Someone Like You ~the shorts collection~

the coupon one

The apartment felt different. It was an obvious thing to say, could easily be taken the wrong way without any further explanation, but it was true. You remember how bizarre it felt the first few months you walked into your very own apartment with a key that was yours, you’d walk in and look around like you had forgotten you rented the place, a few times you looked at the furniture, at the cutlery on the drawers, the food on the fridge, it almost didn’t feel yours, but after some time it did.

Now, it had been around seven months since Phillip had joined you, and you were having those same feelings  all over again, you actually really enjoyed the nostalgia of it all mixed with the feeling of living with him. The few little things he had brought with him, his keys, his shoes, the apartment looked, felt, even smelled different, a happy mixture of you and him.

You smiled to yourself as you shrugged your jacket off, ready to get in the shower and snuggle in bed with your favorite radiator, who had texted around ten minutes ago that he’d be getting off later today.

So with that in mind you ate a quick dinner and walked to the bathroom to turn the hot water on, sighing in contempt as you stepped under it, the end of October was already making itself known with its colder nights. You stepped out and crossed the hallway to the bedroom with a towel around you, letting it fall to put some underwear on and taking a few minutes to browse through your drawers to see if you could spot something to wear tomorrow night as you heard the front door close.

You heard the slow footsteps stop at the entrance to the bedroom as you scrunched your hair with the towel, turning to see a grinning Phillip leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed.

“Hey there…” he spoke smoothly, smiling even wider, and you chuckled under your breath “I think that’s a bit too many clothes but I like it” you rolled your eyes.

His throat bobbed with a short giggle as he walked closer to you, leaning down to kiss you, his hands instantly wrapping on your waist and making you squirm and squeal against his lips.

“Your hands are cold!” you yelped, never stopping the kiss, and he only wrapped himself tighter around you, chuckling.

“You’re always putting your cold feet on me” he angled his face, and you trailed your own hands to hang loosely from around his neck “Besides…” he kissed you deeper, pulling you against him, you hummed “I’ve been waiting all day to touch you.” he grumbled “And you’re so fucking warm…”

The pads of his fingers were still pretty cold, but how could you focus on that when his voice was so low and sultry, craving you so badly as he kissed you like it had been weeks since the last time he did. You moaned when his tongue met yours, your hands entangling in his hair, his now traveling higher to your breasts, squeezing and groping, and you moaned again.

“Mm, I almost forgot” he hummed, still not pulling away from the kiss.

“What?” you sighed in between his lips, already feeling yourself getting soaked.

“I’d like to cash in one of my coupons, please” he said, smiling when he broke the kiss, and you bit your lip.

He had given those some good use, he liked them just as much as you thought, which was a relief considering how hard it was to think those through and be original with them because well…this was you and Phillip. There were still some standard ones but he still had a decent amount left.

“Which one were you thinking?” you smiled, the tips of your noses touching before he broke the embrace and went looking for the little book.

He swiped through the cardboard rectangles, searching for the one, and meanwhile you stood there grinning at how excited he looked, finally he found the one he was looking for and ripped it off in one pull, handing it to you with a smirk.

Good for one

Surprise BJ!

in the next 24 hours ;)

Your brow furrowed and you tilted your head, you thought for a moment that maybe he did give you the wrong one, but he had read it before giving it to you.

“This one, really?” you asked, confused, and he flashed you a closed smile.

“Well my birthday’s coming up…” he said, raising his eyebrows at you.
Your mouth opened in the shape of an ‘oh’, now it made more sense, the blowjob wasn’t for now, it was for tomorrow, his birthday. Still, you thought he might want something more special for it.

“Yes?” he asked, looking at you with waiting eyes and pressed lips.

“You act like I didn’t suck your dick yesterday” you laughed, but he only smirked as he waited for your answer “Yes of course I’ll blow you!” you said through a chuckle “I just thought maybe you’d want something a little more out there for your birthday” you said shrugging as you looked down at the piece of cardboard.

“Well it’s not a regular blowjob it’s a birthday blowjob” he pointed out “There’s a difference”

Your eyes narrowed when your smile stretched with a giggle as you watched him pretend to be pointing out a very obvious and important fact, and you nodded your head apologetically as you heard him chuckle.

“Okay birthday boy…” you chuckled quietly as your hands trailed up his neck again to twirl the ends of his hair.
He smiled down at you, his dark eyes shining as they twitched over your face, and you wanted to kiss him all over again as you saw the loving look in his eyes, it always got you. You bit your lips, your eyes falling down to his mouth before he beat you to it and leaned down licking his lips, only to hook and arm under your butt and lift you up to carry you to the bed, your legs wrapping on his waist as soon as you touched the mattress.


Phillip’s POV:

Sometimes he still woke up and it took him a second to remember he had moved and lived somewhere else now. It was the smallest moment, but he’d feel different, and then a smaller, cuddly figure would hug him closer and he remembered, he lived with her now.

It just wasn’t a place Phillip ever thought he’d find himself in and be completely understanding of what it meant, be completely fine with seeing someone every day all day, it wasn’t like they were entangled around each other every hour of the day, but four years ago the thought of living with his girlfriend wouldn’t have sounded like a good idea to Phillip.
However Phillip didn’t have anyone snuggling him at the moment as he woke up, he barely fluttered his eyes to lazily look around before rolling over and extending an arm to find his baby, but although the length of his arm reached the opposite edge of the bed, he still didn’t feel her.

That’s when he furrowed his brow, slowly opening his eyes to find the sunken but empty pillow, and he focused on hearing, he heard sounds coming from the kitchen, sounds of things moving around, he exhaled through his nose, his baby was in the kitchen.

He grumbled to himself a little more before deciding to join her, and as he sat up to get out of bed, their bed, he heard her walking into the room, he turned to find her holding a tray with two plates of french toast and two steaming cups.

“Good morning baby boy…” she smiled, and he stretched his hand to help with the tray as she climbed on the bed with his t shirt on and some sleep tousled hair “Happy birthday” her smile stretched wider as he turned around to receive a peck on the lips, and now he was smiling.
Now this was exactly how he wanted to start his birthday. Since being with her, he had come to realize how lonely he used to be years ago, he couldn't remember the last time he had started his birthday with someone kissing him and bringing him breakfast, he would usually just go out at night and party or drink with friend and the designated "girlfriend" at the time, but starting the day off with birthday wishes and little gestures felt so nice, personal, he felt so loved.

It was a subject that had come up with Rose this year, they had spoken about it days ago on their last session, and she raised her brows at him in pleased surprise as she pointed out how nice it must feel to look back and feel better than he did before, it was her subtle way of making him see his own growth, it made him proud.

"Don't you have to work today?" he asked her, wondering why he didn't hear her 5 am alarm go off, but far from complaining about it.

She shrugged, cutting down on the stack of french toast with her fork and stabbing it.
"I asked Loui to let me come in a little later, so I could wake you up with breakfast" she smiled, and he liked that he could see in her eyes she was excited about it "We can meet for lunch at your mom's and then I'll go back to work in the afternoon" she finished explaining as she leaned down to take the fork to her mouth.

Phillip watched her, her arm against his, a hickey on her clavicle and the crook of her neck from last night, his mouth watered, remembering the way she whimpered when he bit her neck as he snapped his hips into her.

"You're so hot when you get excited about things." he said quietly, but surely, loving the way she had had the energy to make him french toast and bring it to bed for him, she looked up at him, his mouth tugging in a smirk, and she bit her lip.

"And you're so hot when you're sleepy" she spoke softly, leaning up to brush her nose against his.

He felt the vague touch, looking down at her eyes, growing darker and glinting with something he hoped would make him put breakfast aside, he looked down at her mouth, parted and plush, and he was ready to stand up and brush his teeth before her hand slid slowly over his stomach, and he took a deep breath.
"You know why I put whipped cream on the toast?" her voice was smooth, a tinge of fake innocence in it.

He felt the pads of her fingers trace down to his thigh, where her hand splayed down again to squeeze very gently, and he remembered his request from last night, grinning.

"Why?" his voice was heavy with anticipation, ready for her to be on him.

Her eyes became doe, looking up at him intently as her hand caressed closer to his inner thigh, and he felt his cock twitch under his briefs.

"I thought it would go well" she said, just as sultry as before, but far more exaggerated.

The answer made Phillip blink for a second, his brows meeting, confused before he saw her smile, and her chest and shoulders shook with a giggle as her hand slid back from his thigh, and Phillip sighed in protest as she threw her head back with more giggles.

"I'm not gonna blow you right at the start of the day, where's the fun in that?" she exclaimed, looking at him.

“French toast, whipped cream, almost the perfect combo” he grumbled dramatically, shaking his head as he ate a piece of his toast.
She rolled her eyes at him, smiling, and he smiled even brighter, god he would never tire of the way his stomach knotted when she did that, he watched chew on another bite before she hummed.

“You’re right it is almost perfect, it’s missing a birthday gift” she said, turning to face him and wiggling her brows, he could feel his eyes light up as she stood up from the bed and walked to the drawer where she kept her sweaters.

She opened it and turned around holding a box wrapped in some colorful paper with a bow on it, it was the size of her hand, she crawled back into bed and he put his coffee down after taking a sip, taking the box in hand as she sat straddling his shins, he tore the paper in one pull, and opened the dark blue box to find a new watch.

It was a chrono style watch, a little classier looking than the one he had now, which he liked, it was completely black except for the clock on itself that shone in a dark gray, and he smiled as he took it out and tried it on his wrist.
“You’ve had the one watch since we started dating so…” she explained, watching him put it on, it felt comfortable, had a nice weigh to it, he noticed.

“I love it baby, thank you” he leaned closer, putting his plate of food aside to wrap an arm around her waist and pull her to his lap, she chuckled and he kissed the corner of her lips, craving to kiss her properly.

He groaned under his breath and quickly jumped off the bed, trotting to the bathroom as she heard her chuckle to brush his teeth, he came back to practically throw himself on her, catching her sweet lips in a kiss he never got tired of.

They carried on with breakfast, she finished her plate before and he watched her get up and walk to the closet again, her back facing him, he took the chance to eye her up and down, as if he didn’t do it every fucking day, but the way his old shirt fit over her silhouette and the curves of her hip just got him clenching his jaw so quickly. It was a view he was indulging in more and more as he watched her pull his shirt off, leaving her in her panties, and Phillip laid back comfortably, smirking to himself as he waited for her to turn around.
Only she didn’t turn around like she did every time she changed with him in the room, and his smirk slowly fell as he watched her back the whole time until she had a bra on.

Wow, really? On my birthday?” he accused, sincerely a little offended that she wasn’t letting him see her tits on his day.

He could almost feel her smile before she turned around, said smile stretching on her face, she knew exactly what he meant because he knew she was doing it to him on purpose. Phillip expected a teasing answer to be her response, instead, he watched her walk towards the bed again, the whole time he kept his offended facade up.

She leaned down with her hands on the bed, crawling up slowly towards him, her tits although covered still sat at a perfect position for him to peek at them, except he was too entranced in the way she smiled as she came close to him, her mouth parted then, and Phillip felt the air get heavier, hotter as her lips brushed his before encasing them, kissing him passionately, angling her face and swiping her tongue on his bottom lip before he parted his mouth, letting her in deeper, his briefs starting to feel tighter before she pulled away with a force that made him moan.
“Be a good boy and finish your breakfast…” her voice was quiet, smooth, shooting electricity right down to his dick, her eyes dipped in want and his own feeling blurry as he saw her get up and walk away to the bathroom with a shirt in hand.

They walked out of the apartment hand in hand, his arm sliding swiftly around her waist as they walked on their way to the store. Later that day he said hello to her again when he arrived at his mom’s for lunch and found her in the kitchen as she decorated the last of his cake, Judd arrived a while later with Wendy, and where there used to be just one toddler there were now three.

He ended up spending most of the afternoon at his mom’s, kissing his baby goodbye when she had to go back to work with a reminder that they’d meet again to go out tonight, he was looking forward to it, he was craving a night out, and with perfect timing, Ryan, one of his roommates from the little time he was in college, texted him just two weeks ago that he had moved nearby.
He was excited like a kid on well…his birthday, making sure his hair looked nice and getting dressed a little too early, he was putting his new watch on when he heard the front door close, and so he sat on the couch just scrolling through his phone while his girlfriend got ready in the other room.

"You ready handsome?" he heard the sound of her boots and turned to find her by his side, flicking her hair out of her jacket.

He stood up swiftly with a 'yup' watching her take her purse and throw some chapstick in before walking in front of him and he smirked as his eyes traveled down her bouncing hair, lower to her ass in that skirt and legs. Every time they went out he was ready to come back even before they left.

"Oh shit wait I forgot something" she turned around suddenly.

Phillip stepped aside to let her through the little entrance hallway, but instead found she looked up at him with a closed smile and laid a hand flat on his chest, making him walk back against the wall, she leaned over him, pressing her chest on her torso in that low cut top she had on that made Phillip’s eyes twitch between her tits and her eyes, and he grinned as he felt her leg bend up against his crotch, cheering internally at the promise from last night.
Her hand started to slide down his torso, her opposite hand joining her, and he licked his lips as he decided he had enough of the distance between their lips, but when he stretched down to catch hers he felt her pull away from him, hearing a tinkling sound.

When he realized he looked down and saw her throw her keys inside her purse, raising a brow at him.

"We don't wanna get locked out" she said, and smiled wickedly.

"Oh you're being mean today…" Phillip sighed, still trying to come back from the whirl on his head as he heard her chuckle and took his hand to walk out of the apartment.

He tried acting upset for a while, he really did, it was his birthday goddammit, and they were playing with his birthday blowjob. But he wasn't really putting any effort on his act as he pulled her close to him walking inside the bar, splaying his hand out on her waist and sinking his face on the perfume on the crook of her neck, she giggled and scratched his chin, making him grumble before he decided to get a grip until they found a place to sit.
They found their place in a booth next to the windows from the side of the street, he had his arms around her as soon as they ordered their first drinks, with a shot on the side to start the night.

Phillip had long given up on pretending he wasn't needy and clingy around her, every once in a while he'd get coy and ask for her reassurance, and every time she insisted she loved it, like right now as she laughed when he tickled her with his beard, a hand around her waist and the other on her thigh, he never wanted to let go of her, and he was not afraid of letting it show.

Their drinks came around shortly after, and he leaned back from her a little bit to slide her shot over and take his with a closed grin.

“To another year of being a man child Altman” she smiled, holding up her little glass of tequila, he huffed as he clinked his glass against hers and they drank them in a fast swig.

“You know you love me” he said after feeling the burn of the alcohol on his throat, leaning closer again with charming eyes.
He watched her chuckle and lean her chin on her palm, her eyes moving around his face.

“I do, you’re too pretty not to love…” she shook her head, laughing after.

“I know, it’s a curse…” he said like it truly burdened him, sitting straight again with his arm over the headrest of the seat.

They both chuckled at each other, and Phillip took a second to notice how pretty she looked in the dim, warm and red lights of the bar, her eyes standing out with the smoky eyeshadow around them, but he was interrupted by a knock, he looked over at the window besides them, where he found his old college roommate’s face staring back at him, Ryan smiled and waved at him, and he exclaimed a “Hey!” as he watched him signal they were about to go in, a blonde woman on his side.

Phillip stood up when he saw them walk in, Ryan looked older, or better said more mature, and he wondered if he looked like that to others, his hair was a lot shorter and he hugged him and patted his back.

When Phillip got the text from Ryan that he was near town, he wondered initially why they had grown apart, he remembered crashing parties and sharing blunts with him, but he also remembered he was, in comparison, more responsible than Phillip, and he was happy to be in college, something Phillip and him didn’t have in common, when he left, Ryan stayed and got his degree.
Although decided, Phillip was afraid that his decision had been the wrong one, maybe Ryan represented what could’ve been, and maybe Phillip didn’t feel like being reminded of it at the time, so maybe that’s why he cut the thread between them.

“Oh man it’s so great to see you, you look the same you fucker…” Ryan laughed as they hugged, and Phillip chuckled at the comment “Happy birthday man”

He thanked him and introduced him to his baby, Ryan on his end introduced him to his wife, Crystal, and Phillip wowed at the fact that they were married. The night seemed to just pick up even more from there, they drank and talked and bursted with laughter a bunch of times, there was much to catch up on and even though Phillip’s time in college was short, they weren’t short on anecdotes.

“So this asshole…” Ryan joked, a total of six empty glasses of beer in between them and some cocktail glasses from their respective dates “Spent all day rolling joints to sell at this party, took them all hidden inside old pens” he remarked, and Phillip could feel his girlfriend looking at him, either amazed or shocked “And then came to me with like four of them left and told me he couldn’t sell them so we had to smoke them now mind you this was at like four am already and we had class at around seven, seven thirty…” he chuckled, and Phillip held back a giggle “But we said okay we’ll smoke em quick then we’ll go to bed we were pretty tired already, and we thought it would be fine…”
“Fucking stupid is what we were” Phillip sighed, huffing a laugh as he took another sip of his beer.

“Oh god what happened?” his girlfriend tilted his head at him with worried eyebrows, and Ryan continued.

“We were…so high. So fucking high.” he shook his head, Crystal shook her head as well with fake embarrassment “Phillip almost tripped trying to run through a bush because we were late to said class”

“Why did you guys even go?” his baby asked by his side.

“That’s what I said…” Crystal joked, shrugging “And that’s not the best part”

Phillip turned to see his baby, a shock expression in her eyes as she turned back to Ryan to let him finish.

“We were halfway through the lesson when Phillip shouted ‘OH FUCK!’” he exclaimed at a lower volume, then rubbed his eyes with his hand “We were in the wrong class” he explained.

He vaguely remembered that moment, he also remembered trying to flirt with the teacher of that class to try and let it all slide, but she looked at him weird and told them to just leave. They could now obviously laugh about it, which they did in their tipsy buzz while their girlfriend and wife looked at each other with a slightly fed up expression, which only made Phillip giggle harder.
The four of them talked until the yellow lights of the bar turned off completely to only leave the red lights, the music got a little louder and people started getting up to the far right side of the bar to dance. She was the first one to grab his hand, sliding in front of him to get out of their seat and drag him to dance, and with a good amount of alcohol on them, the four of them got up altogether.

The air started getting hot as he danced, twirling her around him and pulling her body flush against his, his hands resting over her hips as she moved around, he leaned down to rest his forehead against hers, and she smiled up at him, in that moment he didn't know if he was drunk on the drinks, or her.

His hands squeezed on her waist, feeling the little skin in between her skirt and her top, her hands in return caressed down his shoulders to his torso, going further down than necessary, her face angling to talk in his ear.

"Come to the bathroom with me…" she said, her fingers now hooked on the belt on his pants.
Tempting, so very tempting. But he wasn’t falling for it this time.

"You gotta make it believable sweet cheeks." he whispered back in her ear, smirking down at her as he pulled away to her swaying against him.

Instead, she turned around with a smirk of her own and walked away, and Phillip watched her leave the dance floor with wide eyes.

Did she really…?

He was still suspicious, but he wouldn’t leave his curiosity unresolved when there was a blowjob on the line. So he went after her, making his way through the small crowd to the bathroom to find her leaning right next to the door, looking up at him with mischievous eyes.

His own gaze turned a little darker as he walked to stand in front of her, and she stretched her arm to open the bathroom door, and then her other arm pressed a small bag on his chest as he tried to walk forward.

"Hold my purse?" her eyes went from minx to doe, and she smiled at him "Please?"

If looks could kill, Phillip simply took the dumb small bag from her and waited next to the now closed door, still death staring when she came out with her lipstick retouched, slowly guiding him back to dance.
They were leaving the bar while waving goodbye to Ryan and Krystle with a promise to meet again sometime when Phillip started having doubts about his request from late last night.

They were about two blocks away when he started losing hope about it, listening to her yawn and talk about how sore her feet were and how ready she was to pass out as soon as her head hit the pillow. Phillip wasn’t upset, if anything he was a little confused, maybe she didn't feel like it anymore, which was fine, but it was weird that she didn't say anything to him.

But at the same time why would she tease him with it all day if by the end of it she wasn't going to do it without even letting him know?

He thought to himself that it was fine if it didn't come up, and that he wouldn't say anything himself as they walked up the stairs and reached their apartment door.

She opened it and they walked in, Phillip heading straight for the bedroom before she grabbed on his hand as he walked past, and he felt the tug on it when he kept walking but she didn't, he turned, looking at her a little puzzled, pretty much ready for bed himself until he saw her smile stretching across her lips, her head tilted to the side a little, and she pulled him to her.
Phillip followed the movement as she started walking backwards to the couch, parting her mouth and grabbing both of his hands as she smiled up at him, and he felt butterflies in his stomach that were shocked by electricity when she pushed him roughly to make him sit down.

He knew he probably couldn't trust this, he had been pushed and pulled all day, but he was losing his train of thought as she ran her fingers through the ends of his hair, leaning down to catch his lips on hers and kiss him deep.

And oh how he failed at not letting the blood on his brain run down to his dick as she twirled his black waves and pushed her tongue in his mouth.

He felt her tap her knee against each of his thighs, asking him to separate them, and he did, spreading them for her to get closer as she broke the kiss, running her hands down his chest as she slowly kneeled down.

“You're not fucking with me again are you?” he sounded borderline desperate, and maybe he was because his pants were quickly feeling tighter on his crotch.
He really hoped she wasn't fucking around, because at this point he was ready to either burst into flames or beg, he knew it probably showed on his face as he followed her with hungry eyes and parted lips, her hands now on his hip.

“Mm-mm” she hummed softly, shaking her head with a closed smile as her hands rubbed his thighs.

Phillip could’ve fucking cheered, instead he licked his lips, his body relaxing back onto the couch as he sighed.

“Fuck, okay” he swallowed in anticipation.

“I know the 24 hours are up but I've just had so much fun teasing you…” her brows came together as she spoke, shrugging her jacket off and tossing it on the couch beside him.

“Oh I can tell you did” he replied quickly, a brow quirking up, taking the chance to protest.

“I'm sorry baby boy…” she pouted, tilting her head and smiling small “I'll make it up to you.”

The words were low and smooth, like a purr in his ears as she crossed her arms and hooked her hands on the hem of the low cut sleeveless top she wore, pulling it up and letting her tits bounce out of it, Phillip’s breathing was deep and way too loud as his jaw clenched tightly.
She chuckled when she let her top fall on the floor and looked at his face, reaching for his hands and taking them in hers, guiding them to her chest, he needed no further instruction, he huffed a harsh breath and cupped her tits in his hands, squeezing them gently, feeling the soft skin on his fingers as he groped a little harder, pinching her nipples gently and watching her mouth fall open with a sigh.

His focus was stolen from his favorite place when he felt her hand on him, in between his legs on his covered boner, his hips stuttered at the touch, and she trailed up to his zipper, crawling closer to undo his belt and pants. He threw his head back with a grumble when he felt her hand sneak inside his briefs and take his cock out, hard and waiting for her touch.

She stroked him then, wrapping her hand around him and giving his cock a squeeze, leaning down to flick her tongue over the drop of precum leaking from the head.

“Fuck, baby…” he moaned, his eyes rolling back to close shut as he felt her kiss the head of his cock, and he could feel her smile as she rolled her tongue in circles over the tip.
He was giving into the touch, his body relaxing, before she enclosed the head in her mouth and sucked down halfway, he groaned, his hands leaving her tits to caress her cheek before she pulled away from his cock with a pop that resulted on his hips buckling up, he heard her chuckle.

“Eager sweet boy, you’ve been waiting all day…” she said softly, her hand stroking slowly up and down.

Phillip opened his eyes to look down at her, in between his legs, stroking the head of his cock and looking up at him like there was any innocence in her actions, he was huffing breaths already.

“You want to get your cock sucked?” her tone was almost mocking, and he was entranced in it, nodding without even realizing it.

She smiled again, angling her face to kiss down his cock, from the tip down halfway and up again to press her tongue flat on the underside.

“Use your words darling…” she instructed, sucking gently on the head.

“Yes mommy” he stuttered out, looking into her eyes, dark with lust.
“Good boy.” she grinned, keeping her eyes on him as she took him in her mouth again.

This time however he fully got what he wanted, his body feeling hot with need as she sucked and took him down her throat, her tongue circling around as she came up and pressing flat when she went down, and Phillip’s head lulled back again, his eyes rolling to the back of his skull at the feeling of her warm tongue.

He felt her head bob up and down, felt the head of his dick touch the back of her throat, and made his greatest effort not to snap his hips up, his thighs tensing with pleasure, his lower stomach tight with waves of electricity as she took him deeper.

He willed his eyes to open, even if it was barely, to look down at her, and the fucking view had his cock twitching inside her mouth, she was using his thighs as leverage, large in comparison to her figure in between them. Her hair was thrown over her shoulder and falling down over her gorgeous tits, his cock red and glistening with her spit, she met his eyes as she came up again and trailed a hand down to cup his balls, and he was almost losing it as he moaned shamelessly.
“Fuck yes, so good…baby…shit.” he gritted through the words, her hand lightly tugging on his balls.

Her mouth enveloped him again, and she sucked harder this time, focusing on the head, just how he liked it, and the increasing pleasure had Phillip entangling his fingers on her hair and pulling, enough to keep her there as he spread his legs a little wider, starting to move his hips up gently as he searched for more and more.

He felt squeeze gently on his balls, and he let out a loud moan, harsh breaths making his chest heave, and then he felt her follow the movements of his hips with her head, Phillip looked down then, his hair falling over his eyes as he saw her battle her lashes at him and nod, like she was reading his mind.

So in between harsh breaths he gathered her hair properly, keeping a good grip on it as his opposite hand cupped her face gently, his palm so big against her cheek, and so he slowly started picking up his thrusts, swiveling his hips up and fucking her mouth faster in between low groans and grumbles.
He was letting out moan after moan at the feeling of her hot throat, going deeper as he felt her massage his balls harder, making him grunt and stutter in his thrusts, making him go harder in return, his rhythm picked up, faster, deeper as he felt himself nearing his climax before he pulled away with a loud grunt.

“Wait…fucking shit…” he kept panting, his chest rising up and down as his cock twitched.

He opened his eyes, his baby looking up at him with slight confusion, runny makeup and messed up hair, but he didn’t give her time to say a thing as he leaned down to grab onto her ass and pick her up over his lap, bunching her skirt up and sneaking two fingers to tug her soaked panties aside and line his cock to her cunt, but she caught on as she sat down, sinking his cock into her.

“Fuck. Like that, wanna cum in you.” he huffed, throwing his head up to look at her as she started bouncing on his cock.

Half a smile stretched on her face before her brow furrowed with and her jaw fell slack with pleasure, moaning quietly as he gripped on the flesh of her hips to meet her bouncing.
“I’m gonna cum soon…baby” he called her attention, but she caught his lips in a sloppy kiss.

“Me too” she moaned, his tongue intruding her mouth “Fuck…” she whispered.

He only kissed her more, deeper, desperate as he moved her up and down on his cock, and in timing thrusted up into her dripping cunt, she cupped his face and found the ends of his hair to tug at, and she pulled away from the kiss when her body started tensing up, throwing her head back with a string of whines and whimpers as his cock hit deep inside her.

“So fucking tight…perfect fucking pussy, made just for my cock, just for me, fuck…” his jaw clenched, leaning forward to moan and groan on

He panted and grunted hot air against her skin, feeling her walls tighten around him, his cock about to explode, her squeezed harder on her hips, leaning forward to fuck her pussy harder, her ass slapping down on his thighs as he pumped her faster, harder, and she screamed, her legs wrapping tightly around his waist, he buried his face on her chest as he let himself go.
It was explosive, his head felt numb, his vision went blurry as he snapped his hips up, hearing her gasp and scream his name as he filled her with ropes of cum, pumping her with every drop, sinking his cock to the base until his cock was completely spent inside her.

They huffed and moaned softly as he slowly turned them to lay down on the couch, kicking his pants off completely and lazily tugging his shirt off, helping her slide her skirt and now ruined panties off as she struggled with shaking hands.

He let himself lay gently on top of her then, kissing down on her skin, warm and soft, kissing her shoulders, the crook of her neck, the valley between her breasts as she hummed lovingly and ran her fingers through his hair.

His eyes opened enough to catch sight of her boobs, squeezed closer by her arms touching him, and he begun a wet trail of kisses up to her nipple, running his tongue on it gently before taking it in his mouth, feeling her leg bend on top of his, he smirked at the reaction, sucking a little harder and earning a tighter grip on his hair.
He then moved on to the other one, bringing his hands to cup them like he liked, feeling her back arch slightly as he circled his tongue over the other nipple.

“Mm noo, don’t do that…” he heard mumble at him, and he stopped, looking up at her with soft eyes “I’ll get horny again” she smiled lazily.

“And that’s not on the table?” he asked, his eyes gentle and his brows raised as he watched her bite her lip and felt her rub her foot on his calf.

“You’re ready to go again, Altman?” she raised a brow, teasing him, but running her nails down his back.

Phillip smiled at the question, a stupid question really, he chuckled about it as he trailed down her body, off the couch and on her pussy as he kept his eyes on her, watching her mouth part with a sigh as he ran a gentle tongue over her folds, tasting both of them in his mouth as she tugged at his hair once again.