The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 391 - 400

Chapter 391

Because Elaine confessed her mistake softly and assured him that she would not commit it again in the future, Claire was so soft-hearted that she did not pursue it anymore.

In private, Claire said to Charlie: “Charlie, my mother is like this. Don’t blame her too much. As long as she knows her mistakes and can correct herself, she can do her best.”

What can Charlie say? After all, she is his mother-in-law and Claire’s real mother, so he

can only smile and say: “I know Claire. You can think about this kind of thing by yourself. You don’t need to think about me. I am Your husband, she is my mother-in-law, and I will definitely not blame her.”

Claire nodded moved, gently hugged Charlie, and sighed: “What happened today is

really thanks to you. If it weren’t for you, mother and I would not be able to leave there alive… “

Charlie smiled and said, “Well, you don’t have to say thank you.”

“Yeah…” Claire nodded and said, “Just wait and see when you move out, what do you think?”

Although Charlie wanted to move out with Claire, he still had to respect Claire for these matters.

So he smiled and said, “I don’t care about moving out. It doesn’t matter whether you move or not.”

As he said, he remembered something and said: “By the way, Tomson’s villa is about to be renovated. When it is done, let’s move in together as a family.”

Claire was a little overwhelmed and said, “After all, the villa belongs to Solmon White. If he comes back someday and wants to get back, it may be troublesome. Let’s move in as a family, isn’t it good?”

“Nothing bad.” Charlie smiled: “Solmon White transferred the villa to me a long time

ago. Now the owner of the villa is me. He can’t come back anymore. Besides, you don’t want to live a quieter life in the future. If we move to a villa, where the house is large and has several floors, we can live on the third floor and let our parents live on the second floor. In this way, we can meet as little as possible and we can be freer. What do you think?”

Claire thought about it carefully, Charlie’s words really moved her.

She doesn’t want to escape the troubles of this family, but sometimes she feels that she is their child after all, so how can she move away from home immediately when her wings become hard.

However, this kind of thing is difficult to cushion.

However, if you really move into the villa, it will be much easier to worry about. Everyone’s room is not on the first floor, so they can minimize the interference between them.

So she nodded and said to Charlie: “In this case, when the decoration is completed, let’s move in!”


Riverside villas, a villa is burning.

When the fire brigade arrived at the scene, it took a long time to put out the fire, but everything in the villa had been reduced to ashes.

However, the fire department also monitored the remains of the fire site and found no human bodies or bones, which proved that the fire did not cause casualties.

A fire with no casualties was naturally not so noticeable, so no one cared about the sudden fire.

The reason why they couldn’t find any corpses or remains was because Jianjun Gao and Junwei Gao, father and son, had long been chopped into ashes under Charlie’s thunder, and fused with the ashes from other objects in the room. It is thinner and smaller than flour, so no DNA component can be found at all.

The father and son of the Gao family have completely evaporated out of the world.

The Whole Gao family is anxious and on tenterhooks. Although they don’t know where the two masters have gone, or their horrible plan to retaliate against Charlie, the villa that burned down belonged to their home. Now that the villa is burnt to ashes and the people are missing, they will naturally feel a bit bad!

Subsequently, the Gao family offered a reward of five million to find someone, and also sent photos of the two to the whole city.

However, no one can find two people who have disappeared out of thin air, and there is no clue about them in this world.

Chapter 392

At the same time, Fredmen, who was ruined by Charlie, was waiting for Jianjun Gao’s call at Willson’s home.
Since last night at the gate of the Clinic of Tianqi, he saw this pair of father and son who wanted to use gasoline to light up the Clinic, he realized that he had a fool to use.

What he had originally thought was to fool them both, lead them to treat Tianqi, and then use the fake medicine he prepared to exchange for Tianqi’s real medicine.

Once he gets Tianqi’s real medicine, the roots he can’t use can naturally restore to the former glory.

However, after he said that he called today, the guy has never called him, which made him a little anxious.

He didn’t know Jianjun Gao’s name, so he could only call him according to the phone number he left, but how to call it was not in the service area.

The more unable to make a call, Fredmen became more irritable.

Old Mrs. Willson, Noah Willson, wife Horiyah, daughter Wendy, and son Harold, all of the family of five stood by and watched carefully at Fredmen sitting on the chair.

“d*mn! This dog, let me dove! He’s really untrustworthy!”

After dialing Jianjun Gao’s phone again, he still couldn’t get through. Fredmen’s face was gloomy.
He is about to collapse now. Without the ability of a man, he is simply a living eunuch, so now he can’t wait to get Tianqi’s magical medicine.

However, he knew Tianqi’s details, so he didn’t dare to provoke Fredmen directly.

Seeing him getting more and more irritable, Wendy hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “My dear, what’s wrong with you? Who do you call? Why so irritable.”

Fredmen said with a black face, “To a [email protected] who doesn’t know his name, sh!t.”

Everyone looked at each other, wondering why Fredmen would repeatedly call someone who didn’t know his name.

At this time, Harold suddenly received a WeChat and opened it. It was a large group of Aurous Hill dudes. All the group owners in the group said: “Junwei Gao and his father Jianjun Gao are missing. The Gao family is offering a reward of five million. Clues, if

anyone knows the clues, you can get the money and invite everyone to drink!” Immediately afterwards, photos of the two were sent.

Harold muttered in surprise: “How could Junwei Gao and Jianjun Gao suddenly disappear?”
Wendy asked in surprise: “Brother, didn’t Junwei Gao let Charlie be thrown from the hospital upstairs two days ago and fell into a cripple?”

“Yes.” Harold said, “They went missing today…”

As soon as Fredmen heard this, he immediately confronted the father and son carrying gasoline last night, and hurriedly asked, “Who is Junwei Gao you just mentioned? Is

there a photo?”

“Yes.” Harold hurriedly handed him the phone and said, “Look, Fredmen, they are the two of them who disappeared today.”

When Fredmen saw the photo of the father and son, he suddenly exclaimed: “f*ck!” Oh sh!t!

What happened? !

It was agreed that we would go to engage in Tianqi together today, but the mentally retarded father and son suddenly disappeared? !

Could it be… Could it be that Charlie did it? !

Chapter 393

Thinking that the disappearance of the Gao family man and his son might have something to do with Charlie, Fredmen couldn’t help feeling nervous.

If Charlie can really let the father and son evaporate, then can’t he do anything to him… Moreover, in this way, he will have to forget Tianqi’s magical medicine.
After all, there is no substitute for the dead ghost and the back pot man available now, and must not venture to provoke Tianqi.

At this time, the Old Mrs. Willson looked at Fredmen with a flattering face, humbled like a dog, and said flatly: “Mr. Willson, or else we can think of a way to visit the big hospital in Eastcliff, maybe you can get treatment for the disease.”

Now Fredmen is the life-saving straw for the entire Willson family, and the Old Mrs. Willson is even more anxious than him. If Fredmen is unable to recover the ability of a man, the remaining 70 million investment will definitely be in a dream.

“Yes, Mr. Willson, I think Tianqi is a man of fame and reputation. He can mix with Charlie’s cock and he has the ability to bullsh*t.”

Noah Willson also licked his face and took the conversation, even more flattering than the Old Mrs. Willson.

Their voices fell to the ground, Fredmen’s expression was even more ugly, and he

gritted his teeth and said: “Shut up, Tianqi’s veteran skill, I know, he is unwilling to treat me, and it would be useless to go to Eastcliff.”
Wendy also said anxiously: “Mr. Willson, isn’t Aurous Hill the only genius doctor named Tianqi? Why don’t we find someone else?”

She didn’t have feelings for Fredmen, but she had just paid such a high price, but didn’t get much benefit. How could she be willing?

Noah Willson remembered something and hurriedly asked: “Fredmen, didn’t you say that that night, there was a friend who opened a pharmaceutical factory? Would you like to ask the other person?”

Fredmen’s expression was suddenly happy, thinking about Tianqi’s magical medicine, but forgot about it.

There is a Wei family in Aurous Hill, which itself is a large company in the Aurous Hill pharmaceutical industry. The man, whose name is named Hetang Wei, is also ranked top in the country.

It just so happened that Fredmen had a good relationship with the eldest master of the Wei family. The two often fool around together. Now it is estimated that he is the last straw in Aurous Hill.

And the eldest young master of the Wei family, just like himself, is also a devil and fellow.
If ask him for help, start from this aspect.

He looked up at Wendy, his eyes full of dissatisfaction and disgust.

After spending 15 million up and down, he played with this woman for two or three days, and then became a eunuch. This is really the most expensive woman he has ever played!

Now, his roots have become a decoration, and he can’t continue to engage in Wendy. It’s useless to keep this woman. It’s better to take her over and go to the young master of the Wei family to play the residual heat.

Thinking of this, Fredmen looked at Wendy, smiled suddenly, and said, “Wendy, you will be better dressed tomorrow. Come with me to see a friend.”

It’s rare for Wendy to see Fredmen smiling and talking to her these days, she was happy, and nodded hurriedly, not knowing what Fredmen was thinking about.


The next day.

The news of the disappearance of the Gao family old man and his son is still spreading throughout the city.

However, Claire and Elaine didn’t take it seriously, because Charlie had already said that these two people absconded in fear of crime.
Since it is a crime to abscond, it is natural to evaporate the world.

Fredmen contacted the eldest young master of the Wei family in advance, and in the evening, took Wendy to the box of the Aurous Hill family club, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the other party.

Chapter 394

Wendy dressed up very beautifully today. She is wearing a black hip skirt worth 100,000. Not only did she show the curves of her body, she also deliberately showed the career line on her chest, and she also painted heavy makeup on her face.

Although she is much worse than Claire, Warnia and other women, after being well- dressed, coupled with revealing clothes, she can still make most men feel impatient.

She was even a little excited when she heard that she was coming to see the young master of the Wei family.

Although the Wei family is not a top family in Aurous Hill, it is still much stronger than the Willson family.

Now that the Willson family is lonely, Wendy also hopes that she can get to know more wealthy people. If she finds a good opportunity, she may be able to bring some improvement to the family.
After the two waited in the box for a while, the door of the box was suddenly pushed open.

A middle-aged man in an Armani suit walked in. The man combed his head and looked wretched. He also carried a Patek Geraldippe watch on his wrist.

Behind him, followed by a man carrying a bag, about one or two years younger than him, looking like an assistant.

Fredmen stood up, smiled and said, “Oh, brother Wei, sit inside.”

The middle-aged man smiled and said to Fredmen: “Fredmen, you are a very busy man. You used to come to Aurous Hill for a long time. Why suddenly you have time to ask me? It really flattered me, my little brother!”

As he said, he saw Wendy beside Fredmen, and his eyes lit up suddenly.

So he smiled and said to Fredmen: “I said Mr. Willson, who is this beauty? You don’t introduce her to your brother.”

Fredmen pulled Wendy over and said with a smile: “Come on, brother Wei, let me introduce to you. This is my niece, Wendy.”

“It turns out to be President Willson’s niece, no wonder she is so beautiful.”
When Wei heard this, he smiled and nodded, a greedy look flashed in his eyes, and he reached out to Wendy and said, “Miss Willson, lucky to to meet you!”

Fredmen said to Wendy: “Wendy, this is Barena Wei, the general manager of Weijia Pharmaceutical. Weijia Pharmaceutical is a well-known pharmaceutical company in Aurous Hill, and it is very powerful.”

Wendy also hurriedly shook hands with the other party, and said: “Hello, Mr. Wei!”

Barena Wei greedily touched Wendy’s hands twice, then took off his coat and threw it to the man dressed as an assistant behind him.

The assistant missed one, and his jacket fell to the ground.

Barena Wei’s eyes flashed with a look of disgust, and he glared at him and cursed: “Rubbish! This little thing can’t be done!”

“Sorry, brother, it’s all my fault…Don’t be angry.” The man’s face was pale, he quickly picked up his jacket and wiped the dust off.

He didn’t say it, but Barena Wei became even more upset when he said this. He walked to the front and slapped him and said coldly, “Liang Wei, how many times have I said that you were born and raised by a mounter? [email protected], there is no right to call me eldest brother, get out and wait for me.”
Liang Wei was slapped, but he didn’t dare to refute, as if he had been used to it, he nodded humbly and said, “I know that big brother.”

After speaking, he hurried out of the box. “What a disappointment, d*mn it!”

Barena Wei said something cursively, Fredmen on the side said curiously, “Brother Wei, is this your Rubbish brother?”

Barena Wei said coldly: “It’s just a wild species, not my brother!”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Wendy greedily, smiled and asked, “Ms. Wendy is so beautiful, do you have a boyfriend?”

Chapter 395

When Wendy heard this, she did not answer Barena Wei’s question, but looked at Fredmen awkwardly.

She dare not say that she has no boyfriend, because she is Fredmen’s lover after all.

But she did not dare to say that she was Fredmen’s lover to outsiders. After all, Fredmen had a family and a room, and she would not be able to see it. In case she made her own way and said she was his lover and caused him trouble, it would be finding something for yourself.
However, what she didn’t expect was that Fredmen was very generous at this time. He smiled and said to Barena Wei directly: “Brother Wei, let’s tell you, Wendy is actually my lover, but you have to be tight-lipped and don’t tell others. .”

Barena Wei suddenly felt a little regretful. He thought it was Fredmen’s niece, but he didn’t expect that the niece was just a cover, but in fact she was a lover.

Although he fell in love with Wendy, he didn’t dare to steal a woman from Fredmen, so he could only dispel the thoughts in his heart.

Fredmen naturally saw his performance in his eyes, smiled quietly, and started talking with Barena Wei.

He deliberately asked Barena Wei, “By the way, Brother Wei, how is your Dad’s health lately?”

Barena Wei sighed and said, “It’s not so good. The Old Master had too many romantic debts when he was young. Now he has been punished, and his body is worse than every day.”

Fredmen asked curiously: “Mr. Wei has a lot of romantic debts?”

“Of course there are many.” Barena Wei said helplessly: “You don’t know that my Old Master, like me, is a humanoid pile driver. He was handsome when he was young, and he would coax women and buy medicinal materials everywhere by doing business. The chance of going to sleep is almost wherever you go in this field. As far as I know, there are no less than 20 old lovers! This is just what I know, more than that could be
breathing somewhere!”

“So moving!” Fredmen exclaimed, “Your father was so romantic when he was young?”

Barena Wei nodded, and said depressed, “How else can I find a half-brother who is a wild brother for me? Actually, there are several wild plants outside my dad, and the others are all girls. This species is a man. After my grandfather knew about it, he insisted that the Wei family’s species could not be left outside, and forced my dad to take him

back from Changbai Mountain.”

After speaking, Barena Wei said again: “Not only I don’t want to see this wild species, but my dad doesn’t want to see him either himself, but there is no way. It is a mess at home.”

Fredmen had long heard that the Wei family had two sons, the eldest son was Barena Wei, and the younger son Liang Wei was an illegitimate son. He was a romantic debt left by the Wei family’s father in the early years. He was not received until he was a teenager. The Wei family has never been seen by anyone, and even the character of the Wei family is not qualified to use it.
It seems that Liang Wei grew up in this environment, and it is also miserable enough.

Fredmen suddenly asked curiously: “By the way, Brother Wei, your Old Master is so

romantic, his ability in that area is definitely not ordinary, is there any good medicine?”

Barena Wei nodded and said with a smile: “Don’t say, there is really a recipe that the Old Master accidentally got outside when he was young, it can strengthen the muscles and nourish the kidney, and greatly improve the ability of men in that area.”

“Really?!” Fredmen said in surprise, “Brother, is this recipe still there now?”

Barena Wei said: “How do you say this recipe? When I was young, my dad ate it for 20 to 30 years. It was really useful. It is said that when the old guy was collecting medicine in the southwest, he fought a dozen times overnight and he gave him the nickname Wei Jia 14…”

Speaking of this, Barena Wei sighed and said: “But this prescription, I wanted to take it for mass production later, and the pharmacokinetics studied it and found that this thing has the strong liver toxicity and nephrotoxicity, so you Look at my Old Master, in his early sixties, his liver and kidneys are almost exhausted, and the doctor said that if he lives for another two or three years at most, he has to go to the west to report to the Buddha.”
Chapter 396

Fredmen’s originally delighted face suddenly became heavy.

It is important to regain the abilities of men and reorganize the male power, but life is even more important!

You can’t take your life in order to play with women, right?

Barena Wei saw his contrast, and asked curiously: “Fredmen, what wrong…is there anything unspeakable?”

Fredmen showed a helpless expression and said, “Brother Wei, it’s true that I am a d*mn living eunuch now, brother, and I can’t do anything at all. I went to the hospital and the doctor couldn’t do anything. You must help me!”

As he said, he hurriedly asked, “Is the medicine your Old Master used once or twice as toxic? Would you like to get it for me to try?”

Barena Wei hurriedly said, “Brother, don’t try that medicine. If you really break your body, the gain is not worth the loss!”

As he said, he said again: “By the way, our Wei family is just studying this prescription, hoping to improve it, so that it not only strengthens the male virility, but also not hurt the body. If done well, it is possible. It has a strong repairing effect on men’s abilities!”
“Really?!” Fredmen said in surprise: “That’s great! When can I get it out?”

Barena Wei said: “However, this medicine is still short of medicinal materials. If it is to be completed, it will take two days for the traditional medicine Expo to be held before I can buy this medicinal material at the Expo.”

Fredmen was overjoyed, let alone two days, as long as he can be cured, he can wait two years!

So he hurriedly said: “Brother Wei, after the medicine, is made, can you sell me a copy? I really need this thing now.”

Is it necessary? He is now a living eunuch, if he keeps that way, he might as well cut himself off.

Barena Wei sighed and said, “It’s not that the Old Master didn’t help you. The materials needed for this medicine are too precious. It is estimated that in the early trials, only one copy can be made…”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at Wendy and said with a smile: “However, it is not impossible to discuss…”

How could Fredmen not know what Barena Wei this old fox meant. He showed a smile that every man understands, and said directly to Wendy: “Wendy, from now on you will be Brother Wei’s person. Thank him for me, like serving me. Serve him, you know?”
When Barena Wei heard this, he was immediately excited.

Seeing Wendy’s first glance, he longed for something to happen to this beauty. But when he heard that she was Fredmen’s niece, he was very disappointed.

But unexpectedly, she turned out to be Fredmen’s lover, and Fredmen directly pushed Wendy into his hands in order to beg for medicine.

This is really no effort at all!

Chapter 397

Wendy’s heart was somewhat unhappy.

She even hopes to continue to be Fredmen’s lover, and Fredmen can introduce her to more important people.

In this way, with the help of Fredmen’s aura, she can manage her contacts and gradually become a lady of Aurous Hill.

At that time, not only will benefit a lot, the Willson Group will also benefit, and she will also become the support of the Willson Group and the leader of the Willson Group.

But what she didn’t expect was that Fredmen only used herself as a tool. In order to ask for a medicine, she had to hand over herself to Barena Wei?

I want to be Fredmen’s lover and a celebrity in the upper class, but I don’t want to be a plaything of the upper class. Once the reputation of the plaything spreads, then I don’t want to climb up in my life.
So, she took Fredmen’s hand and said, “Fredmen, people love you so much, they want to be by your side and don’t want to leave you…”

Fredmen was very upset with Wendy at this time, because Wendy was the one with the least price-performance ratio among the women he had played with.

Therefore, he is now anxious to get rid of Wendy in exchange for the last benefit. Sending her to Barena Wei naturally became the best choice today.

Now that he has no abilities in that area, he can only watch Wendy and can’t eat it, but if Wendy is sent out, if the Wei family can really cure his hidden illness, then he can continue to find other women.

So he said coldly to Wendy: “Stop with me. I ask you to accompany Brother Wei, so you can accompany him. Where is there so much nonsense?”

Wendy’s aggrieved tears flowed, crying, “Fredmen, didn’t you stay with me because you like me? If you really like me, how can you give me to someone else?”

Barena Wei on the side was a little uncomfortable, and said: “Oh, Fredmen, since Miss Wendy has a deep affection for you, then don’t make it difficult!”
Fredmen raised his hand and slapped Wendy, cursing: “You are just a plaything of Mr.. You have to do what Mr. Wei asks you to do, and you dare to disobey? Tell you, if you don’t accompany me well today Accompanying Brother Wei, I immediately withdrew

from the Willson family and let the Willson family go bankrupt. You must also return the money I gave you. How can Fredmen help the Willson family? Back to the original

shape, that is what you want!”

Upon hearing this, Wendy was stunned, and a sense of humiliation instantly surged into her heart.

But what’s the use of humiliation?

Can she refuse Fredmen because of humiliation?

Rejecting Fredmen is very simple. If she doesn’t agree, she can do it.

But what happens after rejection? After refusing, everything goes back to its original form, the Willson family was waiting for bankruptcy, and her own socialite dream would also be broken.

Therefore, Wendy could only force a smile and said: “I promise, I promise! I will definitely take care of Mr. Wei.”
Fredmen sneered and said, “You count as acquaintance!”

As he said, he pushed Wendy into Barena Wei’s arms and smiled: “Go with Mr. Wei tonight!”

Barena Wei hugged Wendy, feeling very excited, and said with a smile: “Wendy, let me open a room in the hotel. Let’s get to know each other tonight!”

Wendy quietly wiped away her tears, resentful in her heart.

Once upon a time, Wendy was also the daughter of the Willson family, and was also sought after by countless people. She also had a proud heart. Looking for a boyfriend would always be the rich second generation of a big family, and she would not even look at some of them.

However, she never expected that she would end up like this after she had exhausted all the functions.

Chapter 398

Fiance Gerald abandoned her and she became Fredmen’s lover, but she was used as a tool by him and he threw her to Barena Wei. If Barena gets tired of her in the future, who will she be thrown to?

At this moment, she couldn’t help but think of her cousin Claire.
Claire had never thought so much on her own. She had never been in a relationship before, and she was married directly to Charlie, a Rubbish, but although Charlie was a bit Rubbish, Charlie would never let her be insulted like this… ….

In contrast, she may not be a winner.

Barena Wei hugged her tightly in his arms and said to Fredmen with a wry face: “Don’t worry, Mr. Willson, when we gather the prescription, I will send you the medicine immediately! Help you regain your power!”

“Great!” Fredmen finally relieved his heart and said with a smile: “Then I can wait for your good news with peace of mind!”

Barena Wei nodded and looked at the time. He felt a little anxious about doing

something with Wendy, so he smiled at Fredmen and said, “Mr. Willson, it’s not too early today, or we will be there tonight. Here?”

Fredmen knew that Barena Wei couldn’t wait to take Wendy to spend the night together, and his heart couldn’t help but feel envy.

But he nodded very generously and smiled: “Okay, that’s it for tonight, you two go first!” After speaking, he said to Wendy: “Serve President Wei well, do you understand?”
Wendy nodded humiliatingly, and could only say honestly: “I understand…” This night, Wendy became Barena Wei’s lover again.

Although Wendy was deeply disgusted with this new title, Barena Wei was amazed at her performance in that respect.

This evening, Barena Wei also found his second spring on Wendy’s body.

So, after the harvest, he held Wendy and promised her: “You don’t need to accompany the old fellow Fredmen anymore. Follow me steadfastly and I will make you a queen.”

Wendy finally felt better when he said this.

If Barena Wei could make her something, it would not be a bad thing to follow him.

After all, although he is not as rich as Fredmen, at least he is much younger than Fredmen, and, it seems, he is not the kind of man who can give her to others casually.


Early the next morning, news of the disappearance of the Gao family and his son continued to ferment.

It is said that the Gao family raised the reward to 10 million, and many small gangsters on the road began to look for the whereabouts of the father and son, hoping to get rich overnight.
It is a pity that the Gao family and his son have been wiped out, and they no longer exist between heaven and earth.

After breakfast, Claire went to the studio, and Jacob went to the Antique Association. It is said that he is learning antique appreciation from Master in the association recently. As for Elaine, she was as scared as a dog yesterday, but she went to play Mahjongagain early this morning with heavy makeup.

Charlie was mopping the floor alone at home, and suddenly received a call from Warnia, the eldest of the Song family.

Charlie pressed the answer button while dragging the ground.

Warnia’s gentle voice sounded, and she asked respectfully: “Mr. Wade, are you at home now?”

“Yes.” Charlie asked curiously: “You have something to do with me?”

Chapter 399

Charlie asked curiously: “Are you looking for me?”

Warnia smiled slightly and said, “That’s right. Our Song family invested in a high-end club in Jinka District. We want to send you a supreme membership card. Now I’m
downstairs in your house.”

Charlie said indifferently: “Come up directly, I’m at home.” Warnia hurriedly said, “That’s great, I will come up right now.” Charlie hung up with a hum.

A few minutes later, Warnia rang the doorbell.

Charlie opened the door, and his eyes lit up.

Today Warnia is wearing a long black evening dress, trimmed very close to the body, showing her thin willow-like waist perfectly. Under the skirt with short front and long back, there are a pair of white and flawless long legs. Like a beautiful jade.

Coupled with her glamorous and noble face, as well as the high-ranking temperament she has cultivated for a long time, the whole person is as beautiful as a night elf.

Her dress was so stunning, Charlie couldn’t help but look more. “Mr. Wade.”

Warnia owed her body. When she came, she deliberately put on makeup and dressed up. Seeing Charlie’s amazing eyes, she couldn’t help feeling sweet.

Charlie nodded lightly: “Come in and sit down.” Warnia gave a hum, and cautiously followed Charlie in.
After the two of them sat down, Warnia took out a VIP card made of pure platinum and offered them respectfully with both hands.

“Mr. Wade, this is the supreme VIP card of the Brilliant Club. Only one card has been made. Only you have it. It is a bit of my heart. Anytime you come to the Brilliant Club, you can use this card for free for life.”

The glorious club that just opened has been a hot topic in Aurous Hill’s upper class these days.

Because it is a club invested by the Song family, the overall investment is extremely high, and it has been built for several years before finally being completed. It can be regarded as the top high-end business club in Aurous Hill.

With the support of the Song family, Aurous Hill and almost all the big figures in the entire Nanguang province gathered here.

The more such big people gather together, the better the best choice for business talks, cooperation, and expansion of contacts. So before it opened, it was sought after by countless people, and everyone wanted to become a member of the brilliant club.
However, in order to ensure the high-end of the club, members here have very strict threshold restrictions.

Brilliant members are divided into four levels: ordinary member, senior member, vip member, and senior vip member. As for the supreme vip card sent by Warnia to Charlie, it is unique, so the outside world simply does not know it.

Among them, just the lowest ordinary member, the membership fee is one million, the premium member is five million, and the VIP member is tens of millions.

To become a senior VIP member, you must be a patriarch with a family asset of tens of billions, otherwise it is impossible.

Therefore, to the outside world, senior VIP is already a top member.

Charlie didn’t have much interest in this kind of thing, but it was not easy to refute Warnia’s face. After all, she made a special membership for him. If he refused, it would seem a little unreasonable.

So he took the supreme membership card, smiled and thanked her, then put it in his pocket.

At this time, Warnia looked at Charlie, hesitated for a moment, and said somewhat embarrassingly: “Mr. Wade, besides that, I have a gratuitous request. I wonder if Mr. Wade can do it.”
Chapter 400

Charlie said lightly: “Talk about it.”

Warnia hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, our family invested more than one billion in the brilliant club. It can be regarded as a relatively large project. I am afraid that there will be any mistakes. I hope you can help to take a look at the feng shui and stop the disaster

and bring blessing.”

Warnia said so, she was a little nervous, she didn’t know if Charlie would agree, she looked at Charlie nervously with her big eyes.

Charlie smiled faintly, thinking that the Song family had always been doing well and was loyal to him. In addition, Warnia came to the door in person this time and had a very respectful attitude, so why not just go and take a look.

So, he nodded and said: “If this is the case, then I will come with you.”

Warnia hurriedly said: “Thank you Mr. Wade for taking the time out of your busy schedule. My car is downstairs at your house. We can leave at any time. When is it convenient for you?”

Charlie said: “Let’s do it now, just to see how your club is doing.”
Warnia was overjoyed and hurriedly accompanied Charlie out respectfully.


Soon, Warnia’s Rolls-Royce stopped at the door of the brilliant club.

Brilliant Club is located in Jinka District, the most prosperous area in Aurous Hill.

The Song family started this project a few years ago, and it was only recently completed.

This clubhouse is run by the top domestic architects, and the decoration style is also at the forefront of the trend, extremely luxurious.

As soon as the car stopped, a waiter immediately came forward to open the door, and Charlie and Warnia walked off.

After getting off, Warnia respectfully said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, please follow me.” Charlie nodded, and first glanced at the facade of the entire clubhouse.

The exterior shape of the glorious clubhouse looks rich and magnificent, and the luxurious atmosphere reveals a trace of nobility. The two white marble pillars are carved with dragon patterns, which are lifelike and daunting.

From the moment you step into the clubhouse, the floor is covered with a layer of handmade wool carpets.
The size of such a wool carpet is almost tens of thousands of square meter. For a thousand square meters of space in the entire hall, the money spent on the stall alone is tens of millions!

Warnia respectfully followed by her side, pointing to the walls around the hall that were tens of meters high, and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, these murals are world-class cultural treasures, and each mural is worth about tens of millions.”

Charlie nodded and said, “There is a country in the Middle East called Abu Dhabi. The grand mosque there is like this as a whole, but what you deal with here is just right, without such a strong religious color.”

“Yes.” Warnia said cautiously: “After all, most of us in China are atheists and don’t promote too much feudal superstition, so we tried to avoid religious and cultural styles when we designed this club from the beginning. .”

After that, Warnia pointed to a ten-meter-high, very huge ceiling crystal lamp at the top of the hall. This crystal lamp is not only huge in size, but also very bright, making the whole room like daylight, with bright lights.
Warnia continued: “Mr. Wade, this crystal chandelier is made of natural crystal and weighs 8.8 tons. It was acquired by the Song family after a lot of connections and effort, and in order to get it from Europe. To bring it here, we specially assemble it by airlift

from Austria to Aurous Hill.”

Charlie said: “Feng Shui said that in all business places and all serious business, the light should not be too dark. The darker the light, the more it affects Feng Shui, so you can never save money on the lamp.”

Warnia nodded and said, “Mr. Wade I will note this down.”