Secret Garden


"What's your name?" Jungkook asked with his mouth full of food.

"Oh, I have not yet told my name. It's Y/n. Lee Y/n" he smiled.

"I'm Jeon Jungkook" he gave you his bunny smile.

"I remember" you chuckled.

Suddenly, you sneezed and Jungkook chuckled.

"Wae?" you pouted.

"Your sneezing is cute, like you" he smiled resting his chin on his hand.

"International playboy" you low-key said and shook your head.

You both finished your lunch and sat on the living room couch.

"So, what do we do now?" Jungkook looked at you and asked.

"Surf the internet for you, check some places you were there. Since when did this start?" you asked him.

"I slept in between the MV shooting, and I woke up in this garden. I walked from there and you know the rest" he sighed.

"We should check the garden you woke up in" you said.

He nodded.

You were checking your phone.

"Kookie" you called him and he hummed looking at you. "I can't find your songs"

He sighed and you pouted.

"That means If you and Paper hearts never existed" you said.

"Wait. I'm searching the internet which is something everyone would use. What about my diary?" you ran off to your room with Jungkook following you behind.

You took out your diary and started flipping the pages.

Jungkook sat beside you and looked into your diary.

"Look here. I have your pictures" you showed him your diary which was of his pictures with a bright smile.

He flipped through the pages and stopped when he saw a diary entry.

You mapped his expressions.

"Don't read that" you panicked.

"Why?" he smirked and started reading it.

Jungkook's pov

I decided to tease her. So I stood up on the bed and she tried to get her diary out of my grip.

I held it up in the air and she couldn't reach it.

I laughed at her failed attempts of getting her diary back.

I held her wrist and pulled her against me.

Her face landed on my chest and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

"Yah, muscle bunny, don't read it, please" she mumbled into my chest.

I smirked and started reading it.


Dear diary,

You won't believe this. I had a dream last night (This morning, around 5 am to be specific). In it, Jungkook and I were sitting in a car. I tell him that I'm pregnant. He's shocked and tensed, and it broke my heart. Because we were living in a world with a zombie apocalypse going on. I cry. After months, during labor, I give birth to '25' boys. Jungkook starts taking care of us, he fights the zombies in the hospital. All the 24 sons were crying. Me and Jungkook were trying to calm them down. But one baby doesn't cry, he was laughing, I picked him up and told he was an unique one. (25! How I wish it could be real, it's 'JEON JUNGKOOK' after all)


"Twenty five, huh?" I teased her.

"It was a dream" she pouted, still against my chest.

"Maybe twenty five can be our always" I said and released her.


"If we are going to have twenty five sons, think about how much we would love each other. It may take forever for you to give birth to twenty five sons. So, that means we can be together forever in every lifetime" I grinned proudly.

"Twenty five?" she asked like a confused kid.

"Twenty five" I told and gave my bunny smile. "See, it suits us".

"I can speak a lot about you. You told in a interview that for your future girlfriend, you would take off your socks first and then you'll take off your clothes. What does that even mean? And also not to forget you never had a girlfriend" she pouted.

"It hasn't even been a day, but I already love teasing you" I couldn't help but pinch her cheeks.

"Now c'mon. Let's find that garden" I told and she nodded.

Time skip~ Finding the garden

Author's pov

"How can this be possible? The garden was right here" Jungkook was lost for words.

"But now there is a thirty storey apartment here" you sighed.

Hopeless, you both started walking to nowhere.
"Maybe the garden is a secret. Secret garden like in secret garden drama" you said.

"Oh my" you told.

"What?" Jungkook asked.

"BTS is a boy band with six members now. Seven is kinda lucky" you told.

"I have my graduation tomorrow" you told.

"I need a treat" Jungkook grinned like a kid.

"I knew you would ask this" you said.

"Don't worry I'll buy you ramen" you laughed.

"No. I need pork" Jungkook gave an angry pout.

"If I buy you pork and it turns into some woman, you'll end up marrying the pork because you love pork. And I don't want it" you said.

"Are you jealous?" he smirked.

"Clearly" you said with a blank expression.

And you both started walking to your home.


The diary entry is real, by the way. I had the dream on the same date mentioned. I basically copied down everything without even missing the punctuation from my personal diary. And it was one of the craziest dream I ever had, yet my favourite *Author-nim blushes