The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 481 - 490

Chapter 481

After an hour.

A Global Express private jet landed at Tokyo Narita Airport. After the plane landed, it taxied all the way to its own hangar. In the hangar, Kobayashi has been waiting for a long time.

As soon as the plane entered the hangar and stopped and the cabin door opened,

Ichiro’s assistant jumped down eagerly, holding the medicine box in both hands, and ran to Masao Kobayashi.

At this time, Masao Kobayashi was sitting in a wheelchair looking forward to it, his second son, Jiro Kobayashi, behind him, pushing the wheelchair blankly.

Jiro was very annoyed in his heart. Originally, he was already in the family heir’s competition, relying on his strength to hold down his brother, but he did not expect that he would go to China to steal a magic drug.

If this medicine is so magical as it is said, then it can not only cure the father’s disease but also bring huge profits to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

At that time, the little advantage that he had accumulated for so many years will be gone!

Ichiro’s assistant offered the magic medicine to Masao Kobayashi and blurted out:

“Chairman! This is the magic medicine that the vice chairman desperately obtained, and asked me to give it to you!”

Masao Kobayashi nodded, and couldn’t wait to say, “Give me the pill!”

The assistant hurriedly opened the box and handed the pill, and the servant next to him hurriedly delivered a glass of warm water.

Masao Kobayashi tremblingly took the pill, put it under his nose and smelled it, and exclaimed, “It’s so rich and pure medicine. The smell of this medicine is refreshing!”

After speaking, he opened his mouth without hesitation, swallowed the pill, and took a sip of water to take it.

Everyone is staring at him, wondering if this magical medicine is as magical as it is said. It is said that even high paraplegia can be cured. Isn’t that shocking?

At this time, Masao Kobayashi felt a burst of warmth in his abdomen, and the warmth quickly spread throughout his body. The places it went was hot and comfortable. He

couldn’t help but sigh: “It’s really amazing, I haven’t felt my legs for a long time, but the medicine actually made me feel my legs start to get hot!”

A few minutes later, he felt that his whole body was filled with a powerful sense of strength, as if he had suddenly returned to the state he was ten years ago or even twenty years ago!

He was so excited that he tried to control his legs and wanted to stand up. He didn’t expect that with a little effort, he would really stand up!

“Oh my God!”

The people around were amazed! Jiro has been stunned!

He is learning medicine, he naturally knows that there is a problem with the nervous system, and how difficult it is to treat it.

No matter how rich people are, once they are paralyzed, they cannot be cured completely, and it is impossible even to stand up.

However, this magical medicine only took ten minutes to make his father who had been paralyzed for more than three years stand up!

This…is too amazing?

In this way, it can not only cure high paraplegia, hemiplegia, and stroke, but also treat diseases such as Parkinson’s, after all, they are all related to the nervous system!

Then this medicine is really an invincible magic medicine!

At this moment, Masao Kobayashi tried to move forward. He thought he would be stumbling, but he didn’t expect that he felt flat and relaxed!

Masao Kobayashi is so excited!

He walked faster and faster, and even turned, jumped slightly, and even trot a few steps. The whole person was in an extremely good state. Not only was he cured of his paralysis, but he was also twenty years younger!

The health doctor of the Kobayashi family immediately went forward to check his

condition and said shockedly: “President! Your damaged nervous system is really fully restored! This is a medical miracle!”

Chapter 482

“Yeah! A miracle! This is a miracle that Amaterasu may not be able to achieve even when he appears!”

Masao Kobayashi was almost mad with excitement. Just when he was ecstatic and excited, Charlie called. “Mr. Masao Kobayashi, how do you feel?”

Masao Kobayashi was completely convinced by the magic drug at this time, and he

blurted out excitedly: “Mr. Charlie, I accept your terms! I will purchase the patent for this magic drug for 10 billion!”
Charlie snorted and said, “I will send you the card number, and you will send the money in 20 minutes. Otherwise, I will expose what you did to the whole world.”

Masao Kobayashi hurriedly said: “Mr. Charlie, please rest assured, I will arrange for the financial staff to transfer the money!”

For the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, all the funds on the books add up to a little more than 10.2 billion, of which more than 70% are loans. However, for Masao Kobayashi, this tens of billions of spending is worth it!

With this magic drug, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will surely become the world’s top pharmaceutical company in the future!

A few minutes later, Charlie received a text message reminder: Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has transferred 1.427 billion USD into his account, equivalent to 10 billion.

The money has arrived, Charlie smiled slightly and said to Masao Kobayashi: “Mr. Kobayashi, Mr. Ichiro and I wish you good luck together.”

After speaking, he immediately hung up.

Ichiro said excitedly: “Mr. Wade, since you have received the money, can you let me go now?”
Charlie smiled mysteriously and said, “You’re so anxious to leave?”

Ichiro said excitedly: “I want to go back to Tokyo quickly and prepare to take over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!”

Charlie laughed and said, “Mr. Kobayashi, don’t worry, in half an hour, you may beg me to take you in.”

“What do you mean?” Ichiro asked in surprise, “Are you going to regret it?”

Charlie sneered, and said arrogantly: “You always talk with Charlie. If you want to go, you can leave now, but if you run back and ask me to protect you, then I will consider it.”

Ichiro frowned, not knowing what Charlie meant, but he just wanted to go back to Japan at this time, so he hurriedly said, “Thank you, Mr. Charlie, for your kindness, but please send me and my hands to the airport. I want to buy the earliest airplane back to Japan!”

Charlie shook his head: “You can go, but the five of them can’t.” Ichiro hurriedly asked, “What does this mean?”

Charlie said: “These five people were not included in the deal we just talked about. Moreover, these five people dared to commit armed robbery on our land. This is a heinous crime and a price must be paid!”
Ichiro blurted out: “Mr. Charlie, there is no need to rush to exterminate them, right?!”

Charlie said indifferently: “If you don’t kill chickens to show the monkeys, tomorrow there may be Dalin Pharmaceutical, Matsushita Pharmaceutical, and Sony Pharmaceuticals coming to China to behave recklessly. If you push me more, I will have your tongue cut off. “

Ichiro looked horrified. He glanced at the five subordinates who were confused because they couldn’t understand the language. He gritted his teeth and said, “Okay! Then

please send me to the airport first!”

Charlie said to Mr. Orvel: “Mr. Orvel, you send him personally. If he cries to you later and says that he wants to come back, then you can bring him back again, but before

bringing him back, find a place to stop the Car, hit him, let him remember.”

“Good!” Mr. Orvel nodded respectfully, and said to Ichiro: “Mr. Kobayashi, please.”

Ichiro looked at Charlie and said seriously: “Mr. Charlie, you seem to be too confident. I will never return to this ghost place! Goodbye!”
Charlie smiled without saying a word.

It is estimated that in another twenty minutes or half an hour, your Old Master Masao Kobayashi will be cold, and there is 90% chance of your brother thinking that you deliberately harmed the Old Master.

Even if he doesn’t doubt you, in order to eradicate your troubles, he will definitely push the death of the Old Master on you.

At that time, maybe you will be chased by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, dare to return to Japan, it will be strange not to be chopped into meat!

Chapter 483

Mr. Orvel drove to the airport with Ichiro full of excitement.

Ichiro is very excited now. Although the family has suffered severe bleeding and gave Charlie 10 billion, his father’s paralysis is cured! Moreover, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical also got the prescription of the magic medicine.

With this prescription, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will soon be able to usher in rapid development.

When he becomes the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., you will be able to reach the pinnacle of his life!
Therefore, now he can’t wait for himself to grow a pair of wings and immediately return to Tokyo to accept his father’s parents and family’s worship.

At this moment, in Tokyo, Japan, Masao Kobayashi, who has finally recovered to health, is experiencing the beauty of youth with excitement.

His physical condition has improved to an incredible level, so much so that he can’t wait to find two young girls quickly to experience the refreshment after a long absence.

On the way out of the airport, Kobayashi had to drive by himself.

Two of his favorite things in his life, one is a woman, the other is a car. For him, both of these can bring him a strong sense of control.

Women will not be easy to find for a while now, and when it recovers, he will find a woman. It may not be a good reputation for him, let alone the second son is still around.

But, driving is always possible, right?

Of course Jiro did not dare to disobey his father’s decision. After all, he is already very passive now. If he waits for his eldest brother to return, then he will become a hero of the Kobayashi family, and he will be more passive then, so he must coax his father well at this time. .
So he hurriedly said: “Father, why don’t you drive my Bentley sports car, didn’t you like speed the most when you were young? That car is very dynamic, and it happens to be late at night, there are no cars on the road, you can take it for a run!”

“Okay!” Masao Kobayashi laughed and got into Jiro’s Bentley sports car.

Jiro hurriedly got into the co-pilot and said respectfully: “Father, I did not expect that you could still ride the car I drove in this life. When I was a child, I liked to ride in the car that my father drove the most. At that time I had a strong sense of security.”

Masao Kobayashi nodded, and sighed: “Jiro, this is a person’s good fortune. Amaterasu might not have thought that I would have such an opportunity! This is simply the

second spring of my life!”

Next to him, Jiro sat up with excitement and said, “Father, start the car. I can’t wait to feel the greatness of my father’s love again!”

Masao Kobayashi gave a hum, smiled and stretched out his hand to press the button for starting the engine.
However, after he stretched out his hand, he suddenly felt his body instantly stiffened, and the whole person suddenly lost control of his body…

Jiro watched his father’s hand hanging in the air, but never pressed the activation button. He couldn’t help asking, “Father, are you too excited?”

Masao Kobayashi was speechless, so he could only whimper twice as hard as he could. At this time, he already felt very difficult to breathe and was about to suffocate to death!

When Jiro looked at his father, he was shocked!

His father’s face was black and purple, and the blood vessels on his neck and forehead were all violent, and the blue veins looked terrifying!

Jiro panicked, and blurted out: “Father! What’s wrong with you?!”

Masao Kobayashi felt a pair of big hands stuck to his neck. He looked at Jiro with an expression of extreme pain, and said with all his strength, “This…this medicine is

poisonous… .”

After speaking, the body suddenly lost all strength, tilted his head, foaming at the mouth…
Chapter 484

The medicine finally exerted its ultimate effect and killed Masao Kobayashi!

Masao didn’t know when he was dying, the medicine he took was such a devil’s medicine!

At this moment, Jiro hurriedly pushed the car door, and shouted at the family members who were about to board other vehicles: “Father is poisoned! The magical medicine my brother brought back is poisonous!”

When everyone heard this, it was like being struck by lightning!

A large group of people swarmed in, and the family doctor hurried to check. It doesn’t matter if they look at it, the Old Master is really dead!

At this time, Masao Kobayashi’s expression was extremely distorted and terrifying, his complexion was black and his eyes were bloodshot, his mouth was open, and his death was extremely miserable!

After the doctor stepped forward to check, he tremblingly said: “The president, he really died of poison…Is the magic medicine poison?!”

The members of the entire Kobayashi family felt as if they were up there for a while, and they couldn’t stand still!
If this magical medicine is poison, then…that would be a heavy loss!

Not only did the president’s life wasted, but almost all of the cash that Kobayashi had now was remitted to the other party, most of which were bank loans! In this way, in the future, if Kobayashi Pharmaceutical repays the loan, it will take at least ten or eight years to repay it. How can there be any chance for rapid development? !

It is conceivable that the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will be in a slump! Jiro looked extremely gloomy on the side.

Although he was also very distressed, but in his heart, he was also faintly excited.

Because he knew that in this way, his brother, Ichiro, would never be able to threaten him.

Not only can he not threaten him, but he will also kill him!

Killing father is a capital crime! As long as he dares to return to Japan, he will be chopped into meat sauce!


Even if he does not return to Japan, he will send someone out to hunt him down!

Thinking of this, he immediately coldly said, “Brother Ichiro must have killed father! We can’t forgive him for doing such a rebellious thing!”
The folklore of Japan is similar to that of China. In the traditions of these two countries, father killing is the biggest crime in the world!

So, Jiro gritted his teeth and said: “Now, I officially announce that Ichiro must pay the price of his life for killing father and rebelliousness! I have passed my order that I will temporarily take over the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and at the same time announce to all gangs in Japan. The mission, kill Ichiro, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is willing to give him one billion yen!”

One billion yen, which is almost 50 million Yuan, is a huge sum.

Although Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals has just lost 10 billion and suffered a huge loss, it is a world-renowned pharmaceutical company after all. Lean Camel is bigger than a horse. Even if the future will be very difficult, it is not difficult to spend 1 billion yen.

This billion-yen bonus is enough for all Japanese gangs to hunt down Ichiro!

As long as he dies, he can naturally become the official chairman of the company!
The assistant of Ichiro was frightened by this sight. He hurried away from the airport while everyone was not paying attention to him. At the same time, he called Ichiro. As soon as the call was connected, he cried and said, “Mr.Ichiro! You! Don’t come back to Japan! The master is dead, and the second master thinks that your magic drug killed him. Now he has a reward of one billion yen to killing you!”

Chapter 485

When Ichiro heard this, he was frightened suddenly!

Father is dead? And he died after taking his magical medicine? ! This… how is this possible?

Could it be that that magical medicine is poisonous in itself? !

Thinking of this, he was angry and frightened, and he wished to confront Charlie face to face!

It’s fine if he lied to own 10 billion, and poisoned the Old Master to death. Isn’t this too cruel?

However, if you think about Charlie’s opponent again, what is the use of confronting him? Father is dead, it is impossible to resurrect, and it is impossible for Charlie to return the ten billion…
At this time, the assistant hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade you can find a place in China to hide well. Don’t show up in a short time. I guess from tomorrow, there will be many Japanese gang members and killers who will come to Aurous Hill to find you. To take you down!”

Upon hearing this, Ichiro was even more panicked.

This is terrible, one billion yen is offered as a reward for his head, maybe he doesn’t know how to die.

He suddenly remembered what Charlie said. He said to Mr. Orvel that if he cried and said he wanted to go back, then he would take him back. It seemed that he knew something like this would happen…

This [email protected]! It is estimated that he specially set up a set and killed his father with poison!

At this moment, Ichiro couldn’t wait to smash Charlie into ten thousand pieces.

However, thinking about it again, he can’t go back to Japan now. If the Japanese gang members come to chase him tomorrow, he will have nowhere to hide in Aurous Hill…

It seems that only Charlie is his way of survival. After all, he has a strong background in China. No matter what gang in Japan, he cannot be his opponent.
So, he immediately said to Orvel: “Orvel! Could you please send me back to Mr. Charlie! Please!”

Mr. Orvel nodded faintly, pulled the car over, then walked to the co-pilot, opened the door and dragged Ichiro out, and without a word, he hit him with a punch in the face.

Ichiro yelled when he was beaten, and blurted out: “Mr. Wade what are you doing?”

Orvel said: “This is what our Charlie explained. If you say you want to go back, let me beat you up first, and then take you back!”

After finishing speaking, he kicked him to the ground and rode on him, and the big ears bowed left and right.

Although Orvel was older, he was a gangster, and his physical fitness was different from ordinary people. These few times made Ichiro dizzy, but Ichiro didn’t dare to pretend to be forced by him, for fear of being abandoned.

After Orvel beat him up, he dragged him, threw him back into the car, and drove back to the kennel.

When he returned to the kennel, Ichiro’s other five men had been fed the dogs. As soon as Ichiro was brought in, he cried and questioned Charlie: “Mr. Wade, why are you using fake drugs to lie to us? You hurt my father, he died, and now I am chased by my own
brother. You are so vicious!”

Charlie curled his lips and said contemptuously: “Is your brain broken? When did I lie to you with fake drugs?”

Chapter 486

Ichiro said angrily: “My dad died suddenly after taking your medicine. Do you dare to say that it is not the medicine?”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders and said, “Can you take the medicine yourself? The whole process of this matter is: You took the poison yourself, listen carefully, you took it, understand? I didn’t give it to you!”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “You robbed the poison yourself, you sent someone to give the poison to your dad, and then your dad died after eating the poison you sent to him. It’s all your own. What does the trouble have to do with me? I f*cking asked you to grab the poison?”

Ichiro was speechless.

Charlie was right. From the very beginning, he took someone to Tianqi to grab the medicine, but he didn’t expect that it was not a magic medicine at all, but a poison!

Even if Tianqi and Charlie joined forces to put them down, there was no way for him to sue him. After all, he was a robber and thief, and everything was his responsibility.
Therefore, people in the family, especially their younger brothers, cannot forgive him. They will definitely put the charge of killing dad on him…

Thinking of this, Ichiro knelt down to Charlie with a puff, crying and said, “Mr. Wade, this matter is indeed all my fault. I have a bad heart. I went to the genius doctor to grab the medicine. Please take me. It’s also considered indirectly helping you earn 10 billion. Save my life, otherwise, I’ll be dead…”

Charlie nodded and said, “I can temporarily take you in a kennel for a period of time. As long as you are still in this kennel, your brother and the Japanese gang will never find you.”

Ichiro was relieved, and quickly kowtow to Charlie, saying, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, thank you, Mr. Wade!”

Charlie said: “Accept you, but you can’t eat and die here. You have to do whatever you need.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “Let’s do this, you first help at the kennel, raising the dog, walking the dog, and handling the dog’s excrement.”
Although Ichiro was 10,000 unhappy in his heart, he dared not say a word at this moment, so he nodded repeatedly and said, “No problem, Mr. Wade, I can do all these things.”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction, and said to Orvel: “Mr. Orvel, you go to make arrangements and let him help you at the kennel in the future, and then take care of him.”

Orvel immediately said respectfully: “Mr. Wade don’t worry, I will make arrangements.” Charlie said with a hum, “Okay, Kobayashi, you can follow Mr. Orvel.”

Ichiro was thankful for following Orvel out of the dark.

After he left, Issac stepped forward and asked carefully: “Mr. Wade do you really want to keep this little Japanese in the kennel?”

Charlie said with a smile: “Keep him for now, and then wait for his brother to raise the price. For his brother, if his brother does not die, his position as the chairman will be unstable, and the more he can’t be found. The more anxious he became, when he raised the price to one or two billion, he would sell him to his brother.”
Issac was surprised and said, “In that case, Ichiro must die!”

“He deserves to die.” Charlie said this, sneered, and said: “Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has repeatedly plagiarized our herbal medicine. This time I want to grab it directly. Do you think it is decades ago. When they invaded us? Since they dared to grab us, they must pay a price, otherwise, wouldn’t they let people laugh at our Chinese children for not being tough enough?”

Issac said embarrassingly: “Mr. Wade, you have ruined them by 10 billion. People also

took the life of the father in the family. Is the price of the Kobayashi family not enough?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Of course it’s not enough. I have to make Ichiro pay the price of his life for what he did! Otherwise, he thinks that after coming to China he could go

wild, it will be enough to lose some money and his life, dreaming!”

Chapter 487

Ichiro didn’t know that the moment Charlie took him in, he was already preparing to sell him.

Charlie didn’t have any sympathy for Ichiro, on the contrary, in the depths of Charlie’s heart, he still hated him very much.
Fortunately, I was on guard tonight. Otherwise, what if the real medicine on Tianqi is robbed?

Although not sure, whether the Japanese can analyze their own prescriptions, but once they really figure it out, won’t they succeed?

Therefore, in his opinion, the actions of these Japanese people should be blamed!

Whether it is the six dead men in black, Masao Kobayashi in Tokyo, or Ichiro who is about to die, it is entirely self-blame.

Before dawn, Issac drove Charlie home.

Along the way, Issac had a new understanding of Charlie’s strength.

He originally thought that Charlie was the down-and-out young master who lived outside the Wade Family. Now that he has been found, his biggest support is the Wade Family.

But he didn’t expect this young master to have such a powerful strength!

Not only did he let many people from the upper class in Aurous Hill treat him respectfully in a short period of time, and now he even uses tricks to call the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Pit in Japan a miserable one!

Bai gave Charlie 10 billion, not to mention, but also took in the life of Masao Kobayashi, and it won’t be long before Ichiro’s life will also come in.
Such a skill made Issac look at Charlie with admiration, and even deep inside, there was a bit more intense fear.

Charlie sat in the back of his car and said nothing.

When he was about to get home, he suddenly said to Issac, “Remember not to report to the Wade family about today’s affairs.”

Issac nodded hurriedly, and said respectfully: “Mr. Wade don’t worry, I will keep my mouth shut!”

Issac is just a spokesperson for the Wade family in Nanguang Province, but for the entire Wade family, there are dozens or hundreds of spokespersons like him in the Wade family, all over the country, and even around the world.

Therefore, it is difficult for Issac to climb up.

But Charlie is in Aurous Hill now, this is his best chance to climb up! If Charlie can be appreciated, then one day Charlie will return to Eastcliff and inherit the family, and he will be able to ascend to heaven.

Therefore, he had already made a decision in his heart to treat Charlie as Master Wade, and as the only master, serve him well and be his dog.
Charlie was very satisfied with his attitude, nodded, and asked: “Yes, Fredmen from the Willson family in Eastcliff, and Wu Qi from the Wu family in Aurous Hill, Suzhou and

Hangzhou. Have you heard of the current situation?”

Issac himself has a very powerful force in Aurous Hill. Before Charlie appeared, Mr. Orvel almost wanted to be his dog licking, so his intelligence network in Aurous Hill was very powerful. Charlie believed that many things could not escape him. Eyeliner.

Issac also replied very simply: “Back to the young master, Fredmen ran to the People’s Hospital tonight. It is said that it was ulcerated there. The doctor said that 80% of them could not be saved and suggested that he amputate his limbs. went.”

Charlie smiled and said, “I guess Fredmen took medicine randomly, right?”

“Almost.” Issac said: “It is said that the Wei family has developed a new drug and asked him to try it first, but something went wrong.”

Chapter 488

Charlie nodded.

He was very clear about Fredmen’s situation. He used his true energy to directly destroy his nerves. In other words, he would not be able to regain his ability in his life. Not to mention that Tianqi did not give him the medicine, even if he did, it would be of no avail.
If Fredmen insisted on taking medicine indiscriminately to try to restore his abilities there, it would only allow the medicine power to accumulate in the roots, which could easily lead to tissue necrosis.

It seems that the Wei family is in trouble this time, and Fredmen is not a difficult kid, but a life-defying evil spirit. If the Wei family is not able to do that, he will never let go.

At this time, Issac said: “The second young master of the Wu family is now tied up in the Aurous Hill SanityLab Hospital. It is said that he has a very strange disease. He has to eat sh!t every hour. If he does not eat, he will die. Father and his brother flew over overnight and brought experts, but they were useless for birds. Now it is said that he is fed sh!t once an hour, which can barely save his life.”

Speaking of this, Issac sighed: “I can be considered well-informed, but this is the first time I heard of this kind of thing. If it weren’t for seeing the video on YouTube, I

wouldn’t believe it would not happen. It’s really a big world, everything is amazing.” Charlie nodded, and asked curiously: “Where are his father and his brother?”
Issac said: “The current head of the Wu family is Wu Qi’s grandfather. However,

although the Wu family is run by, Wu Qi’s father, Regnar, who is the eldest son, has already begun to take over the family business on a large scale. Not surprisingly, He must be the next generation Wu Patriarch.”

After speaking, Issac said again: “As for Wu Qi’s brother Roger, he just graduated from Cambridge University the year before, and now he has begun to take over part of the family business under Regnar’s guidance. Regnar also regards Roger as a second

Nurtured by a generation of heirs.”

Charlie nodded. He knew that the Wu family had a relatively strong background and was considered the number one family in Aurous Hill, but in his eyes, the Wu family was really not afraid.

He taught the second son of their family because their second son was a brutal

[email protected] If the Wu family refused to accept it and wanted to pursue it, then he wouldn’t mind having fun with them.

At this time, Issac’s car stopped downstairs at Charlie’s house.
Charlie pushed the car door and said lightly: “You have been running around all night, and you have worked hard. Go back and rest early.”

Issac nodded hurriedly: “OK Master, thank you for your concern!” After getting off, the sky in the east was already pale.

When Charlie returned home, his wife Claire and his father-in-law were still asleep.

He returned to the bedroom lightly, seeing Claire lying on the bed sleeping soundly, he was relieved immediately.

Because of the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, his mental state has always been very good. Even if he didn’t rest all night, he didn’t feel tired. So he took out the 300-year-old purple ginseng that was bought for 100 million at auctions yesterday. Carefully observed for a moment.

This superb purple ginseng has a lot of medicinal strength, and it is more than enough to refine the rejuvenating pills with better medicinal effects.

The medicinal effect of this rejuvenating pill is very magical, it can make dead wood come in spring!
If the dying person takes it, he can rise from the dead and keep his life for several years;

Those who are in their old age can prolong their life by ten years or even longer if they take it;

Even if it is taken by a healthy ordinary person, it can make the body stronger, resistant to all poisons, and no disturbance to all diseases. To ordinary people, it can definitely be regarded as magic medicine in the world of medicine.

Although Charlie’s body is already too much stronger than that of ordinary people, for him, if he can make a rejuvenating pill and take it regularly, his body can also be continuously tempered with medicine, and thus go further!

Therefore, Charlie decided to take time today to prepare all the remaining medicinal materials and refine the rejuvenating pills first!

Chapter 489

At seven o’clock in the morning, Claire woke up quietly.

Charlie heard the movement and hurriedly pretended to be asleep, lying motionless on the floor.

After Claire got up, sat on the bed and stretched out, looking at Charlie who was sleeping on the floor, suddenly a little distressed.
Ever since Charlie married her and became a live-in son-in-law, he has been sleeping on the floor for more than three years.

When he first got married, Claire really didn’t feel anything about Charlie, and didn’t like him at all.

However, after getting along these few years, she didn’t know why, she felt more and more that with Charlie by her side, she would feel particularly safe.

Sometimes, even for fear that he would leave her suddenly.

During the recent period of time, so many things have happened at home, and it has made Claire feel more and more that Charlie is actually the person she can rely on most in this world. Apart from him, her dearest relatives are more than one. Not reliable.

Naturally, there is no need to talk about grandma, she didn’t regard her as family at all;

As for her mother, it is also difficult for her to say a word. In her mother’s eyes, she is the tool for her to reach the pinnacle of life and lead a rich life. Even if she has been married to Charlie for more than three years, she still hopes that she and Charlie get divorced and then married her to a rich man.
But her father was confused all day long, he would burn a lot of scent if he didn’t get into trouble outside, let alone give her a little support at critical moments.

Therefore, it seemed that Charlie, who was sleeping on the floor, was the most reassuring.

Just as she looked at Charlie and the warmth in her heart was surging, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open.

As soon as she looked up, she saw her mother Elaine rushing in aggressively in her pajamas.

Claire couldn’t help asking: “Mom, what are you doing? Why did you come in without knocking?!”

Elaine quickly ran to the other side of the bed, looked down, and saw Charlie asleep on the ground. Then she breathed a sigh of relief and muttered: “I had a nightmare. I

dreamed that you were pregnant with Charlie’s child, it almost scared me to death! So I came over to see if Charlie slept in your bed! Fortunately not!”

After speaking, Elaine reminded her while massaging her heart: “I’m telling you, I can’t let Charlie get into your bed, do you hear me?”
Claire annoyed and said, “Mom, Charlie and I are husband and wife, it doesn’t matter how we sleep!”

“bulls*it!” Elaine pinched her waist and said, “You were born to me, everything has to do with me! I can’t allow my daughter’s body to be occupied by this stinky silk!”

Claire said angrily: “Mom! Charlie saved your life!”

Elaine, with one hand on her hips and swinging one hand, said earnestly: “Don’t talk to me about that useless thing, your mother and I have been walking in the arena for so many years, relying on only four words, heartless!”

After speaking, Elaine added seriously: “You have to be smart, a girl, the most valuable thing is her body, your body, with your looks, will divorce Charlie in the future. Why

can’t you find a billionaire? By that time, won’t our family be in full bloom?”

Claire shook the quilt angrily, got up and said, “I am too lazy to tell you, I’m going to wash.”

“Hey, you kid…” Elaine hurriedly chased her out, wanting to continue to educate her.
Charlie opened his eyes only after the mothers left the house, and felt a little bit of fire in his heart. This devil’s mother-in-law is really an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf, and he will have to teach her a lesson someday.

Chapter 490

At 7:30, Charlie pretended to have just woke up, and after getting up to wash, he went out to buy something and come back earlier.

Claire hurriedly went to the company after eating. Elaine put down the dishes and she had to drag her old man Jacob to Tomson’s villa. The villa has not been renovated yet, and she has lost a bit of patience.

Jacob was unwilling to go and persuaded her: “There are several floors in the villa, which add up to a thousand square meters. The decoration is already very laborious. If you say less, you have to plan according to the time of more than half a year. It is useless if you are anxious.”

Elaine said dissatisfied: “I don’t care. I have lived enough in this broken house. If the decoration is not good next month, then I would rather go to sleep in a rough villa instead of staying here.”
After finishing speaking, Elaine urged: “Don’t talk nonsense, go change clothes numbly, drive me over to see, and urge the progress, otherwise, I’ll take all the bottles and cans you bought. I will throw it out!”

Jacob has nothing to pursue in life. He just likes to fiddle with antiques. Although he is always scammed and bought a lot of tattered things, he himself always feels that those things are very valuable, even if they are not valuable now, wait a few years. It will be very valuable, so it has always been regarded as a treasure.

Now that Elaine threatened to throw away all his treasures, he immediately relented: “Okay, OK, can’t I go with you?”

Elaine pushed him and said, “Then what are you still inking? Change your clothes!”

Jacob said with a sad face, “I haven’t finished half of the fried dough sticks yet, you let me finish my meal anyway!”

“Eat, eat, you know how to eat!” Elaine said annoyedly: “You will be like Charlie immediately. After eating, sleeping, eating, and nothing else?”
Jacob said with a gloomy look: “Okay, I won’t eat anymore.” After speaking, quickly got up and changed clothes.

When he returned after changing his clothes, Elaine urged him to go out.

Seeing that everyone in his family was gone, Charlie took out his mobile phone and called Qin Gang, asking him to send over thirty-odd medicinal materials he asked for according to his request, and he was going to refine a little rejuvenation pill.

Qin Gang naturally agreed and said that he would bring the medicine to him as soon as possible.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Charlie received a call from Tianqi.

As soon as Tianqi came up, he respectfully asked, “Mr. Wade, did you catch the Japanese who grabbed medicine yesterday?”

“Caught him.” Charlie smiled and said, “I dug a hole for them, but they jumped in unexpectedly.”

Tianqi was surprised and said: “Mr. Wade, I heard from my friends in the medical circle this morning that Masao Kobayashi of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals in Japan passed away from a sudden illness early this morning. This, shouldn’t you tell me the four pills you
gave? Is the pill related to the incident?”

Charlie said faintly: “Masao died because of the four pills I gave you. Those four are not panacea at all, but poison.”

Tianqi had long expected that Charlie gave him a problem with the pill. Hearing this, he couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Mr. Wade, you really know things like a god. If you didn’t plan ahead, the magic medicine you gave me might be lost. The Japanese took it…”

While talking, he suddenly heard Tianqi’s granddaughter Zhovia’s voice on the phone, saying: “Grandpa, Mr. Barena Wei and Liang Wei from the Wei family are here!”

“Wei Family?” Tianqi frowned, “What are they doing here?”

Charlie heard this and smiled: “I heard that after Fredmen took the Wei family medicine yesterday, the roots began to fester. They came to beg you, maybe they just hope you can help.”

Tianqi said immediately: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, that [email protected] Fredmen dares to disrespect you, even if he dies in front of me, I will not save him!”