The Truth behind closed doors

The getdown

Jaliah's POV

It was Aj punching the shit outta Dayshon

"Baby -baby let's go " I say with tears running down my face

He stops hitting him and looks at me and sees me crying and ig when he seen me crying he got angrier and started hitting him harder .I tried to pull him off but he moved me out the way .


I just got in the car full on tears while AJ was breathing in and out harder than ever

"Baby"he says quietly

I kept crying

"Baby stop crying it's okay " he says pulling me in for a hug

"He's not gonna mess with you anymore "he says caressing my chin

He kisses me and drives off and when we got home it was 1 am we both got in the shower at the same time and went to sleep .The next day Me and Aj went house shopping with my Uncle who was a realtor he showed us a penthouse that had two rooms upstairs and two room downstairs with 2 bathrooms up and 2 bathrooms down and a half bathroom by the front door .

"This is the one "Aj says looking around

"I can get the papers for y'all it won't be long at all you'll be in here no time "Uncle Leroy says smiling

We signed the papers and left to get some ice cream and fries .2 weeks after signing the first set of papers weeks and week passed as we kept signing multiple papers till finally we got the key to the house .It took us 3 days to move in and we ended up going furniture shopping and baby shopping for the nursery room .We found everything we liked and after 2 more weeks all of our furniture came at the same time .We bought a lot of baby stuff because we didn't quite know the gender but we wanted Sri make sure the had everything they needed .We got white and grey paint and a crib that was white .



It's been 3 weeks since we've moved in our house and it's a pleasure sleeping with my soon to be wife and kid .Jaliah was growing big and she was only 3 months .Her tits got huge ,her ass got fatter by the day .I was loving the pregnancy glow on her .Our baby gender reveal was only 3 weeks away and everything was running as smooth as ever .Trae and Imani are co-parents and they have been doing good shockingly .They moved the baby's crib into Jaliah's old room .I love Jaliah and that baby so much man I never want her to leave me .Life without her is not ever the same .Who knew we went from bestfriends to soon to be parents in literally 4 months .We had a housewarming 2 weeks later and everyone came literally.My mom brought all of her side of the family the house was full it felt good to have support you know .


I really liked this chapter wbu ?