Secret Garden

8.Husband material

Jungkook slowly let his eyes open. He could feel his surroundings, filled with a familiar scent. His favorite scent.

He looked down and stared at your sleeping figure, wrapped around his arms like a baby burrito.

He caressed your cheek, letting his finger trace towards your swollen lips.

Memories from a few hours ago flooded in front of his eyes, bringing a smile on his face.

He bought his swollen lips, which were sinful from the kisses you both shared, to your forehead and kissed you.

He looked around to see both of your clothes scattered all over the bedroom floor. He checked the time to be 3 pm.

A sudden idea popped in his head which made him grin like a crazy person. Crazy for you.

He gently took your head and placed it on the pillow and let his feet land on the cold floor. Not before giving you a gentle peck on the crown of your head.

He took his sweatpants and wore it. He stared at you for sometime and left the room, shirtless.

Your pov

I squinted my eyes open, to find the space beside me, empty?

I slowly got up and sat on the edge of the bed, the pain in my abdomen killing me.

I tried standing up but ended up pushing the glass vase from the nightstand, resulting it to break into pieces.

I heard loud footsteps and then Jungkook barged inside the room with panic.

"What happened?" he asked and then his eyes fell on the glass pieces on the floor.

He walked towards the bed and sat beside me.

Author's pov

"My stomach hurts" you pouted like a kid.

Jungkook laughed at your childishness but stopped as soon as he saw your misty eyes.

He pulled you into his embrace, careful not to hurt your stomach.

You laid your head on his chest while you were holding the duvet to cover your body.

One of his hands went towards your stomach, starting to caress it slowly to make the pain fade away.

He wished he could suffer from all your mental and physical pain, instead of you feeling it. But then he could not. He could only comfort you and he did it.

His touch worked like magic on your body.

After you came back to your senses when the pain faded, you took time to process your surroundings.

"Yah! Wear a shirt" you pulled out and covered your eyes with one hand while the other holding the duvet against your chest to cover your completely naked body.

You could hear him chuckle, "It's not like you haven't seen me like this before. And I found pictures of me shirtless under your pillow" he took out a bunch of his pictures from under your pillow which was barely noticeable to people who didn't know it was there.

You hid your blushing face in embarrassment.

"If you love the shirtless picture-me, you should love the shirtless real-me too" he pouted.

You blinked your eyes, 'How can he say something perverted with a cute face'.

He passed you his shirt. You grabbed it and stared at him with an unsatisfied look.

"It's not like I haven't seen you without clothes" he threw you a flirty grin.

"Kookie" you whined.

"Okay" he raised his hands in the air and stood up turning around.

You smiled a little, and started wearing the shirt, his shirt.

You could feel his musky scent from the shirt, making you feel high like you just drank gallons of whiskey.

"I'm done" you told.

He turned around and stared at you for a few moments.

The shirt simply showcasing your curves to him, only to him, and the hem of the shirt reaching only up to your mid thigh.

He came closer and sat in front of you. He slowly started to run his fingers through your silky hair, untangling the knots he created by gripping on it while you know.

"You should wear my shirt more often" he said.

"Is it because I look cute in it?" you asked because you've watched in dramas, the male lead telling the female lead that she looks cute in his shirt.

"No. Because it is easier and faster to remove" he said smiling.

"Byuntae" you slapped his bare arm. "Can you please wear a shirt?"

He chuckled seeing your red face. He walked to the cupboard and wore his white tank top.

He came to you and lifted you bridal style.

"I'm sure that your legs feel numb. No more questions" he walked outside the room, to the kitchen with you in his arms.

As soon as you entered the kitchen you could feel the aroma of different foods in the air.
"You cooked these?" you stared at him with mouth open.

"Jin hyung taught me, remember Masterchef Korea?" he proudly grinned. "I'm the perfect husband material. You don't have to worry about cooking after our marriage"

"Jinjaa? You'll cook for me?" you asked with an amused smile.

"Yes, for you and our twenty five kids" he looked at your now widened eyes.

"Why? You want more?" he asked with a grin of mischief.

"I'm hungry" you changed the topic while looking at the food in front of you, which were begging you to come and eat them.

He laughed and placed you on the dining table and he sat on the chair in front of you.

You stared at the feast in front of you- Eomuk, jajangmyeon, samgyeopsal, kimichi fried rice, and the cake you both bought for dessert.

He took the chopsticks in his hand and along with some kimichi fried rice.

"Say ahh" he told like he was going to feed a toddler.

You gladly accepted the food, continued with all the other dishes.

"Finally~" Jungkook grins eating a piece of the cake.
"Can we watch a movie?" Jungkook asked.

A few moments later~

'Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum'

The title appeared on the screen as you've already buried your face behind the bunny hybrid beside you.

"You did this on purpose right?" you glared at him.

"Nope" he smiled. "Why are you afraid? It's not like the ghost is gonna hug you from behind" he said, making you to turn your head back to check if there was some ghost standing behind you to hug you like Jungkook told.

Jungkook laughed at your reactions.

"Aren't you afraid of anything?" you asked him.

"I'm really brave, than my hyungs" he grinned.

"What if you lose me one-" he placed his palm on your mouth, making you shut up.

"Don't ever talk like that again. I'll never lose you" he pulled you into his embrace.

You could feel the fear in his voice, the fear of losing you.

"Sorry" you mumbled in his chest and soon you both started watching the movie.

You were trying to be brave until that one scene.

"AHHH!" you screamed as you unknowingly landed on Jungkook's lap in fear.
You immediately tried to get up but he stopped you.

"Stay" his voice pleading you.

You did as he said.

He wrapped his arms around your waist, giving small kisses from your neck to your shoulder.

You placed your hands on his, intertwining his fingers with yours.

You didn't mind about the movie anymore.

You were in his arms and that was enough for you.

And soon enough, you were asleep.

Jungkook who sensed you sleeping, turned off the movie and slowly carried you towards the bedroom.

He laid you on the bed and slipped under the blankets along with you.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer while you naturally snuggled into his chest.

He kissed your forehead and mumbled, "Sleep tight, princess."