The Truth behind closed doors

Part 16

*AJ's pov *

After 3 days we were able to go home . I drove and when we got home we immediately put the twins down in their crib and got in the bed

"Finally " Jaliah says laying in the bed

"Jesus me too "I say laying down

"Baby you look so good "I say rubbing her stomach

"Ew allat leftover fat no thank you " she says disgusted

"Bae you know I love you unconditionally no matter what gut or not "I say looking at her

"I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you daddy" She says kissing me

"Alright now you better chill before you be back in the hospital " I say smirking

"Baeee " she says laughing

"Nah im kidding 2 is enough right now " I say closing my eyes

"It sure is "she says closing her eyes too

We fell asleep and was woken up to crying I rolled over to check the time it was 3:23am .Jaliah got up and fed them and I burped Ja'zyla and rocked her back to sleep slowly putting her in her crib .Jaliah burped Aden and put him back in the crib .We got back in the bed and layed down trying our best to go to sleep.We woke up around 8:28am.We checked on the twins .Ja'zyla was sleep and Aden was up moving .He seen me and smiled

"Aww " Jaliah says picking Ja'zyla up

I picked Aden ip and kissed him on his cheek and he Yawned

"You sleepy huh big boy up early for no reason at all "I say laughing

"Don't bully my baby "Jaliah says laughing

She pumped milk and put it in a bottle for the both of them .Aden drunk all of his and was still hungry

"Damn boy you gone be big as hell "I say laughing

"Leave my chunky monkey alone my Breast milk

Taste good "she says laughing

"Oh really "I say sitting back

"Yess Wanna taste it "she says whipping her titty in my face

"Oh no hell no " I say backing back

Aden's whole face lit up and he opened his mouth

"See moonk moonk want some "Jaliah says busting out laughing

*6 weeks later *

We've been in the house a lot more just spending time with our kids and having fun we got out the house maybe twice a week.We decided to get out today so Melah's party was a start we pulled up and there was so many people I already knew what was gone happen .They went all out and even did a Moana birthday theme.We walked in with the twins

"Omgg look at these beautiful kids "Jaliah's aunt says walking up to us

"Hey Aunt Lydia " Jaliah says hugging her

"Hey my love These kids are so beautiful" she says hugging her

"Thank you " Jaliah says unbuckling Ja'zyla while I unbuckled Aden

I Gave her Aden

"Ohh myy he looks just like you so handsomeee"Her aunt says smiling in awe

"Thank you " I say shyly laughing


What's about to happen ?let's find out shall we