The Truth behind closed doors

Chapter 17

Jaliah's pov

My Aunt Lydia looked at Ja'zyla in awe

"Jaliah this baby is so cute "My aunt says

"Thank you auntie " I say getting Aden from her

"Mannn goddamn that baby looks just like Aj"my auntie says

"Auntie watch your language around my children "I say laughing

"My bad baby I'm sorry "she says laughing

"Ja'zyla looks like you when you were little " She then says

"I knowwww right " I say putting Aden to sleep

We chatted for a few minutes and I got both of the twins and went where my mom was .

"Look at my grand babies"my mom says

"Hey momma "I say kissing her cheek

"Hey my love how are you "she says giving Ja'zyla a kiss

"I'm good ma what about you " I say

"I'm great "she says

"That's good " I say

After a few minutes we got food and ate .My cousin and my Aunt Trice and greeted me and the twins and I let them get them while I go say hi to everyone .I go to Melah's table as soon as she seen me she jumped up from the table and gives me a hug

"Jai Jai I missed you so much "she says hugging me tight

I picked her up

"I missed you too "I say wrapping my arms around her little body

I put her down

"You look so pretty who bought this for you" I ask

"Mommy "she says smiling

"I'm big 4 "she says holding up 4 fingers

"You really growing up on Jai Jai "I say stroking her hair

"Imma be bigger than you "she says

"Girl bye keep dreaming wanna see zy zy and Aden " I said grabbing her hand

"Yess " she says smiling

I walk her to where my Aunt Trice who was feeding them

"Say hey zy zy" I say giving Melah's hand to aunt trice

"Hey zy zy "Melah says rubbing Zy's stomach

"Wanna feed her " My aunt trice says handing she the bottle

"Yes tete " Melah says grabbing the bottle and puts it in Zy's mouth

I try to find Aj till I spotted him with my dad and my uncles .I sat down with my Aunt trice and Cousin and Imani walked in with a baby and Trae who was holding an empty car seat .Everyone watched as they came in and they greeted my mom and started heading our way

"Oh lord " my aunt trice says looking down

I got Aden and burped him not even looking their way

"Hey can I talk to you Jai please in private"Imani says motioning me

"Sure and it's Jaliah to you " I say smirking

I Gave Aden to my Aunt trice and walked with Imani who sat down at an empty table .I sat down on the opposite side of her

"First of all I just wanna say I'm so sorry im sooooooo sorry seriously I hate I missed everything in your life and my niece and nephew I never want to hurt you you ever again okay "Imani says

"You took the love of my life ,my boyfriend of 2 years you knew he slept with Kaliyh and you did nothing but because of you I found my soulmate and had the most beautiful children with him ,I graduated ?my online buisness is trending ,and I'm living with my family so I'll forgive you  but I'll never forget Imani you hurt me the most " I say sitting back

"Shit Jaliah please look me and Trae are good friends that are co-parenting .Ilani and I would lowb to meet your kids " she says looking sad

"I'll sleep on it " I say

"Jaliah please I've matured and I realized I was so wrong Trae has a girlfriend and they eat at Ma house every week when's he's visiting please "she says with tears in her eyes

"I'll get Aj "i say standing up

I walk over to the table where my uncles were

"Can I steal him for a second gentleman " I say smiling

"You sure can"my uncle Lenny says drinking his beer

Aj gets up from the table

"Imani claims she matured and wants to meet the kids we are gonna talk it out with them " I say aggravated

"Ok "he says smiling

"Can I see them for a second " I say grabbing Ja'zyla from my cousin

"Ofc honey " My Aunt trice says passing Aden to Aj

We walked over to the table where Imani ,her child ,and Trae were sitting and we sit down

"Woah"Trae says surprised

"What " I say getting an attitude

"They look just like y'all " he says

"Preciate it " I say rocking Ja'zyla

Aj just stared at Trae but I ignored it cause I really don't have time for this
"What are their names " Imani says

"Aden and Ja'zyla "I say blushing at Aj

"Aww well this is Miss Ilani she's two months "she says

"She looks like Trae " I say chuckling

"She sure does"she says laughing

"Bae I told you they were gonna say she looks like me "Trae says laughing

Imani's eyes widened

"Wait a minute bae" I say looking confused

" it's not what you think Jai"Imani says

"You told me y'all "I said cutting myself off

" you Know what never mind "I say getting heated

"Baby if you are ready to go let's go " aj says tryna calm me down

"Yea I see people still haven't learned to stop lying "I say getting up from the table

Jai " Imani says

I ignored and walked back to Aunt Trice