Someone Like You ~the shorts collection~

the chocolate one

this was inspired by @houseofchocolateuk on tiktok!


It began very innocently, as all good things do, when you have good intentions and what sounds like a great idea, after all, working in a business, it’s always convenient to keep having ideas.

Loui and you had organized a bit of a spring cleaning a few months ago, just things that were taking up space, left aside with the reminder to do something about them later but never finding the time to do so in a kitchen that was pretty much always running.

But this time you had made up your mind that you would go through everything and decide what to do with it, you had nagged Loui all week, and the following Tuesday, the day with the least cooking to be done, you two started going through every little utensil, device and special purchase you could find, there were some expired sprinkles, some edible glitter that was still good, a hand mixer that needed a spare part Loui never found, and a whole bunch of chocolate molds.

“I say we keep those, maybe not the duck ones and the letter ones but the rest could be useful…” he said, sorting through them.

“Why not the letter ones? Could be a nice decoration” you shrugged, hands on your waist, but Loui’s mustache curled up at the middle.

“The letters are too small, and the font…I don’t know, don’t like it, but if you wanna take em home…” he suggested, you huffed a laugh.

You were about to tell him to just sell or donate them, given that he didn’t like them, but then you remembered an interesting video you had seen a while back, a small business that made some really pretty and fancy looking chocolate bars, and the start of an idea popped in your head.

“Actually, yeah, let me take them”

And that’s where it began, you bought some milk and white chocolate, took one of the sprinkle jars from the bakery (that weren’t expired) and after some melting, molding and a few chocolate chip cookies you had at home, your vision came to life.

It was a little silly how excited you got over a piece of chocolate. You thought first of just putting words on them like the burned out “live, laugh, love” stamped on every pillow and home decoration, but it wasn’t fun to you, and so you thought of phrases. The first one read “Happy birthday!” because well, it was still a prototype.

As it hardened and you were looking down at it with a grin, Phillip was walking through the front door, you heard the keys and saw him walk into the room, smiling when his eyes found you, his jacket still on.

“Hey baby…” he rolled out smoothly, and you chuckled as he walked towards you, leaning over the kitchen bar to kiss you and hum “How was work?” he said in a pause between kisses.

“It was good…” you said before one last peck “I made something” you said, turning the chocolate piece towards him.

He looked down with one of his giddy smirks, his eyes twitched as he read it, and then he looked up at you again, glinting eyes and raised brows searching your face.

“I can’t believe you got my birthday wrong” he said, and you rolled your eyes.

“I couldn’t think of anything else, shut up” you chuckled, and he giggled looking at it again “It’s an idea I had, to sell at the bakery, would you buy it?”

“Oh yeah, that’s fun” he commented “You guys could make them personalized” 

“Oh yeah we could” you tilted your head, you liked the idea.

“With dirty messages” he concluded, and you tsked at him, rolling your eyes again as he giggled and looked down at the bar, putting two of his fingers over it simulating the text “Best blowjob ever” he said, barely containing his laugh.

“Fuck off!” you scolded him, trying to push back your own laughter and failing.

It wasn’t a terrible idea, you kind of liked it, but you didn’t think Loui would like it, it was a small family bakery after all. In the end you went for just asking customers to write down the short phrase they wanted and the few topping options. At first you were mostly selling it to family and friends, but it quickly caught on and people liked it as a small gesture or a polite present, the phrases weren’t usually too original or thought through, but people still liked that it was a nice personalized thing, and you honestly felt proud of yourself for coming up with the idea.

But the personalization and the innocent beauty of it might have been what made it so easy to corrupt it so easily.
It started sweet on your side, you had leftover chocolate and decided to make a bar for Phillip to be delivered during his lunch break, “Missing you” was the phrase on it, you had broken up some sandwich cookies and m&ms and sent it to the store, and about two hours before closing an order for one of the chocolate bars came in through the phone, Erica passed it on to you and you got the chocolate letters ready, carefully placing them word by word as not to mess it up.

You were halfway through the message when you stopped suddenly, realizing and throwing your head back with a sigh.

“Phillip…” you let out, shaking your head as you looked down at the message.

“Missing your boobs”

You knew for a fact it had been him, and you looked down at the little paper, it was addressed to “the hot baker from Coffee Break”, and you started to feel the heat on your face as you walked over to Erica, stifling down a laugh while you apologized for your boyfriend’s behavior, but she laughed with you.
“Don’t worry he asked and I told him it was fine, it’s kinda funny” she chuckled, and you let yourself laugh as well.

What poor Erica didn’t think is that she was about to be the unfortunate messenger of some inappropriate love letters from Phillip Altman, because like the toddler he was, he had found a funny thing he liked, and as much as you told him off about it, you never managed to do so with a straight face because well…it was pretty funny.

And so over the past two weeks Phillip has spent a total of 40 dollars on dirty love chocolate messages to you, most of them about your tits, such as “Nicest tits ever”, “Miss your big tits” and “Lemme see them boobies”, and with each one getting a bit more creative, and dirty, as he went on having his fun, the last two had been “Got boobs, got booty, got beauty” and “Please sit on my face”.

Each time you rolled your eyes and sighed, hiding them from Loui so you wouldn’t have to explain that no, your boyfriend wasn’t a perv, he was just a child. And each time you got home from work and there he was, stretching his playful grin at you and waiting to burst into laughter when you arrived, scrunching up his nose and making it impossible to be mad at him, like always.
“I am begging you to send something back, even I have some ideas if you wanna hear them” Erica had repeated this twice to you already.

And of course you gave in to it, you didn’t want to act unprofessionally, but you couldn’t stop giggling when you placed the letters and sent the chocolate his way the first time you did it, promising it would just be that one time: “Nice cock”, adorned with chocolate chip cookies and marshmallows around it. 

Needless to say you didn’t hear the end of it that night when you got home, thanking you very proudly for the compliment with his sεメy voice and his charming smile, you told yourself, and him, that it would be the one time taking part in the inappropriate game.

But of course you couldn’t help yourself two days later, bored and alone at the bakery, Erica pitched an idea, and it made you laugh so hard that you simply had to make it, and so you sent out another one: “Dickhead with the best dick”.

Sadly nothing comes without a price, even less with Phillip, who loves to take compliments a little more than the average person, and that night you came home to yet another cocky grin.
“How was work today?” you asked after rolling your eyes and smiling at him.

In response he drew his gaze away, his mouth stretching down as he shook his head slightly before that smirk tugged at his mustache again.

“Not much” he began as you shrugged your jacked off and hung it up “There’s this creep sending me dirty messages to work, she called me a dickhead today but then told me I had the best dick…” he spoke, faking an observing tone and a thinking gesture on his face “Talk about mixed feelings” he smirked at you from the couch.

And you stood there, arms crossed as you fought the urge to roll your eyes yet again, but allowed yourself a smile as he teased you.

“I’d say she’s pretty spot on…” you joked back, walking closer to him.

“Well I do have that effect on people, I’m an irresistible dickhead” his smirk turned into a grin, eyes narrowing as they followed you.

And you fought back your own grin as you looked down at him, sitting there with one thick arm over the headrest of the couch, the other one resting over his equally large thigh, he was looking up at you with that playful smile of his, momentarily interrupted by him licking his lips. 
Your hands came to rest one on each side of his head over the headrest of the couch, and you leaned down to him, smelling his cologne being drowned out by his scent over the course of the day, and you watched his giddy smile fall into a parted mouth, felt the way his chest rose as you leaned close enough to touch your nose against his, being playful as well.

“Maybe she knows how much you like being degraded…” you spoke, quiet but sultry, like you knew he liked it.

His mouth quirked up slightly, and that’s when you slid your hands to meet at the nape of his neck, playing with the ends of his dark waves, your mouth fallen open as he blinked, moving his hand from his lap to give you the green light to straddle him, making sure he was still looking up at you.

“Hm…” he hummed, pleased with how close you were. “Or maybe she’s desperate for my cock…” he grumbled, not being able to play off the need in his voice even as he teased you.

Your eyes twitched around his face as you breathe slowly, his close smirk felt just as teasing and his eyes shined with pride, giddiness. He was being way too cocky, and you thought maybe you’d like to play this game a little longer.
“Hm.” you hummed shortly, mimicking his proud smirk and standing up suddenly.

You kept your eyes on him as you stood straight and turned around slowly to leave.

“What?” he asked, eyes now wider as his head turned to follow your direction.

“Nothing…” you said gently, leaving him on the couch with nothing else.

The next day you kissed a still slightly thrown off Phillip goodbye and headed off to work with an idea in your mind and ten bucks in your wallet that you gave to Erica to put in the register. 

“Did someone get laid last night?” she joked, and you chuckled, only smiling bigger “So you did.” she concluded with a laugh.

“I didn’t actually, it’s an evil plan smile” you wiggled your brows and laughed with her.

“Ohh are we finally declaring a dirty chocolate war?” 

You laughed loudly at that, thinking for a moment.

“I mean…I think it’s fair to say we will after today” you said through the chuckles as you finished tying your apron.

To call it a war was fair, after all you weren’t exactly planning on being nice, that wouldn’t be as fun as you wanted this to be, and you spent the whole day giggling to yourself like a dumb cartoon villain thinking of your excited boyfriend and the surprise you had in store for him.
It was a little hard hiding it from Loui, but you managed after explaining it was a special order from you, you demolded many letters and placed them carefully making sure there was enough space, and then decorated it with sandwich cookies, m&ms and sprinkles.

You were still giggling as you took it out of the fridge for Erica to see.

“Well if you wanted to mess with him this will probably do it” she said in a chuckle.

“Well, his ego got the best of him…” you shrugged, chuckling as you started wrapping it carefully and tying a bow around the wrapping.

You walked out of the bakery with the chocolate bar in hand, taking the short walk to your apartment, knowing Phillip was also getting out of work too, and looking forward to messing with him. He wasn’t wrong, he was one irresistible dickhead, if anyone knew so it was you, which is why teasing him was so much fun, it was one of the things you loved most about your relationship, messing with each other, whether you took the sεメual road for it, or the other road.
You didn’t like it when he got cocky, or maybe you did, after all it was what made you competitive, that shift from fun to horny he always had, was what made it so much fun, teasing him like you had been doing since before you two were together.

He got home around an hour after you did, stretching that closed smile that made his cheeks dimple, now lined with pride and interest when he saw you, he walked slowly to where you were walking out the hallway towards him, his arms finding their place around your waist, he kissed you, and in the kiss you felt the built up want from last night. You chuckled when he hummed against your mouth.

“I don’t know why you’re being so mysterious but I hope you know how horny it’s getting me” he breathed, his hands sneaking down to your ass as you cupped his face, slowly pulling away.

“I’m not being mysterious, I just thought…” you smiled up at him, hooking your hands on the shoulders of his jacket to take it off of him, his eyes trained on you, glinting “Since you liked my presents so much, that I’d make you another one” you grabbed the wrapped gift from the kitchen bar “This time with personal delivery” you said, tilting your chin up.
Maybe it was evil, how much you were enjoying his charming expression and the excitement in his gestures as he undid the bow on the chocolate bar, and undid the first layer of paper to put it down and tearing the foil paper with his giddy smirk, a whole act that fell in an instant when he read the letters arranged on the chocolate.

“I love you and your two inches”

His head snapped up again, eyes staring straight to you with the exact opposite of the lust from just a moment ago, and your act fell just as quickly when you saw the stern expression on his face, you tried, but you couldn’t hold in the loud cackles that escaped you.

Your hand flew to your mouth and your eyes shut close in an effort to not completely lose it, but it was too late as you chest shook and your breath ran short from the laughing and giggling, just when it felt like it was ceasing, you pictured the split second change in his face from excited to unimpressed and laughter took over you again.
"I'm sorry! It's just-" you kept on cackling, your cheeks starting to ache "Oh my god your face!!" 

Your fit of laughter seemed to be getting off the rails, but you had been saving it all day, bottled up waiting for that reaction, knowing he was fully expecting to get laid since last night, it was just too funny to see his smile fall and his brow go stern.

"Okay, we get it…" he said flatly, and you started breathing a little more regularly, controlling your chuckles "Two inches? Really?" his brows raised.

You were still chuckling quietly under your breath, and you bit your lip with a smile. You knew he didn't believe that for a second, he was just annoyed that you managed to get him, but it was just as hilarious.

"What? I thought you liked when I talked about your cock" you said, faking innocence and fighting back another fit of laughter.

He stood silently for a moment, and then you watched him take a breath, his expression losing just a tad of the anger to give way to that glimmer in his eyes you knew different than the others as he clenched his jaw and ducked to lift you up over his shoulder and stride off to the bedroom, you wanted to laugh, but it was quickly thrown off by him dumping you on the bed like an old rug, and instead you yelped.
“I’ll show you two inches.”

Your mouth parted with a shaky breath when you heard the grumble in his voice, looking up at him, you watched him work his belt open aggressively, you were sure there was surprise in your face, but there was no opposition. His eyes stayed on yours, dark, blown pupils looking down your still clothed body as he moved to undo the button on his jeans, but he paused for a moment, taking your thighs and pulling you harshly to the edge of the bed, you gasped as he climbed on top of you, manhandling you under him as he enveloped you with his wide torso.

He caught your mouth in a searing, angry kiss, and you moaned shamelessly when his tongue intruded, cupping his neck and angling your face to kiss him deeper, but you heard him growl and your arms were pulled from him, his hands making quick work of shedding off your sweater and top, moving down to your pants.

“Take your fucking bra off” and you quickly obliged, still a little stun as he undid the button and zipper of your pants in a second.
He kneeled back again then as you let your bra fall off your arms and tossed it away and he did the same with his t shirt, and you gawked at the wide tower that was his torso like you didn’t see it every night and every morning, your eyes falling down to the tight bulge on his underwear, pressing over the undone jeans, you bit your lip, looking up at him again, but as you lifted your hands to him he stopped them.

In a strong movement you were laying on your stomach, face against the duvet of your bed, and you stretched your arms above you as you felt his hand travel down your waist, groping your tits, you arched your back, a shiver running up your spine at his touch, your skin already hot for it. Both his hands came down to cup your ass, hooking on the hem of your pants and pulling them down along with your panties, you moaned at the sudden feeling of your warm center being exposed.

“You think you’re so fucking funny, huh? You like fucking with me?” his voice was strained, holding back, and you mewled in response when his hand squeezed your ass, only to yelp when he slapped hard on it, and gasp when he took a hold of your hips and roughly slid his cock inside you.
“Fuck!” you moaned, feeling the pain of the sudden stretch quickly turn into pleasure as he started snapping his hips against your ass, fucking you hard.

“I make you scream my name every night and you still wanna call my dick small?” he grumbled through gritted teeth, and all you could give as a response was a wanton moan.

He picked up an unforgiving pace quickly, making your body jerk as his cock plunged into you, your moans choking out in scattered sounds in time with the slapping of his thighs against your ass.

Your eyes rolled back, feeling him hit that spot deep inside you that made you lose yourself, your thighs already starting to feel like jelly before he placed a hand on your shoulder, pulling you back in time with his thrusts as he angled himself deeper and pumped into you faster, and faster.

“That’s right, take it, take my fucking cock” he growled, squeezing hard on your hips.

He was even deeper now, his cock ramming onto your cervix, the position making it feel like he was up in your gut, and your mouth fell open with moans that were quickly turning into screams as you felt your ass and tits bouncing every time he slammed into your cunt.
Needless to say, he was making his point.

“Tell me you want it.” his voice was strained, and you could hear the jiggle of his belt as he snapped his hips, you tried to turn and look at him, but all you were able to see was your hips being roughly squeezed under his hand, your ass bouncing as he fucked you senseless “Tell me how much you fucking want it.”

He insisted with a specially harsh trust that made your elbows buckle, but he made sure to keep you exactly where he needed you, placed perfectly for your pussy to take his cock, like a fuck toy being used, and the thought only made you tighten around him, you knew he knew you liked it. A groan escaped him, and he slapped your ass again before the hand that was on your shoulder wrapped on your neck and pulled back, you gasped.

"Oh god…" you whined, listening to his breaths against your temple “Fuck, yes, yes, hard…” you gritted out, and his pace slowed, you cried out in protest, and he squeezed on your neck for you to turn to look at him.
“You want my cock? Beg for it, show me how bad you want it.” you could feel the harsh hot breaths against your mouth as he spoke.

You could barely form the words, between the pleasure running through your body and his hand in your throat, but after a few silent whimpers of protest you managed to get them out.

“Please…please daddy, I want your cock, fuck- please fuck me faster” you whined, the words stuttering with the strenght of his thrusts. “I’ll be so good, please, give me your cock…”

Your vision was blurry, but you could feel the clench in his jaw and hear the grumble on his throat before he pushed you down, a hand splayed on your sweat lined back and the other squeezing so hard on your hip it was making you whimper, but his pace picked up again, just as hard and fast as before, and you would’ve thanked him if you had been able to form words, instead you blubbered a string of praises and pleads as you felt his dick fill your belly with electricity, white pleasure starting to spread in your body as you heard him groan and moan.
“Fucking shit, fuck!” he screamed, and you gasped with the depth of his last four thrusts as your vision went white with your joined climax.

He kept your ass up for him, pumping into your sore cunt until your legs simply couldn’t hold up any longer, he filled you to the brim, twitched inside you until he had nothing left to spill, and you felt your body hot like it was burning in flames as he slid off of you and you started to relax.

As you laid there waiting for your heart rate to go back to normal, you felt him kiss your shoulders, caressing the place where he had a hold on your hip. He was gentle then, turning you around and picking you up to get your head on the pillow before he laid next to you, your thighs shaking.

"You okay baby?" he asked, still a little out of breath as he leaned closer.

You nodded and hummed, a smile tugging at your lips at his sudden gentleness. He laid you over his chest for a while, the room filled with the scent of musk and sεメ.

“You know what I love about you?” you mumbled, feeling his cum drip in between your legs.
"Everything?" he teased.

He had his arm around you and was caressing your butt, you heard him giggle before taking a big breath, you only chuckled darkly as you gently ran your nails down his  chest.

His breathing deepened again when you reached his lower abdomen, and you felt the muscles tense under your touch, you lifted yourself to look down at him, his lips parting.

"You can play rough all you want, but…" your hand rubbed down to his thigh, close to his spent cock "We both know what you like the most. We both know being in charge isn't your favorite thing, isn't it?" you furrowed your brows, shaking your head at him, his eyes doe as they watched you.

Your fingers caressed patterns towards his cock, already twitching again in attention, and you bit your lip at the way his expression changed when you took it in your hand, starting to stroke it softly.

"You like it when mommy takes charge, don't you?" you whispered gently, and he sighed slowly, nodding "You wanted to mess with me too, so now it's your turn to get punished."
He licked his lips, fighting back a moan as he looked down at your hand stroking his cock, you gave it a squeeze, getting a groan out of him, smiling at the way his eyes were already pleading at you.

You leaned down then, kissing his lips, softly, before moving down to his ear to whisper.

"So go on baby boy, beg for it."