The Truth behind closed doors

Wild reasons

Jaliah's Pov

My bestfriend (AJ) came over .We've been besties since middle school .We have kissed once in the 8th grade but it was a dare .I choose not to tell Trae that or he will get highly upset and would probably make me stop being friends with him.I love AJ he's  family .He looks at me as a little sister it took me time to tell him I had a boyfriend and I lost my virginity and boy was he madddd....eventually he got over it .He soon got a girlfriend in the 10th grade and they broke up almost a week ago .I let him in and we went to my room .He looks tired

"Bestie are you okay " I ask him

"No "he says making eye contact with me

"What's wrong "I say while walking towards him

"My ex moved on why can't I "he said looking down


"You are literally the finest of all men at our school you can't find another one trust me "I say laughing

He busted out laughing

"I love you best " he says pulling me in for a hug

"I love you too " I say hugging back

I heard him sniff me

"Bitch are you sniffing me I said laughing

"Hell yea you smell good af " he said laughing with me

"Get off me ho" I say jokingly

After a few hours of Netlifx and fighting he left to go with a sneaky link who's a freshman she was like 15 and hella pretty .

I packed my bags to go to Michigan with AJ .After he came back from his sneaky link he packed his bags and we loaded the car .Trae and my siblings came downstairs to give their goodbyes  .As I got in the car AJ looked at me funny

"You got all these bags for what "he says jokingly

We drive for 5 minutes till I realized I forgot my charger I ran in the house and got it and heard moaning coming from Imani'a room I peeped in the room and seen..... her and a dude .I've never seen the dude around school fr .Till he looked up and I peeped his face it was my bestfriend's brother Luther .The Truth behind closed doors - Wild reasons

Luther was in college ,had a nose piercing ,hella tattoos,buff,hazel eyes,and he stood around 6'4.He's 20

Luther was my Imani's first body .They met through me and AJ ofc.I laughed and quietly closed the door .Then I got back in the car .

"Your brother and my sister is getting it on "I said laughing

"For real again "he says laughing

"Yessss I peeped through " I said laughing even harder

After what seemed about 8 hours we arrived in Michigan,went to a hotel ,checked in ,and got comfortable .We had one bed but we didn't care because we slept in the bed together many times before .I got up and took a shower and got dressed in the bathroom .AJ went next then we watched tv and went to sleep .


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