AATC:The Run Away

The Start of it all

It was an ordinary day like no other in The Seville Residence.The Chipmunks have just been adopted by their offical and legal dad.David Seville and The Chipettes had just returned from guest judging American Idol,a small chipmunk with red-brown fur was playing guitar hero in the living room when suddenly a figured appeared right in front of him.This was his father." What is it Dave?".He asked." Alvin listen to me I'm leaving for the office now in the front yard in the garden there is flowers I have planned on giving to Samantha tonight plz do not go anywhere near em got it?. He said. Alvin nodded a reply then watched Dave leave for the office.He was getting into the game,when his ears caught something.Pausing the game he went over to the window.Searched for the noise,that's when his eyes locked on a man in the garden messing it up." Hey you back away from those flowers". He said to the figure.The man laughed and continued to ruin them.Alvin,watched the man destroy the rose garden.Hopped out the open window and scurried over to the figure.He snatched the ruined rose from the man's hand and tried to fix it,before his father got home.Not long did a red convertible appear in the driveway.He thought nothing of it until the voice spoke." ALVIN WHAT DID YOU DO?".Yelled an angry ,agitaed voice.And that angry voiced belonged to ...

David Seville