Secret Garden


Never in life Jungkook thought that he'd feel this small.

Being 1.79 m tall, he never thought that he would feel short.

But looking at the cupid beside him who is 1.8 m tall, he now understood how Jimin feels.

(Fact: Yang Yang is really 1.8 m tall and Jungkook is 1.79 m tall)

"The last time we checked, it was just an apartment. Why are we going there again?" you asked the cupid who was standing beside you, and Jungkook on your left side.

"To check for anything else left behind" the cupid said while checking his phone, which wasn't like the normal ones.

"These phones are used by cupids, it has different features than the normal ones" the cupid said, he could read your mind.

Jungkook's hand never left yours. He intertwined his fingers with yours, caressing your hand with his.

But seeing you talking with the 1.8 m tall man beside you, he couldn't help but wrap an arm around your waist and pull you closer.

The phone in Yang Yang's hand started beeping lightly.

"Jungkook, your jealousy meter is getting higher by the second. You're going to end up bursting my phone" the cupid chuckled and Jungkook cleared his throat.

"We're here" Jungkook said as you all reached the place.

"Why can't anyone else see your wings?" you asked Yang Yang.

"No one can see me at all in the first place," he explained.

"So, what do we do now?" Jungkook asked.

Suddenly, Yang Yang's cute face went into a smoldering one.

And he said, "Search."

You looked at him. Not knowing whether to cringe or throw up.

No offense. Of course, he's cute. But the face he made was like the one I don't want to explain.

Jungkook in an instant stood in front of you protectively.

And then the cupid brought back his cute smile.

"Please don't do that again" you said while starting to walk towards the apartment, where the garden was supposed to be.

"Okay, now listen to me. Go around the place and search for anything that looks familiar from that day" Yang Yang said while spraying some cologne on both of you. "Now, no one will be able to see you, it'd be misty. So you won't be accused of trespassing".

Thank god that there were no one else on your path. If they were, people would think that you both were stupid by seeing you talking to no one, because they can't see this cupid like you and Jungkook do.

You and Jungkook nodded to him and started to walk around the building in order to search while Yang Yang went the other way to do the same.

Back at your house~

"So, what did you both find?" the cupid asked while you all took your place on the couch.

As always, Jungkook sat closer to you. And personal space? What does that even mean here?

You both scattered the things in your bag on the table.

Posters from that day which were stuck here and there on the pillars. Nothing else.

The cupid examined the posters and finally let out a sigh.

"Only posters?" the cupid asked with disappointment. "What else do you remember about the garden Jungkook?"

"I remember seeing chocolate orchids over there when I woke up on the bench. A small pond, the water was dirty. I started walking towards the place where my hyungs were standing and then no one remembered me. Except Y/n" Jungkook finished while trying to explain every single detail from that incident.

"The agency has did some research on this case. Everyone has an alternative in the parallel universe. When that alternative has been summoned for a bad deed involving myths, he disappears from his world" the cupid took Jungkook's hand in his.

"You see this line on your palm here. This means that you're alternative has been summoned in that universe. It caused an imbalance. To maintain the balance, everyone else had to lose their memories about you. It's like you were never born at all" the cupid completed and looked at Jungkook's face, and he could clearly see him bewildered.

"We can't bring everything back to normal?" you asked slightly worried.

"No. It's not like that. Every problem has a solution. We just have to find the correct equation to solve it" the cupid assured. "We'll find a way". The cupid tried to reach out for your hand to assure you, but-

"Woah, woah! Excuse me, you cannot just hold her hand" Jungkook pulled you even closer to him.

And then you all heard a high beeping sound from Yang Yang's phone.

"You're surely going to burst my phone because of your jealousy" the cupid laughed and leaned back on the couch. "Is lunch ready?" he asked excitedly.

"Yeah. I'll be back" you said and ran towards the kitchen and checked on the food you prepared before leaving out.
You set everything ready on the table and went towards the living room to call both the males for lunch.

But they weren't there.

"Where the hell did they go?" you mumbled and walked upstairs to check in the rooms.

When you opened the door to your bedroom, you saw Jungkook and Yang Yang with pouting faces.

You sighed, "What now?"

"We want ice cream," Jungkook said. "Hyung said how tasty cupid's ice creams are".

"And Kookie told me how tasty the ice creams here are" Yang Yang said with a sad pout. "I want to taste them. I miss ice cream".

"Wait a minute. 'Hyung'?" you looked at the cupid. "And what'd you say? 'Kookie'?"

"Yeah" the cupid walked towards the maknae to give him a brotherly side hug. But tripped on his wings making Jungkook fall on the bed with Yang Yang on top of him and then, their lips met.