The Truth behind closed doors

The birth


The nurse came and looked at screen that was beeping

"DOCTOR PIERCE " the nurse yells running out

The doctor comes running in And look at the screen

"Shit "the doctor says moving stuff around

"What's going on " Jaliah says panting

"You're 10 centimeters dilated and I can see your baby's head so um imma need you to push on the count of the 3 okay "the doctor says

"Ok "Jaliah says propping her legs up

"Ok push baby"I say whispering in her ear

After 3 good pushes baby A was out and after 2 pushes Baby B came out .I cut the umbilical cord and signed the birth certificates for both .Baby A was a boy and Baby B was a girl .

"So what's the names "The nurse asks writing things down on a piece of paper

"Aj the third "I say laughing

"Um no sir "Jaliah says laughing

"Aden "Jaliah says looking down at Baby A

"Bae that's perfect " I say smiling

"He's perfect "she says kissing him on his cheek

We swapped babies and I looked at my baby boy we looked just like me

"Ja'zyla"I say looking at Baby B

"Babeeee that's so cuteeee"she says stroking baby  b's hair

"Her hair is so thick and soft like mines "Jaliah awed

"Yea she looks just like you " I say chuckling

"Not everything she has your lips " she says smiling

"Crazy how they look alike but got different gene features " I say putting Aden down

"Yea and -"

*knock knock *

"Come in " Jaliah says giving me Ja'zyla

Jaliah's parents walk in

"Hi mom and dad " Jaliah says picking up Aden

"Hi sweetie how are you and look at these beautiful babies oh my goshhhh" her mom awed

I handed her Ja'zyla

"Gosh she's so pretty just like you and looks just like you "her mom says examining the baby

Me and Jaliah laughed

"Here dad " Jaliah says handing Aden to her dad

"Goddamn man this baby looks like you spit it out Aj "her dad says laughing

Everyone bursted out laughing

"What's their names "her mom says giving me Ja'zyla

"Aden and Ja'zyla "Jaliah says sitting back

"Aawww how cute can this get "her mom says rubbing her hands together

"Who came first"her dad says giving Ja'zyla back

"Aden " I say rocking Ja'zyla

"Attaboyyy he gone be big boss "her dad says getting hyped

We laughed and talked for another 23 minutes until we hear a knock at the door

"Come in "I say

"Heyy " my mom says whispering

"Hey mom " I say giving her a side hug

"Hey Shellie " Jaliah's mom says hugging My mom

"Hey beck beck "My mom says grinning

"Is this my grandchild "my mom says with her eyes wide open looking at Ja'zyla

"Yes " I say handing her to my mom

"Ohh she looks like Jaliah " she says rocking her

"Ja'zyla Marie Johnson "Jaliah says smiling

My dad came in and dapped up Jaliah's dad

"Oh damn Aj you spit this lil fella out " he says looking at Aden with wide eyes

My sister then came in

"Awwww omggg my niece and nephew you did so good mommy  " Alania says hugging Jaliah

After almost an hour everyone left and I decided to rest my eyes for a little bit

*knock knock *

"Hey baby "Jaliah's grandma says coming in with Melah,Lukas,and Neveah

"Hey gran gran " Jaliah says smiling

Jaliah made the kids sit on the bed and hold the twins .After everyone left I decided to wash up in the bathroom and Jaliah wanted to wash up so I washed her up and put her back in bed and asked the nurse for some food .The Truth behind closed doors - The birth

Ja'zyla Marie Johnson The Truth behind closed doors - The birth
Aden Demetrius Johnson


Aww so cuteee let's see what's next !!!