The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 281 - 290

Chapter 281

With so many bigwigs gathered together, Orvel didn’t dare to speak loudly at all.

Even in his territory, when he entered the private room, he could only behave like a pug, wagging his tail in front of Charlie, hoping that he could take a look at himself.

Seeing that Orvel was so careful, Charlie smiled at him, nodded, and said, “Mr. Orvel, you are interesting.”

Orvel heard Charlie’s words and said with excitement: “It is my honor to be able to do things for Mr. Wade, Mr. Wade, please come to your seat.”

Charlie nodded slightly and sat down in the position of Master Wade.

Then Orvel said respectfully: “Mr. Wade has any instructions, just call me, I will be at the door!”

After all, he carefully exited the box and guarded the door of the diamond box like a waiter.

Mr. Orvel is also the King of Aurous Hill Underground.

But at this time, he was just a gangster who couldn’t get on the stage.

Each of these big men who ate with Charlie was much better than himself. In his capacity, he was not qualified to go directly to the table. It was already three lives fortunate to be able to talk to Charlie.

As soon as Charlie sat down on the main seat, Warnia followed closely and directly sat in Charlie’s right seat.

The two were close to each other, only half a distance away, Charlie could even smell the faint fragrance of Warnia’s body.

According to the rules at the dinner table, the most distinguished person is the main seat, and the next-level person is on both sides of the VIP guests.

Among them, the Song family is the strongest. As the representative of the Song family, Warnia naturally wants to sit with Charlie.

Therefore, at this time, whoever could sit on the other side of Charlie became the object of other people’s intentions to fight.

Qin Gang pushed Aoxue at this time and smiled and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, you are a person with great magical powers. My daughter Aoxue has admired you for a long time and has always regarded you as an idol in her heart. Why not let her sit too? Next to you, serving you tea and pouring wine, what do you think?”

As soon as she said this, Warnia raised her pretty brows, and the expressions in Qin Gang’s eyes were quite meaningful.

But Solmon White cursed secretly in his heart, what a f*cking shame that old dog Qin, wanted to use his daughter to get closer to Mr. Wade.

The main reason why Solmon White gritted his teeth in his heart is mainly that he has no daughters.

He secretly thought, if Solmon White, my daughter, will come out frantically when I get you Qin Gang.

At this time, Aoxue was flushed and embarrassed in her heart.

Although she also liked Mr. Wade, her father had already said that she should seize the opportunity, but in front of a group of people, it was too shameful.

However, although she was embarrassed, Aoxue was not the kind of twisted person, and she simply said openly: “Mr. Wade, please give Aoxue a chance to serve.”

Charlie was taken aback when he heard the words, and said lightly: “Since you have this heart, just sit next to me.”

Aoxue was overjoyed and hurriedly bowed to thank him, and then sat next to Charlie.

Tianqi’s eyes were very envious. In fact, he also wanted his granddaughter to sit next to Mr. Wade. However, Aoxue was the first step, and the first step forward without removing this face for a while.

Tianqi did not dare to think about making Zhovia the woman of Mr. Wade.

But if Zhovia could be favored by Mr. Wade and accepted as a maid, that would be the blessing of cultivation in eight lifetimes!

Chapter 282

Because Charlie’s medical skills are superb, and even his own ancestral medical skills, he knows better than himself. If Zhovia is fortunate to be able to serve Charlie in the future, she will definitely have the opportunity to learn.

This is also one of his purposes for bringing Zhovia to the dinner.

Of course, another purpose is naturally to seek medicine from Charlie.

He has been tortured by his own injuries for half his life, and now he finally has the opportunity to cure him in one fell swoop!

Thinking of this, Tianqi gave Zhovia a profound look, so she must look for opportunities to get closer to Charlie.

How could Zhovia not know her grandfather’s thoughts, and her cheeks suddenly became crimson alluring, embarrassing and hot.

Zhovia hurriedly lowered her head, but waves arose in her heart. From time to time, she raised her head to look at Charlie, her fingers tangled together again.
Mr. Wade is the most powerful genius doctor she has ever seen. Both her character and appearance are superior. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as rare in the world, but she also knows very well in her heart that she can’t be worthy of Mr. Charlie’s attention and admiration.

Except for Zhovia, Aoxue and Warnia also looked at Charlie’s eyes with strange colors, and their beautiful eyes never moved away from him.

Charlie didn’t notice the gaze of the three women. He looked at everyone and smiled.

He raised the cup and said, “Everyone, Wade is in Aurous Hill. It’s so fateful to know you all. I have a banquet today and I want to get in touch with everyone more than I can usually. In the future in Aurous Hill, I will inevitably need every one of you to help me.”

As soon as his hand moved, the crowd at the table also picked up the cups, for fear that it was a step slower.

Warnia hurriedly said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade is too polite. If you have anything, please do not hesitate to tell us. This is what we should do.”
Tianqi also followed: “Mr. Wade reaches the world, and his medical skills are superb. The Old Master will admire you very much. If Mr. Wade has any dispatch in the future, the Old Master will dare not follow it!”

Charlie smiled faintly, and said: “Okay, everything is in the wine, everyone will do this glass!”

“Mr. Wade, cheers!”

Everyone drank a glass of wine together, and then respectfully raised the glass, seeing Charlie dare not put it down.

Charlie put the wine glass down first and then took out a box from his arms.

Everyone immediately stopped all their movements, and even their breathing became more cautious, their eyes all staring at the box, their excitement could not increase.

They know that in this box is the magic medicine everyone is thinking of!

Charlie looked at everyone at this time, and said lightly: “This is the medicine he is refining this time.”


Everyone suddenly became excited.

Everyone came rushing to this magical medicine, and at this time they couldn’t wait to see the magical medicine.
Charlie opened the box, revealing the ten pills in it, and said lightly: “Everyone, the medicine I refined this time is at least ten times more effective than the medicine I refined last time!”

“Ten times?!” Everyone was too excited to speak.

They wanted a magic medicine like the last time they were satisfied, but they didn’t expect this magic medicine to be ten times better than the last one!

Charlie said at this time: “My medicine, I dare not say that it can save the dead and turn the living into immortals, but it can strengthen the body, prolong life, and cure all diseases. Before dying, as long as you have a breath, you can get a life back after taking my medicine. It is not a problem to live for a few more years. Therefore, after you take it, you must be cautious and cautious and not be s3xually swallowed!”

Everyone was horrified and unbearable. This time, the medicine was so amazing?!

Chapter 283

The pill that Charlie held in his hand was nothing but the medicine he refined according to the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, but it made everyone’s heartbeat crazily.
A crowd of people waited to see the crystal clear pill, and everyone’s breathing started to rush.

Among these people, Tianqi, the oldest, was the most excited, and even the genius doctor’s usual indifferent manner was almost unable to maintain.

He has a serious old injury that has not been cured, which has caused him to suffer from illness for half his life.

Last time, he occasionally got the pills refined by Charlie, and the symptoms relieved a lot, but the cure was not yet possible.

Now, after hearing that the effect of this new medicine was more than ten times that of the last time, Tianqi was so excited that he even felt that he would be able to completely heal the old wounds.

If Mr. Wade’s magic medicine can really have this effect, then this is a great kindness! And Warnia’s eyes were extremely excited.

Although Charlie used acupuncture to save her grandfather, his body is still weak. If he wants to live and live a long life, he must rely on Charlie’s magical medicine.

Therefore, at this time, her eyes looking at the magic medicine was extremely hot, and the eyes looking at Charlie were even hotter.
As for Qin Gang, he almost shouted with excitement when he thought of getting two magical medicines.

Charlie said lightly at this time: “Some problems that modern medicine cannot overcome, such as diabetes, kidney failure, and other malignant diseases, can be cured by taking this pill.”

Everyone was even more shocked by the voice!

Although the diseases Charlie said casually are very common, they are all difficult diseases in modern medicine. Not to mention that they can’t be cured by taking medicine, even going abroad can’t cure them.

Especially diabetes is also known as undead cancer, there is no cure at all! But here with the help of Charlie, a magic medicine can be cured.

This is simply a medical miracle!

Everyone present sighed inwardly, Mr. Wade is really the genius doctor of the world, the true dragon of nine days!

Aoxue’s beautiful eyes were shining, and her complexion was as if a fire was burning. She couldn’t help thinking that Mr. Wade, a figure like this, will surely soar into the nine heavens. She must seize the opportunity and she must not miss it.
Zhovia couldn’t help showing her admiring eyes at Charlie.

Charlie’s ability was something she could not imagine in her entire life. If she could learn some trivial methods under Mr. Wade, it would be enough for the entire medical world.

At this moment, Charlie saw that everyone was eager to see through, smiled faintly, and said: “Okay, let me divide the medicine!”

Everyone couldn’t bear it for a long time, and their faces were full of excitement.

Charlie stood up, took out a pill with one hand, first handed it to the oldest Tianqi, and said lightly: “Mr. Shi, this one is for you.”

Tianqi trembled. He knelt on his knees, holding his hands above his head respectfully, and said humbly, “Mr. Wade gave me the medicine! Mr. Wade is very kind, and I am willing to be a cow and a horse for my whole life, and repay Mr. Wade!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Mr. Shi, you and I are also destined, don’t be so polite.” After all, put the pill in Tianqi’s hands.

Tianqi was full of tears, and when he thought of being tortured for half his life by an old injury, he subconsciously wanted to take it all out and completely free himself from the pain.
Chapter 284

Charlie stopped him and said lightly: “Mr. Shi, this medicine is too strong. You only need to take half a capsule to cure your old disease. Treasure the remaining half capsule, and it will be of great use in the future.

Tianqi’s heart was shocked, he could heal himself with only half of it? This is really amazing!

Thinking of this, he took out the blade used to scrape the dregs of medicine, split the pill into two, then opened his mouth and swallowed it.

Everyone looked at him intently, hoping to see a miracle happen.

A few seconds after Tianqi took the pill, his face instantly became flushed, his skin instantly turned red, and he sweated a lot.

Tianqi felt like a magical warm current in his body was running around.

His body like long-dried yellow earth with mottled cracks, and this warm current, like mild clean water, quickly fills up the cracks in the yellow earth and nourishes the entire land.

He felt that his stubborn and old wound had started to repair quickly, and his eyes widened, revealing an expression of disbelief!
“Mr. Wade, this is really amazing! The old disease that has plagued me for decades is completely healed within a few minutes!”

Tianqi’s eyes were full of tears that flowed down his cheeks.

Over the years, he was tortured by the old illness and collapsed. Not only was he unable to treat the illness himself, but he was also in danger of losing his life at any time, and his life was extremely painful.

But now, Charlie’s half a pill will cure him completely.

This can be said to be amazing, and it is no longer able to describe it in words! Puff!

Tianqi knelt again, and the old tearfully said: “Mr. Wade, you are my reborn parent. If you don’t dislike it, Tianqi is willing to treat you with the courtesy of father, brother, and teacher titles.”

Suffering from illness and pain, once he recovered, the ups and downs made him feel excited.

Everyone saw Tianqi recovering like this on the spot, and they admired the magic medicine made by Mr. Wade even more!

This pill alone is worth more than ten thousand gold. After they get it, they won’t sell it for any amount of money!
Charlie looked at Tianqi, supported him with one hand, and said, “Mr. Shi, I have taken your mind, but you are an elder, after all, so don’t salute me in the future.”

Tianqi hurriedly said, “Why then, Mr. Wade is the benefactor in the next step”

Seeing that he had a strong s3xual axis, Charlie stopped talking, but looked at Warnia, took out medicine, and said, “Miss Song, this medicine is for Mr. Song.”

Warnia hurriedly knelt in front of Charlie as Tianqi did before, and raised her hands

above her head: “Thank you, Mr. Charlie, for giving the medicine! Your great kindness, the Song family will never forget!”

Charlie nodded and smiled, and took out two pills without failing, hiding one pill in the sleeve, and putting the other pill into Warnia’s hands.

Warnia got the medicine and was excited. She was about to close her palm and carefully put the pill away. At this time, she felt a round object in the center of her palm.

She felt a little in her heart, raised her head to look at Charlie, and saw Charlie looking at her with a smile on his face, and blinked his right eye lightly, and suddenly understood what Charlie meant.
This is Charlie giving her one more, and then told her to keep quiet

Warnia was extremely excited and touched. She didn’t dare to hope that Charlie could give her two pills.

Moreover, the second one was given quietly. Does this mean that the second one was not given to Grandpa by him, but given to her?

Chapter 285

For Charlie, giving Warnia one more medicine was nothing. However, for Warnia, it is of great significance.

At this time, her heart was already touched by Charlie, and she even felt a little girl being protected and cared for by a big boy.

In her silly eyes, Charlie walked to Solmon White and took out a pill: “Mr. White, this one is for you.”

Solmon White shivered all over, and immediately knelt on the ground, just like everyone else, waiting respectfully.

Charlie put the medicine in his hand, and Solmon White blurted out: “Thank you Mr. Wade for giving the medicine! Solmon White will listen to your orders in the future!”

Seeing Solmon White’s piety kneeling on the ground, he said lightly: “Mr. White, your son, and your nephew both angered me at the beginning. If you hadn’t been a human being, they would probably not have been in this world.”
Solmon White squatted in his heart and squatted his head hurriedly and said: “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for raising your hand!”

Charlie snorted and said, “Tell the young people in your family that they must learn to behave with tail clipped.”

Solmon White nodded in a hurry: “Mr. Wade don’t worry, I must warn them!”

“Yeah.” Charlie said lightly: “You take the medicine, and it may save your life in the future.”

As soon as Solmon White got the magic medicine, his face was flushed with excitement: “Mr. Wade, if you need my family in the future, please let me know!”

After that, it was Qin Gang.

Charlie promised Aoxue to give her two pills, so Charlie gave Qin Gang one, and Aoxue another one.

The father and daughter knelt on the ground together, extremely pious.

Qin Gang immediately expressed his stance, saying: “From now on, my Qin family will also regard Mr. Wade as the dragon head!”

Charlie smiled slightly and nodded in satisfaction.

At this time, all the medicines that should be given have been given out, but he thought about it and said loudly: “Mr. Orvel, come in.”
Orvel, who had been guarding the door of the box, hurried in: “Mr. Wade, what’s your order?”

With that, Orvel looked at Charlie respectfully and bowed his hands in salute.

Charlie nodded faintly and smiled: “I know you and I are not short anymore. You work hard and work diligently. I will prepare a pill for you today when refining medicine.”

When Orvel heard this, his whole body was dumbfounded! The limbs are hot, and the head explodes!

He had been waiting outside the box just now, and of course, he had heard what Charlie said in the box and what happened after Tianqi took the medicine.

However, he knew very well in his heart that a person like himself, who can’t get on the stage, after all, could not be eligible for the medicine given by Mr. Wade?

However, at this moment, he heard that Charlie was going to give this magical medicine to him, and he knelt on the ground without hesitation!

“Mr. Wade, I am an illiterate person, Mr. Orvel, I don’t know how to say beautiful things. From now on, my life will be yours. Even if you let me go up and down the sea of fire, if I frown, hit me with thunder. boom!”
Orvel was so touched that he couldn’t help himself. Kneeling on the ground, he respectfully took the pills from Charlie, excited as if he were treating a peerless treasure.

Chapter 286

Charlie waved his hand and said: “Okay, take care of me in the future, I will not forget your credit!”

Orvel firmly said: “Mr. Orvel will definitely not let you down!”

When everyone saw that Charlie had given a magical medicine to Orvel, the shock in their hearts was beyond words.

Although Orvel was very impressive in Aurous Hill, it was nothing to them, but after such a small character followed Mr. Wade, Mr. Wade did not hesitate to give the magic medicine.

This is how Mr. Wade treats his own people, really is the grace of heaven!

He knelt on the ground at the door of the box, crawling on the ground with his knees in front of Charlie, moved in his heart, tears on his face.

“Mr. Wade, I really didn’t expect you to see me as a small person in your eyes. Mr. Orvel was really grateful.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Mr. Orvel, I live in the world, and I look at the character of the other party, not the identity of the other party. You remember classmate Darren, in terms of status, he is inferior to you in the case; in terms of strength. , Not as good as your little brother. When he was trapped by a sl*t and was lying in the hospital, he didn’t even have the ability to commit suicide, but why should you still help him, save him, and protect him? Because he belongs to me, Charlie’s friend, no matter how small he is, I will not let it go.”
Orvel’s heart trembled, and he couldn’t help being moved to tears. He choked his head and said, “Master Wade, Orvel will definitely help you in the future!”

Charlie handed the medicine to him and said, “If you follow me, you must understand a truth. With my strength, you don’t need your heart and soul. As long as you do things for me down-to-earth, I will surely protect you for a lifetime!”

In this sentence, Charlie did not say anything.

Regarding wealth, what he has is that tens of billions of cash and hundreds of billions of companies already have inexhaustible wealth;

In terms of strength, he has the Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets, and his strength is extraordinary.

Therefore, as long as Mr. Orvel steadfastly follows him, he will naturally not treat Mr. Orvel badly.

And Charlie’s words also made everyone present even more strongly admire and respect Charlie.

Let everyone present, deep in their hearts, make up their minds to follow Charlie! Charlie bowed his head all his life.
At this time, Solmon White took out a wearable smart bracelet key and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, this is the smart bracelet key of the Bugatti Veyron Hermes special edition sports car. This car is the one I got from the Aurous Hill International Auto Show in advance. Ordered, the auto show officially starts tomorrow, and you can pick up the


The ordinary Bugatti Veyron is priced at about 26 million, while the Hermes special edition is priced at more than 40 million.

Before Charlie spoke, Qin Gang hurriedly took out a smart bracelet key and hurriedly said: “What a coincidence, Mr. Wade! I also ordered a sports car for you at the auto show, but I ordered an Aston Martin. Limited edition one77.”

Aston Martin’s limited edition one77 is also priced at 40 million. Unexpectedly, the two of them thought of going together.

Solmon White looked at Qin Gang annoyed, and blurted out: “Old Qin, why do you give Mr. Wade a sports car like me? Did you deliberately follow me?”

Qin Gang said confidently: “How can I learn from you! I think Mr. Wade should drive the best sports car, so I specifically ordered that Aston Martin!”
Tianqi on the side saw that the two of them were giving gifts one after another, and hurriedly took out a sandalwood gift box from his pocket. After opening it, there was a very shiny, colored porcelain wine glass inside.

He said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, this Chenghua Doucai wine glass was handed down from the Ming Dynasty, and it is also one of my favorite antiques in my life. I give it to Mr.

Wade first today. I hope Mr. Wade will like it!”

Seeing that all three of them gave out gifts, Warnia, who had received two magical

medicines, didn’t dare to fall behind. She turned her back in a hurry, scribbled a cheque, and put her hands in front of Charlie: “Mr. Wade, this one hundred million cheque,

expressing a little care, please accept it!”

Chapter 287

Charlie didn’t expect that these people would unexpectedly meet and give gifts to him. Moreover, the gifts they give are more expensive.

Both sports cars are of the 40 million class.

The Chenghua Doucai wine cups of the Ming Dynasty cost at least fifty to six million. Warnia directly gave a check for 100 million.
However, these are really indifferent things to Charlie.

The first is sports cars, which are too public and he doesn’t like them very much; Secondly, antiques, too much sophistication, he doesn’t like it;

As for money, the last thing he lacks is money.

However, seeing that these four people were looking forward to it, eager to accept their filial gift, Charlie thought for a moment, but did not refuse, but said indifferently: “Okay, I will accept things, you have brought me.”

Since they want to follow their own saddles and become their own forces, it should be acceptable to accept them.

When everyone saw their gifts accepted, they were relieved and all smiled. Charlie casually stuffed a 100 million cash check, two smart bracelet keys, and a

Chenghua Doucai cup into his pocket, and then said lightly: “Well, everyone, let’s eat!”

Everyone hurriedly said: “Eat and feast!”

At this time, Mr. Orvel stood up from the ground and said: “Mr. Wade, I’ll go to the door and wait.”

Charlie nodded, did not leave him.
For these people sitting here, Mr. Orvel really can’t make it to the table.

The gangster on the road, no matter how good the gangsters are, they are still gangsters. They themselves are more than the richest of these big families.

After dinner, Charlie declined Warnia’s request to drive him home and walked home alone.

After Warnia thanked him a lot, she drove her limited edition Bentley car and returned to her villa.

While holding the steering wheel in one hand, she was holding two magical medicines on the other hand, wondering whether she should give both to her grandpa, or just keep one for herself?

If she gives it all to Grandpa, then this magic medicine will be missed by herself, and she feels a little bit sad.

However, if she keeps one on her own terms, if grandpa knows about it in the future, wonder if it will cause trouble?

After thinking about it, the desire for magical medicine overcame another thought. She carefully placed the magical medicine in the glove box in the car and decided to hold it first. If she needed it in the future, she would use it. If she doesn’t need it, but Grandpa needs it, she can take it out again.
At that time, she will offer grandfather the magic medicine twice to extend his life. She believes that at that time he will treat her differently.

When she returned home, Mr. Song, who was half-lying on the sofa, couldn’t wait.

The last time Charlie came to the house, although he rescued him, he did not improve his system. He is still a little old and sick. After several days of resting, his health is slightly better. But he still needs someone to help him stand or walk on crutches.

For an Old Master who was proud and accomplished a lot in his life, the physical inconvenience became the biggest regret in their old age.

And now, he is pinning everything on the magic medicine refined by Mr. Charlie Wade.

Chapter 288

If granddaughter Warnia can get back the magical medicine and give it to him, he will definitely be able to get rid of the current troubles and regain the feeling of being strong and healthy ten or twenty years ago.

When Warnia came in with a pill of magical medicine, Mr. Song struggled to sit up straight, and asked with some trembling, “Warnia, Mr. Wade gave the medicine?”
Warnia nodded repeatedly, offered the pill with both hands, and said, “Grandpa, this is the magic medicine that Mr. Wade has refined this time. Take it!”

“Good, good!” Old Master Song said several times excitedly, and then asked, “Has Tianqi taken it?”

“he has taken it.” Warnia said: “Mr. Shi took only half of a capsule according to Mr. Wade’s instructions, and all the old injuries and stubborn illnesses were cured. It is amazing!”

As soon as he heard this, Mr. Song became excited and said tremblingly: “It’s so amazing and fast. Give me water and I need to take this now!”

The people around him immediately brought a bowl of tea.

The sons and descendants of the Song family stood in front of the Old Master, waiting to see the moment the miracle was born.

The descendants of the Song family now hope that the Old Master can live for a few more years and can protect these offspring more. Therefore, they also hope that the Old Master can improve after taking magic medicine.
The Old Master swallowed the pill tremblingly and took it with warm water. After the pill entered the stomach, it immediately turned into a burst of energy, which swept the whole body through all the meridians of the Old Master.

Immediately afterward, the Old Master felt that his whole body was repeatedly injected with energy, so he tried to stand up without using a cane.

The offspring around him was very nervous, for fear that the father would not be able to get up and fall, so everyone was ready to step forward and rescue.

However, no one thought that the Old Master just stood up easily with a slight effort!

Without any external force, the Old Master stood up easily with his legs alone, without shaking at all.

Elder Song felt the surging power of his legs, and immediately summoned the courage and walked out.

This step is a footprint!

No hurry, no tiredness, no panic, no rush, no shaking, no breath! Everyone was amazed!

Is this still a dead Old Master? This is not worse than a middle-aged person in his 50s and 60s!
Father Song regained his control over his body and strength. He was so excited that he tried to walk a few steps quickly, it was fast and steady!

This made him extremely excited, and he blurted out with a laugh: “It’s great! It’s great! Mr. Wade is really a god!”

After that, he turned his head to look at Warnia, and said seriously: “Warnia, if you can get a good son-in-law like Mr. Wade, I can live to at least one hundred years old, your

father, your uncle, yourself and your brother. Sisters, it’s possible to live a hundred years! Once a family can live a hundred years old for three consecutive generations, this is simply a god-like family, and no one can shake it!”

Warnia had been shocked.

Grandpa was a person who was going to die, and was saved by Charlie, but after he was saved, Grandpa was also very excited.

But now, Charlie’s magical medicine made grandfather seem to be twenty years younger in an instant. Now, he believes he will live for another twenty years. By then, he will really become a centenarian!
How many centenarians can there be in the world? Very few!

And if the soul figure of a big family can live beyond a hundred years, it is simply the

family’s greatest fortune, because the family can only develop and grow in the hands of the soul figure.

Once the soul figure dies, it will immediately fall into the infighting of a group of dragons without a leader, you are fighting for me.

How many families are in decline is caused by the death of soul characters and the renunciation of family descendants? Now Charlie will continue the prosperity of the Song family for at least two decades!

Chapter 289

This night, the family members who got the magic medicine could not sleep all night.

Warnia, who witnessed the miracle happening to grandpa with her own eyes, was also very excited.

Thinking of the magic medicine that Mr. Wade had quietly given to her, a strong warm current surged in her heart.

Mr. Wade treats her so well, this kindness is unforgettable!

Same as her, who fell into insomnia because of thinking about Charlie, and Aoxue, the little pepper of the Qin family.
After her father Qin Gang got the two magical medicines, he immediately gave her one as soon as he returned home and told her to hide it next to her body.

Now, this pill was stored close to her body, with her body temperature and fragrance on it.

The thought that this was given by Charlie to her made her happy and almost drunk.

And Charlie, as the big man behind all this, is still lying on the floor next to his wife’s bed and continues to sleep particularly sweetly as his son-in-law.

Early the next morning, Claire went to the studio.

After so many days of preparation, her studio is said to have begun to take shape and is ready to officially open.

Charlie wanted to help her, but she only wanted to build her own business with her own hands.

Charlie understands her feelings. Since leaving the Willson family, she has been thinking about how to prove herself and can’t let the Willson family look down upon her.

Well-dressed Charlie was about to go out to buy groceries and found that his pockets were bulging, which reminded him of the gifts everyone gave him yesterday.
Two smart keys for luxury cars, a Mingchao Chenghua Doucai wine glass, and a check for 100 million.

The Doucai cup was placed in a sandalwood box, which was relatively large, so he simply put the box together in his own small closet. As for the car bracelet and check, he originally wanted to put it in the cabinet, but after thinking about it carefully he gives up the idea.

Mother-in-law, she likes to come to the room to churn around when she has nothing to do. Last time Qin Gang gave him a jade bracelet, but his wife didn’t wear it before she went along.

If she finds the check of 100 million and the smart keys of two luxury cars, she will definitely take it for herself.

More importantly, if she finds out, he can’t explain it at all.

This one hundred million check alone was enough to scare her to death three times.

So Charlie left the smart bracelet and check in his pocket and went out to the vegetable market.

On the way, Qin Gang called him, and after a few greetings, he asked carefully: “Mr. Wade, do you still like the sports car given to you?”
“Oh,” Charlie remembered suddenly, and said, “I haven’t seen it yet.”

Qin Gang said hurriedly and respectfully: “The car is at the Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center. The International Auto Show is now underway. If it is not inconvenient for you to go there, I can send someone to the house in a transporter.”

Charlie said, “Forget it, don’t send to the house anymore, I’ll take the time to check it out.”

The community he lives in is very ordinary, and a house is worth two or three million. If two sports cars worth more than 40 million are suddenly parked, the entire community is estimated to be fried.

Therefore, he thought about parking the car first at Tomson’s villa, where the villa has a private basement, and parking in the basement is more worry-free.

When he arrived at the vegetable market, Charlie received a call from Darren, a good university brother. On the phone, Darren asked, “Charlie, where are you?”

Charlie said: “I’m shopping at the vegetable market, what’s wrong, Darren, are you looking for me?”
Chapter 290

Darren hesitated a little and said: “My dear, I came to the Aurous Hill International Auto Show today”

Charlie knew that he was a car fan, and his favorite thing was cars. When he was in college, he used to save a month of living expenses and went to other cities to watch the auto show.

So he smiled and asked, “Did you go to see the car again?”

“Yes.” Darren said: “This time there are several world-class limited-edition sports cars coming to the exhibition, it is very rare to see them.

As he said, Darren hurriedly said: “Oh, I didn’t ask you to talk about this.” Charlie asked: “Then what are you looking for?”

Darren hesitated for a moment, and then said: “That’s it, I saw it at the auto show.” “My wife?” Charlie asked in surprise: “What did she go to the auto show?”

“I don’t know either.” Darren said, “She is with a man, so I called to ask if you know this.” Charlie frowned.

Claire went to the auto show with a man? Why didn’t he listen to her?
Although the two of them don’t communicate much, they will still tell each other about some things. She went to the auto show with a man. She didn’t talk about it to him. Is there anything hidden?

Although Charlie is the Wade Family Young Mr. and Mr. Wade in the eyes of Aurous Hill big men, he still lacks confidence in his relationship with Claire.

He was also worried that Claire might be tempted outside, so he said to Darren, “I know Darren, thank you.”

Darren said: “Charlie, my mother called me just now and told me that something happened at home and asked me to go back. You should come and have a look.”

“Okay.” Charlie said: “I’ll go and have a look later, you should be busy first.”

After hanging up the phone, Charlie parked the electric bike on the side of the road and took a taxi to Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Convention and Exhibition Center is a large-scale real estate project that specializes in undertaking various exhibitions. Basically, large-scale exhibitions in Aurous Hill are held here.
Charlie entered the exhibition hall, and when he looked around, he was surrounded by ordinary citizens watching the auto show, and the surrounding platforms were also full of luxury cars.

Here, the starting point is the imported luxury cars such as the Audi a8, including luxury sports cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. In the center of the exhibition hall, on the highest platform, there is one red and one black. A top luxury sports car.

These two cars were the ones that Solmon White and Qin Gang gave to Charlie. An Aston Martin one77, a Bugatti Veyron Hermes special edition.

These two cars are also the two super luxury cars at the finale of the entire auto show. The surroundings of the two cars are almost surrounded by audiences and reporters.

Besides the two cars, there were two strong and mighty security guards. The security guards turned their backs to the two luxury cars and formed a circle facing the crowd so that the crowd could not touch the cars.

The host is introducing, saying: “These two cars have already been ordered away. They are personal items. You can watch and take photos, but you can’t touch them. Thank you for your cooperation.”
A reporter couldn’t help asking loudly: “The auto show has just started, and both cars have been booked? If it is not convenient to reveal, who are these two rich men?”

The host smiled slightly and said: “It’s not two rich men, but one rich man.”

“One?” The reporter exclaimed, “Could it be that two cars were bought by one person?”

“Yes.” The host nodded and said with a smile: “These two cars are indeed owned by the same rich man!”