The Truth behind closed doors

Baskets or Bows ?

*Gender reveal *


Alania looks at me smiling

"What lil girl " I say rolling my eyes

"Chill trick but you ready"she says looking concerned

"Hell yea " I say smiling

Jaliah walks out the house looking so beautiful and sεメy and we all drive to the place and when we seen hella car it was packed like a mf We walked inside and seen The Truth behind closed doors - Baskets or Bows ?

"Omgggg I knew I chose the right person " Jaliah says hugging Alania

"Of course girll "she says hugging her back

"Thanks sis " I say smiling

"No problem baby bro " she says hugging me

I hugged her back .We spoke to everybody and we ate and played games and Alania pulled out this big ass balloon that had Bows or throws on it .Me and Jaliah made our way to the front and I held the balloon while Jaliah held the pin

"On countdown " Alania says

"5....4...3...2...1 "everyone says in unison

Jaliah closed her eyes and popped the balloon

"Tf " I say looking confused

Blue and Pink ?

My sister came up to me smiling hard asf I caught on automatically

"ITS TWINS "i yell excitedly

"YESSS "she says hugging me

"Holy shittt"I say shocked

Everyone is clapping and cheering while I look over at Jaliah and she's crying

"Baby we are having two"I say picking her up

"I love you"I say kissing her

"I love you too baby "she says wiping her tears

We all took pictures and laughed and talked for a couple of hours .My cousins stayed back to help clean up and Melah begged Jaliah to let her stay with us for the weekend.Jaliah told her yes of course .Melah was my favorite sibling outta the rest of them .she was always sassy with what she do and loved beating me up lolll.We took our gifts that we received home and my mom bought us another crib and we received two car seats so we ain't have to go shopping for no more stuff thank God.We got home and I took a shower and when I got out I found Jaliah bathing Melah and all I could think was damn she's gonna be the mother of both of my first borns and she's gonna be the best one there is .We let her sleep in the bedroom downstairs it was a big ass bed so she didn't mind we put on SpongeBob for her while she slowly fell asleep I kissed her goodnight and walked upstairs to go see my woman .She has just got out the tub

"Hey Melah is good and she's sleeping downstairs "I say watching her every move

"Oh ok thanks bae for everything "she says coming over to sit beside me

I grabbed her by her waist and pulled in for a deep passionate kiss that deepened every second that passed .Me and Jaliah haven't fucked since she got pregnant and I needed this

*sεメual content is about to occur *

"Baby I want you"she says pulling me onto her

"Will it hurt the baby " I said looking at her concerned

"No silly "she giggles

I pulled the towel off her and took off my shorts and stuck it in and it was so tight I had to try it again

She gasped for air

"Uhh baby " she says with her eyes closed

"Shitt" I groaned

I went deeper and started picking up my pace

"BABYYY SLOW DOWNN OWW " she says mining loudly

I covered her mouth

"You want me to stop "i said whispering slowing down my pace

"No baby " she says in a sεメy voice that shit turned me on

"Get on all fours for daddy " I said moving back to let her move

She did what she was told and I rammed it in giving her fast and deep strokes

"UHH OUUU"she says moaning loud

"Shhh before you wake up Melah " I say holding her by her neck

"Babyyyy I cantttt omgggg fuckkk"she says looking at me in my eyes

I started speeding up faster and faster

"OKK OKK " she says putting her hand on my mines

I nutted in her and we both collapsed

" I love you " I said holding her

"I love you too baby " she says kissing me on my cheek

We fell asleep


Ouu chile 👀🙂