The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 321 - 330

Chapter 321

At this moment, Claire was very worried about her father’s injury.

She had never expected that Zhongjing Liu, whom Gao Junwei had invited, was actually a quack doctor.

Now that Zhongjing Liu has been seen through, who can heal her father’s spine throughout Aurous Hill?

Just thinking about it, Charlie walked to her with Tianqi and introduced: “Claire, this is a famous doctor, Tianqi is experienced, he can heal our dad’s injury.”

When Claire and Elaine heard this, they were overjoyed!

The mother and daughter never dreamed that Tianqi, a top traditional medicine doctor, would be willing to treat Jacob.

Claire hurriedly said, “Mr. Tianqi, my dad’s illness, I beg you to cure him for us!”

Tianqi smiled slightly and said: “Mrs. Wade, please rest assured, Mr. Wade has the grace of reinventing me, I will definitely go all out.”

After finishing speaking, he stepped up to Jacob who was lying on the hospital bed, took out the pill, cut half of it very carefully, and put half of the medicine into Jacob’s mouth with the eyes of everyone expecting.

Everyone held their breath.

Although the original doctor at the hospital did not believe that traditional medicine could cure the spinal injury, after all, he was the famous Tianqi. This made him vaguely feel that a miracle might really happen.

Warnia, Solmon White, Qin Gang, and Mr. Orvel all got Charlie’s magical medicine, so they recognized the origin of this medicine at a glance. They also want to know at this moment, how amazing is this magical medicine? Can it deal with high paraplegia?

Afterwards, Jacob’s body trembled slightly, and his face that was originally extremely pale began to flush at this moment, and his closed eyes slowly opened at the same time.

When Jacob opened his eyes, he only felt a shock. The whole body was warm, and he was indescribably comfortable.

Moreover, the painful feeling deep into the bone marrow is slowly disappearing!

He subconsciously tried to sit up, and at this moment, a scene that stunned everyone! Jacob actually relied on his own strength to sit up from the hospital bed!

Everyone present was shocked after seeing such a scene!

Claire covered her small mouth and cried with joy. Tianqi is indeed a master of

traditional medicine. He has rejuvenated her father’s high paraplegia. He really cured him!

And Orvel and others witnessed Jacob’s recovery as before, and they admired Charlie even more!

They knew that half of the pill Jacob ate was the magical medicine refined by Charlie, and they had obtained them all. Now they saw that the pill had such a mighty power! High paraplegia can be cured with only half a capsule, and all of them are excited with no addition!

At the same time, they couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts: Mr. Wade is really a god and man!

The pill prepared by his hand can cure even high paraplegia instantly. It is a life-saving medicine!

And Tianqi was shocked and about to faint!

This is really a medical miracle! Even if it is an American, it is impossible to cure high paraplegia. However, it was cured with only half a magic drug!

Thinking of this, he was so excited that he couldn’t help but put the remaining half in his clothes inner pocket carefully.

This is an extra half magical medicine that Mr. Wade rewarded himself! Be sure to keep it safe!

Chapter 322

At this time, Jacob felt the astonishing changes in his body, and his expression was incredulous.

He vaguely remembered that he had been hit by a car accident and he couldn’t move all his body.

But now, how does it feel as if this incident has never happened before? The feeling of his body turned out to be so good that it couldn’t be better, even better than before the injury!

What is going on here?

Thinking of this, Jacob was suddenly confused.

He couldn’t help asking Claire, “Claire, what’s wrong with me?!”

Claire recovered and hurriedly cried and said, “Dad, you were almost paralyzed in a car accident, thanks to the genius doctor.”

After all, she stepped up to Tianqi and said gratefully: “Thank you so much for this, genius doctor. If it weren’t for you, my dad would really be helpless.”

After that, she had a pretty face and solemnly, and she wanted to bend over to thank Tianqi.
Tianqi hurriedly helped her up. He actually wanted to say: I want to thank Mr. Wade. Without Mr. Wade’s medicine, her father can’t be cured by himself. Even, her father’s recovery depends on Mr. Wade’s magical medicine…

However, when he thought that Charlie didn’t want to expose his strength, Tianqi had no choice but to bite the bullet and say, “Mrs. Wade, it’s just a small matter. You don’t need to be so polite.”

If it weren’t for the magical medicine of Mr. Wade, even a Master of traditional medicine would have no cure for high-level paraplegia.

The doctor in charge of the hospital was also stunned. He looked at Tianqi and said tremblingly: “Mr. Shi, you have created a world-class medical miracle! You can get a Nobel prize in medicine just by using your medicine. This is a great event for the benefit of all mankind!”

Tianqi smiled awkwardly, and said: “If you are serious, the Old Master only got the magic medicine by accident. Otherwise, even if I have great skills, I will not be able to restore
the paralyzed person to normal.”

The attending doctor sighed: “Your magic medicine is a medical miracle in itself! If mass production is possible, I don’t know how many people will benefit!”

Tianqi shook his head and said, “My magical medicine was refined by someone with great magical powers. It is extremely rare in the world. I only have the last half left, let alone mass production.”

The attending doctor sighed and said, “That’s really a shame.”

Claire hurriedly stepped forward at this time and asked the attending doctor: “Doctor, how long will my father be discharged from the hospital in the current situation?”

The attending doctor said: “Well, I just took a look at Mr. Willson’s condition. The spinal injury has been repaired, and other injuries to the body have recovered very well.

However, I still recommend that you observe him in the hospital for a few days first. Let Mr. Willson take a good rest.”

Tianqi on the side also spoke: “Yes, Mrs. Wade, usually injured, three points depend on treatment, seven points on support, so I suggest that Mr. Willson not be in a hurry to leave the hospital, and take a few days in the hospital before taking leave.”
Claire nodded hurriedly and said, “Then lets him be hospitalized for a few days first!”

Upon hearing this, Charlie said to Tianqi, Warnia and the others: “Thank you for running to see my father-in-law, thank you! But my father-in-law has recovered from his illness, let him rest quietly.”

Everyone nodded hurriedly.

Now that Mr. Wade has spoken, it is natural to leave as soon as possible so as not to cause chaos.

So Warnia, Tianqi, Qin Gang, Solmon White, Orvel and others respectfully bid farewell to Charlie.

When Charlie sent them out first, Elaine, his mother-in-law, said to Claire very worriedly: “Claire, Charlie is useless rubbish, and now he is more capable of deceiving people! So many big people are Being played around by him, this is the rhythm of death!”

Chapter 323

Hearing this warning from her mother, Claire also felt embarrassed.

She also thinks that Charlie’s feng shui style is close to these big figures, in fact, it is equivalent to walking a tightrope in the Grand Canyon, which is very dangerous.
There were some soothsayers masters who deceived many celebrities before, but after the storm, they were united and killed.

If Charlie continues like this, it really doesn’t matter what will happen in the future.

Elaine saw that Claire was also worried, and knew that she had succeeded in moving her, and hurried on the railroad while it was hot: “After your dad is discharged from the hospital, you must divorce him quickly! Otherwise, wait someday this group will know

they have been fooled by him, but our family still has to suffer as a whole?”

As he said, Elaine added: “You didn’t look at that Gao Junwei? He was thrown downstairs without saying a few words. Charlie lied to them so badly, and I didn’t know how to die by then!”

Claire said displeasedly: “Mom, Charlie just asked a genius doctor to save dad, how can you say such a thing? Isn’t this crossing the river to demolish the bridge?”

“Why can’t you say?” Elaine said angrily: “Do you know that his current situation is just like I had invested in financial insurance at the time, and there may be a thunderstorm someday! Once a thunderstorm occurs, it will be nothing here. Nothing, all gone!”
Claire said very seriously: “Mom, no matter what, I will not choose to divorce Charlie.” That’s what she said, but Claire couldn’t help but feel worried.

She wasn’t afraid that Charlie would hurt her and the Willson family in the future, but she was worried that Charlie would be in danger of being retaliated by these big figures of the city.

Thinking of this, she felt that she must persuade Charlie to stop letting him fool others by relying on superstition, lest he would ask for trouble in the future.

When Elaine heard this, she said angrily: “You kid! You really want to piss me off!” As soon as the voice fell, Charlie returned after sending everyone.

Elaine wanted to say something more, the attending doctor said at this time: “Yes, please go through a hospitalization procedure soon, and we will start follow-up rehabilitation and nursing.”

“Okay!” Claire turned her head and said to Charlie, “Is the one hundred and eighty thousand cheque that Doris refunded just now with you?”
“Yes.” Charlie nodded and said, “Then I will pay the money!” After speaking, Charlie turned around and left the ward again.

Claire’s mother, Elaine, when she heard that there were 180,000 checks, hurriedly asked: “Check? What check? Where did the check come from?”

Claire said: “It was Doris of the Emgrand Group who refunded my office rent, and they gave me the office in Wing Star Building for free.”

Elaine said excitedly: “Is there such a good thing? Oh! This time you saved 180,000!”

After finishing speaking, she hurriedly asked the doctor: “By the way, how much do we have to pay for hospitalization?”

The attending doctor said: “Because the patient has recovered, all that is left is rehabilitation and nursing care. In fact, it is not much money. Only two thousand a day is enough. You can pay a deposit of 20,000 first.”

When Elaine heard that he only needed to pay 20,000, she immediately moved her mind. The check was 180,000! 160,000 can be left!

Thinking of this, she hurriedly said to Claire: “I’ll go to Charlie, I’ll go for the payment!” After speaking, she hurried out to catch up.
Charlie was walking to the payment office at this time, and suddenly heard a rush of footsteps behind him, turning his head, mother-in-law Elaine was already there.

Elaine stood still in front of him and ordered out of breath: “Charlie, bring the check, and I’ll pay the fee!”

Charlie didn’t know that she was greedy for the remaining 160,000, so he said, “Mom, you can go back and accompany Dad. I will pay the fee.”

Elaine glared at him and said angrily: “Why are you such a nonsense? I said, I’ll go, you take out the check and go back to the ward to help Claire!”

Chapter 324

Charlie shrugged helplessly, took out the check from his pocket and handed it to her, saying, “Mom, here is the check.”

Elaine took the check excitedly, and ran to the payment office with joy.

Seeing that she was so anxious, Charlie knew that she was planning to spend money, sighed, and turned back to the ward.

After returning, Claire asked curiously: “Did my mother catch up with you?”

Charlie nodded: “Mom is going to leave the check and said she will pay the money.” “Okay.” Claire also looked helpless.
She knows that her mother has always been greedy for money and is absolutely open to money. Knowing that there is a refund of the 180,000 rent, she will definitely make some ideas.

But she is not good to say anything. After all, her mother is such a person. If she disagrees, she will definitely cry and hang herself.

At this time, Elaine rushed to the payment office, slapped the cheque in front of the toll collector, and said: “I’ll pay Jacob’s hospitalization fee.”

The toll collector nodded, opened the file, saw the hospitalization information, and said: “It is enough to pay 20,000, refund more and less makeup.”

“Okay.” Elaine couldn’t hide her excitement and said: “Pay with this check, and send the rest to my personal card.”

After finishing speaking, she took out her bank card, handed it over, and said: “Just punch into this card, don’t rush.”

The toll collector gave a hum, picked up the check and glanced at it, suddenly stunned!

Elaine was stunned when she saw her, thinking that she was deliberately sabotaged, and said angrily: “What’s the matter with you? You should deal with it quickly! I still have something to do!”
The toll collector came back to her senses. Seeing Elaine’s face was impatient, she was also a little angry, and threw the check directly on Elaine’s face, and said angrily: “I think

you are a patient from the psychiatric department. Right? Take a check for 100 million to pay the hospital bill?! Didn’t take medicine today?”

“What? One hundred million?!” Elaine frowned, lowered her head and picked up the check on the ground, and when she glanced at it, she was shocked by the large number of “0” on the check!

While counting, she muttered to herself: “One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million, ten million, one hundred million”

Counting here, she was blinded and blurted out: “It’s a hundred million! This is a fortune!”

The toll collector could not hide his anger and said: “I said you are sick? Where did you get a mischievous cheque and dare to come to me to lie? Believe it or not, I will call 110 to catch you and go to jail for fraud!”
Only then did Elaine come back to her senses, and suddenly she was frightened in a cold sweat.

Oh my God!

Almost something big happened!

How could this one hundred million check be true!

The daughter clearly said that it was 180,000, and this one hundred million cheque must have belonged to Charlie!

This d*mn stinky silk, it’s okay to lie to the big guys and be addicted to it, and he carries a fake 100 million check with him! I almost pit myself!

I really don’t know if this guy is intentional or unintentional! But this is all evidence of his deception!

No way! Charlie dared to cheat me, he must take this check, in front of daughter, face him symptomatically!

Whatever she says today, she has to ask her daughter to divorce this big liar!

Chapter 325

Charlie was in the ward, speaking with his wife Claire, and Jacob. At this time, the door of the ward was kicked open with a bang. The mother-in-law Elaine rushed in fiercely.

As soon as she came in, Elaine took the one-billion-dollar check in her hand, and while shaking it loudly, she cursed: “Charlie! You [email protected], even you dare to cheat?!”
Charlie was stunned, and asked in surprise: “Mom, which one are you singing? When did I lie to you?”

Elaine ignored him, ran to Claire, and complained: “Daughter! You have to divorce this big liar! This guy is uneasy and unkind! He wants to cheat your mother!”

Claire was also puzzled and asked, “Mom, what’s the matter?”

Elaine handed the check to Claire, and said angrily: “Look! Your husband rag actually gave me a fake check worth 100 million! The cashier at the hospital almost called police and got me arrested. Called me a scammer!”


Charlie felt a little bit in his heart, this…this one hundred million cheque, Warnia honored him…

d*mn, it must have been put in the pocket and confused with the 180,000 checks!

It’s over!

How to explain this?

Claire took a look at the check at this time, his face suddenly hard to look, he blurted out: “Charlie, what is going on with this 100 million fake check? Are you now engaged in fraud?”

Charlie hurriedly explained: “Oh wife, it is a misunderstanding!”
Claire frowned and asked, “What the h*ll is going on? Explain clearly to me!”

Elaine said to the side: “I need to ask? This check must be a prop he brought with him to deceive people! He accidentally gave it to me! Humph! Fortunately, it was given to me! If it is really used to deceive people , The police can’t catch him and shoot him?”

After finishing speaking, she looked at Claire again, and said distressedly: “Claire, this Rubbish goes out and dares to defraud 100 million. You dare to believe such a courage? If you don’t divorce him, our whole family will be killed by him! “

Claire’s face also turned cold, looking at Charlie, and said, “Charlie, if you don’t explain this clearly, I’ll really consider divorcing you! You are poor, I can accept it. But if you

don’t follow the right path, steal and kidnap, then I can’t get through with you!”

Charlie turned his mind and hurriedly said aggrieved: “My wife, let me be honest with you, this one hundred million cheque, I actually bought it from the funeral store…”
“Funeral store?!” Claire and Elaine were both taken aback and asked: “What’s the matter?”

Charlie had no choice but to sigh: “Didn’t my Old Master die when I was eight? He asked me to have a dream two days ago, saying that he had no money to spend and was

bullied by others, so I had to give him everything. Burn some money…”

Having said that, Charlie continued to sigh and said, “I dare not delay, so I went to the funeral shop and asked. People recommended this kind of check to me, saying that one is worth one hundred million, and one is worth more than a dozen of the previous Ming banknotes. Bundled, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so I bought one for

ten, thinking that I burned it at the intersection at night, but I didn’t expect that I just took the wrong one and gave this to mother…”

Claire asked suspiciously: “What you said is true?”

Charlie hurriedly nodded: “It’s true! Think about it, how good everyone is these years!

Who would be cheated by a check of 100 million? A check of 100 million can’t even cheat a hospital cashier… .”
Claire thought about it, and what Charlie said was indeed the truth.

No one would believe a one-hundred-million-Dollar cheque, and it is not suitable for use as a fraud tool.

Chapter 326

Thinking of this, she eased her expression a bit, handed him the check, and said, “install it, and burn it for your dad at night. Don’t confuse us anymore! In case of an oolong, you may have to Something happened!”

Charlie also hurriedly nodded: “Don’t worry, my wife, I know, I must pay attention!”

After speaking, he hurriedly drew out another check for 180,000, handed it to Elaine, and said, “Mom, this check is true, here it is!”

After speaking, he hurriedly flattered and said: “Fortunately, you found out early, or if I really burn this check, we will lose a lot!”

Elaine glared at him, if it weren’t for the check, she was unwilling to let him go.

However, who would have trouble with money? Take this check, and the remaining 160,000 can be her own!

Seeing she accepted the check, Charlie sighed with relief. He was not careful and almost had a big deal. Fortunately, his brain reacted faster.
But having said that, mother-in-law is really clever and was mistaken by cleverness. If she knew that this one hundred million cheque was true, she would be annoyed to jump straight from this window!

Just as he breathed a sigh of relief, an old and anxious voice suddenly came from outside the ward door: “Jacob, Jacob! My son, how are you! Mom is here to see you!”

Upon hearing this, Charlie frowned.

After that, he saw the Old Mrs. Willson walking in with a cane, Noah Willson, Harold, and Wendy.

Old Mrs. Willson had an anxious and distressed face, her eyes were red, and she seemed to have just cried.

As soon as she walked in, she couldn’t help crying, and hurriedly walked to Jacob who

was lying on the hospital bed, and said with tears: “Jacob, mom heard that you were in a car accident and was so scared that I almost died of a heart attack. I rushed to see you, how are you doing now?”

Although Claire was a little disgusted with these people, she felt that she was visiting her father after all, and she couldn’t refute the face, so she took a step forward for a
hundred years and said, “Grandma, dad is all right. Charlie’s injuries have already been treated. He is healed.”

The Old Mrs. Willson breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good, that’s good.” Jacob also said a little embarrassingly: “Mom, don’t worry, I will die.”

In fact, Jacob also complained to the Lady Willson in his heart. However, in addition to complaints, there are still family affections.

After all, she is his own mother, how can he really have no feelings at all?

At this moment, seeing his mother caring about him so much and crying like this, he was also moved.

Old Mrs. Willson burst into tears, and she reprimanded herself and said: “I blame Jacob, and I don’t care about you so much. After knowing that you have an accident, your mother feels regretful. I am really afraid that you will be injured. Mom’s

misunderstanding is gone”

With that, the Lady Willson was already crying bitterly, and choked with sobs: “Jacob, for so many years, in fact, mom didn’t care about you. Mom just always wanted you to be a good man, so she was deliberately harsh on you and hoped that you could grow up
quickly. , It’s all hard work for mom to be alone. Don’t blame mom.”

Jacob suddenly felt his heart tighten, and he burst into tears unconsciously.

He had always complained to the Lady Willson before, why did she love his brother so much but not him?

Why do you always encourage your brother, but to yourself, no matter what you do is wrong?

This matter has become a knot of his heart for so many years.

But today, when Mom said so tearfully, he suddenly felt that the knot in his heart seemed to loosen a lot.

Chapter 327

Charlie frowned.

He is not from the Willson family, and there is no such so-called family bondage, so he can tell at a glance that the Old Mrs. Willson is doing a bitter trick.

The Willson family is now in a desperate situation, and if it can’t be relieved, the Willson Group will fall apart, and the Lady Willson will instantly fall to the bottom.

She is a person who loves face all her life and would rather die than accept that she is poor and destitute, so she will definitely rack her brains to find a way to turn around.
She had bullied and lured Claire before, but Claire never gave her any chance.

She also used money to try to find a breakthrough from Elaine, but Elaine failed to convince Claire.

Now, she began to aim at Jacob, and was ready to use a bitter trick to find a breakthrough from Jacob!

This may also be her last resort. Jacob was already fooled at this time.

He felt his heart knot untied, and the respect and love for his mother appeared in his heart.

So, he shed tears and said: “Mom, I don’t actually blame you in my heart. I know that I am not up to date. I am not as capable as my elder brother, nor as strong as my elder brother. I have disappointed you, sorry”

Old Mrs. Willson grabbed his hand, and while holding it tightly, she choked and said,

“Good son, you can understand Mom’s painstaking efforts. Even if Mom is dead now, it’s worth it!”

The old Willson standing by the side hurriedly stepped forward and sobbed: “Mom, don’t keep talking about death. Jacob and I have lost our dad, so I can’t say anything without mom!”
While wiping her tears, Mrs. Willson said gratifiedly: “You brothers have me in your hearts. Even if I die, I will be smiling on death bed!”

Then she said, “You guys, you must be brothers together! Only brothers can be together! The old saying goes well: Brothers are united, and the benefits are broken! If the two of you can tie together and do it well, what will the Willson family worry about? Can’t it be strong?!”

Noah Willson nodded repeatedly: “Mom, you are right, I have been taught! From now on, I will work together with Jacob to make the Willson family bigger and stronger!”

Jacob’s expression was also a bit agitated, and he was on the set at first glance.

Charlie couldn’t help sighing, the Lady Willson is really a good trickster! The effort of three or two paragraphs has already brought Jacob into the ditch!


Jacob was also instigated by her and his elder brother’s words, and was moved and said, “Don’t worry, mom, I will definitely work together with elder brother!”
When Mrs. Willson heard this, she became excited and blurted out: “Good! Good! Great!”

At this time, the Lady Willson said to Harold and Wendy, who had been keeping their heads down and silent, “You two, quickly apologize to Claire and Charlie! Although you and Claire are not brothers and sisters, there is a relationship between cousins, everyone’s blood is thicker than water, how can you always treat Claire and Charlie so excessively?”

With that said, the Lady Willson looked at Wendy and shouted: “Wendy! Especially you! At the opening ceremony today, do you still want to do something with your cousin?

Don’t give it to your sister quickly apologize!”

The two brothers and sisters immediately bowed deeply and said in a very pious voice: “Claire, we were wrong before! Please forgive us! We will never do anything against you in the future!”

Claire was also a little caught off guard. She had never seen Harold and Wendy apologize softly. These two brothers and sisters have been stabbing their heads and facing each other life and death for so many years.
However, seeing that both of them had apologized, Claire also kindly said, “Forget the past.”

Mrs. Willson was overjoyed and immediately said to Claire: “Claire, your dad’s body is still in the recovery stage, so he must be recuperated. Although Willson’s villa is a bit older, the environment is better than that of the resident they live in. There are a lot of strong buildings, how about you all move back to live?”

Chapter 328

Noah Willson also hurriedly agreed: “Yes, Claire, your father’s health is important, not only to have a good environment, but also to have a good mood! So, you just listen to your grandma’s arrangements, come back and live, I will Ask a few nanny to take care of your father 24 hours a day!”

Jacob was lying on the hospital bed. After hearing this, he was immediately moved.

When he was moved, his heart was a little shaken, his brain was hot, and he couldn’t help but ask Claire, “Claire, let’s move back.”

Claire was also a little tangled at once.
For a while, she would not be able to figure out whether grandma was like this out of truth or falsehood.

But seeing grandma, dad, uncle, mother and son holding hands and crying together, I was more or less moved.

Moreover, for the sake of her father’s recovery, if he can return to Willson’s house with a good environment, a good mood, and proper care, he will definitely be able to recover faster and better.

Elaine also persuaded at this time: “Claire, what a great opportunity! What are you still trying to do? Hurry up and agree!”

Claire was a little hesitant at first, but when she saw that her parents were persuading , on the spur of the moment, she said, “Well then, just move back.”

Old Mrs. Willson’s expression was immediately happy, and her heart was extremely excited.

It’s done! Hahaha!

Sure enough!

Sure enough, life is still old and spicy, Jacob is just a Rubbish, Elaine is a money addict who sees money, Charlie is a Rubbish who can only deceive people, Claire seems to be a bit capable, but its not impossible tricked her. Has the bitter trick been completely settled?
Thinking of this, Mrs. Willson couldn’t be more proud of it!

Noah Willson couldn’t help but quietly give the Lady Willson a thumbs up, and his admiration for his mother at this time was like a torrential river.

Mother is indeed an old world. This drama is almost at the textbook level. It starts with younger brother Jacob as a breakthrough, and then curves to save the country and impress Claire. It is perfect!

Seeing that his wife was going to be fooled, Charlie hurriedly said, “Grandma, uncle, it’s natural to move back to live in the first place, it’s no problem.

Harold frowned, and shouted coldly, “But what? Our Willson family’s affairs, what’s the matter with you? Don’t you talk too much?!”

Old Mrs. Willson raised her hand and slapped Harold, and shouted angrily: “How do you talk to your brother-in-law?! Keep your bullsh*t to yourself?!”

With this slap, Harold was stunned, and immediately understood.

d*mn it! he almost got into trouble because he couldn’t help but mock Charlie!
If he really can’t help it, and ridicule Charlie, revealing the truth of repentance on the surface but no correction in the heart, then the perfect plan of grandma’s use of bitter tricks to trick Claire’s family back may be revealed!

Thinking of this, he panicked and immediately said to Charlie: “I’m sorry, brother-in-law, it’s my mouth! It’s my mouth! Please forgive me!”

As he said, he slapped himself twice, appearing extremely sincere.

Charlie couldn’t help but sneered in his heart, okay, the Willson family really gave up everything in order to act in this bitter drama.

Chapter 329

In order to expose the true colors of this group of people, Charlie said: “I just said that it is okay to move back to live. After all, they are all a family, but now Claire’s studio is

already in operation, so I have to say in advance. She won’t go back to work in the Willson Group again!”

“What?!” The Old Mrs. Willson suddenly seemed to have been stepped on her tail, and instantly jumped up and said: “How can it be done! I said, not only do the family need to live together, but the energy must also be used! Back to the Willson family, but not to
the Willson Group?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Grandma, you just said that it was for the convenience of taking care of father-in-law, that’s why you invited our family back. It doesn’t matter if we go back, we also agreed, but going back to the Willson Group is not the same as going home. Right?”

“No!” Mrs. Willson said categorically, “Since she has returned to the Willson family, she must return to work in the Willson Group at first!”

After that, she continued to flicker Claire, saying: “Claire, your company has just opened, and there is no business yet. It is very difficult to run a company by yourself. How can you handle it? It is better to shut down the company. Back to the Willson Group, in that case, your life will definitely be more comfortable and easier!”

Claire also smacked an unusual smell from Mrs. Willson’s words.

It seems that Charlie is right. The Lady Willson’s desire for her family to return to the Willson family is a fake, but it is true that she wants to return to the Willson Group!
In this case, Mrs. Willson tossed over and over again, in fact, she was trying everything she could to get her back.

Then all her performance just now should be all performances, right?

Thinking of this, her back felt cold!

If Charlie hadn’t reacted quickly, she might have been fooled!

So she hurriedly said to Mrs. Willson: “Grandma, I am very grateful that you have invited our family back to live, but Charlie is right. Going back to live, and going back to work are two different things, not to be confused, so I have to solemnly tell you that I can go back to live, but it is impossible to return to the Willson Group. I want to run my own


Seeing Claire so determined, the Old Mrs. Willson hated Charlie in her heart!

She had done so much work and acted in so many plays, but Charlie was not confused by a word!

This is d*mn it!

She hurriedly played the bitter trick again, crying, and said: “Claire, do you hate grandma so much? Go home to live and come back to work. Our family strives to create a new situation and a new height. This is not perfect. Is it the situation? Why do you have to
guard your own studio?”

After speaking, she wiped her tears and asked: “Aren’t you willing to forgive grandma now?”

Claire said seriously: “Grandma, this matter has nothing to do with forgiveness or not

forgiveness. It’s just that I understand one thing now. Sending someone under the fence is not the answer. The best way is to have a world of your own, even if It’s just an eave

that can shelter from the wind and rain, and it’s much better than sending someone under a fence. Therefore, I chose to start my own business instead of returning to the Willson Group!

Jacob and Elaine comforted one after another: “Claire, why are you still so stubborn? How nice to go back! Much better than your own business!”

Claire said without hesitation: “Dad and Mom, this is my own personal decision. Don’t say it anymore. You can’t change my attention.”

Mrs. Willson knew that victory or defeat was in one fell swoop!

If Claire was unwilling to go back, it would be useless to talk about Jacob and Elaine as cumbersome and rubbish.
Therefore, she could only grit her teeth secretly and at the same time used her own assassin!

Chapter 330

She walked to Claire tremblingly, and knelt directly in front of her with a plop! Everyone in the house was stunned!

Who would have thought that the Old Mrs. Willson, who has always been aloof and arrogant, would kneel down for Claire!

This is really subverting their three views too!

Even Noah Willson didn’t expect that his mother would be so willing to pay for it to deceive Claire when they went back!

She wants to be strong all her life, and she wants to control others and let others kneel to her. When did she kneel to others?

Claire was also caught off guard, and said hurriedly: “Grandma, what are you doing? Please get up and say something!”

Old Mrs. Willson knelt in front of her and said apologetically: “Claire, it was grandma’s fault before, grandma apologizes to you! Just forgive grandma and come back to Willson’s house to help. Willson’s family can’t live without you! If not, You, the Willson family is really over, grandma begs you, come back!”
At this moment, Mrs. Willson’s attitude towards Claire has changed drastically. She no longer has the arrogance and reliance on the face to sell her terms. It is just endless regrets and pleadings.

The current Willson family is already in danger. She feels that even if she kneels down and begs, she must beg Claire back to the Willson family.

Otherwise, the huge family business will really be ruined in her own hands.

When Noah Willson saw the Old Mrs. Willson, he knelt down and begged along with her, his expression changed, and he took Harold and Wendy, followed by kneeling to the ground, begging Claire.

Seeing such a scene, Claire suddenly felt a little at a loss.

She never expected that the Old Mrs. Willson, who regarded her face as more important than her own life, could kneel down and apologize to her in front of so many people.

It seems that the Willson family nowadays is really exhausted.

Seeing that Claire was still indifferent, the Lady Willson was still in tears, begging to say: “Claire, you can have pity for your poor grandma, Willson family can’t live without you, please come back!”
After she finished speaking, she knelt on the ground and knocked directly at Claire three times, unspeakably miserable, as if she was about to kneel to death on the spot.

“I knew so, why bother?”

At this time, Charlie walked up to the Old Mrs. Willson and said coldly: “Grandma, thank you very much for coming to visit my father-in-law, but it is impossible for us to return to the Willson Group.”

With that said, he issued an eviction order and said: “Please leave now!”

The Old Mrs. Willson couldn’t stop the tears, and said angrily: “Charlie, when you had nothing to join my Willson family, we gave you food, drink, clothing, and housing, didn’t you have it? Can you be a little grateful? At this time, do you still want to split our Willson family?”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “I’m sorry, grandma, the one who feeds me is Claire and my father-in-law and mother-in-law. You have not given me anything except mocking me and calling me waste. Why should I be grateful?”

After that, Charlie’s face turned dark, and he coldly snorted: “Don’t think I don’t know what your plan is. You want to trick Claire back with bitter tricks, let Claire help the Willson Group to cooperate, and revitalize the Willson Group. Am I wrong?”