Secret Garden


Jungkook's pov

I woke up in a garden?

I looked around and found my hyungs doing a photo shoot by Han river.

They left me alone.

As I was about to join them

"Excuse me boy, fans are not allowed now" a person told.

"Fan? Excuse me, I'm Jungkook, the maknae-" I was cut off when ARMYs shouted

"Kim Namjoon

Kim Seokjin

Min Yoongi

Jung Hoseok

Park Jimin

Kim Taehyung


I was confused and looked around.

Posters of BTS were here and there.

But none of them had my face.

It's like I vanished from everyone's mind.

And then I looked around to find a girl who was as confused as me.

"What about Jungkook?" she mumbled but loud enough for me to hear.

I went near her.

Your pov

What is happening?

"Jungkook?" I told as I could see Jungkook standing near me.

"You can remember me?" he asked with hope.

"Yes, you're the maknae of BTS" I replied still in confusion about what's going on around us.

"Did you resign or something?" I asked him and he shook his head.

"They've all forgotten me?" he looked around.

"I think we should go to your parents now" I said.

Jungkook nodded and asked me to follow him.

After we reached his home, he rung the bell.

A middle aged man, Jungkook's father opened the door and asked "How can I help you?"

"No way" I mumbled.

"Sir, is your son home?" I asked.

"Junghyun? He's not. You need some help?" he asked again.

"What about your youngest son, sir?" Jungkook asked.

"I'm sorry. You have the wrong address. I have only one son" he smiled politely.

"Oh, we're really sorry" we bowed to Jungkook's father and started walking at the footpath.

I was walking by his side.

"Why does no one else remember you?" I asked still confused.

Jungkook sighed and shook his head saying "I don't know".

"Pinch me" I stopped walking and faced him.

"What?" he asked.

"Pinch me. What if I'm just in a dream where I'm walking with my bias?" I told and stretched out my hand for him to pinch me.

He sighed and pinched my hand.

"Ouch! Namjesus!" I winced in pain and pinched his hand.

"Oww!" he winced in pain, "What was that for?"

"To check if you are dreaming" I said and we started walking again.

"I need your help" he stopped his tracks and said.

"I can help you" I told him with a smile. He stared at me for a moment.

"I didn't even tell what help I want" he stated.

"Isn't it obvious? The situation is, your memories have been completely erased from everyone's mind except for you and me. We need to find why this is happening, how to bring everything back to normal, or if this is just a prank" I completed.

Author's pov

Jungkook gave his bunny smile for the first time in the hectic day of figuring out what's happening.

"You talk a lot" he said and resumed walking.

You smiled and walked with him.

"Where should I go now?" he asked.

"I live alone" you said and looked at him.

"Maybe if you're comfortable you can stay with me, or else-" you were cut off by him.

"I'll live with you. I mean I'll come with you. You're the only one who remembers me" he smiled.

You smiled back and nodded.

And soon you reached your small but comfortable house.

You opened the door with your key and stepped aside leaving space for Jungkook to get in first.

You went inside and locked the door as soon as you entered.

"Kookie" you called and Jungkook turned.

"Not you. I mean-" you were cut off by a puppy barking and running towards you.

You bent down and took him in your arms.

"This is Kookie, named after you" You said as Jungkook took Kookie in his arms.

He started licking Jungkook's cheeks and you both just giggled.

You showed him a room where he can stay and told that you would make lunch.

Time skip~ During lunch

Jungkook came downstairs with the same black shirt and jean he was wearing.

"We should go out and buy you some clothes. You can't survive with just a shirt and jean" you sighed.

"I think I have my card with-" you cut him off.

"If your memories and works have vanished, so has your card" you said with a proud grin.

He was just observing you.

"Now c'mon, let's have our lunch" you said and sat on the dining table.

Just a plain chapter. I dedicate this to my friend/sister/mentor/godmother, basically my everything- Janusankar.

This book's Y/n was based on her character.