AATC:The Run Away

Running away?

While I waited,night time came around.I got up from my bed while everyone slept.I felt unwanted,unneeded like,everyone hated me.I opened the window to our shared bedroom and climbed out.I left my home searching for possibly a new home.New family someplace to call home for the time being.As I walked the streets of California,I heard a sudden noise coming from nearby.So I went over to see what made the noise."Uh hello?".I told them suspsciously.Suddenly a small chipette,reminding me of Brittany,but with blonde fur appeared in front of me." Ey mate was good witcha".She asked.

Whoa shes gorgeous.

Shaking my head I heard her introduced herself to me." Names Brooklyn and you uhr( are)". She asked holding out a paw."Alvin Seville". I replied shaking her paw." Ahhh yous must be from that one ben( band) Alvin & the chimpmunks am I right". She asked me." Close enough,you must be from Brooklyn,NY you have an accent".I stated curiously." That I am muh boy wanna meet muh crew?". She told me as she lead me to a dark ally,where other chipmunks and chipettes huddled.I looked towards Brooklyn,wanting to know who these guys were." Nah not to worry these guys are cool.The chipmunk in the orange hoodie,we call em Shredz.Why? No clue".I saw the orange-clad munk holding up what seemed to be a small pocket knife.Shredz seemed to have some sort of a gash surrounding his left eye."Shredz what happened to your eye?".I asked him." Oh this thang man I went out huntin and came back with this nice scar". He told me.Brooklyn had introduced me to the rest of the pack.I smiled as they welcomed me into their clan.A clan that consisted of:





and newcomer ...me

I think I'm going to like this new family.