Promised To The Stars

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The sound of waves is always soothing especially when it's mixed with the warm wind brushing through the bushes, trees, and tickling your skin as it makes its way forward for longer you can even imagine.

Birds were flying around the sky while some dove into the ocean to get fish to eat and the rest were floating on the surface of the water.

Alberto and Massimo were getting their boat ready by making sure they had all the fishing supplies they needed.

Their old cat was following them around keeping up with them while not getting wet by the waves hitting rocks and walls beside them.

Machiavelli had an unusual relationship with water, he liked to be on a boat but didn't like getting even a little bit of water on his black and white fur.

Alberto tried his hardest to be the best help he could while not stepping or tripping on the cat or any pebbles.

He handed Massimo the net then looked around to make sure that everything was in the boat and to make sure Machiavelli hadn't fallen anywhere.

The three of them got on the boat and started sailing further to the sea.

Alberto looked around blinking his eyes as bright sunlight shone onto them.

The sun reflected from the light blue sea making the surface look golden with an ombre to a darker blue the deeper you look.

The gentle breeze ruffled Alberto's hair making him feel calmer after his nightmare and breakdown.

He left bad about it but was happy knowing that his dad was there for him.

He closed his eyes to fully take in the salty scent of the ocean wind.

He always felt happier when he was near or in the sea for obvious reasons.

The water droplets made their way onto his sunkissed cheeks making him wipe the sea salt off as they itched on his skin.

Alberto opened his eyes as he looked down feeling fur rub along his leg.

He smiled and petted Machiavelli as he looked back to the ocean to see where they were.

He saw that they were near the island where the old tower was located in.

Alberto glanced at the large man sitting in front of him.

"Alberto, do you know where the fish are right now?" Massimo asked still not being sure where they were at this part of the day.

"Umm, they should be around..." Alberto said while looking over the water trying to pinpoint where most fish were

"There!" he finally said pointing to his left.

"We need to go that way for about 15 meters to get to the middle of their eating spot" he continued to give the most forward directions he could give.

Massimo nodded and turned the boat to go into the area Alberto had pointed to.

He stopped the boat at the spot letting the net fall over the edge of the boat onto the sea.

The net weight made a 'blop' sound as it hit the water and sank to the bottom.

Now it was just waiting for some time.

Alberto looked around again trying to pass time knowing Massimo wasn't a very passionate talker.

He had come up with ways to keep himself occupied with his short attention span.

He traced the outline of his feet with his eyes or bopped his head side to side memorizing songs or coming up with his melodies.

He had already come up with things to pass time when he lived alone in a tower in the middle of an island away from everyone.

He looked from over the side of the boat to see what was going on in the aqua-colored sea.

He saw fish swimming around each other and the rocks that stuck out of the bottom.

To be honest he wanted to swim around the rocks with them just to feel the water against his skin.

He and Luca used to always swim around rocks trying to catch each other and jump over them and the water feeling the gust of wind hit their faces and then water surrounding them again.

He always smiled at how much happiness this small game gave Luca and how proud he was of himself when he jumped over big stones easily.

Alberto did miss Luca, but he didn't have to wait long till he would see both Luca and Giulia again.

He was wondering how much had changed about them.

He knew that Luca now had reading glasses which he was excited to see since it was hard to accurately imagine without any reference.
He snapped out of his thoughts as he heard a thud noise coming from in front of him.

Massimo has started to lift the net from the water and threw the weight on the boat.

Alberto sat down onto the floor and also started to drag the net not letting the caught fish jump over the edge.

The net was full of fish which was good because the more they catch the more they can sell.

They started to go back to the shore since they couldn't fit more stuff on the boat.

Machiavelli was stepping around in a circle under the sitting board where Alberto was.

He laid down on the floor guarding the fish intensely staring at them.

Alberto smiled at him seeing how the wind moved Machiavelli's whiskers and the thick fur on his chest.

They soon got to the beach and stopped the boat next to the deck Alberto had laid last night stargazing and thinking about his emotions.

As the boat stopped they got onto the deck and started unpacking the fish and fishing supplies back out.

"I think we got enough catch today." Alberto said putting the fish into a barrel so it would be easier to carry inside.
Massimo hummed in an approving tone.

Alberto lifted another barrel and started walking with it. It was getting more effortless by the day.

He got to build more strength easily and quickly by carrying heavy things.

He once almost fell into the ocean because he couldn't hold the heavy barrel still and started slipping backward.

Once all the fish was inside it was time to make the deliveries.

Massimo had written down who the deliveries were for.

"These are the deliveries for today." he said handing the paper piece to Alberto.

Alberto nodded taking the paper and the fish then walked out the door.

He grabbed the bike with a wooden cart on it and started to cycle forward.

He looked at the paper then looked in the direction of the houses.

Now there were kids playing soccer besides the fountain like they always do.

They were laughing and running around after the ball some turned to look at Alberto and waved.

"Ciao!" A small boy said smiling then looking back at the game making sure he didn't accidentally get hit in the face with the ball.
"Ciao Rocco!" Alberto said waving at him with a large smile on his face.

He thought it was adorable of them to say 'hi' to him when he passed by.

Some clung to him thinking he was so cool especially when he showed them his ability to change into a sea monster.

Since not even a year ago they were thought that sea monsters were something to be scared of naturally some children were frightened by him. He tried his best to be kind and show them that no matter what someone might look like they can be friendly.

He biked around the town making deliveries.

He was almost at the top of the big hill where you could see almost everything and every part of the small town of Portorosso.

He could see the train station and a train going past it. Its reflection was visible on the water and so was the big rocky hill behind it with its light green bushes and plants.

He followed the train with his eyes as it passed by.

Alberto had no idea where the train was going since he only knew where one train goes.
The train he knew was to Genova or as he once called it 'the boring thing that takes us to the terrible place'.

He didn't have more than one delivery to do so he would have to ride the hill down.

He was much more careful with bikes now since he managed to crash into the ocean with Luca.

He had to admit it was a stupid idea to do, but he couldn't do anything about the past now.

He hesitated for a moment but pushed the bike forward with his foot.

The bike made a tiny sound as started to move down the hill. Alberto pushed the breaks not wanting to go too fast.

He carefully or at least tried to ride the hill down having to squint his eyes as the strong wind pushed against him.

He saw the people pass him as he tried his best to keep everything under control.

He had to stop in the middle of the hill to make the last delivery of the day.

He looked around to see the house that matched the address on his paper.

He soon saw it and stopped the bike in front of it.

He made sure the bike was properly stopped so it wouldn't ride the rest of the way on its own because he knew how bad of a disaster that could be.
He looked at the address, took the delivery in his hand, and knocked on the door.

He soon heard footsteps then the door opened. As the door opened Alberto said his regular greeting and gave the fish to the person inside.

He heard the person let out a huff and heard them say "well, I haven't seen you in a long time." with a tone that only could be described as between annoyed and surprised.

Alberto looked at the person to see who it was.

The person talking to him was an old man who he think he saw but didn't even know the name of.

The man had a mustache and black hair.

He was a little taller than Alberto but he still looked down on him.

"I'm sorry but I don't know who you are." Alberto said confused by the interaction.

"You are the sea monster boy, right?"

"Yes, yes I am. Is there a problem?" Alberto asked getting uncomfortable.

"You aren't the person I was expecting to see. I mean I just think you shouldn't be here." he said with a bitter look on his face.

"Uh..." was all Alberto could get out. He very well knew that people weren't all excepting of him and for example Luca but hearing someone say that to his face made him weirded out.
"I- uh well, I'm just here to deliver the fish you know."

The man took another look at him then reached into his pocket and dropped the right amount of money in Alberto's open palm.

"Thank you." Alberto said forcing a smile on his face wanting to just get away feeling slightly threatened.

The old man mumbled something that Alberto couldn't hear and closed the door.

Alberto was confused at seeing his reaction to a 15-year-old. Even though he was a sea monster he was still just a teen so he couldn't do that much damage even if he wanted to.

Alberto hopped on the bike again and rode the rest of the hill down.

He blocked almost every sound he heard thinking about how he didn't wish to see people like this. He just wanted them to understand sea monsters better and since he knew how anxious Luca became around them made him feel worse.

He started to listen again as there was too much noise around him to block all of it out.

He heard a small noise but wasn't sure if he heard something or if it was just his imagination.
He stopped the bike trying to hear the noise again over people walking and talking with each other.

Yep, he heard something.

It sounded like someone's crying but I was very subtle.

Alberto put his bike where he took it from and listened to where the noise was coming from.

The noise was coming from behind the rocks close to the water at the seashore. He walked closer trying to see anyone.

"Hello," he started jumping on the sand from a rock that separated the sand from the street. "Anybody there?"

He heard the quiet crying stop instantly and just shaky panting. Alberto stopped not wanting to scare the person he was talking to even though he couldn't see them.

He heard the sound of small taps on the stones getting slowly closer then stopping.

"Is anybody there" he repeated sitting down on the sand making an effort to look more approachable "and if so are you okay?" Alberto said softly attempting to sound like someone you could trust.

He didn't expect to get an answer or to see the person but he genuinely wanted to help.
He sat there in silence as the sound of people around the corner mixed with the waves of water hitting stones and the beach sand keeping him and the crying person company.

Alberto liked this spot a lot. I wasn't anything special looking just a normal beach.

Though I was the place he and Luca had gone to Portorosso for the first time.

He looked up hearing the sound of a hand being placed on a stone.

His eyes locked with a young girl who was now peeking over the stone.

She let out a squeak as they looked at each other and she dove back behind the rock.

"Hey," Alberto said sliding a little closer to her still wanting to make sure she was okay. "You can come closer I won't bite." he joked lighting up the mood.

The girl's head carefully popped up from behind her hiding spot now looking at the older boy a little longer this time.

"Were you the one crying?" Alberto questioned placing his elbows to rest on his knees.

"Hmm," the girl hummed nodding "how did you know?" She asked with a shaky voice.
"I heard you," Alberto said tilting his head to support it with his palm. "But tell me what here you crying about, I want to help you."

The girl looked down at her feet fidgeting with her fingers.

She then climbed on top of the rock and slid down to where Alberto was sitting at.

Alberto looked at her while she looked at the scenery of the ocean.

She had messy blond hair that had strands of hair which floated all over the place.

She was wearing a green dress that had floral pattern on the edges of it.

The dress had been patched up from a few palaces and seemed to be a little too big for her small body.

Her eyes were red and eyelids puffy from crying which make her gray irises look bright.

"I uh. I got lost a-and I don't know how to find my parents." She stuttered still being a little skeptical of whether she should trust this random boy she didn't even know.

"I can try to help you if, but you need to tell me where you saw them the last time." Alberto explained.

"Don't think you can help" she let out as her eyes started to water again and she started to back away from the green-eyed boy.
"It's okay, you don't need to be scared," Alberto said wanting her to calm down.

"Why wouldn't I be able to help you?" He asked.

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers or be here so my parents would be mad." The girl whispered holding back tears.

"I'm sure your parents are worried and won't be mad as long as you get back to them." Alberto told wanting her to feel safe.

The girl thought for a moment whipping her teary eyes then said

"Who even are you?"

"My name is Alberto Scorfano" he introduced himself smiling.

"I'm Rosa." she said smiling a little herself.

"Well, Rosa where did you last see your parents?" Alberto questioned standing up.

Rosa stayed silent as she started to cry again.

She noticed this but was too late to react.

Where her tears dripped down her cheeks so you could see them leave a pink and yellow trail.

As Alberto looked at her she started to sob and back away frantically.

As she started to run she tripped on a stone and let out a gasp as she hit the ground.
"Rosa, are you hurt?" Alberto asked walking to her making sure she wasn't bleeding.

The young girl froze as Alberto got to her picking her off the ground and setting her down on one of the rocks.

She shook her head as a gesture indicating she was fine.

Alberto smiled as she did so. He kneeled to her level so he could see her face easily.

The girl tensed up again as she felt him please his hand on her cheek whipping her tears away.

Her eyes widened as she saw what her tears did to Alberto's hand.

"What!" She yelled confused "you're a sea monster too!?" She asked with a much louder voice.

"Yeah, I am." the older boy chuckled.

Rosa smiled now too as she jumped off the rock.

"Now that you know I assume I can help you find your parents? Alberto asked making sure that was what she had meant.

Rosa nodded and started to walk closer to the water.

"I last saw them down there." she said pointing at the sea.

"We had a little fight of how I wasn't allowed to go to the surface alone, but I wanted to so I ran away." She told as she started to get sad again.
"You know, my friend had that same thing happen to him." Alberto told making her feel less alone.

"How?" she raised a question.

"Let's get you home I can explain on the way." Alberto said as Rosa took his hand pulling him in the direction she pointed at.

They dove in the water with Rosa looking around to see her parents.

Rosa's scales were pink on her forehead, but her cheeks and nose were yellow.

"So he ran away... with you?" She repeated what she gathered from Alberto's story.

"Yes. We had fun, but I wasn't very smart so you should be smarter than us if you disagree with your parents again." Alberto said studying Rosa's expression.

Alberto swam to the town Lucas parents lived in Rosa being right next to him holdin on to his arm the whole time.

She didn't even know where she went to get to the shore so she just sat on the beach crying not knowing what to do.

Now that she had to have someone help her get back she decided it was wisest to listen to her parents next time.
"Where's he now?" She asked curiously wanting to know more.

"He's in school with my sister in Genova. They'll come back here next week" he said.

"You have a sister? Is she a sea monster too? Why aren't you in school with them?" A rain of questions was asked and all of them were answered.

"Rosa! There you are!" They heard behind them and before either could say anything Rosa was caught in a hug by her mom.

"Oh you're okay, you scared the life out of us!

They heard another voice say.

"My friend Alberto helped me find you and told me stories!" Rosa announced enthusiastically.

"Thank you for helping her. She is very interested in things that aren't safe." Her mother said still hugging her.

"His friend did the same thing as me ones and they ran away together to go around the world." She told as swimming in circles and giggled.

"That sounds like a love story." Rosas mother laughed.

Alberto felt his heart skip a beat as his eyes widened. He felt his stomach turn as the words sank in deeper into his mind.
He tried to suppress but it didn't work.

He blinked a few times as he realized he probably spent way too much time helping her not wanting Massimo to get worried for him.

"Well, I have to go now. Bye Rosa" he said waving at her.

"Goodbye and thank you once more for helping her." Rosas father said as Alberto started to swim away.

'a love story? Really?' Alberto thought swimming back to shore.

'There was nothing romantic going on. Why would she even think that?' he grinned, slightly cringing at how stupid he likely looked.

He still couldn't stop his face from heating and his stomach from turning at the thought of there being something romantic between him and Luca they were just friends and that's the way it'll always be.

His reaction and the thought of it made him uncomfortable.

He shouldn't have this reaction.

He explained his stomach feeling weird by him not eating and then exercising for a long time.

The rest he labeled as being nervous and excited about Luca and him being able to see after a long time.
He got to the shore and tried himself.

Alberto walked inside from the gate and opened the front door of his house.

He stepped inside seeing Massimo was in the kitchen.

"Ciao I'm back." He announced. Massimo turned around and said

"You took longer than usual. Did something happen?" he asked.

"Well, there was this girl called Rosa who got lost and I helped her find her parents." Alberto answered.

"You did the right thing by helping her." Massimo said smiling.

Alberto smiled happily knowing his dad was proud of him.

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