AATC:The Run Away

Wrong Ingredient Mishap

I felt alone, feeling like my dad and brother think I would hurt them on purpose.I sighed then went to the kitchen hearing someone make dinner or lunch.I walked in and saw Theodore and Eleanor doing just that "You guys need any help?".I asked them.Theodore smiled at me and Eleanor nodded.I walked over to see what I could do to help.Theodore asked me to hand him something.I gave him the wrong ingredient.As we waited for the food to cook, there was an explosion.We ran into the kitchen.Eleanor did not have a pleased look on her face.Neither did Theodore.I walked over to them." Guys I'm so sorry I must have mixed them up".I explained to them.Theodore sighed." Alvin just just go plz".Theodore told me with hurt in his eyes.I did as he wanted and walked away.Dinner came around my brothers and Dave were talking about their day.I feeling guilty got up from the table and went over to The Chipettes to get them ready for dinner." Girls dinner's ready".I told them while walking into the room." One second Alvin,Brittany's answering a trivial question to win tickets to meet a fashion designer".Jeanette told me.I smiled sweetly.Wanting to try to help I accidentally ruined Brittany's favorite dress.The one she wore when we were on the cruise ship.She looked at me with hatred in her eyes.I apologized again.Hearing running footsteps,my brothers had arrived to try to help Brittany.I watched as Simon used a towel to try to get the gunk out of her shirt." Brittany I I really am sorry I'll play for you to get it fix I promi-".I told her,but what Simon told me hurt me." Just get out of here,go ruin someone else's life".I heard him sigh." It's what you do best".He finished.I walked out of the room.It's offcial everyone hated me.Dave,my brothers even The Chipettes.My tears roll down my cheeks as the words echoed in my mind.I walked down the hallway,down a flight of stairs and just went to our room.Waiting for nighttime to come.

Just a matter of time everyone will get their wishes.