Secret Garden


"Wings? You mean the BTS album?" the man on the couch asked. "Or chicken wings?" he smiled while asking, practically drooling at the mention of food.

His wings were flapping lightly behind his back.Secret Garden - 11.Cupid

(His wings were like this, but in white color)

"Y/n, do you have hot chocolate? I'm craving for them" he said, the smile not leaving his lips at all.

"How do you know my name?" you asked in utter confusion with Jungkook still shielding you.

"Oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Yang Yang, your and Jungkook's cupid" Yang Yang said while getting up from the couch and stretching his hand for you to shake.

"Cupid?" you asked with your jaw a bit wide open.

"Yeah" he said and walked a step further. "I know what you're thinking, but before that, I would suggest you to cover that bruise and Jungkook to wear his shirt" the cupid slightly blushed while looking down.

"Do you have a crush on him?"

"No! I'm loyal to Bei Weiwei and Kim Namjoon."

(A/n: 🏳️‍🌈)

"But NamJin is my life," you mumbled.

"I can hear it. Cupids have sensitive ears" he said with a pout before smiling at you again.

"Why are you still smiling?" Jungkook asked, a tint of jealousy in his voice that you've been a bit admiring the cupid's smile.

"Kookie, you better wear your shirt first" you said and Jungkook reached out for his shirt and wore it. Because now was definitely not the time for you to get turned on.

"Now, can we sit?" Yang Yang asked.

An hour later~

You stepped out of the kitchen and handed the cupid the cup of hot chocolate.

"Thank you" he said while kissing the back of your hand like how a gentleman would do.

"What the heck!" Jungkook exclaimed and immediately pulled you to sit on his lap. "She's my girlfriend" he spoke, jealousy clearly evident.

"I know. And don't worry, I'm not having a plan of falling in love" the cupid said while sipping some of the hot chocolate from the cup in his hand.

"You're saying that you are a cupid. But aren't people supposed to have individual cupids?" you asked. "At least that's what I read in the myths online."

"You're right. Each one has a individual cupid they cannot see. But it was different in your case" he placed the cup in the coffee table and continued. "When I was training, they told that I'd be doing cupid service to two people who are soulmates."

"So, me and Y/n are soulmates right?" Jungkook asked. "I knew she was the one for me" Jungkook smiled to himself while mumbling.

"Whipped so much, Kookie?" Yang Yang teased, damn his sensitive ears, earning a glare from Jungkook, who only got back a teasing smile from the cupid.

"I work in China's cupid department. My mother is Korean and my father is Chinese." He took out something from a backpack lying on the floor, a new backpack, which you assumed was his.

"I was given the info that Y/n didn't lose her memories about you when all the other humans did. So I was given orders to check whether another miracle happens, you both seeing cupids" Yang Yang spoke while looking at Jungkook. "And it happened. You both can see cupids, and I'm one."

"So what now? How do we get the memories of Jungkook back?" you asked, trying to avoid the fact that you were still on Jungkook's lap, his arms wrapped around your waist as he rested his cheek against yours.

"That, we've to figure it out by ourselves. That's what the agency said. I'd have to do some investigations" he spoke while typing something in the laptop he took out from his bag.

"How old are you Yang Yang?" you asked him.

"I'll be turning 29 tomorrow," he said while smiling. "Jungkook should call me hyung and you can call me whatever you want. Yang, Cupid, Oppa" he said.
So his birthday is on 9th of September, eight days after Jungkook's.

"I prefer oppa," you said.

"You- What?!" Jungkook choked on his saliva. How dare you call a man who's not him as oppa.

"What? He's almost a decade older than me and you don't like to be called oppa." You turned your head to see your boyfriend fuming with jealousy.

"Then you should be calling him ahjussi," Jungkook mumbled. "I don't mind you calling me oppa."

"I can still hear you and I've been in the living room for hours now. Where do I get to sleep?" the cupid faced you with an expecting smile.

You had three rooms, so-

"I sleep with Y/n, you can sleep in any other room you want" Jungkook said as you slowly got up from his lap.

"How come I didn't notice you when we entered the house?" Jungkook low-key said.

"That's probably because you were busy making out with Y/n as soon as you both entered the house" Yang Yang said and heat rushed up to your cheeks. Even Jungkook's.

"Yang means sheep in Korean," you said. 'Should I call him sheep?' you thought.
"I think sheepy or Yang is better," the cupid said.

You widen your eyes, "Did you- Did you just read my mind?"

"I guess I just did," he said. "And Jungkook, please stop swearing at me. I'm not going to take Y/n away from you. I'll call her lil sis if you aren't satisfied."

"I guess I just lost my right to use my conscience" Jungkook mumbled under his breath.

"And I still have sensitive ears," Yang Yang said.

"Not my fault" Jungkook bickered.

And then both these males in the living room started to argue.

'Do they even realize that they both look like cute couple fighting?'

"Enough!" you almost yelled. "Jungkook, to the room, now" you pointed your finger towards the stairs.

You were burning red with anger, "Yang Yang, along with Jungkook, now" you demanded, your voice dominating with frustration and anger.

The duo nodded, stumbled and ran upstairs while the cupid's wings were almost flapping vigorously, indicating that he was a bit taken aback and scared by your outburst.
Because they knew that you aren't the one to get angry easily.

Your temper is as wide as Jin's shoulders. But angry Y/n is scary Y/n.

You decided to make something for lunch and end all the chaos after that.


The cupid Yang Yang here is the Chinese actor. He was my first ever celebrity crush, I guess. Because I'm not sure. Maybe it's just because I liked his dramas, most importantly Love o2o.

I decided to bring him in to get the story back on track. And for glimpses of Jungkook being jealous, over-protective, possessive and blah blah blah.

I'm really bad at writing. So I'm sorry. And still, thank you for reading. Borahae<3

So this is Yang Yang (In case, any one doesn't know)Secret Garden - 11.CupidSecret Garden - 11.Cupid