The Truth behind closed doors


Jaliah's POV

Today we were graduating everyone was there down from my Grandparents to little Neveah.Aj parents were sitting beside my family .You know my parents acted a fool when they called my name lol .After everyone names were called we threw our caps up and tried to find them which was the fun part!!We had to find our parents and before I knew it my mom ran to me

"I'm so proud of you babygirl"she says hugging me tight

"You are your daddy's child "he says laughing

"Thank all of you for coming but I'll be right back "i say running over to AJ's family

They were hugging him with big smiles on their faces.I stop at his mom's feet and she reaches out for a hug so I gave her one (mind you his mom doesn't Know anything not even the baby ).Aj signals me to come over to him so I walk over to him and stood by him .

"Mom "Aj says holding in his breath

"Jaliah's pregnant,it's my baby ,and we are dating " he says in one breath

"Are you serious "his mom says as her face lit up

"Yes"I say opening my gown to show her my little baby bump

She rubbed my belly

"I've been waiting for this YESSS "she says excitedly

"Congrats son "his dad says hugging him

His sister hugged me and held my belly

"Is it a boy or a girl "his mom asked

"Well we don't know yet we will have a gender reveal in about 2 months andddd Alania (his sister ) I want you to be the one to plan it "I say nervously

"SERIOUSLY "she says excitedly

"Yes of course " I say smiling

She jumps into my arms

"Aww I got y'all " she says backing away back to her mom's side

"So y'all graduated what's next "his mom asked

"I'm thinking about getting a 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom condo and Jaliah can move in with me "Aj says looking at me smiling

We never really talked about this so I was kinda shocked but it is for the best especially for the baby

"That's amazing son we can help out and pay it off for a couple of years when you buy it "his dad said putting his arm around his wife

"Thanks pops Yall are the best "aj says dapping him up

After we all finished talking and laughing we ate with the family and I hopped in AJ's car to go to the after party .It was packed and people were drinking and having sεメ in different rooms it was super crazy .I wanted to drink but Aj made sure I couldn't pick up one shot .He found his friends and got drunk classic Aj I thought to myself .This dude walks up to me and sits beside me I've seen him before in my chemistry class and he's always liked me .The Truth behind closed doors - Graduation

This is him.His name was Dayshon I never fw him because of course I was with Trae

"What up li mama"he says hugging me

I just sat there

"Hi " I say leaning back in my seat

"We grown nie lemme get yo number rq "he says placing his hand on my thigh

I stood up and rubbed my belly showing him my bump making sure he seen it

"Oh damn you pregnant " he says rubbing my belly

"Yes"I say sitting back down because my back was killing me

"Well shit baby I can take care of you and li baby in there"he says whispering in my ear

"I really have to go "I say getting up

"No you don't "he says pulling me down

"Wtf dude get off me " I say tryna pull away from his grip

He pulls me to him kissing me on my cheek and before he could kiss my lips I felt a bunch of commotion it was ......


Ouuuu shittttt👀👀👀