The Truth behind closed doors

Chapter 13

*2 months later *

Jaliah's POV

I was officially turning 6 months and I looked big asf for no reason like damn .My tits were enormous and my ass stuck out more than usual.I craved weird things like pickles and ice cream weird asf I know.Things have been going great I've been staying home a lot sleeping in more .Aj has gotten a job at an Ocean buisness and sometimes he gets home late like 10:30pm that's the latest .He would usually bring me food home .I layed in bed while Aj was at work and I thought about my siblings so I decided to call my mom

*The convo *


Hey babygirl

You at home

No your Aunt Lena is tho why

I want to get the kids and have them spend the night

Even Neveah

Yes If that's okay with you

I mean yea she's 10 months she's able to go anywhere

Okay tell Aunt Lena to bring them over with a bag I can't move right now

Why what's wrong is something wrong with the baby

No mom I'm fine *I chuckled*

Girl don't scare me like that but I'll call her okay I love you and don't let Melah drink nothing after 9 she pees in the bed a lot

Ouu hell nah


Sorry momma

Love you baby girl

Love you too

*End of convo *

I hung up and went downstairs to set the rooms for them .After an hour and some minutes later the doorbell rung and I ran downstairs and opened the door

"Jeez girl you're big " my aunt says laughing

I laughed

"JAI JAIIIIII"Melah and Lukas says hugging me

"Hey kiddoss " I said getting down to their level

"Hey mama " I cooed at Neveah

"They just ate McDonald's so if they say they hungry they are telling a tell "Aunt Lena says laughing then hands me Neveah

"Ok thank you Aunt Lena "I said getting their bags

"No problem suga " she says turning around

I closed the door

"Alright kids Melah you sleeping with Neveah in the White room okay "I say putting Neveah down

She loves sleeping in the white room cause it's a big bed in there lol

I look

"Okkk "she runs to the room and jumps on the bed

"Lukas your room is the one right here " I said pointing to the room by the kitchen

"Wowwww "he says looking around the room

I grab Neveah and put her in the room with Melah and I unpacked their bags and put their stuff in the drawer .

"I'm hungry " Lukas says holding his stomach

"Aunt Lena says y'all ate " I say

"No we didn't "he says holding his stomach tighter

"Hey luk let me see your stomach "I say looking concerned

I lift his shirt up and see nothing but his ribs about to pop out his body

"MELAH" I yell

"Hm" she says running to the living room

"Let me see your stomach "I say motioning her to come here

I lifted her shirt and there it was a big blue and purple bruise and her ribs bout to pop out .I automatically got hot and ran to Neveah who was on the bed laying down .I pulled up her shirt and seen how skinny she was

"Oh fuck no " I yelled picking Neveah up

I grabbed my phone and immediately called my mom


Slow down sweetie why are you yelling

How long has Aunt Lena been watching the kids Ma

Like a week why

Oh my fucking gosh

What what what's wrong

These kids ribs are about to bust out their stomach she says they ate but I don't believe that shit and Melah has a fuckin bruise on her stomach

She has a what *anger fills her tone *

She has a fuckin bruise Ma

Oh hell fucking no Jaliah we are coming home don't do anything stupid in the next 12 hours okay baby imma handle this bitch myself

Hearing my mom cause was shocking but nah this bitch put her hands on my siblings and didn't feed them .I put my shoes on and put all the car seats in my car .I put them in there one by one and sped to the house .When I pulled up Aunt Lena's car was still there and I got out and busted in the house when I seen My aunt Lena and a Man on the couch having sεメ
"This is wtf you do" I say running up to her punching her everywhere I could

The man tried to pull me off but I felt his dick on my ass so I kicked out of his grip and slapped him and left


Chapter got deep real quick 👀