The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 1081 - 1090

Chapter 1081

Tomson's A series of villas are worth more than one billion and are the most expensive villas in the entire Aurous Hill city.

For ordinary families, it is impossible to achieve it in a lifetime;

For ordinary wealthy families, working hard in this life may still be a little bit possible;

For the rich family, it takes 10 years of hard work to have the opportunity to live in such a villa.

But for the Wu family, this kind of villa is just a drop in the bucket.

Even if the Wu family is facing major difficulties now, they have a value of hundreds of billions, and they don't care about a villa of more than one billion.

Moreover, Regnar knew very well that this villa was bought by the Wu family for the Willson family, that is to say, it was not given to the Willson family. In this way, it would be equivalent to the Wu family buying a real estate, maybe two years later. , The Wu family can make money even if this villa appreciates, so why not do it?

So Regnar nodded and said, "Since we are going to work together on major issues, I can still meet this small requirement. Let's do it, I will arrange my hands to inquire about 04 or 06 households. It does not matter if it is sold or not. I can buy it from the other party at a high price. After buying it, you can live in!"

The five members of the Willson family were suddenly excited!

Especially Noah, the look in the eyes of the Lady Willson was already worshipping.

She used to think that she was too old and might not be useful, but she didn't expect that she was still hot when complied with the old saying!

As she heard that the Wu family wanted to invest in the Willson family and help the family to regain its strengths, and she would have bowed in excitement and thanked.

But she was different. The Lady Willson calmly analyzed Regnar's psychology, and as soon as she spoke, she won a villa for the Willson family!

Although they can live in, not sure how long can they live there, but isn't it just for nothing?

However, Mrs. Willson knew very well in her heart that since she was on the big ship of the Wu family, she must find a way to do more for herself.

The villa can not be given to her temporarily, but at least a certain commitment must be made on the length of residence.

So she looked at Regnar and said with a smile: "Mr. Regnar, you are really too generous, but as the Lady Willson, I have something to ask of you."

Regnar nodded and said lightly: "Just tell me, what's the matter."

Mrs. Willson said: "Mr. Regnar, you see that I am a lot of years old. I guess I won't live for a few years. This old body can't stand the toss. If you let me live in Tomson Villa today, it will be a big wave, you kill Charlie's [email protected], wouldn't I have to move out tomorrow?

After all, it is easy for a big man like you to kill Charlie's [email protected]"

A flattery made Regnar feel happy. He looked at the Lady Willson and asked, "Do you want me to give you a promise for how long you will stay in this villa?"

Mrs. Willson immediately gave a thumbs up, flattering and said: "Sure enough, nothing can escape your glaring eyes, Mr. Orvel, I am not a person who covets prosperity and wealth, but my body cannot withstand the toss and wants to live a little. So can you sign an agreement with us that the Tomson villa will stay with us for at least 10 years. After

10 years, whether the Lady Willson is still alive or not, the Willson family will move out as agreed."

According to Mrs. Willson, 10 years is already a long time. After all, the property right of a house is only 70 years, and 10 years is equivalent to one-seventh of the consumption.

A villa is worth more than one billion at least, and one seventh is almost 20 million. And she is already 80 this year, and may not live for another 10 years.

Chapter 1082

Regnar didn't care much about a villa, so it is certainly impossible to give it to the Willson family. After all, he is not such a fool, but letting them live for 10 years is actually not a big problem for him.

So Regnar said indifferently: "10 years is 10 years, but you must concentrate on doing things for me, get Charlie as soon as possible, and I will reward you again."

The Old Mrs. Willson hurriedly pulled the family and bowed to Regnar, her excitement was beyond words.

The other members of the Willson family were also very excited, and as a result, the family had completely turned over.

Not only was the Willson Group saved, but they were also able to live in Tomson's Villa, which is equivalent to better than the best time before.
Moreover, Regnar also promised to support the Willson Group. Maybe the Willson Group can make breakthrough progress with his help.

Regnar said at this time: "I will arrange for someone to go to Tomson to check the house situation, and buy Tomson a04 or a06 as soon as possible. Today, you will stay in the guest room for the time being. When I prepare everything, I will send you back to Aurous Hill, and then my investment to the Willson Group will also be directly credited to your company's account."

The Willson family was so excited that they quickly thanked and agreed.

Then the family was arranged by the subordinates to the guest room area of Wu's house.

The Wu's villa occupies a huge area and is divided into three areas. One area is the area where the Wu family lives by themselves, the other area is dedicated to the subordinates, and the other area is dedicated to the guests. .

The Wu's Villa was built it by the family after buying a large area. The scale is several times the size of the Tomson Villa. There are more than a dozen guest rooms, and it is easy to arrange them for a family of five.
The servants of Wu's family took them to the guest room area and gave them 4 rooms.

Old Mrs. Willson, Harold and Wendy each had a room, and Noah and Horiyah lived together naturally.

As soon as they returned to their respective rooms, Noah couldn't wait to hold Horiyah in his arms, and said anxiously: "My wife, you have been wronged for long this time, and I missed you, wife."

While talking, he wanted to take off the clothes of the red thread.

Horiyah was also very emotional in her heart. Having not seen her husband for such a long time, she suddenly reunited with him.

Moreover, the two are also in the year of the tiger and wolf. But Horiyah's heart is somewhat worried.

She naturally believed that during the period of separation from her husband, her husband would definitely not mess around outside, and he did not have this energy, not to mention that he had been in the detention center for a long time.

But she is not so loyal.

When she was in the black coal kiln, she yielded to the overseer's lustful power and became his c0ncubine for a long time. She betrayed her husband almost every day.
She was very worried, worried that one day her husband would know all this, and then despise her and even get angry with her.

So she made up her mind deep in her heart that she must take this matter to the coffin and never let anyone know!

Chapter 1083

Before it got dark, Noah and Horiyah were already in their guest room, and the sound of the waves still rose.

Noah was really depressed during this period, and was separated from his wife for a long time, so he was extremely impatient.

Horiyah naturally loves her husband very much. She thought that she would never see him again in this life, but she didn't expect to have a chance to return to his embrace now, so she naturally catered to her husband with joy.

But this was supposed to be a very harmonious scene, but Horiyah's heart suddenly felt a sense of loss.

The reason why she felt disappointed was because she felt that her husband's ability seemed to be much worse than that of the dirty supervisor...

This is really depressing.

One is the one she loves, and the other is the one she hate. But if she put aside these
and simply talk about that, the two people she love can't add up to the person she hate.

After all, the other party was from a rough job. Although he was not too young, his physical fitness was really lacking. He was strong and powerful.

Looking at Noah again, he was a little blessed, and he never exercised. After a few days in prison, he is still a little thinner. Otherwise, the big belly in the past would be very empty.

So if really compare him with that supervisor, Noah can do the most with the other's two successful powers.

This made Horiyah feel that it was a little bit interesting.

It was supposed to be a cloud and rain in Wushan, but now it feels like a spring rain that is as expensive as oil, and the land is wet after the rain.

But she could only sigh in her heart. After all she killed herself, she didn't want to go back to that dark place, and she didn't want to wait on the dirty and stinky overseer in that dirty brick house.

In the evening, the servants of Wu's family invited them to the guest room dining room for dinner.
Neither Regnar nor Dawson came over.

They now regard the Willson family as their subordinates, so it is impossible for them to come and accompany them to dinner.

Halfway through the meal, the butler of the Wu family came over and said to Mrs. Willson: "Our manager Wu asked me to tell you that he has already bought the Tomson villa a04, and you are lucky. , This villa was renovated and prepared to live by himself.

The luxurious appliances are fully furnished. Mr. Regnar spent an extra 30 million to buy it, so you can move in tomorrow!"

When the Willson family heard this, the excitement was overwhelming. The Lady Willson couldn't control her trembling hands, and she threw both chopsticks away.

After thanking the housekeeper a lot of kindness, Mrs. Willson said to her family: "We have all seen Tomson's A-type villa. There are many rooms, enough for our family to live in. I am older and like it. It's a bit more spacious, so I want the largest room on the third floor, and you guys pick the rest."
Noah immediately said, "Then Horiyah and I will have the largest room on the second floor."

Harold said: "Then I want the second bedroom on the third floor." Wendy said: "Then I will be on the second floor."

"Okay!" Mrs. Willson nodded in satisfaction and sneered: "Don't their family think we are finished? I really can't wait to take a look, they know what we look like after we moved next door!"

Noah gritted his teeth and said: "That d*mn Elaine and Charlie, combined to calculate my wife and caused my wife to suffer so much, I must settle accounts with them!"

Horiyah hurriedly said: "Are you crazy? Don't tell them about this matter." "Why? Noah couldn't help frowning.

Horiyah immediately said: "At the beginning, I set up a set with Lian to try to cheat Elaine, but she failed. Charlie calculated it instead. So if you count it like this, Lian and I broke the law first. This incident has shaken out, and the police intervene, and they must have arrested me instead of arresting them!"
With that, Horiyah thought about how Lian was shot to death last night, and said nervously: "Lian wanted to hit me last night, but was shot to death by the Wu family

men. Now her family Still in that black coal pit, if the incident spreads and the police get the Lian family out, they will definitely find me to avenge!"

Chapter 1084

Noah frowned and said, "Could it be that Elaine and Charlie are so cheap?"

Horiyah said: "I can trouble them in other places, besides, the Wu family is going to kill them behind the scenes. Enmity can definitely be reported, but that matter should never be mentioned again."

In fact, Horiyah still has a worry in her heart. If she mentions the black coal kiln, and then brings out the past with the supervisor, how can she gain a foothold in the Willson family?

Noah heard what she said also made sense, nodded lightly and said: "Okay, then everyone will understand and pretend to be confused about this matter."


The next day, the family of five returned to Aurous Hill in the Wu family's car.
On the way back, the Wu family did not arrange a private jet to send them. They did not even arrange a Rolls-Royce, but directly sent a Buick gl8.

Mrs. Willson is very dissatisfied with this Buick gl8.

When they came, Rolls-Royce went to the airport, private jet to Suzhou, and then Rolls- Royce to Wu's villa.

The specs and pomp was really impressive and enjoyable.

Now it's fine, and they just got a broken car worth two or three hundred thousand, and dismissed the family of five.

The feeling of sitting in this car is very different from that of Rolls Royce.

But because the driver of Wu's family was driving in the car, she just dared not say anything.

It takes about four or five hours to drive from Suzhou to Aurous Hill, so when they arrived in Aurous Hill, it was past noon.

The driver sent them to the gate of Tomson, gave them several sets of access control cards and keys, and said to them: "Mr. Regnar's intention is to let you live in today and

invest in the affairs of your Willson Group. He will send someone tomorrow to deal with it."
"Great!" Old Mrs. Willson was very excited, nodded and said, "Thank Mr. Regnar, for helping us. Tell him, we will definitely live up to his expectations!"

The driver nodded and drove away.

The five members of the Willson family swiped the access card and stepped into the Tomson villa area.

When they came to Tomson again, each of them was very embarrassed.

When they came to Tomson the past few times, they were very jealous and hated in their hearts.

Now they also have a Tomson first-class villa.

The most exciting of them is Mrs. Willson, she is looking forward to living in the Tomson Villa, she has been looking forward to it for a long time!

So the Old Mrs. Willson walked in the middle, grandson Harold and granddaughter Wendy supported her on the left and right sides, Noah and Horiyah also held hands with each other, looking affectionate.

Mrs. Willson felt that her current self was like the empress from history back then, walking in such an ultra-luxury villa area, it was really majestic and full of self- confidence.
Excited, she couldn't help sighing: "It would be great if I could meet the b*tch Elaine! I want to make her feel uncomfortable!"

Wendy smiled and said, "Grandma, don't forget, her leg was kicked off by you. I guess she is crying on the bed at home right now!"

Everyone laughed.

Harold suddenly pointed to the side of the green belt on the roadside ahead, and a woman with a one-handed crutches blurted out: "dmn, isn't that the btch Elaine?"

Chapter 1085

At this moment, Elaine had lunch and was directing Charlie, carrying an iron bucket and a shovel, to dig soil in the green belt of the villa area.

In the past two days, Elaine had nothing to do. She couldn't go out to play even if her leg was broken. She was bored at home and used her circle of friends. She found a

female friend who hadn't dealt with much before and bought a villa in the suburbs.

She planted a lot of fruits and vegetables in the yard of the villa, and shared photos of those fruits and vegetables to her circle of friends. Many people gave her a thumbs up, saying that she is smart and understands life.
Elaine was very jealous, so she wanted to grow vegetables and fruits in the villa yard.

But she broke a leg, how can she shovel the ground, so this kind of work can only be arranged by Charlie.

Charlie originally didn't want to kill her. After all, he had already had a showdown with her last time. After living in his own villa, he would be polite to her, so he wanted to tell her, but there was no way.

But when his wife Claire heard that her mother wanted to grow some fruits and vegetables, she also felt that this kind of thing could edify her sentiment and could make her stay at home honestly, so she came forward and asked Charlie for help.

Charlie only agreed.

In his opinion, it would be nice to let Elaine not keep moths all day long and let her grow vegetables.

So after eating, he helped her, shoveling a lot of soil into the villa, and already circled a place to make a vegetable garden.

Elaine was driving the crutches and said to Charlie: "Dig a piece of loess, don't forget the black soil, the black soil smells bad."
Charlie nodded, and lowered his head to dig the soil without speaking.

Elaine hesitated for a moment, and asked him carefully in a negotiating tone: "Charlie, can I discuss something with you?"

Seeing that her attitude was good, Charlie said lightly: "If you have something to say, I will listen."

Elaine accompanied with a smile and said, "You, when you have time, drive to the countryside and find an old farmer in the countryside to buy some vegetables and fruits, and the whole tree connected with the roots."

Charlie said, "Isn't this just taking off your pants and [email protected]? Do you want to go to the supermarket to buy vegetables and fruits directly? Direct app will deliver it to you."

Elaine was very dissatisfied with Charlie's attitude and was very uncomfortable, but she didn't dare to say anything, she could only smile and plead: "Mom wants you to buy the whole tree, not for eating, but to buy it and plant it directly. In our villa, won't we have a beautiful vegetable garden right away? Otherwise, we're done sowing seeds and plant
them again. When it grows, we have to wait until the year of the monkey." Charlie took it.

It seems that the mother-in-law is worried about this and wants to take a photo and post it to Moments.

Just thinking of rejecting her unreasonable request, Elaine hurriedly said: "My son-in- law, let me tell you the truth. I have liked growing vegetables and fruits since I was a child. When I went picking with dad and went into the vegetable garden in the

countryside, but they were not willing to come out."

Charlie looked at her suspiciously: "When did it happen? Why haven't I heard of it?"

Elaine hurriedly said, "Didn't you suddenly grow up later? Going to school and work again, how can there be time to run into the vegetable garden? I swear to God, Claire really liked these things since she was a child. I still want to grow a little in the courtyard of the former Willson family villa, but Old Lady was reluctant with the idea.

Charlie thought at this moment, if his wife really likes it, then he might as well arrange it.
So, he took out his cell phone, called Claire, and asked her: "My wife, tomorrow is the weekend, do you want to go out picking?"

"Okay!" As soon as Claire heard this, she barely thought about it and immediately blurted out: "Great! Where to pick! How do you know I like to pick!"

Chapter 1086

After listening to Claire, he smiled and said, "Okay, you don't need to worry about where you go, your husband will arrange it."

"Great!" Claire said happily, "Then I can wait for you to arrange it!" "okay!"

After hanging up the phone, Elaine hurriedly said flatteringly: "You see I didn't lie to you, right?"

Charlie gave a hum, then took out his phone and called Solmon White. "Mr. Wade! Why did you think of calling the little one?"

Charlie said lightly: "Pharaoh, my wife likes picking very much. I am going to take out half of the Tomson Villa to make a vegetable garden so that she can pick it in the yard every day, so you can find some for me. The best varieties of vegetables and fruits, and I want those that have grown, bear fruit, are attached to vines, have seedlings, and have
roots. Can they be directly transplanted to Tomson?"

When Solmon White heard this, he blurted out: "Mr. Wade, don't worry, even if you want a vegetable shed, I can get it for you!"

Charlie said: "Okay, start preparing today. Come to Tomson's first-grade transplantation plant at night, I want my wife to see it when she gets up tomorrow!"

Solmon White smiled: "Mr. Wade, you really love your wife! Don't worry, I will make arrangements!"

Elaine was also very excited at this time!

Charlie is really good at fooling people, just a phone call, others will diligently arrange a vegetable garden for him, the energy is really not small!

She used to think that this guy will explode sooner or later, but no matter how she look at it, she feels that this kid is getting better and better.

At this time, Elaine suddenly heard a familiar voice ringing in her ears: "Oh! Isn't this my good daughter-in-law! Why are you on crutches? Don't say it, your posture of the shelf tube is quite exciting. !"
Elaine's face immediately became extremely ugly.

She didn't need to look back to know that this voice came from her mother-in-law, that d*mn Old Mrs. Willson!

But when she turned her head to look, she was shocked. What happened? How did these five people get together?

The Lady Willson, Noah, and the two little ones, were they going to be detained for a few more days? Released in advance?

The key is how did Horiyah come? Wasn't this lady sent to the black coal kiln by Charlie's friend?

When Charlie heard the movement at this time, he couldn't help but turn his head and frowned.

He did not expect that Horiyah would actually appear here.

Mr. Orvel has always done things reliably. He shouldn't have made such a big mistake and let Horiyah run back. What happened here?

Horiyah was the secret of Charlie and his mother-in-law Elaine. Although later his wife and mother-in-law knew about the loss of money by gambling, they didn't know that Horiyah was sent to the black coal mine by him.
Both of them thought that Horiyah should have run away because of the money, so at this moment Horiyah suddenly came back, which made Charlie feel a little worried.

At this moment, Elaine, who was never to be outdone, already cursed, "Who am I? It turns out that it was your family, what happened, and the idea of hitting our villa? How

did you enter the detention center last time? Did you forget? Believe it or not, I will call the police and get you arrested now?"

Chapter 1087

Hearing Elaine mocked everyone about the detention center again, Harold immediately said angrily: "Elaine, look at your ugly bird look. Both front teeth are gone, and the

words are so f*cking leaking. What are you doing?"

When Elaine heard that Harold dared to ridicule her teeth, she suddenly became angry.

She didn't dare to look in the mirror these days when she came back, because it was so ugly that her front teeth had fallen out.

But seeing a dentist is a very troublesome thing. Sometimes you have to go back and forth to the dentist several times to fill a tooth, not to mention that you have lost a few teeth and need to do it again.
Claire originally wanted to spend money to grow porcelain teeth for her, but it was because she had a broken leg and was inconvenient to move, so she didn't toss her for the time being. .

It is precisely because of the loss of the front teeth that Elaine has no interest in going out at all, otherwise all the images of a mouth will be viral.

But right now, Harold dared to use her teeth to tease her. How could she stand it?

Therefore, Elaine immediately cursed: "Harold, I am also your second aunt anyhow, you are not afraid of thunder when you talk to me like this?"

Harold said contemptuously: "Are you a bullsht second aunt? Looking at your stubbornness, I have never seen a woman as ugly as you! The front teeth are gone and you can't make up. You fcking keep acting sketches?"

The last thing Elaine dared to think about was the shape of the Lady Willson in Zhao Benshan's Song Dandan sketch, because she now looks exactly like hers, hearing what Harold said, it was even more frustrating.
So she took out her mobile phone from her pocket and gritted her teeth and cursed: "You will wait for me, I will call the police and tell you directly for breaking into the house! You have never changed, and you will go in this time and it will take longer to come out for you!"

Old Mrs. Willson sneered at this moment with a disdainful face: "Elaine, do you really think that you are the only one in the world who can afford Tomson?"

Elaine snorted coldly: "Of course. Is it possible that you can live up to Tomson's first- grade stinky silk? It's not that I despise you. If you are a dead old woman, you can still not live up to Tomson's first-grade. Screw it down and kick it for you!"

The Old Mrs. Willson laughed loudly: "Oh, Elaine, you really haven't changed at all. Don't look at my physique. Today I really want to try whether your head is good or not!"

After all, the Lady Willson took out a very exquisite key and said arrogantly: "I tell you Elaine, this Tomson first-grade a04 is already mine. Starting today, our family will be neighbors!"
"I'm pooh!" Elaine said contemptuously, "You really dare to brag about the dead old woman, you can't even eat food, and you still buy Tomson first-grade a04? What? You sold Wendy to the rich again? But , For the beauty of Wendy, which rich person would be willing to pay such a big price?"

When Wendy heard this, she pointed at her and said angrily: "Elaine, who do you mean?"

"What about you!" Elaine said nonchalantly: "I don't know who accompanied an Old Master who is older than father. Now she dares to come to me and yell, what is it?"

Wendy was naturally furious when the fig leaf was revealed. She was about to come up to find Elaine for the theory. The Old Mrs. Willson grabbed her and said lightly: "Wendy, don't be true to this kind of disabled person, she is already so miserable. What's more

real than her?"

After finishing speaking, greet the other four people: "Go away, we have to go to our villa to clean up, what's the point of arguing with such a bad person."
Others spit at Elaine's feet one after another, and then all walked past her with arrogant faces.

Elaine still doesn't believe that they can really afford Tomson's villa, and cursed behind: "You guys are not enough. You always pretend to be so forceful. It won't be good for

the security to rush you right away."

Horiyah turned around, staring at Elaine with gloomy eyes, and said coldly: "Elaine, don't forget that the account between the two of us has not been settled yet!"

Chapter 1088

Elaine scolded, "I'm kidding, I'm afraid of you? Believe it or not my son-in-law will send you back to the black coal mine after a call?"

Anyway, Jacob and Claire were not here, and Elaine didn't care about mentioning the black coal kiln.

Horiyah glared at Elaine with a cannibal gaze, and was about to speak. At this time, the Old Mrs. Willson had already opened the door of Villa A04, looked at Elaine who was

dumbfounded, waved the key in her hand, and smiled:" Elaine, what did you just say? Aren't you going to screw off your head and kick it for me? Come on."
When Elaine saw that the Lady Willson had actually opened the door of A04, she was shocked and speechless.

How is this possible? Isn't the Willson family already poor and has no place to live? How can you afford a Tomson villa? Could the salted fish stand up?

And this family is going to be neighbors with themselves? This is too bad...

Thinking of this, she immediately looked at Charlie and blurted out, "Charlie, what's the matter? Didn't your friend send them all to the black coal mine? Didn't they say that

they will not be allowed out in the future? Why did Horiyah run out?" Charlie was also a little surprised at this time.

He took out his mobile phone, walked to a place where no one was there, and called Orvel directly: "The person I asked you to send to the black coal mine last time, why did she come back? What happened over there?"

Orvel said in surprise: "Is there anything like this? Mr. Wade, wait a moment, I'll call to ask!"

After a while, Orvel called: "Mr. Wade, someone bought my friend's small coal kiln, and the price was three times the market price."
Charlie suddenly realized. Ask him: "Wu's family, right?"

"Yes!" Orvel said, "It's the Regnar Wu Family! Mr. Wade, is the Wu family targeting you? Do you want me to help you figure out a solution?"

Charlie said indifferently: "No, the Wu family hasn't officially come forward yet. It's just a few little guys now, don't worry about him."

At this time, Orvel said guiltily: "Mr. Wade blames me for failing to supervise this matter. Please punish me! Today I will arrange for someone to arrest Horiyah!"

"No need." Charlie said lightly: "Since she has returned, let her stay here."

After speaking, Charlie asked again: "What is the situation with the Wei family father and son who dug ginseng in Changbai Mountain?"

Orvel hurriedly said: "The two of the Wei family have always been in Changbai Mountain. Someone came to rob them some time ago, but they were beaten away by my people and Liang's people. In order to strengthen our defense, Liang and I sent some more. The manpower passed, and now there are nearly 20 people over there
guarding them in secret."

"Okay." Charlie hummed and said, "The Wu's are probably looking for my enemies everywhere, so must keep them safe for me. Horiyah was found by them or not. You're investigating it, but the Wei family father and son must not be released!"

Orvel blurted out: "Mr. Wade, please rest assured, I will tell my little brothers and guard against them, and I will never let them be taken away!"

"Okay." Charlie hummed, and said: "Okay, also tell Liang to send more people, so that his father and his brother will not come back and find him to grab Wei's medicine."

Chapter 1089

No one is more afraid of his father and his brother coming back than Liang.

If the Wu family really snatched his dad and his brother back from Changbai Mountain, the first thing they must do is to help them retake Wei's Pharmaceutical.

Because the Wu family certainly didn't want to find it back, it was just a pair of pauper father and son. They even hoped that their allies could have stronger power.
According to Wei's Pharmaceuticals, it is also a pharmaceutical company with a market value of several billion. If it cooperates with the Wu family, there may be more room for development. Therefore, Regnar only needs to get the father and son back and help them regain power. It is equivalent to an ally worth billions, and a diehard ally.

Charlie believed that after Liang knew about this, he would do everything possible to stop Wu's actions.

Ten thousand steps back and said, even if the Wei family father and son really come back, it doesn't matter to Charlie.

He has 10,000 ways to cool down the Wei family and his son instantly. If he wants, he can even ask Regnar to meet Marx directly.

But that would be meaningless.

People, if there are really no enemies, what fun is there in life? Since the Wu family wants to play, then he can play with them.

After all, there is a big family with a scale of 200 billion, and there are really not many opportunities to be sandbags and practice.

Maybe in the future, he will return to Eastcliff and face the Wade family that he doesn't know well.
If he doesn't learn something about the rich struggle in advance, it will be really hard to deal with if there is any danger.

Now is a good opportunity to practice the skin test.

Charlie hung up the phone and returned to the place where he was shoveling the soil. Elaine couldn't wait to come over and asked, "Did you ask? What's the matter? Why did the stinky lady Horiyah come back?"

Charlie said to Elaine: "I asked on the phone just now, and that friend said that the black coal kiln over there went bankrupt, and it happened to have a new boss. All the workers ran away. Horiyah probably took the opportunity to run out."

Elaine said dejectedly: "How can you make the shameless woman run out! I'm angry just seeing her!"

Recalling that Horiyah had set herself up, Elaine hated not only Horiyah but also Charlie.

Because Charlie forced Lian to donate all the money, including the money she lost to Lian.

Originally speaking, she had a net worth of about 2 million, so Charlie, this kid, gave her all money at once.
As long as before, Elaine thought of this, and pointed to Charlie's nose to scold him.

But now, Elaine didn't dare to pretend to force Charlie, after all, he lives in his villa now, and his daughter is not facing her now, so this kid is no longer afraid of her.

Charlie glanced at her and said lightly: "It is meaningless to ask why she can run out now. Now that people can live in the Tomson First-Class, it proves that they have a

backer now, and you are fine, don't provoke others. , If we are bullied by them again, we may not be able to beat them."

When Elaine heard this, she couldn't help but worry.

But if she really lets herself clip her tail in front of their family in the future, she really can't accept it in her heart.


These people are obviously dying, so why can they survive? And it's so good!

Chapter 1090

So, she gritted her teeth and said: "Charlie, if you want me to say that you might as well find an opportunity someday to beat up this family severely, it is best to interrupt all the legs of all 5 of them and let them stay in this villa every day. On a wheelchair."
Charlie asked back: "If they are arrested, I will definitely go to jail. I don't care, but if I go to jail and they block the door to beat you, what do you do?"

As soon as Elaine heard this, she was shocked. She had to admit that Charlie made a lot of sense.

The Willson family itself is crowded and powerful. With Charlie, they probably wouldn't dare to come and provoke them, but if Charlie is not there, who else can protect them?


That old [email protected] is going to divorce her now, and he is probably eager to be bully her.

Besides, he is a wasteful person, his legs become weak when he sees his mother, and it is a daydream to expect him to help.

So she could only sigh and said, "It seems that I will be neighbors with the Willson family from now on. Your mother is really uncomfortable in heart..."


The Willson family at this time was feeling stunned and shocked in the villa!

Tomson Villa A04 has the same floor plan as a05, and the previous owner took a lot of effort to decorate it, which can be said to be very luxurious.
After Mrs. Willson opened the door and went in, she was stunned.

The decoration style of this house is rather exaggerated, with a lot of use, it looks very luxurious golden decoration, the whole looks like a palace, the a05 where Charlie lives looks much more gorgeous.

This is also because Solmon White knows that Charlie is relatively low-key, so when he renovated the villa, he deliberately used a not-so-assuming decoration style.

On the other hand, A04 is a bit like high-end KTV, with a bit of exaggeration in luxury.

However, the Willson family themselves are flamboyant people, and they adore vanity, and more importantly, the family has no culture, so they prefer this kind of local gold decoration.

After arriving in the living room, the Willson family was completely stunned, and Mrs. Willson was so excited that she burst into tears. Looking at it, she felt like a dream.

The same goes for other people. Actually, none has never seen anything in the world. If they want to see Charlie's villa, they feel jealous, but unexpectedly, they have the life to live in the same villa, and more importantly, their own villa looks more luxurious than Charlie's villa!
This makes them extremely excited.

Old Mrs. Willson took the elevator all the way up to the best big bedroom on the third floor. She was extremely satisfied when she saw the furnishings and furniture in the bedroom.

The luxurious and soft Simmons bed, one can feel it at the touch, and it is by no means ordinary.

It is said that a good Simmons mattress costs hundreds of thousands. When the Lady Willson was beautiful, she was not willing to spend the money.

She didn't expect that she would have a chance to enjoy it this time.

Open the door of the large terrace, and the scenery of the villa area is unobstructed on the terrace.

Because the Tomson Villa adopts a three-story structure and a two-story structure, everyone's houses are not high. Standing on the third floor, you can see clearly and far away.

What is interesting is that standing on the 3rd floor, you can just see the courtyard of Charlie's house.

Seeing Elaine carrying a crutches and directing Charlie to pour soil into the small garden in the yard, the Old Mrs. Willson looked at her own yard again, there was nothing bare, she smiled at the corner of her mouth and snorted coldly: "It seems Elaine is going to plant some flowers, and grasses, okay, when you plant them, I will come and steal them for you, just saving me from buying them."