AATC:The Run Away


The following morning,Dave was in the kitchen making breakfast.Meanwhile upstairs in the bedroom, Theodore woke up to go to the bathroom to brush his teeth when he accidentally hopped onto Alvin's bed thinking he's asleep on it."Sorry Alvin".He said,but since he got no reply he figured Alvin was in a deep sleep.He came back to Simon shaking their band leader's bed only to then realized the bed is empty.Shock look on their faces, they went around the house looking for him.In places where he might have gone to,but to no avail."Dave have you seen Alvin?".Asked Simon.Dave looked down at his remaining boys."No I thought he was sleeping why?".Simon looked up at him."We can't find him anywhere".Said Simon.Now it was Dave's turn to be confused.He could have sworn his son was in the bedroom asleep."What do you mean you can't find him he's in your room where he usually is.. isn't he?".Dave told them."I'm afraid not Dave Alvin is gone.