AATC:The Run Away


I sat on the red receliner chair while Dave paced back and forth yelling at me about something I diddnt do." I warned you about those flowers Alvin why do I have to keep repeating myself".He said." But Dave I-". I stated,but he ignore me and kept yelling." You know what just go to your room you're grounded for a week".Said Dave pointing to the stairs.Sighing I did as he said and headed straight to my room.The room I shared with my brothers.The Chipettes share the guest room." What did you do this time".Said my smart brother Simon." I didn't do anything I was playing Guitar Hero whomever broke the flowers did it".I said trying to reason." Lying again Alvin just admit you broke it for once in your life tell the truth".He shouted shutting the book he was reading." But I am".I sighed.Rolling his grey- blue eyes he got up and went over to the lab,me in tow." Whatcha working on".I asked curiously." Well it's a youth serum one I have been working on since forever.I made it for those who want to feel as young as a young adult or even a teenager wanting to be a kid again". " Cool need any help?". Imasked smiling." No just just dont touch anything,I'll be back". I watched Simon leave.While he did what he needed to do,I went upstairs to see what I can do while being grounded when I heard a crash.I ran back into the lab and saw the same figure who ruined Dave's roses ruin Simon's youth serum.I scurried over to the said person." Not you again".I groaned annoyed.Snatched the broken piece from the person then watch him leave.Unbelievable the nerve of this guy.At the sound of that crash,Simon walked in and he had a shocked look on his face that was replaced by hatred ,anger." ALVIN I told you not to touch my experiement you ruined everything". He told me snatching the broken pieace." But I didn't Simon I swear".I said."Just go Alvin".I sighed." Maybe I can help you fix it".I told him while trying to help pick up several of the shattered pieces." Leave it,just go you've done enough".He glared at me.I left feeling sad that Dave and Simon both think I did something to hurt them.I went upstairs,Simon's words echoing in my mind.

You've done enough.