Secret Garden


Jungkook's pov

I squinted my eyes open and saw Y/n in my arms, slightly drooling over my shoulder.

But I didn't mind, a smile crept through my face without me realizing.

She suddenly started turning around and groaned softly.

She wrapped her legs and arms around my waist and hugged me like I am a teddy bear.

Our chests literally glued together, I gulped down the lump that formed in my throat.

I looked down to see a part of her cleavage shown. Which kinda turned me on.

My heartbeat became unsteady and faster, and I bit my lower lip harshly.

I tried to move my arm but it hit her chest area making her moan softly.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Suddenly she realized that she was clinging on to me like a koala.

But I didn't complain, instead I started running my fingers through her scalp.

"Slept well?" I asked and she nodded.

"I heard about a waterfall nearby. We can bathe there and leave after breakfast" she hummed in response.

I released her from my arms.

We packed everything and started to walk, to the waterfalls.

Author's pov

After fifteen minutes of walking, you both stood in front of a huge waterfall.Secret Garden - 6.Waterfalls

"We're bathing here?" you asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, it's beautiful right?" he smiled looking at the view. "But still, not more than you," he whispered, looking at you. You looked away, a sudden (shy) smile creeping to your face.

"I bought us swimsuits by the way" he opened his bag and showed you a couple of swimsuits for you and him.Secret Garden - 6.Waterfalls

(Ignore the fish and the background)

Jungkook changed into his swimsuit behind a rock which looked like some kind of cave, and you did too.

'Swimming with this swimsuit is better than or swimming naked' you thought.

You went near Jungkook after changing.

"I can't swim" you blurted out.

Jungkook looked at you, his idea was to jump in the water from the top.

Suddenly, he came in front of you and bent down a little. You were confused, 'Did his spine break?' you thought.

"C'mon, do you need an invitation?" he asked.

You bit your lower lip and wrapped your arms around his neck first, and then your legs around his waist (The piggy back ride position).

He held your inner thighs, supporting you.

"Unbelievable" he chuckled.

"What?" you asked.

"You eat tons but still you are so light like feather" he said.

You slapped his chest.

"1" Jungkook started.

"I can't do this" you panicked.


"I'm going to die."

"No, you won't. Trust me" he said and you could feel the sincerity in his words. Like, the hell you could feel in the middle of a self destructive (probably) cannonball.

"3" he jumped and you closed your eyes.

You felt yourself being dipped in the water and then you felt air.

You breathed in relief that you were still alive. He swam towards the place where the water was pouring down.

Jungkook placed an arm around your waist and turned you.

Now you were facing him, arms wrapped around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist.

"This is not fair" you said and he looked at you. "You're wearing a swimsuit covering almost your whole body, but look at me" you pouted angrily.

He chuckled and removed his top throwing it exactly near your bags.

"Yah!" you were flustered, seeing him shirtless. And the fact that you both were in water, you would be lying if you tell that it didn't turn you on.

"What? You told it was not fair. But now it is. Both of our swimsuits do not even cover half of our body now" he grinned.

He was hugging your waist, not letting you down. You could feel his abs.

"Let me down" you said.

"Are you sure?" Jungkook asked.

"Yeah, I can stand. The water is not that deep I think" you looked down to the water.
Jungkook slowly started to release you.

"Namjesus!" you exclaimed when you couldn't feel the surface at all and clung on to him again.

Jungkook chuckled and immediately lifted you up, back to the former position.

"I'm right here. Why do you always call Namjoon hyung for help?" he pouted and you chuckled.

"I'm your bias. You should always be fangirling over me" he continued.

"But I'm not that typical fangirl, and you now that" you smiled back.

He stared at you deeply for a few seconds.

And then suddenly, Jungkook kissed you. Something again, made you kiss him back.

He leaned you against the rock, water falling on both of you.

Your legs were wrapped around his waist as he guided your hand to grip his hair, which you gladly did. And your other hand was tracing his biceps.

He pulled away from the kiss and you both panted for air.

"No. 1, kissing me while floating in water" he said and then suddenly he took you inside the water.

He cupped your cheeks and kissed you again and you did the same, your lips moving in sync with his.
You both kissed underwater.

You both went to the surface of the water again.

"No. 2, kissing me underwater" he said and you looked at him with wide eyes.

"You read my diary?" you asked with your mouth wide open.

"Yeah. Your fantasies are interesting. Kissing me underwater, kissing me while floating in water, kissing me in the rain. All your fantasies are only about me, huh? And then getting pregnant because of me, giving birth to our twenty five sons" he smirked cockily.

"They were dreams too" you pouted slightly.

"But all only about me. And you also wrote that you get jealous when I'm being shipped with someone. Possessive much, huh?" he pinched the tip of your nose.

"We should go home soon" you tried to change the topic and he chuckled.

You both changed and began your walk towards your home while holding each other's hand without a reason, which became a reason now.

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. Your and Jungkook's journey together has already begun, even without you both knowing.


Those fantasies are mine and so was the dream that I mentioned in Chapter 2- Teasing. And I also have this possessiveness on Jungkook which I shouldn't have. It's like 'He's mine. Only mine' (And I don't like sharing in this case)'. I don't ship him with anyone. And I get really jealous when he is shipped with someone. But then I realize that there are a lot out there like me. Just being that ARMY and fangirl of Jungkook I am. But I still control myself, which helps.