Secret Garden


You groaned softly with your eyes still closed when the naked bunny who was back hugging you, exerted pressure around your bust.

As the duvet covered both of your naked bodies, Jungkook spooned you inside the blanket and kept kissing your nape, nipping it.

"Kookie" you said when he moved to your bare shoulder, tracing his tongue all the way.

"Good morning, baby" he said and kissed your neck.

"Good morning" you replied lazily, your eyes still closed from the intense night.

"Round five?" he smirked and you slapped his hand which was wrapped around your waist.

He just giggled and hugged you more closely.

"But your moans last night though" Jungkook said and sighed in amusement.

"Byuntae" you said and got up. Only to be pulled back to the bed again.

"Don't go" he pouted like the kid he is.

You turned around to face him, "Who'll make breakfast then?"

"We'll buy it" he said and closed his eyes while burying his face in your neck.

You smiled and ran your fingers through his hair which was now tangled from last night like yours.

You kissed his forehead and rested your cheek on the top of his head which made Jungkook grin and hug you even more tighter.

"Do you think that Yang Yang would've heard the noises last night?" you low-key asked him.

"Even if he did, that's not a problem" Jungkook mumbled, his hot breath hitting your neck feverishly.

You just blushed because of god knows why and started drawing circles on his nape.

"Are you trying to cast a love spell on me by drawing circles?" Jungkook chuckled. "If yes, don't worry. I'm already head over heels for you".

"I got tickets for the fan sign event tomorrow" you said and Jungkook raised his head to look at you. "We'll meet your hyungs and maybe try to find some other way".

Jungkook nodded and rested his head on your chest. He squirmed in pleasure when you ran your fingers through his hair again. Like how a baby squirms under its mother's touch.

After some time, you both got ready for the day and headed out to the living room to see the cupid who was drinking coffee.

"Late morning" Yang Yang smiled and sipped his coffee.

You hid your red cheeks in your sweater paws as you sped up to the kitchen for your and Jungkook's morning drink.

"What's the breakfast today?" Yang Yang asked.

"Starbucks" Jungkook said while taking his place on the couch.

"Hey, are those hickeys?" Yang Yang asked with a teasing smirk.

Jungkook looked at down himself and sighed, "I sweated a lot" he said.

(A/n: Some fans worried that rumors would begin about Jungkook dating, while others were more relaxed and ignoring the circulated rumors. Some other fans denied that the bruise was a hickey. They said that Jungkook's skin was sensitive and the red things on his neck could be bruises, bug bites, itches, or swelling. He does sweat a lot since he also practices real hard, and it creates rashes or red marks on his skin or neck. Which was mistaken by some people as hickeys)

"Sweated a lot because of last night" the cupid corrected.


Your pov

"Three chicken sausage and bacon biscuit" I placed our order and went to the place Jungkook was sitting.

"Do you think it was a good idea to let Yang Yang be home alone?" you asked while leaning your head on his shoulder.

He nodded while intertwining his fingers with yours, "Consider this a date" he smiled.

You smiled back and randomly started drawing circles around his knuckles.

"Excited to meet the other members?" you asked and he smiled.

"Yeah, it has been long since I fought with Jin hyung for churros" he chuckled at his own words.

"You know, his wide shoulders make him look like a motherly figure" you casually said.

(A/n: I said this line to my everything and she replied- 'Girl, you have no idea what you could do with those wide shoulders')

"Yeah" Jungkook laughed. "That's why he is our eomma".

"I used to feel like you were the shortest in the group since you are the maknae" you confessed.

"But it is Jimin hyung who's 1.74 m tall" Jungkook said. "Even Suga hyung is the same height".

"YoonMin" you mumbled. "Remember when Suga told that you unknowingly entered the bathroom which he was in?"
"Yeah, I just blankly stared at him for a few seconds and asked 'Suga hyung?'. I couldn't process anything that moment" he laughed. "I was in a nutshell".

You both laughed together.

"So is this some kind of 'recap memories' date?" Jungkook asked.

"If you say so" you said and you both continued talking random things. He would occasionally tease you or become perverted, making you flustered.

You both got your breakfast along with Yang Yang's and headed home.

"Hyung, we're back" Jungkook shouted as he entered the door.

"Since when did you start calling him hyung?" you asked while removing your jacket.

"Not an idea" Jungkook shrugged. "Maybe because he kinda reminds me of Taehyung".

"You think so too?" you asked and he nodded.

"Is breakfast here?" the cupid hurriedly passed down the stairs, tripping on his wings while he steeped on the last stair. "Hi floor" he smiled at the floor, his nose kissing the ground.

"Hyung, are you okay?" Jungkook tried to stifle his laughter.
"No, I'm Yang Yang, your cupid" he smiled while resting his cheek against the floor.

"I think he's high on cupid sprinkles" Jungkook said and you turned to him with confusion.

"Cupid sprinkles?" you raised an eyebrow. "What does that even mean?"

"I don't know" he shrugged. "It just slipped out of my tongue".

"Yeah, of course" Yang Yang said while sitting on the floor with his legs crossed. "Your tongue even slips into my sister's mouth".

You closed your eyes in embarrassment and just walked forward to the living room couch.

"Who needs breakfast can come to the living room in three" you said and slowly walked towards the couch and sat there with the breakfast in the paper bag you had in your hand.

"One" you started making Jungkook and Yang Yang look at each other for a second with confusion.

"Two" the duo widened their eyes.

"And-" you weren't able to complete as you saw Yang Yang sitting on the couch in front of you like a kid, legs crossed and the tips of the cupid's wings touching the floor.
"Three" you finished and looked beside you, Jungkook who was already having an arm wrapped around your waist.

"Breakfast time" you cheerfully said and their gloomy faces instantly lit up.

'Cause you know why. Food is life.