Someone Like You ~the shorts collection~

author's note



It's good to be back 😏

If you follow me you know how far my love for my boy Phillip goes, and I also have a problem letting things go and thus this collection was born.

If you're new here, welcome 😌 we don't have any snacks, bring your own. I highly advice that you read the fic these shorts are based on titled "Someone Like You" (it’s in my profile), you can skip it, but there might be some references and plot stuff you might not totally get.

A few notes before you guys start reading these:

This is not a sequel to my story "Someone Like You" however it is set after the epilogue of said story, but it doesn’t follow a storyline in particular.

There isn’t a timeline specified for most of these, they’re set after the epilogue of my story like I said, but they're as random as the ideas they're based on.

Like I said, random ideas, there's a lot of nonsense written in these, I just love my characters and I wanna have fun with them.

And on the having fun note, if you guys have any scenario you'd like me to write for Phillip and y/n, or something you wanna see in one of the shorts I write, don't be afraid to reach out!

Oh and before I forget, be on the look out for something new, when I say I'm back...I mean it 😏

Enjoy! 😘

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