The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 381 - 390

Chapter 381

Claire was frightened by Junwei Gao’s vicious look. Elaine next to her was also panicked to the extreme.

At this moment, Elaine couldn’t wait to smoke a few big mouths.

Why are you so obsessed with your heart that you have to match Junwei Gao with your daughter?

It’s good this time, I got my daughter and myself in…

She looked at Claire and cried guiltily: “Claire, Mom didn’t know that was the case, I’m sorry for you…”

Claire sighed while crying, but couldn’t say a word.

Junwei Gao stared at Elaine, gritted his teeth and said: “I didn’t need to do this to you. I originally wanted to take a genius doctor to cure him after hitting your husband, so that she would be grateful to me at first and be with me……”

Speaking of this, Junwei Gao cursed fiercely: “Who would have wanted to kill Charlie halfway through this rubbish! Otherwise, maybe she would have been my woman at first! The blame is that you are blind and have found such a son-in-law!”

Elaine immediately sat down and shouted wildly: “I said Charlie was a Rubbish. I didn’t expect that after eating soft meals at our house for so many years, now he has led us, mother and daughter, to such an end…”

Claire said indignantly: “Mom! This is not Charlie’s fault at all! Don’t you understand yet?”

Elaine cried and said, “Why do you keep maintaining that waste! It’s all for this reason, do you still maintain him? Do you still have your mother in your eyes?”

Junwei Gao was troubled by her noisy headache, frowned and said: “Okay, don’t be here chirping, it doesn’t matter who protects whoever, you mother and daughter, neither of you can escape my palm!”

After that, he looked at Elaine with a nasty smile, and said: “Aunt, don’t you want me to be your son-in-law? Or just let me be your lover?”

Elaine’s face was pale in fright, and the whole person was struck by lightning!

She never dreamed that Junwei Gao, who had previously said that he wanted to marry Claire and be her son-in-law, was an upright gentleman on the surface, but behind the back, he was such a s*umbag!

After the husband Jacob was involved in a car accident, she was very grateful to Junwei Gao for arranging the ICU ward and inviting a genius to treat him.

Moreover, seeing Junwei Gao broke another leg because of this, she felt even more guilty.

But as a result, all of this is just a play he directed and acted on her!

Junwei Gao was the real culprit why she and her husband Jacob had a car accident! Besides, is he still a person?

At this age, she’s estimated to be of same age with his mother, he is not going to let her go?

It’s not as good as a pig and a dog! She felt regretful in her heart!

If she hadn’t chosen to believe this s*umbag’s deceit and deceived her daughter Claire here, how could the mother and daughter fall into such a dangerous situation? !

This is a big mistake!

Seeing Elaine trembling with fright, Junwei Gao sneered and said to her: “Don’t worry, I won’t do you right now. I will lead Charlie over and break his legs and feet with a gun. , Let him watch me do you guys! I want him to die! When he finishes watching, I will blow his dog’s head again and send him on the road!”

Afterwards, he grabbed Claire’s bag, found her mobile phone, and called Charlie.

Charlie had just come out of the Clinic at this time and received a call from his wife. He was about to ask how the business talk was, but he heard Junwei Gao’s voice.

Chapter 382

“Oh, Charlie, you didn’t expect it to be me. who called you?”

“Junwei Gao?!” Charlie asked coldly: “Why is Claire’s mobile phone in your hands?”

Junwei Gao sneered: “Because your wife is in my hands now, I’m ready to strip her naked and enjoy her body!”

After talking, Junwei Gao said again: “Oh, yes! I heard that she is still a stranger? Your stinky silk is a failure. You have been married to her for more than three years and failed to engage her. Today I will Break through this last layer for you, hahahahaha!”

Charlie was furious, and he said in an extremely cold voice: “Junwei Gao, I warn you, if dare to hurt my wife a hair, I will kill you!”

“I’ll go to your mother!” Junwei Gao said coldly: “You have 20 minutes to come to the riverside villa. Your wife is not only a virgin.” No guarantee, no guarantee! You can do it yourself!”
At this time, Claire blurted out and shouted: “Charlie, you must never come, they have guns!”

Junwei Gao slapped Claire on the face at this time and cursed: “Grass, why the f*ck you are talking here? If he doesn’t come, you will be dead today!”

Charlie gritted his teeth and said sternly: “It’s me you want to kill, don’t hurt my wife, I will come over!”

Junwei Gao said: “You are only allowed to come alone, otherwise, I will just shoot your wife and then your mother-in-law!”


Charlie hung up the phone, stopped a car without saying anything, and headed to the riverside villa.

Now, his murderous heart almost exploded, he just wanted to break Junwei Gao’s body into pieces!

At this time, Junwei Gao was also excited and intolerable.

He was very sure that as long as Charlie came, he would definitely die, and he would die miserably!

At that time, he could avenge his broken leg, and by the way, in front of him, he would give Claire to him!

At that time, Charlie’s hands and feet will be ridden with bullets, and he could only
watch the first time that he takes Claire away like a useless person. At that time Charlie’s heart will be extremely desperate!


Thinking of this, Junwei Gao screamed in excitement!

At the same time, Jianjun Gao next to him was suddenly uncontrollable. Both Elaine and Claire are so beautiful, he can’t wait to make one first!

For Claire he wants to leave her for his son to get started first, then he might as well take Elaine first!

Thinking of this, he immediately walked up to Elaine and smiled: “Your son-in-law will

take another twenty or thirty minutes to come. Why don’t we go to the inner room and have a shot? Have some fun!”

Elaine’s unspeakable anger, she hurriedly stood up, raised her hand just to slap him, and yelled, “Being an old and disrespectful thing, beat your mother to death as$hole!”

Unexpectedly, Jianjun Gao caught this hand before it fell.

Jianjun Gao looked at Elaine, who was struggling with fiery eyes, laughed, and said, “Ms. Elaine, don’t think I have no strength when I am old. Tell you, I am strong, and you will like it!”
Junwei Gao on the side said with a smile: “Dad, I think if I cut Charlie’s hands and feet later, it is better to force her to get together with Charlie. Then we will make some videos and send them to Internet. She will be ruined to death!”

Jianjun Gao laughed: “Let them be cast aside by thousands of people after they die! What a great idea!”

Chapter 383

Elaine was so frightened by the vicious plan of the father and son!

She cursed, “You two beasts are not good enough to die, I will kill you!”

Jianjun Gao slapped Elaine directly and sneered: “d*mn, you stinky lady, be honest with me!”

With that, he grabbed Elaine by the hair and dragged her towards the bedroom inside.

Elaine kept resisting, Claire also wanted to come up to rescue her, but Junwei Gao didn’t give her a chance at all, grabbing her arm firmly and making her unable to move.

Jianjun Gao didn’t expect Elaine to have such a fierce temper. He scolded angrily: “d*mn, you stinky lady, believe me or not I will shot you?”
Junwei Gao said at this time: “Dad, Charlie might come at any time. In case, when he comes, your side is not finished, I can’t deal with him alone!”

Jianjun Gao hesitated for a moment, kicked Elaine aside, and said coldly: “Well, in this case, wait until I kill your son-in-law first, and then I will get you!”

Elaine trembled with fright. Now, Charlie’s only chance of survival for herself and her daughter lies with Charlie. If Charlie is really capable, there may be a chance to save herself and her daughter. If Charlie is not capable, the probability is Three people are going to die here…

Thinking of this, Elaine couldn’t help crying, and she felt regretful in her heart. It’s a pity that if she knew about today, why bother?


Soon, Charlie, who wanted to save Claire, rushed to the riverside villa.

After he got out of the car, he immediately called Claire. After Junwei Gao got on the phone, he asked coldly, “You came alone?”

Charlie said: “Yes, I am by myself!”

Junwei Gao walked to the window, looked at the yard, and said, “The door is unlocked. Come to the yard by yourself, raise your hands to the top of your head and don’t play tricks, otherwise, I will shoot Claire immediately!”
“Okay.” Charlie agreed and immediately pushed open the courtyard door of Junwei Gao’s villa, then raised his hands to the top of his head.

Junwei Gao felt relieved when he saw that he had come by himself.

Then he opened the door, threw out a handcuff, and said to Charlie: “Cuff your hands, don’t play tricks!”

Through the window, Claire shouted loudly, “Charlie, don’t come in! They want to kill you!”

Charlie gave her a relieved look from a distance, but at this time, his heart was already murderous.

Junwei Gao, I will kill you today!

Immediately, Charlie didn’t say anything, and immediately handcuffed his hands with handcuffs, then raised his hands high and said coldly, “Are you satisfied?”

Junwei Gao laughed, Jianjun Gao walked into the yard with a pistol, pointed the gun at Charlie, and said coldly: “Come in!”

Charlie said blankly: “Just enter.” After all, walked into the villa.

Junwei Gao is extremely excited!

He has been looking forward to this moment these days, looking forward to the moment when he can cut his enemies!
Chapter 384

Didn’t you Charlie pretend to be forced? Don’t you know Mr. Orvel? Didn’t you throw me out the window?

Now I want your life!

Charlie stepped into the house and immediately saw Claire, so he said apologetically: “Claire, I’m sorry, I’m late.”

Seeing Charlie rushing to save herself, Claire’s heart was shocked and happy, worried and afraid.

However, she didn’t know why. At this moment, Charlie’s figure was so tall and safe to her.

Claire suddenly wept bitterly and said, “My husband…”

Elaine, who was kicked to the ground, woke up suddenly, crawling over to hold Charlie’s thigh and crying, saying: “Charlie, my good son-in-law, you are here to save mom! If you come one step later, Mom is not guaranteed for the late festival!”

As she said, she pointed at Junwei Gao and his son, and cried out: “Don’t you know, Junwei Gao, this beast, lied to me to confess to Claire and asked me to ask her to come here. In the end, he not only wanted Bullying Claire, but he still has ideas for me! You said that if there is something wrong with you, what will you do in the future!”
Charlie frowned.

He understood that the reason why his wife had such a thing was all the fault of the mother-in-law!

At this moment, he was so angry that he even wanted to slap this snobby mother-in-law to death!

However, he also knew that now is not the time to teach Elaine, the most important thing is to solve the father and son Junwei Gao and Jianjun Gao first.

Thinking of this, Charlie looked at Claire and said softly, “Don’t worry, you will leave everything here to my husband!”

Claire looked at Charlie and just cried. After crying for a moment, he choked and said: “Charlie, why are you so stupid! Didn’t you come here to die in vain?”

Charlie smiled indifferently, and said, “Do you know? Many people in Aurous Hill say that your husband is a real dragon on earth. How can you die so easily?”

“Hahahaha!” Junwei Gao seemed to hear the big joke and blurted out: “Charlie, you are the real dragon on earth? I think you are a real bug on earth! You are a ridiculous bug in my eyes. I can crush you with my toes!”
Charlie looked at him coldly and said lightly: “The surname is high, the grievances between men should be resolved in private by men. What is the ability to kidnap women? If you are a man, put Claire and my mother-in-law away.You want to kill or slash me, or whatever!”

Junwei Gao sneered and said: “What you think is so beautiful! Do you think I can kill you to relieve my hatred? Tell you, before I kill you, I will sleep with your wife Claire in front of you! , I will also use Claire’s cell phone to register you with and post the video online! Let the world know that you Charlie was cocked before death!”

With that, Junwei Gao gritted his teeth and said: “By the way, the video name will be Super Smelly pauper!”

Junwei Gao hates Charlie for his bones, but killing him is really not enough to relieve his hatred, so he plans to register for an online video site with Claire’s mobile phone number, and then upload the video to the Internet. Anyway, it is impossible for others to him because the phone will never be traced to him.
That way, even if Charlie died, the green hat video about him would continue to circulate.

Killing him personally, and seeing him die, poked in the backbone, mocked, and mocked by others. This is the coolest thing!

Charlie looked at Junwei Gao at this time, sneered, and said: “If you really want to register a video for me, the name of the post should be called Dragon Son-in-law! Oh, by the way, remember to use a dragon as my avatar. This is in line with my


Junwei Gao smiled contemptuously: “I’ll just obey you, and you will not forget to pretend when you are about to die!”

Charlie said indifferently: “It is you, not me, who will die!”

Jianjun Gao frowned, pointed his gun at Charlie’s forehead, gritted his teeth and said: “Boy, pretend to be forceful? Believe it or not, I will kill you with one shot now!”

Charlie sneered and said word by word: “I! Do not! Believe it!”

Chapter 385

“Oh sh!t!”

Seeing that Charlie didn’t pay much attention to him, Jianjun Gao sneered, and said,
“You really are so pretending! Good! Since you like to pretend much, I will let you taste the pain in the world today! fI will first take away your root!”

Junwei Gao hurriedly said to the side: “Dad, don’t rush to hack his roots! I still want to take a picture of his infatuation with his mother-in-law! Or let’s interrupt his hands and feet first and play him slowly!”

“Okay!” Jianjun Gao grinned and said: “Interrupt his hands and feet, and then let him show a live broadcast!”

Elaine and Claire were pale in shock, and Jianjun Gao had aimed his gun at Charlie’s thigh.

He looked at Charlie and sneered: “This is the price you pay for provoking my son!” After that, he pulled the trigger.

At this time, Charlie quietly let out two true energy from his hands, causing Claire and Elaine to fall asleep deeply.

When Jianjun Gao saw these two women asleep instantly, he was shocked and blurted out: “What’s the matter? These two women are scared?”

“Almost.” Junwei Gao said angrily: “What a f*cking disappointment! I want them to watch Charlie being interrupted!”
Jianjun Gao said: “It’s easy, go get some water and splash them both up! To abolish such a spectacular drama as Charlie, they must witness it with their own eyes.”

Seeing that his wife and mother-in-law were already asleep, Charlie no longer had any scruples. He sneered and said, “Just because of him, you want to destroy me?”

Jianjun Gao pointed his gun at him and said, “Charlie, you dare to pretend to be heard when you die? No matter how awesome you are, can you still have my bullets?!”

Junwei Gao is also full of confidence, yelling: “Charlie, if you kneel down to beg me now, and then put your legs on your own, maybe I can give you a good time later!”

In his opinion, even if Charlie cramped and peeled his skin, he couldn’t get rid of his hatred.

He wanted to drink Charlie’s blood, eat Charlie’s meat, and then cut Charlie into pieces to feed the dog!

Hearing this, Charlie’s eyes were extremely cold, and suddenly with his hands, the handcuffs made of stainless steel broke!
Father and son Gao were stunned by this scene!

What kind of monster is this? Who can with both hands break the handcuffs? ! Junwei Gao hurriedly said in fright: “Dad, this guy is not normal, hit him to death!” At this time, Charlie sneered and said: “Now you still want to kill me? It’s too late!” After that, he raised his hand slightly, and he held a thundering order in his hand. This is the thunder order that caused the sky thunder’s death in Aurous Hill!

Jianjun Gao was a little dumbfounded, he didn’t understand what Charlie was holding. But instinct told him that this thing is weird!

So, he was afraid that things would change in vain, so he immediately pulled the trigger! At this moment, Charlie gave a soft sigh: “Thunder come!”

With the fall of these words, thunder light flashed all over his body, the light was immense, like a dragon!

The whole hall is instantly bright as day!

The father and son did not react at all, they saw a white glow in front of them, and then, the sound of thunder rumbling in their ears was endless!
The two felt as if they were in the thundering sea above the nine heavens, and their souls were frightened!

Chapter 386

Looking at Charlie again, thunder and lightning lingered all over him, like a heavenly dragon descending into the world!

Junwei Gao yelled in panic: “Dad, what the h*ll is this! Shoot him quickly! Come on!”

Jianjun Gao’s legs trembled in fright, and he blurted out: “I…my hand can’t work…this Charlie seems to be able to summon supernatural powers…”

Junwei Gao panicked and said: “No one can summon the sky thunder, I think he is pretending to be a ghost, quickly beat him to death!”

Charlie sneered: “Junwei Gao, if you don’t believe that I am a true dragon in the sky, then I will let you see it with your own eyes!”

Afterwards, Charlie looked at Jianjun Gao again and said coldly: “Jianjun Gao, don’t forget that you were killed by your son!”

After that, he raised his hand to Jianjun Gao and yelled: “Thunder is coming!”

Hearing a loud bang, Jianjun Gao’s head flashed with a ten-thousand-square ray of light. The strength of this light made Junwei Gao blind for a short time!
When this light dissipated, he saw Jianjun Gao, who was already alive, had died in an instant, and his whole person had turned into a piece of human-shaped coke, with the dark pistol still in his hand, but he still had the slightest trace of life?

Seeing such a scene, Junwei Gao was struck by lightning! d*mn it, why did he become like this?

Standing here just now, the alive father was killed by the sky thunder that Charlie attracted? !

This is a big living person!

Why was Charlie not struck to death by lightning?

Junwei Gao’s whole person was already trembling violently with fright, and all of this was completely beyond the scope of his understanding.

Is this Charlie really a real dragon in the sky? !

Isn’t society always anti-feudal superstition? If people want to believe in science, where does the real dragon come from?

However, his father, who had turned into coke, stood in front of him. The dark corpse had turned into black charcoal, and he even kept dropping charcoal powder. This is a fact that he has seen with his own eyes!
Seeing that Junwei Gao was already scared, Charlie sneered, “Junwei Gao, do you believe this time?”

Junwei Gao stared at Charlie as if he saw a ghost. Suddenly he was weak, his legs softened, he knelt in front of Charlie, his body and heart were cold.

It wasn’t until this time that he suddenly realized why Charlie dismissed him from beginning to end, and why the bigwigs like Orvel, Solmon White, Qin Gang and other important positions in Aurous Hill would treat Charlie respectfully.

If you know Charlie’s immortal means that can provoke Fenglei by raising his hand, how can you still be not afraid of him?

Let your power be supreme, I will break it by lightning! Such a human myth can’t afford to offend him at all!

Junwei Gao was desperate in his heart. He knelt and crawled in front of Charlie. He kept kowtowing apologizing, saying: “Charlie, Mr. Wade, I know I was wrong, I apologize to you, please, let me go! I didn’t do any wrong with Claire, your lord has a lot, let me go, please, spare me, spare my dog’s life!”
Charlie looked at him, sneered, pointed at his legs, and said with a arrogant face: “Here it comes!”


Two sky thunders instantly struck Junwei Gao’s legs!

Junwei Gao frightened the ghost crying wolf howling, he only felt his legs numb, as if he had lost consciousness, and then looked down, his legs turned into two coke sticks!

“Ah…Ah…” Junwei Gao couldn’t believe that all this was real before him, so scared that he grabbed his thigh with both hands.

But he never thought that his legs were like two charcoals that had been burned to ashes, and they seemed to have their original shape, but when they touched them with his hands, they turned into flying ash!

Chapter 387

Seeing that his legs turned into fly ash and floated in the air, Junwei Gao was so frightened that he broke down and cried, and he was incontinent at the same time.

Only then did he truly understand that Charlie was indeed a real dragon in the sky, and in front of him, he was not even a worm.

With a cold face, he said, “From your idea of beating my wife, you are destined to have only one way to go, and that is death Road!”
As soon as he said this, Junwei Gao was so frightened that he couldn’t stop shaking up and down.

Death Road? !

Thinking of this, he broke down even more, weeping bitterly, and begged: “Mr. Wade, I have no legs, and I am a completely disabled person. Please let me go this time, please.


Charlie sneered, “Don’t you want to be a company with your father on Death Road? Don’t forget, he died for you!”

“I don’t want it, I don’t want it!” Junwei Gao waved and shouted hysterically. death?

How can he have the courage to face death at this young age! He just wants to live in the world now.

Charlie looked at him playfully and sneered: “Do you think it’s better to live than to die?” Junwei Gao nodded in horror!

Of course it’s better to live than to die! Who doesn’t want to survive? !

Charlie said coldly at this time: “This shows that you are not suffering enough now!” After that, he waved his hand and faintly shouted: “Here!”

Another thunder went straight to Junwei Gao’s crotch.
With a click, Junwei Gao felt his crotch tingling, and then, the crotch was completely ashes!

He took a handful of black ash from his crotch, stared at the black ash, crying loudly! This is his root!

Now, it turned into a cloud of dust…

However, Charlie was not willing to let him go.

Charlie looked at him and said with a playful smile: “You can still hold up this black ash with your hands, to prove that you are not a disabled person at all!”

After speaking, he stepped forward to Junwei Gao, opened his hands, and sneered: “Here, Here!”

Immediately afterwards, two lightning flashes!

Junwei Gao saw with his own eyes that he was holding a pair of black and gray arms in the air, instantly turning into two charcoal lumps…

He was completely frightened, his body shook, and two black charcoals snapped off his shoulders with a click, and fell to the ground, turning into a ball of dust…

At this moment, Junwei Gao has become a stick without limbs. He looked at Charlie and begged in a panic: “Charlie…you let me go…It’s already so miserable, so you can just kill me, okay? I beg you…”
As he spoke, tears and nose flowed.

Charlie shook his head and said coldly: “I said, if you touch my wife, you will die! The reason why I didn’t give you a happy one is that I want you to feel it, what despair is!”

Junwei Gao said in a panic: “You…you killed my father, are you not afraid of being caught?! Do you know that our family is very strong! They can chase you at any time and let you die?!”

Charlie waved his sleeves, swept the charcoal powder aside, then sat cross-legged in

front of him, looked at his eyes, and said with a smile: “Junwei Gao, do you know what my true identity is? “

Junwei Gao shook his head blankly.

Chapter 388

There is a word, he dare not say.

Aren’t you the famous Rubbish pauper Charlie, the live in son-in-law?

Seeing that he didn’t dare to speak, Charlie smiled and said, “You must think that I’m just a stinky rag, right?”

Junwei Gao dared not speak up.

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “To tell you the truth, I am the young master of the Wade Family of Eastcliff and the chairman of the Emgrand Group. What do you think is your family in front of me?”
Junwei Gao was immediately terrified… Wade Family? !

Isn’t that the top family in the country? ! why……

Why did the eldest master of the Wade family come to the Willson family in Aurous Hill to be a live-in son-in-law? !

He couldn’t help saying: “I don’t understand…I don’t understand…If you are really the Wade Family Mr. Wade then why are you willing to stay in the Willson family and be ridiculed by others? You can obviously let the Willson family Kneeling on your knees, you can obviously make the whole Aurous Hill bow to you…”

Charlie patted his face and said calmly: “Mortals are not qualified to see the true face of the dragon, and the true dragon does not bother to let them surrender.”

After that, Charlie looked at the time and said lightly: “It’s almost time, Junwei Gao, hurry up on the road before your dad is far away! When you get to death Road, you may be

able to catch up with him and be a company. .”

Junwei Gao wailed in fear, but Charlie didn’t give him a chance. He stood up, looked at Junwei Gao with a grin, and waved with one hand: “Thunder!”
There was a loud bang, and after the frightening thunder light dissipated, Junwei Gao, with endless regret and fear, turned his whole person into powder, leaving no trace in this world at all!

Charlie looked at his wife and mother-in-law who were still in a coma around him, sighed lightly, took out his mobile phone, and called Orvel.

As soon as the phone was connected, Charlie immediately ordered: “I’m at the riverside villa, bring a few people and cars, and bring some gasoline by the way.”

Mr. Orvel immediately said, “Mr. Wade don’t worry, Mr. Orvel will come here!” More than ten minutes later, Mr. Orvel led people to arrive.

Charlie asked them to drive the car into the yard, and then said to Mr. Orvel: “Give me your car. I will take my wife and mother-in-law back. Here you help me set a fire and burn this thing to ground.”

Orvel hurriedly nodded, and respectfully opened his Mercedes-Benz door.

Charlie put his wife and mother-in-law in the back seat, and said to Mr. Orvel: “Say hello to the media, don’t report on this side.”
“OK, Mr. Wade.” Orvel hurriedly agreed.


Charlie drove away from the riverside villa and returned to his home in the city.

After the car stopped downstairs, he took away the true energy from his wife and mother-in-law, and then the two woke up quietly.

When the two woke up, they were still in the worry and fear before, but suddenly saw that he was sitting in the car, and Charlie looked back at the two, both of them were a little shocked.

Claire couldn’t help asking, “Charlie, what’s the matter? Why are we here? Where are Junwei Gao and his father?”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “They have fled because of the crime of kidnapping. The police are hunting them down.”

“Ah?” Claire exclaimed and asked: “How did you escape with us?”

Charlie said: “I called the police before, so when they were about to kill me, the police

arrived at the scene, and the father and son had to escape! I guess they wouldn’t dare to return to Aurous Hill in this life!”

Claire recalled Charlie’s single-handedly saving her in the past, her moved eyes were red, and she whispered, “Husband, thank you…”
Charlie smiled slightly: “Why are so polite with your husband? Your husband should do it!”

For Charlie, to hear Claire’s husband thank you, it was worth it!

Chapter 389

At this moment, Elaine, who was next to him, breathed a sigh of relief, patted his chest and said, “It’s a blessing today! I was almost ruined by that Jianjun Gao…”

Claire looked at her and said helplessly: “Mom, can you have a snack in everything from now on? Don’t be sold anymore! I don’t know! If it wasn’t for Charlie today, we both will be dead by now!”

Elaine knew that she was wrong, but she reluctantly said: “What’s the matter? I am also a victim! Besides, this matter itself was caused by Charlie. If he didn’t provoke Junwei Gao, we couldn’t encounter this kind of danger? After all, it was all his doing!”

Claire angrily said, “Why don’t you get some sense!”

After that, she pushed the door and got out of the car, and went upstairs…

Seeing Claire upstairs, Elaine hurriedly pushed the car door to catch up.
Charlie also hurriedly followed. When he got home, the Old Master was not at home, so Elaine said to Claire, “Claire, don’t tell your dad what happened today. Do you hear?”

Claire asked back: “Don’t you think you are right? What’s the guilty conscience?”

Elaine insisted: “Why do I have a guilty conscience? I just don’t want your dad to worry too much, aren’t we two already all right? What’s the point of making him afraid?”

Claire said, “If you don’t admit your mistakes in this matter, then I will tell Dad and let Dad judge!”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Oh, okay! I admit that I owe it to consideration, okay? I blame that d*mn Junwei Gao, sh!t, even who dared to fix Lady Willson! He also said to give me a Mercedes-Benz S500, I haven’t even opened it yet!”

Claire suddenly heard Elaine talking about the Mercedes-Benz S500, and hurriedly asked: “What Mercedes-Benz S500? Mom, what is going on?!”

Elaine realized that she had said something wrong, and hurriedly explained: “Oh, that Junwei Gao called me and said that he wanted to apologize to you, so he gave me a Mercedes-Benz car first, and I thought about it. , You and your dad both have a car. I haven’t driven a car yet, and someone just happened to deliver it to the door. Isn’t that good? I can get you a decoration order, so I was confused and agreed.”
After speaking, Elaine hurriedly argued: “But I did all that for you and this family!”

Claire said angrily: “Can you just use it for me and this family every time to perfuse me and justify yourself? If it wasn’t for Charlie today, I might be dead, and you might be dead too, and The night of death is not guaranteed. If we are both gone, how can you let Dad live? Maybe a family of three will get in! Charlie risked his life to save us, you didn’t even have a word of thanks, still this sophistry is really disappointing!”

When Elaine heard Claire accusing her, she immediately sat on the ground with anger, and began to cry and scream.

“Oh my goodness, how come I have such a hard life, this one child in my entire life, she actually pointed to my nose and scolded me, my goodness, why I am alive! Just take me away!”

In the past, if Elaine was sloppy, Claire would definitely compromise soon. But today, Claire didn’t mean to compromise at all.

She looked at Elaine in extreme disappointment, and said with red eyes: “Mom, you always do this every time you make a mistake and move on without admitting it, hoping that others will not be held accountable again. If others continue to be held accountable, you will be sloppy. Shameless, do you think others will always
accommodate you and forgive you?”

Elaine continued her performance, crying and wailing: “I’m so bitter, God! My biological girl actually talked to me like this. Doesn’t she know that her parents are more than heaven? No matter what parents do wrong, they should be treated like children. I don’t have the right to blame! God, you said this house, can I stay in the future? I can’t stay

anymore, then what is the point of being alive…”

Claire shed two lines of tears, and resolutely said: “Mom, if you are always like this, then Charlie and I will move out. I still have some savings. Let us rent a one-bedroom

apartment. It doesn’t cost much.”

Chapter 390

After speaking, she said to Charlie: “Husband, go and pack your things!” Of course Charlie nodded repeatedly and said, “Okay, then I will go.”

Claire took out her cell phone again and said to Elaine, “I call dad and tell him I am moving out. Let the two of you live there. No matter what you do wrong, I won’t accuse you again.”
Elaine suddenly panicked.

In her life, the only hope she has is Claire.

Otherwise, with Jacob’s ability, don’t even think about turning over in this life.

However, this time Claire seemed to have a very determined attitude. If she had really called Jacob, there would be no room for turning around.

So she rushed over, hugged Claire’s legs, and cried and said, “Claire, don’t leave Mom Claire! Isn’t it okay if Mom is wrong? Mom really knows it wrong! It’s all my fault for

being so senseless! Don’t worry, Mom will change it in the future, can’t Mom change it?”

Claire looked at her and said blankly: “If you really know you are wrong, you should apologize to Charlie first! Not only apologize for what you said, but also thank Charlie for saving us!”

Elaine replied subconsciously: “This waste, did he save us?”

Claire was anxious and stamped her feet: “You still call him Rubbish!”

Elaine hurriedly changed her words: “I was wrong. He is not a waste. You are right. I will apologize to him!”
After finishing speaking, he hurriedly got up and went to the room of Claire and Charlie, and said reluctantly to Charlie: “Charlie, I apologize to you. I used to talk badly, so don’t take it to your heart.”

Then, she hesitated for a moment, and then said: “That’s still there, thank you for today.”

Charlie was indeed annoyed at Elaine, but it was not her bad attitude towards herself, but her greedy and shameless character, which almost harmed Claire.

For Charlie, as long as Claire is intact, even if Elaine is dead, he will not feel uncomfortable at all.

However, if Elaine caused Claire to be injured, she would die 10,000 times, which would not be enough to forgive herself.

Today’s things are very annoying and scary, but fortunately, Claire is intact, and he can’t teach her in front of Claire or show her some color.

However, if after today’s incident, the stupid mother-in-law could have a little longer memory, then it would be better.

Thinking of this, Charlie thought to himself and gave Elaine one last chance. If she dared to cause such trouble next time, she would have her leg interrupted and let her sit in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
If she can cause trouble in a wheelchair, then just make her a vegetable!