The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 261 - 270

Chapter 261

Among the two oncomings, the one walking in front was a man in white.

This man was wearing a white silk cloth practice clothes with a fluttering robe, and even a drop of rain did not hit him.

The other is in black and has a strong body! Powerful muscles!

A barrier seemed to have formed around his body, automatically isolating the rainwater.

Charlie glanced lightly and saw that these two men were beyond normal and their skill was not low.

At this moment, Ervin Jones, who was sitting in the car window and looking out, suddenly seemed to have seen a ghost and wanted to run as soon as he opened the car door.

Charlie’s eyes were quick and fast, he grabbed his back collar, and said coldly, “Where are you running!”

“Oliver Vincent, they are Oliver Vincent!” Ervin Jones yelled in a panic while struggling, “Mr. Wade, let me go, I don’t want to die”

The sturdy man sneered: “You can recognize the brothers, you are a little bit knowledgeable, but before our brothers are done, none of you should leave!”

“Oliver Vincent?”

Charlie looked at the two of them, frowning for some reflection.

There was a piece of news on the hot search the year before, which was broadcast on several TV stations in a loop, and he accidentally watched it while cooking at home.

The news is a pair of vicious robbers who hijacked the son of the richest man in Haicheng and demanded a huge ransom of 80 million.

In the end, the richest man also had the backbone. Not only did he not give it, he also spent 100 million to invite the elders of the Guwu Association Alliance in Nanguang to ask for his son to be rescued.

The Nanguang Armed Forces League’s combat power is the first in the province, with its armed forces spreading across Nanguang, and its power is huge. Once the Armed Forces League issues a wanted order, it is tantamount to setting up a network of men across heaven and earth.

Elder Issac has profound cultivation, ranking fifth in the entire Wu League, and he is famous.

At that time, everyone was waiting and waiting for the robbers to kneel and beg for mercy.

As a result, Elder Issac hunted down for seven days, but he did not even find the shadow of the robbers!

In the end, in order to save face, he had to ask the entire Wu League to dispatch, but they were still hounded away by the robbers.

After the robbers escaped, they cut off one of the ears of the richest man’s son as a threat, and the ransom was raised to 300 million.

The richest man had to honestly pay a ransom of 300 million then redeemed his son.

In particular, it can be seen that Oliver Vincent’s strength is indeed great, and they flew around to commit crimes, ordinary people were suddenly targeted by them, and they could not escape the clutches!

Oliver Vincent came this time, aiming directly at Elsa, in order to kill Elsa.

Elsa’s face changed sharply: “After I came to Aurous Hill, I have always kept a low profile and have never fought with anyone. Why would you kill me?”

The sturdy man sneered at this moment: “We have no grievances with you, let alone know you. It’s just that someone is spending money to buy your life!”

Elsa asked, “Who is it? Who wants my life?”

The big man smiled and said, “Why do the dead still have so many problems?”

Charlie guarded both Elsa and his wife Claire at this time, and said coldly: “What? Do you dare to kill in front of me? Have you ever asked me?”

The white-clothed man said coldly: “What are you? We two brothers have killed countless people. A slump like you doesn’t even deserve to be killed by us!”

After all, the white-clothed man said again: “However, since you don’t have long eyes in my hands today, then the fate of all of you is over!”

Claire and Elsa’s faces pale in fright.

These people look like angels of death, and they definitely have seen blood on their hands, so angry and daunting.

Charlie said to Claire, “Claire, take Elsa to the car, don’t worry about it, leave it to me!”

Chapter 262

Claire didn’t want to: “I don’t! I’m with you!”

Charlie said coldly: “Go! Don’t stay here to distract me! It will hurt us all by then.” Claire nodded then, pulling Elsa to return to the car.
Elsa was pulled by her and staggered. A white stone slipped out of her pocket and fell to the ground.

At this moment, Charlie sneered and said, “Two ants, dare you to yell in front of me? You two are really tired and crooked!”

The sturdy man smiled contemptuously, and said, “I don’t know who is the ant, you can try it.”

After finishing speaking, the sturdy man blasted Charlie’s head with a punch, and the fist wind was extremely strong, and he seemed to smash Charlie’s head directly.

Seeing this, Charlie said lightly: “Things that don’t know whether they live or die.” After that, he kicked the big man with his foot, accurately kicking the important part. Although the figure of the big man is fast, it is far not as fast as Charlie!

In an instant, he could no longer see where Charlie was in front of him, and immediately after that, he felt a sharp pain in his crotch!


The big sturdy man suddenly screamed, put his hands in his pants, and collapsed to the ground with his waist bowed.
A piece of blood gradually oozes from his pants.

The sturdy man was about to faint in pain, and howled miserably: “Big brother, big brother, my egg is broken”

The man in white didn’t expect Charlie to escape his younger brother’s attack. What’s even more incredible is that not only did he escape the attack, he even injured his younger brother with one blow!

This made his face suddenly change, and he looked at Charlie in surprise.

He is also a person with a cultivation base, and he is fully aware of what this is. It is an extremely powerful inner family spell!

At least there are warriors who have been practicing for more than decades!

But the young man in front of him is only in his twenties, and he didn’t expect to be an invisible master. If he fights against him, he can only draw a tie at best!

At this moment, Charlie stepped on the face of the sturdy man with the soles of his shoes, stomped his head into the muddy water, and said with a playful smile: “Weren’t you arrogant with me just now? I can’t be a man right now, interview you, How does it feel to be a eunuch?”
The gravel on the ground made several bloodstains on the sturdy man’s cheeks. He endured the pain and humiliation, and screamed wildly: “Big brother, cut this kid! Cut him!!!”

Just now he was kicked and exploded by Charlie. He has been abandoned. If it weren’t for his profound cultivation, if he were replaced by an ordinary person, there would be no life left!

Now, he can no longer care about his roots, he just wants Charlie’s life!

Seeing Charlie stepping on his younger brother’s face, insulting at will, the man in white had a gloomy face as if dripping water.

In anger, he didn’t care about Charlie’s unfathomable reach out of his hand, just thinking of killing him and avenging his brother!

So he roared in anger: “Boy, I’m going to take your skin off and eat your flesh and blood!”

Charlie said with a playful smile: “Eat my flesh and blood? With all due respect, with your three-legged cat’s skill, eating my sh!t is more than enough!”


The man in white is going crazy!
Oliver Vincent had a prestigious reputation on the road when they will be seen insulted like this!

The man gritted his teeth and shouted hysterically: “I’m fighting you!”

Chapter 263

In the next second, everyone felt that there was a flower in front of them, and the figure of the white-clothed man turned into a phantom and punched Charlie at the door.

As the white-clothed man punched, a wave of air was set off around him, forcing the rain around him to disperse backward involuntarily.

Wherever his fist wind passed, all the rain turned into steam. “This is killing people!”

Ervin Jones was horrified and turned around to go under the car.

Elsa, who had just been pulled into the car by Claire, was so scared that she held her breath and was extremely nervous, for fear that her savior would die here because of her.

Although Claire was also very nervous, she felt that Charlie would surely be able to turn the bad into the good.

At this moment, Charlie looked at the white-clothed man with a cold face.
He did not see the white-clothed man’s offensive in his eyes at all, but when he got close in front of him, he grasped the white-clothed man’s fist and twisted it one hundred and eighty degrees!

There was a crackling of joints, accompanied by the violent howl of the white-clothed man, the entire palm was completely dislocated and deformed, the bones and veins were all broken, and the entire wrist was limply drooping.

“Big Brother!”

The big man on the ground screamed suddenly.

Charlie didn’t look at it and stepped on him again with one foot. “Snapped!”

The sturdy man’s chest suddenly collapsed deeply, swallowing a few mouthfuls of muddy water, followed by a few mouthfuls of blood, and then, his body shook a few times, and there is no movement.

“Second brother!” The white-clothed man was about to collapse at this time, his eyes were splitting, revealed fierce light, and a burst of energy broke out all over his body.

The white-clothed man squeezed his right hand into an eagle’s claw, and an afterimage swayed in the air. There were dozens of hand shadows in the air, and the crowd couldn’t distinguish between the real and the false.
Charlie didn’t move.

The white-clothed man’s eyes showed a glare, and he suddenly pointed to Charlie’s eyeball!

This finger condenses his whole body’s energy, be sure to kill the enemy with one blow!

Poke in Charlie’s eye socket, directly pierced the eyeball, pierced his finger deep into the eye socket, and pierced his brain!

And the inner strength on the fingers can directly shatter Charlie’s head like a watermelon!

Charlie stood coldly and suddenly laughed. “Unbearable!”

He casually slapped it. No one knew, he had an aura in his palm. This slap was more fierce than a car crash!


With a movemnt of his hands, Charlie slapped the white-clothed man to the ground with a slap like a dog!

There was silence all around!

Claire rubbed her eyes vigorously, almost unable to believe it. Ervin Jones was also stunned.

These two are really “Oliver Vincent”?

This strength is a bit inconsistent with rumors!

In the legend, the most powerful boss was slapped to the ground by Charlie? How is this possible?
The white-clothed man collapsed to the ground, unable to get up anymore, his heart was terribly shocked.

Chapter 264

This slap seemed to be an understatement, but when the slap fell, a few strong internal breaths penetrated into his head, rushing around the body along the meridians, like a fuse, letting several important veins in his body. All burst.

All the important veins in his body burst and all his skills have been lost!

The white-clothed man was extremely shocked and screamed with great pain.

Being able to possess such a hidden inner strength is simply unfathomable, and he can’t see the details of Charlie at all!

Even the first person in the Wu League already dominates the Nanguang area, it is impossible to have such a strong skill!

And Charlie’s skill is probably still above it. Where did this guy come from?!

He and his brother, this time are not here to kill, but to die!

At this moment, Charlie slammed his groin with a punch, and his groin burst in his abdomen with a punch, and his whole person instantly became useless with his hands and feet unconscious, only one step away from death.
With one punch down, Charlie looked down at the man in white condescendingly, his eyes were full of irresistible coldness, and the cold voice asked: “Say, who is going to kill Elsa?”

The white man’s face was as gray as death. At this moment, he has been abolished. For the warrior, life is worse than death, and his spirit is completely destroyed. He

desperately said: “You kill me, let me die with dignity!”

Charlie said coldly: “Dignity? You’re not worthy! If you don’t tell Master Wade behind the scenes, I will break all the meridians in your body, so that you can’t even blink your eyelids for the rest of your life! Then I will send you to the police station, you seem to be a wanted criminal, and I can exchange a lot of money. Then I will let you lie down and go to prison for the rest of your life!”

The white-clothed man said in amazement: “I am inferior to others in his skills, and I am guilty of death. I just ask you to give me a happy ending here!”

Charlie nodded: “Say it, say it, I’ll give you a happy one!”
The white-clothed man hesitated for a moment and blurted out: “The employer is a cousin of Elsa. We must kill Elsa in Aurous Hill to prevent her from living.”

Charlie nodded faintly: “If that’s the case, then you can taste the death”

With that said, Charlie used the technique to directly stun the white man to death!

Elsa was shocked when she heard the words of the two of them. Is it her cousin who wants to kill her?

Could it be that what happened at home? He didn’t want to let her go back to Eastcliff alive. Isn’t this too cruel?

At this moment, Ervin Jones got out from under the car and noticed the white stone that Elsa had dropped earlier on the ground.

He quickly picked it up, and when he was about to hand it to her, he was taken aback. “Miss, isn’t this the stone of peace and wealth? Why is it in your hands?”

Elsa was shocked and asked in surprise: “Do you know it?”

Ervin Jones scratched his head and smirked: “I sold this stone to Mr. Wade. Later, he didn’t know where he lost it. He ran up and asked me if I have the same stone.
Unfortunately, there is only one stone in the world. , Where is the second one, I didn’t know it at this moment.”

Elsa couldn’t believe it, her chest was like something bursting open, and Ervin Jones’s words kept echoing in her ears.

She murmured: “Is this stone the only one in the world?”

“Only this one!” Ervin Jones said affirmatively: “There are no two identical leaves in this world, nor can there be two identical stones. I recognize that this stone is definitely this one and only this one!”

Speaking of this, Ervin Jones sighed: “Hey, it’s a pity, I have never been able to find a similar stone for Mr. Wade since then.”

“Mr. Wade?!”

“He kept it from me for so long”

The savior whom she has longed for, the lover of her dream for a long time, turned out to be him!

She actually fell in love with the good girlfriend’s husband, Charlie!! She was so desperate that she burst into tears.

She couldn’t help asking God: Is there anything more ironic than this in the world?!
Chapter 265

At this moment, Elsa was struck by lightning.

She looked at Charlie, who was full of murderous air, and her heart was terrified. At the same time, she immediately pushed him into an extremely contradictory situation.

And where did Charlie know that he had been recognized by Elsa? After solving Oliver Vincent, the corner of his mouth still sneered.

The Oliver Vincent, the name is like martial arts, but in fact, they are just two dead dogs. However, in Ervin Jones’s eyes, he was already looking terrified.

Oliver Vincent has been rampant on the road for many years, killing countless people with both hands, and had never suffered a defeat.

The whole Aurous Hill was frightened.

However, they so strong that the two actually died under Charlie’s two moves, which really made him unable to believe.

That being said, isn’t Mr. Wade’s strength able to top Aurous Hill?!

At this moment, Charlie glanced at the two corpses that had gradually become cold, then turned her head and saw Elsa’s expression in a trance, she seriously reminded: “Elsa, your cousin cannot hire them to kill you this time. Secondly, I suggest you be more careful these days, and it is better to hire a bodyguard to be prepared.”
Elsa looked at Charlie with an extremely complicated expression, adjusted her breathing after a while, bit her lip, and whispered: “But I will not find a suitable bodyguard for a


Now Elsa is struggling with conflicting thoughts in her heart.

First, the people in her family and her cousin wanted to kill her, and then the mysterious man she fell in love with turned out to be the husband of a good girlfriend.

These two things were tortures for her, making her feel very miserable and helpless. How did Claire know that a good girlfriend is in love with her husband?

She stepped forward and hugged her gently, patted her shoulder gently, and comforted: “Elsa, don’t worry too much. Since Charlie can fight so well, even the famous Oliver Vincent are not his opponent. You can ask him to protect you in the future. Pay attention to it at ordinary times. If you are not at ease when you go out, you can call him at any time and let him protect you!”

What Claire thought was that since her husband has this ability, it is only natural for him to protect her girlfriends.
But what she didn’t know was that a good girlfriend fell in love with her husband.

Elsa, who was on the side, was still very disappointed, but when she heard this, she burst into joy and her heart throbbed.

She did not feel depressed because the lover in her dream was Charlie or even lost her feeling for him.

On the contrary, because Charlie rescued her again today, in her mind, Charlie became the superhero who saved her twice. If it weren’t for Charlie, she would probably not escape the calamity twice!

This is also the reason why her feelings for Charlie suddenly increased much more than when she had for the mysterious person before.

Although she also knew that to fall in love with a good girlfriend’s husband was too immoral.

However, she also knew that the two were not really husband and wife. The two got married because of the insistence of Claire’s grandfather, and the two had never had any emotional foundation.

Even when she was chatting with Claire the other day, she heard from her that she and Charlie had never been married to each other, and they still slept separately. Claire slept in bed and Charlie slept on the ground.
Chapter 266

So, does this mean that she can like Charlie and not feel sorry for her good girlfriends? Maybe if she could get together with Charlie, it would be a relief for her good girlfriend! Thinking of this, she hurriedly said to Charlie with joy: “Then I will trouble you, Charlie.” Charlie smiled faintly and said, “It’s not troublesome at all.”

His smile made Elsa’s heart tremble again.

Reason tells her that Charlie is a best friend’s husband and there is no chance, but Elsa can’t help but have strange thoughts because of the emotional impulse.

Charlie didn’t know Elsa’s thoughts and left his phone number to Elsa.

At this moment, Ervin Jones leaned forward and said with a flattering expression: “Mr. Wade, you are so amazing. The evil stars like Oliver Vincent can’t do a single trick in front of you. I Ervin Jones reveres you. Admire you by throwing five-body throwing on the ground, you are like a god among the gods!”

With that said, Ervin Jones knelt directly on the ground without hesitation.
Charlie looked at him in a solitary manner, and deliberately asked him: “I said Ervin Jones, what did you run just now? Are you afraid I can’t beat Oliver Vincent?”

“No, no!” Ervin Jones was pale and hurriedly explained: “Mr. Wade, you have misunderstood, how could I doubt your strength? I just got confused just now, so please don’t take it to your heart.”

After finishing talking, Ervin Jones banged his head and tremblingly said: “Mr. Wade, you are the real dragon on earth! From now on, I will not worship the sky or the earth, I will only worship Mr. Wade. !”

Claire looked at Ervin Jones’s dog-licking gesture, shook his head, and said to Charlie, “What do you do now? I killed both Oliver and Vincent, should we call the police?”

Charlie thought for a while, and said lightly: “You get in the car first, I will solve it.” Claire nodded and got into the car with Elsa and Ervin Jones.

When they all got in the car, Charlie took out his mobile phone from his pocket and called Issac, the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurous Hill, the owner of Shangri- La Hotel.
Soon the call was connected, and Issac’s respectful voice rang: “Mr. Wade?”

Charlie said calmly: “I met Oliver Vincent. These two dogs barked at me. Now they have become two dead dogs. The corpses are on the side of the road. I don’t want to leave any trouble. You send someone right now and deal with it.”

Hearing this, Issac was shocked and said: “Mr. Wade you solved the Oliver Vincent? God, that’s a famous thief duo in Aurous Hill! The methods are cruel and ruthless, and the

strength is also number one in Eastcliff!”

Issac couldn’t help but said excitedly: “Mr. Wade you are so amazing. If the Wade Family knows your strength, it would definitely cause a huge sensation.”

Charlie said calmly: “It’s enough for you to know this, don’t pass it back to the Wade family, or I will never forgive you!”

Issac respected Charlie’s orders, and said respectfully: “It’s the young master, I must be tight-lipped, and I will send someone to deal with it right now.”

Charlie gave a satisfied hum, then hung up the phone and walked to the car.
Opening the car door, Charlie sat in the driver’s seat and started the car calmly, as if what he had killed just now was really just two dogs.

Elsa sat in the back row, her beautiful eyes staring at Charlie’s profile.

In her eyes, two shining lusters flickered in them, carefully tasted, there was actually a color of love and admiration!

Chapter 267

After the car arrived in the city, the terrifying storm just now gradually stopped.

Then, as the wind rose and the clouds rose, a rainbow of seven colors hung in the sky, attracting countless people to stop and watch.

Charlie stopped the car at the entrance of the small commodity market and let Ervin Jones get out of the car.

After Ervin got off the car, he respectfully raised his bows at Charlie, and said: “Thank you, Mr. Wade!”

Charlie looked at him and said lightly: “Ervin Jones, you must never tell anyone what happened today, do you understand?”

“Mr. Wade, don’t worry, Ervin understands!” Ervin Jones’s face was full of admiration, and he had treated Charlie like a god.
Charlie nodded in satisfaction and drove away.

And Ervin Jones stood there, watching Charlie drive away, but did not dare to move for a long time.

As for Elsa in the car, Charlie and Claire directly took her to the hotel.

Elsa has always stayed in a hotel in Aurous Hill and lived in Shangri-La. The security here is very good, and it is the property of the Wade family. It would take Elsa’s cousin tonnes of courage, and he would never dare to attack Elsa here.

Until she got out of the car, Elsa’s eyes looking at Charlie were still very complicated. She was like a big rock in her heart. She had a lot of words. She wanted to say to Charlie, she wanted to thank him, and she wanted to confess to him, regretting that she had no eyes. She read him wrong.

It was just that in front of Claire, what she wanted to say could not be said at all.

Can’t help it several times, Elsa hesitated and stopped.

Elsa arrived at the door of the hotel, Claire hugged her and said softly: “Elsa, remember, you must call Charlie when you encounter trouble, and don’t let yourself be in danger.”
Elsa nodded and said softly: “Don’t worry, Claire, I will.”

Charlie looked at Claire holding Elsa, and couldn’t help feeling sore. His wife had not held him many times, but she often held Elsa, her best friend.

Charlie didn’t notice. Elsa looked at Claire’s eyes with some envy as well.

Taking into account that Elsa is Claire’s best friend, Charlie likes their company. For her safety, he took advantage of the second daughter’s goodbye to send a message to Issac: “Please send a message to Eastcliff Dong’s family. If they follow the idea of

harming Elsa anymore, I will level the Dong family!”

The strength of the Dong family is less than one-tenth of the Wade family, they will not dare to make another mistake

After separating from Elsa, after Charlie and the two returned home, Claire hurried to the bathroom to take a shower and change clothes because of the rain.

Charlie handed all the money he took back from Ervin Jones to Jacob.

Jacob triumphantly took over 300,000 and said excitedly: “These 300,000 are just the beginning. Next time I will earn him 3 million by picking up leaks. From now on, our family’s good life will depend on me. Hahahaha.”
Charlie smiled awkwardly, and said in his heart, “Jacob, Jacob, you can spare Ervin Jones. This grandson has been cheated for so long, and I don’t know how much money he can make, but he lost 300,000 from you all at once.

If you find some rubbish crafts for him, he thinks that he is the Old Master, and he is afraid that you will be angry, and then spend a lot of money to buy it, he will be tortured to bankruptcy sooner or later.

Although Ervin Jones is a profiteer, his human nature is not bad. It is indeed impossible to let him cut meat to the Old Master.

So Charlie persuaded him: “Dad, you should not deal with Ervin Jones less in the future. This person doesn’t have a word in his mouth. Sooner or later you will suffer a lot if you get caught with him.”

Jacob disdainfully said: “What do you know, you show people feng shui or something outside, that’s a lie. We are doing a serious antique business. If you don’t understand, don’t follow suit. Keep your eyes open and look good. Go ahead.”
Chapter 268

Seeing that Jacob had identified this path of no return, Charlie could only shake his head helplessly and returned to the bedroom.

When he walked into the bedroom, Claire had already taken a shower and put on lavender silk suspender pajamas.

The fragrant shoulders were like snow, the jade arms were smooth and tender, and most of her beautiful back was exposed. Charlie couldn’t help his throat dry as his eyes focused on her.

The pajamas, thin as cicada wings, neatly outline the graceful curves of her lying on her side. The skirt just covers her thighs. The two curvy legs are slightly close together, and the jade feet are round as jade.

Claire’s face was reddened by his fiery eyes, and she quickly groaned: “What are you looking at? It’s not that you haven’t seen it before, what’s so beautiful.”

Charlie smiled: “My wife, you look so beautiful, I can’t see enough.” Claire rolled her eyes, but her beautiful eyes flashed with strange colors.

Today Charlie’s performance surprised her. Previously, she thought that Charlie would only look at Feng Shui and know a little about martial arts, but she didn’t expect him to be so brilliant.
At the critical moment, it was really unusual to be able to save the life of her best friend!

She couldn’t help asking: “Charlie, tell me why are you so powerful? Even Oliver Vincent are not your opponents.”

Charlie grinned and said: “This is a secret unless you let me k!ss, otherwise I won’t tell you.”

Claire screamed, blushing, and said, “In your dreams.”

Charlie looked at Claire’s little woman’s posture, and his heart was hot. He turned around and opened the closet to find the quilt.

But when he opened the closet, he was stunned.

The closet was empty, and the mattress he usually used to hit the floor was gone. “Wife, where is my quilt?”

Charlie turned around and asked.

Claire recovered and said, “I just took it and washed it for you.”

Charlie was speechless for a while, and even the place to sleep was gone, and said helplessly: “I can’t sleep on the floor without a mattress, then I’ll go to the sofa.”

“Really a pig.” Claire curled her lips, took out her personal bedding from the closet, and handed it to Charlie: “You use mine.”
On the white bedding, there was still a faint fragrance, Charlie exulted, and said dryly: “Wife, you are so kind to me.”

Claire glanced at Charlie and said, “Go to sleep.”

Charlie replied, holding Claire’s private bedding, smelling the faint fragrance, and couldn’t help but feel excited.

If this continues, wouldn’t he be able to sleep with his wife soon?

At this time, Claire said to him: “I have to be busy with the studio for these two days. I just got up the matter and I have to hurry up to find some orders. You stay with my dad at home. Don’t let him go out and buy things. Those antiques, have you heard of them?”

Charlie hurriedly said: “My wife, I’ll go to help your studio? No salary, I’ll clean the table, sweep the floor, serve you tea, or something!”

Claire smiled and said: “No, the studio is still out of work. If the work goes alive, I can

draw pictures and make design drafts. I don’t need your help. You can do housework at home.”

Chapter 269

Early the next morning, Claire hurried to the studio.
Charlie rode his electric bike to buy vegetables at the vegetable market.

Claire has been busy working on the work of the studio recently. It has been very hard. He bought some high-nutrition dishes to supplement his wife.

When he finished buying vegetables, Charlie just came out of the vegetable market and saw Elsa in there.

“Charlie!” Elsa called him, her face full of excitement.

Charlie looked at her and said in surprise: “Elsa, what a coincidence, you are here too!” Elsa looked at Charlie and said falteringly: “Yes, no, no, I am.”

Charlie was a little confused, and said, “Speak slowly, have you encountered something?”

Elsa couldn’t help her cheeks getting embarrassed. In fact, she had been waiting outside Claire’s home early in the morning and had been following Charlie all the way.

Elsa plucked up the courage, but her red lip lightly, and said, “I came here to thank you specially. Thank you for saving me yesterday.”

Charlie couldn’t laugh or cry and said, “I saved you because you are Claire’s best friend. You don’t have to be so polite with me for that.”
What did he think it was because of this.

Elsa shook her head and summoned the courage to continue: “Charlie, in fact, I still know that not only did you save me yesterday, but you were also the one who saved me last time at the Aurous Hill Hotel.”

Charlie snorted, how could Elsa know what happened last time? He masked himself last time, she shouldn’t have known it!

He hurriedly denied it and said: “You must have admitted the wrong person? I have never been to an Aurous Hill restaurant. There must be someone else who saved you.”

Elsa looked at Charlie with incomparably complex eyes, with unwillingness, admiration, and unspeakable resentment in it.

Why didn’t he even have the idea of confessing? Isn’t he so worthless in his own eyes? He didn’t even admit to saving her?

Thinking of this, she said with tears in her eyes: “When I was in the Aurous Hill Hotel, Harold invited me to dinner. I was accosted by the rich second generation. As a result, Harold provoked others and was surrounded by people at the door of the restaurant. At the critical juncture, Harold left me and escaped. At that time, there was a masked hero, like a world-famous hero, who defeated everyone and saved me, and you also saved me.”
Speaking of this, Elsa’s complexion instantly turned red, and that day she had a skin-to- skin relationship with Charlie, and her pants were taken off by him.

Of course, she also knew very well that Charlie took off her pants, in fact, to save her, and did not have any unruly intentions.

Charlie’s face turned green after hearing this, this lady, who really doesn’t open the pot, can she admit this kind of thing?

Of course not!

If he let Claire know that something like this happened to him and her girlfriend, she can’t blow up the pot!

“Elsa, you really misunderstood. I can fight very well, but I am really not your savior.”

After speaking, he hurriedly changed his words: “Even if it was me, it was only the one time I saved you yesterday!”

Seeing that Charlie didn’t admit it at this time, Elsa sighed faintly and took out the safe and wealthy stone from her pocket.

“What about this stone? How do you explain it.”

Charlie’s eyes widened, isn’t this his own stone that has been lost for a long time? He
couldn’t find it all the time. Why was it in Elsa’s hands? Could it be that he rescued her at the Aurous Hill Hotel and it was picked up by her?

Chapter 270

No wonder he couldn’t find this stone after that day, it turned out to be lost that day!

And it happened to be picked up by Elsa

“I really can’t explain it now, let me go”, he said in his heart.

Thinking of this, Charlie could only bite the bullet and pretended to be stupid, and said, “What do you mean, isn’t this just a broken stone?”

Elsa looked at Charlie’s eyes seriously and said, “Don’t lie to me, Ervin Jones has already told me that this stone is yours. It is called the Ping An Wealth Stone, and it is unique in the world.”

When Charlie heard this, he secretly scolded Ervin Jones bloody, how could this Ervin speak out.

Seeing that Elsa had grasped the conclusive evidence at this time, Charlie could only nod and confessed: “Well, I admit that I was the one who rescued you at the Aurous Hill Hotel at the time, and I saw you by accident that day. Tell Claire!”
As Charlie admitted, the atmosphere between the two became silent for a while.

Charlie was embarrassed that he had concealed his identity for so long, but Elsa directly pierced him, not knowing how to face her.

But Elsa’s thoughts are surging like waves, and her mind is extremely complicated.

Elsa looked at Charlie, wanted to speak a few times, but she wanted to stop. Finally, she mustered up the courage and took a step forward, only half a slap away from Charlie’s body.

“Charlie, I like you!”

The corner of Charlie’s mouth twitched, and he took a step back without a trace, and said: “Elsa, I am your girlfriend’s husband”

Elsa gritted her teeth and said: “So what? I know that you and Claire have no relationship basis. You were married at the time because of Mr. Willson. If so, then you not a husband who snatches a girlfriend, you are my girlfriend’s fake husband.”

With that, Elsa grabbed Charlie’s hand and placed it on her heart, and said in a loving

tone: “Charlie, I am not an inferior beginning, and I am not inferior to her in any sense. I am still the eldest daughter of the Dong family. And I love you more than her, I am
willing to do anything for you.”

Charlie felt the plumpness on Elsa’s chest, quickly withdrew his hand, and refused: “Elsa, there is absolutely no possibility for the two of us. I cannot betray Claire, and I believe

that you are just having a momentary impulse. Don’t put your mind on me, it’s not worth it.”

Elsa was rejected by Charlie, her pretty face said stubbornly: “No, I went back yesterday and thought about it all night, Charlie, since you saved me for the first time, I have fallen in love with you, the second time you saved me, I have fallen in love with you


As she said, she said loudly and emotionally: “I just like you! I just love you! You believe me, if you are willing to be with me, I will not let anyone look down on you! I can be the silent one next to you forever a woman who supports you!”

Charlie couldn’t help smiling wryly.

Elsa only knew that he was her lifesaver, but she didn’t know he was also the chairman of the Emgrand Group and the eldest master of the Wade family. If he wanted not to be looked down upon by others, she could immediately disclose his identity and receive worship from countless people from then on.
However, that kind of life is not rare at all.

But Charlie definitely couldn’t say that, otherwise it would hurt Elsa too much. Moreover, it will reveal his true identity.

Elsa looked at Charlie and said stubbornly: “It doesn’t matter if you reject me now, but I will definitely not back down. I will use my practical actions to let you know that I love you more and suit you better than ever. I can only be your underground lover in the

future, and I am willing to follow you forever!”

Charlie said helplessly: “Elsa, you are just a little impulsive now. I advise you to think about it carefully. Then, I go home to cook, you can think about it yourself.”

After finishing speaking, Charlie rode away on the tram like escaping.

Charlie felt that Elsa must have been hot for three minutes, and after two days of hiding, she would definitely have no such thoughts.

However, at this moment, Elsa looked at Charlie’s leaving figure, but her eyes were still very firm. She said to herself: “Elsa, don’t be discouraged, you can definitely do it!”