Secret Garden

4.Makes sense?

"Jungkook?" you called for him who was drinking the banana milk like a kid.

"Did you ever commit a sin?" you asked him.

"Like?" he raised his eyebrows.

"Anything" you told back.

Jungkook placed his banana milk on the counter and started speaking.

"When I was in middle school, I was cheating in my spelling test and my mother caught me. She told me that she doesn't mind if I get a zero in my tests. But I shouldn't cheat, and that- Wait. Why am I saying this? I'll tell you this. Before my debut, I used to be like 'Yours is mine, mine is mine. Everything was mine'. But then hyungs taught me not to be like that" he looked at you.

"I didn't get my answer. Nevermind" you sighed.

Time skip~ At your graduation ceremony

You received your certificate and came to Jungkook with a beaming face, while he was taking your graduation pictures.

"Congrats, and where's my pork?" he asked.

"Ramen" you corrected him.

"Fine. But, where are your parents?" he asked looking around the other students with their families.

"Died three years ago, car crash" you said plainly while checking the pictures that Jungkook captured.

"I'm sorry" he said.

"Don't be. I got over with it" you shrugged with a smile.

"What about your friends? Where are they?" he looked around again.

"Don't have any" you said while clicking a picture of your favourite teacher on the stage.

Jungkook looks at you. A normal girl would've cried and lost hope if she was in your position. But, you were different.

"Makes sense?" you asked.

And he looked at you confused.

"Does it make sense? The golden maknae stuck with the lonely girl" you chuckled.

"Yes. It makes sense as the golden maknae with the girl next door" he gave a genuine smile.

You shook your head and pulled him out of the school.

You saw a boy standing near the gate and you pulled Jungkook closer.

Jungkook looked at you.

"Chanyeol. Playboy of the university. Made a bet that he would get me to sleep with him on graduation day" you said slightly eyeing him Chanyeol's presence.

Jungkook, now pulled you more closer to him. One hand in his pocket, and the other wrapped around your tiny waist.

When you both were walking past Chanyeol, Jungkook intentionally caressed your waist, giving butterflies in your stomach.

Jungkook smirked while seeing Chanyeol dumbfounded. He kissed your jawline once, making Chanyeol leave the place.

While you were just awestruck.

You looked at Jungkook with wide eyes and he just told, "Let's go home".

You nodded and you both went home.

"So, what now?" Jungkook asked as he sat on the couch.

"Eat dinner and find out a way to figure out your problem" you said while hugging your knees.

"Not that, paboya. You've graduated from college. What are you going to do next?" he flicked your forehead.

"Find a job" you shrugged.

"C'mon. Tell me. You have something else in your mind" he told as he came closer to you.

He laid your head on his chest and wrapped an arm around your shoulder.Cuddling became an usual activity for you both. Even thought it had been just two days since you both met each other for the first time.

You started playing with his fingers and he was playing with your hair, swirling it with his fingers.

"I used to save money since I was a kid. I wanted to start an ice cream parlour when I grow up" you sighed.

"Any name for it?" Jungkook asked.

"You would tease me if I say the name" you slightly pouted.

"I won't. Now tell me" he told and suddenly laid his head on your lap. Okay, this is new.

He was still playing with your hair and now that he was on your lap, you started playing with his hair.

"Kookie 'n' Cream" you told.

"You love me that much, so you named your ice cream parlour after me?" he gave you a smug smirk.

"Whatever" you said. "Now get up. I've to make dinner for us"

But he didn't let you. He turned around and buried his face in your waist.

You could feel his breath hitting your waist and his arms wrapped around it. He was drawing circles on your back, caressing it gently. He gently kissed your stomach out of the blue.

You could again feel that crazy feeling in your stomach, again because of this bunny in your lap.
"Let's stay like this for some time" he said and you just let him be.

You can't force yourself to fall down, you only fall down unaware, this is the same way you both fall in love unaware too.