You heard me" I said and raised my head and looked at her. "What about twenty five sons like we said?" I grinned innocently.

She blinked her eyes, making me rethink the decision.

"You don't want twenty five?" I asked. "Then what about twenty five sons and daughters too?" I asked.

"Stop joking" she said and sipped the water from the glass in front of her.

"You're blushing" I teased her.

"Ani" she denied.

"Yes, you are" I smirked.

"Just shut up and let me be embarrassed" she said and looked away pouting.

I chuckled and wrapped an arm around her waist, she turned her head to face me.

I took the moment to capture her lips with mine. She was shocked, but was still kissing me back.

We were continuing until we heard someone clear their throat.

Y/n quickly pulled away and looked at her lap.

It was the waiter, he was looking down on the floor.

"Y-Your order, sir?" he asked.

Author's pov

Now, you both were on the way to your house, walking on the footpath hand in hand.

"Are you allowed to date in your contract?" you asked him.

"Yes" Jungkook said. "Still we didn't want to as we wanted to concentrate on our work. But then I found you" he smiled and continued.

"I made a great decision by staying single since my birth" Jungkook said.

"Me too" you mumbled. "What am I even thinking? I wasn't able to date anyone because you affected my heart by being my bias".

"Guess I affected a million hearts" he said, proud of himself.

"You know Jungkook?" you started. "Jimin is my bias wrecker".

(A/n: Jimin was my first bias when I discovered BTS, years ago. And then for the first two weeks of May 2020, Jin was my bias. I started reading Blood Ink by @pocketbangtan on 23rd May, 2020 and Jungkook became my bias straightaway. And then jimin became my bias wrecker when I read Mr.Park Ceo by @NamikoS)

"I remember the time when RM accidentally ripped your shirt while performing Fake Love" you said. "That was everyone's favourite destruction and mistake of Namjoon".

For a minute, Jungkook felt like in heaven when he thought that you were complementing him. But they say that good things don't last.
"But then I remember when Jimin ripped off his shirt in MAMA 2014" you sighed in amusement. "I've never seen such a sight you know" your cheeks showed a tint of pink.

Jungkook stared at you, internally shouting 'Am I, the Jeon Jungkook, a joke to you?!'

"And did you see the NEVERMIND tattoo on his right torso? Also the letters that trail down from his left chest to down his waist? His ribs are always a special attraction, Jungkook, do you-" you stopped your words when you saw him practically burning with jealousy.

You smiled nervously, "Uhm, Kookie?"

He suddenly dragged you somewhere.

Stopping in an alleyway, he looked around to check if anyone else was there.

The fan sign even took place in the evening, the day after Yang Yang's birthday. So it was pretty dark right now.

"Jungko-" you were cut off when he assaulted your lips with his.

The kiss made your mind dizzy and you weren't able to think straight.

He kissed you really hard and rough, making you go weak on your knees. But he luckily held you by wrapping his arm around your waist while his other hand was at the back of your head, pulling you closer.
Probably, trying to make you forget that any other men even exist in this universe.

He ruled your senses. He ruled you.

You can do nothing but just open up to his invasion, wrap your arms around his neck and pull him even closer.

You could feel his anger and jealousy by the way he was kissing you right now.

He gripped your waist tighter, making your jump up and wrap your legs around his torso.

He hardly pinned your figure to the wall and bit your lower lip, earning a muffled moan from you.

He used the chance to slip his tongue through your mouth.

Your tongues battling for dominance and you let him win.

Even when the deer knows that the lion is going to attack it, the deer still stays in the territory and waits up for the lion to make its fierce attack. People call the deer a fool.

But now you know why the deer never moves. Because the lion is too irresistible.

Right now, you are the deer who's the prey to the lion called Jeon Jungkook. And the predator is eating you wholly as you don't protest his attack of pleasure. This guy's pure bliss.
Jungkook was set on a warpath and he had no intention of stopping.

But a voice made him say, "Kids these days have no patience".

A middle aged woman said and you pulled out of the kiss.

You landed on your feet as you and Jungkook looked down at the floor blushing slightly.

But the next thing that the woman said brought you both out of your trance.

"Of course, they said that the maknae of BTS is hot-blooded."