The Truth behind closed doors

Breaking point

Jaliah's POV

My momma came home and whooped the shit outta my Aunt Lena ass and sent her back home with no money .I fed the kids everytime they asked for food because who knows when the last time they ate .My mom came and got them that Sunday evening .AJ took me out to eat and stuff got me roses and gummy bears .As weeks rolled by I stayed in the house more and more exercising and stuff.I got the kids most of the times my mom and dad went on buisness trips .Aj loved coming home to see I got the kids y'all know Melah his favorite lolll.He came home one night and Melah was still up and me ,Lukas ,and Neveah was knocked out on the couch alongside.He came through the front door quietly .Melah ran to the door .

"Ajjjjjjjj"she yelled jumping his arms

"Hey pookie "he says picking her up

"You took sooo longggg"she says throwing her head back

"I was working my love I see y'all had a long day huh "he says kissing her forehead

"Yea we watched trolls and Jai Jai feel asleep "she says excitedly

"Sounds like her " he says laughing

He took her upstairs and got her a bath and as he was bathing her I got up and took a shower with Neveah and layed her down in the bed with me then I went and grabbed Lukas and put him in the tub with Aj

"Wash him up for me "I ask pouting

"Come on lil man wake up "he picks Lukas up and washes him up

I just watched him thinking he's gonna be the best dad there is he passed me Lukas and kept bathing .I put his clothes on and put him in the bed with Melah .I came back upstairs and seen Aj playing with Neveah's hair

"I'm so ready Jai " he says rubbing Neveah forehead

"I am too baby they are coming soon " I say rubbing my belly

I got in the bed and layed down and I felt kicks

"Damn calm down " I said holding my stomach

"What's wrong baby " aj says sitting up

"Yo kids kicking ts outta me "I say laying back down

"They gone be mean asf " he says laughing

"Ong "I say laughing

we slowly fell asleep


Jaliah's due date is so soon the doctor said the baby could come at any time now so we got everything prepared .Her mom and dad came back down to get the kids .It was a chill day so me and Jaliah was watching tv and we fell asleep for a lil bit

"AJ" Jaliah says panting

"What's up baby" I say half sleep

"I think I'm in labor "she says out of breath

Pull back the covers and there it was a big wet spot .I jumped out the bed and put some clothes on and grabbed the bag and started the car .I got her dressed and carried her bridal style to the car and put her in .I drove to the hospital doing 83mph .Once we got there I opened the door for Jaliah and carried her inside to the nurses and they took her to the back I ran out and parked the car


Uh ohhhh