Secret Garden


You were in deep sleep until you felt it.

It was time for another seven days of mood swings, pain, cramps and crazy cravings.

You shot your eyes wide open and slowly stood up from the bed, careful not to wake up Jungkook.

You tiptoed to the bathroom and took out a pad and cursed mensuration all the way.

You slowly walked back to the bed and laid beside Jungkook who naturally wrapped his arms around your waist.

You kept drawing circles on his chest, unable to bear the pain.

It was always the pain during your periods which made your emotions uncontrollable. You were experiencing back pain, you felt like your backbone was being crushed into pieces. Your lower abdomen played its part and the fact that your stomach was already hurting from those moments in the afternoon did no help at all.

You tossed around the bed, Jungkook was now back hugging you.

You sighed, not able to control your emotions, you turned around lying flat on your stomach.

"Boo, what happened? I can't sleep" he whined, awoken by your tossing and turning.

"Sorry" you mumbled, biting your lower lip.

The lights turned on and you turned around and saw Jungkook getting up.

"What happened?" you asked.

"What happened to you?" he asked, placing your head on his lap.

"My stomach hurts" you intertwined your fingers with his.

"Did I overdo it?" he asked with concern, running his fingers along your hair.

"No, it's not that" you said.

"What is it?" he asked.

"It's just my cramps," you sighed.

But then, Jungkook asked you the dumbest question ever.

"What does 'cramps' mean?"

You looked at him and laughed.

"What's so funny?" he pouted.

"It's my period" you said, starting to explain to him the whole thing. Jungkook's light bulb flickered and he understood what you meant earlier.

He brought his hands to your stomach, snaking his arm under your shirt and started massaging your abdomen.

"This is the second time you're doing it for me today," you said.

"I'll be doing it everyday" he smiled

"I don't get my periods everyday," you laughed.

"But you get to be with me everyday" he wriggled his eyebrows. "I'd make you feel good everyday, and then maybe your abdomen will hurt, your legs might go numb, you'd get preg-" you cut him off, blushing and embarrassed at the same time, by placing your hand over his mouth.

He licked your palm and you quickly removed your hand.

"Yah!" you exclaimed and he chuckled.

"I didn't expect you to react this way," you said to him.

"Why? Isn't it normal?" he laid on the bed, cuddling along with you.

"I heard my classmates saying that their boyfriends broke up with them because they stained their bed sheets and blah blah blah" you said.

"Their probably not boyfriends, they're birdbrains" Jungkook scoffed after telling. "Oh she's probably just on her period, is something men who have not even half of a brain like to say. But honestly, so what if girls' period cramps are what's making them a royal nightmare to be around? How would men like it if theirs were in random and constant pain several days in a row? They'd probably be horrific monsters. Oh wait, they already are" he completed.

"Except you" you pinched the tip of his nose.

"I am a monster" he protested and you gave him a confused look. "In bed" he smirked.

You blushed and hid your face in his chest.

"I was gentle as today was my first time too. And I won't be able to resist anymore after this Mrs.Jeon" he whispered in a husky voice near your ear, sending a thousand shivers down your spine.

"Wait mister. We've to bring everyone's memories about you back and then you have to talk to ARMYs and then- Wait, what if memories of yours are not back? What if ARMYs don't accept me? What if they hate you then? What if- Oh my god, it's my mood swing" you were panting for air after speaking lines in a single breath.

Jungkook placed his hand below your chin and lifted it up to make you face him.

"Even if ARMYs are against our relationship, our love for each other is stronger than anything. And even if others would not be able to remember me, as long as you remember me and we have each other, I need nothing else" he kissed you.
He was about to pull out, but you placed your hand on his nape, telling him not to stop.

He wrapped his arm around your figure as you did the same. Your lips still moving in sync.

For a long time Jungkook kissed you, and he were filled with deep astonishment as you taught him how wise you were, how you ruled him, put him off, lured him back... each one different from the other, still awaiting him.

A few minutes later, you broke the kiss, ending with a chu sound. Breathing deeply, he remained silent and at this moment he was like a child astonished by the abundance of knowledge and things worth learning opening up before his eyes.

"Twenty five" you said.

He let out the breath which he didn't know was holding back. He chuckled lightly and said, "Twenty five".

And next came...


Next day~

As soon as you both finished breakfast, Jungkook said that he'll be back after going to the store.

You were waiting for him to return, sitting on the edge of your bed.

"I'm home!" Jungkook exclaimed while walking to you with a bag in his hand.
You took the bag, thinking that he would've bought himself some clothes. But it brought you by surprise.

"You gotta be kidding me" you laughed.

"I checked the bathroom cabinet in the morning. You didn't have more pads left. This is the same brand as the sanitary napkin you use and chocolates for your cravings" he grinned proudly.

"Just how cute can you be~"you pecked his lips.

And he was smiling like a kid who just received chocolates.

"I've also planned for the whole day" he said.

"What are we going to do?" you asked while placing aside the things that he brought after taking a bite from the chocolate he just bought.

"We're going to do only one thing" he moved closer to you and pulled out an expression.

"I know that face" you mumbled with a doubt.

He wrapped an arm around your waist as he pushed you down on the bed gently, before lying beside you.

You turned around to your side to face him, "What are we going to do?"

"We are going to..." he dragged his sentence.

"We're going to...?" you asked and he pulled you closer.
"Cuddle" he smiled cutely, with a bunny face, so pure and innocent.