The Truth behind closed doors

Drama is here

Trae's POV

Me and my girl been dating for 2 years we are seniors in highschool and her parents are usually never at home because they go on many business trips so I see Jaliah a lot pretty much everyday .She's so pretty. Brownskin ,long curly hair ,nose ring ,belly piercing ,and 2 tattoos . There's one more thing tho I always fw her sisters I'm sorryyy but her older sister Imani is a throat goat .Jaliah's is good but her sister head be having me finna scream out loud type shit she so passionate with it but it's so good her pussy wack tho ,But Jaliah's omgggg ts undefeated it's like it gets tighter and wetter everytime It's so breathtaking .When she ride my legs twitch .Her sister pussy kinda loose and it's a little wet but not like Jaliah.Me and Imani only did it 6 times and me and Jaliah do it everytime we see each other .we've been doing it for two years tho.We started 11 months into our relationship and we were just freshmans at the time. I messed around with her sister around 6 months ago

*flashback *

Baby I'm on my way home we placed 1st place in the competition

Ok baby girl I love you

I love you too

*Hangs up phone *

I laid back in Jaliah's bed waiting for her to come home .I was chilling in her room when ima I walked in there

"Oh my bad I didn't know you were in here "she says

"Oh you str8 " I say closing my eyes

"So is Jaliah the only person you've been with " she ask me slowly sitting on the bed

"Yes "I say

She pulls my shorts down

"Yo wtf you doing " I say opening my eyes

"Just fuck me like you want me " she says taking off her shirt

Her tits were so huge......I couldn't resist I pulled a condom from my jacket pocket and put it on

* 15 minutes later *

"Shit Trae yo dick good asdf  omg " she says putting her clothes back on

"I know love " I say pulling my shorts back up and turning over

She left and went to her room .About 1 hour later Jaliah came home and showered and kissed me and went right to sleep .

*end of flashback *

I felt so bad I hated the fact I did it but I kept doing it .I stopped a month ago .I always had a condom on with Imani .The Truth behind closed doors - Drama is here

This is Imani ,She's 18,a senior ,short curly hair ,many piercings on her face ,tattoos,belly piercings ,and nipple piercing .She's so beautiful but just so ran through .She has at least 13-15 bodies .Her and Jaliah are my only two bodies .Me and Jaliah fuck raw everytime . I want to come clean to her about Imani but idk if I want to do that so I started deleting me and Imani messages everyday .If we did something it's usually when Jaliah is gone .I went back home while Jaliah's bestfriend AJ comes to visit .To me they are a little too close to be bestfriends if you ask me . I met him though he's brownskin ,freckles ,little lightskin,lil high top,and he has ear piercings he's a little too cute to be her bestie if you ask me (No homo)The Truth behind closed doors - Drama is here

This is him

As y'all know I'm brownskin ,waves ,muscles ,tattoos,I'm somewhat skinny and I have a lil goatee growing


I hope y'all are enjoying the story !!