The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 211 - 220

Chapter 211

Warnia couldn’t understand why Mr. Lai just changed her fortune, and then there was such a big problem?

At the moment on the phone, he said: “There is no way, Miss, now the other party strongly demands triple compensation, we are very passive!”

Warnia hurriedly asked: “Could it be a mistake? Did you ask them to test it again!”

The other party said: “I have already told them, but they said that after monitoring twice, the goods still failed the test!”

Warnia blurted out: “Check the source immediately to see our export records. When was this batch of goods produced and who was responsible? Find out and tell me clearly!”

After that, she said again: “In the U.S., you can drag as long as you can, and then send a few people over to check it out!”

“OK, mam!”

After hanging up the phone, Warnia’s expression was cloudy. She looked at Mr. Lai and asked, “Mr. Lai I have encountered another particularly difficult thing. If it can’t be solved, the loss may exceed 500 million. Haven’t you reversed the fortune?!”

Mr. Lai dodged Warnia’s eyes, and said falteringly: “Stopping adversity also takes time, and it cannot be done overnight.”

Warnia replied: “Then it will improve slowly, and there shouldn’t be new bad luck suddenly!”

At this time, Warnia called again, and it turned out to be the eldest son of the Hong Kong Li family!

She hurriedly connected the phone, smiled and said, “Hello, Gongzi Li!”

“Miss Song.” The other party said in a cold voice: “We thought about it and felt that the Song family was not the best partner in our eyes, so we might unilaterally terminate the cooperation.”

“Termination of cooperation?!” Warnia suddenly became anxious and blurted out: “Mr. Li, you should be able to see that we are obviously superior in all aspects compared to others! The cooperation between the Li family and our Song family is the best and Good choice”

The other party chuckled and said: “To be honest, a master next to my father is measuring Feng Shui for my father. He said that the aura of the Song family does not seem to match that of the Li family. If we continue to cooperate with you, it may affect the fortune of the Li family, so , I’m sorry Miss Song.”

After speaking, he hung up phone. This!

Warnia originally wanted to take this opportunity to take the Song family to the next level, but she was completely disappointed when she did not expect it to be empty.

Mr. Lai was already a little panicked at this time. He originally wanted to lie to her and leave as soon as possible. He didn’t expect that after his own practice, Warnia suddenly became even more unlucky?

He felt that in this place shouldn’t stay here for long, so he hurriedly said: “Miss Song, the change of Feng Shui fortune requires a process, so you must calm down. I believe that by tomorrow, everything will disappear! I will leave now!”

After he finished speaking, he was about to walk outside.

Warnia blurted out: “Wait a minute! Mr. Lai, this situation is obviously problematic! Why did I have two such big troubles immediately after you finished the formation!? Give me an explanation for everything you say! “

Just after speaking, Warnia felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen, which made her sigh, almost unable to stand firm.

She barely stood firm by holding on to the TV on the wall, and the colic made her sweat! She wondered, what was wrong! When this has not yet come, how can it happen to her.

She hasn’t figured it out yet. There was another sharp pain in her lower abdomen. This pain made her legs soft and she could only hold the TV with her hands to keep standing.

At this time, the bracket of the TV on the wall suddenly clicked, and the metal bracket broke!

Chapter 212

Seeing that the sixty-inch big TV slammed into her feet in a daze, Charlie hurriedly stepped forward and took her hand, and violently pulled her into his arms.

With a loud noise, the TV set fell off and hit the ground heavily.

The casing and screen suddenly shattered, and a piece of shattered hard plastic was snapped out, wiping Warnia’s slender white calf and flew by.

“Ah!” Warnia felt a sharp pain in her calf, and when she lowered her head, it had already cut a two to three centimeters long opening, and blood poured out in an instant.

Charlie hurriedly took out a tissue from his pocket, squatted down to help her cover the wound, and asked: “Miss, do you have disinfection products such as iodophor at home?”
Warnia was a little angry when Charlie touched her calf, just about to have an attack, but when she thought that Charlie had saved her just now, she suppressed the fire.

She immediately looked at Lai Buyi and asked with obvious anger: “Mr. Lai, if you don’t give me a reasonable explanation today, don’t go anywhere!”

When Orvel saw this, he grabbed Master Wade Lai by the neck and asked coldly: “d*mn, say! What did you do to our lady?!”

Mr. Lai cried and said, “I didn’t do anything! I just set up a battle to help her change her fortune.”

“You don’t bluff me!” Orvel scolded angrily: “You changed her fortune for the worse, right?”

After that, Orvel gritted his teeth and cursed: “Say, did you collect money from someone and deliberately harm our eldest lady?”

Mr. Lai trembled in shock, and blurted out, “Big Brother, I didn’t! I was not instructed by anyone.”

Orvel grinned and said, “If you don’t tell the truth, then I will chop you up and feed to the dog!”
After that, he immediately said to Warnia: “Miss, hand this [email protected] over to me, I will let him evaporate from the world!”

Warnia was also very annoyed, and said coldly, “Mr. Lai, if you don’t give me an explanation, then I can only order the people to do things!”

Mr. Lai hurriedly knelt on the ground, crying and said: “Miss, I just lied to you for some money, I really didn’t hurt you!”

Warnia asked with a cold face: “What you did just now was all fooling me?”

“Yes.” Mr. Lai hurriedly took out the check and begged for mercy: “I will refund you the money, please let me go.”

Warnia stared at him for a while, seeing that he didn’t seem to be lying, she felt even more desperate.

what happened? Is her fortune worse?

Suddenly, she suffered heavy losses. If this continues, the family business will be ruined in her own hands.

At this moment, Charlie, who had not spoken, suddenly said, “Miss, in fact, Mr. Lai did not do nothing.”

Warnia looked at him and asked, “What does this mean?”
Charlie said calmly: “The layout of your room is matched with your own five elements to form a large array of trapped dragons on Feng Shui!”

“The Dragon Array will lock all your fortune into the formation. The reason there is still a little leeway is because the pot of green plants has left a gate for the Dragon Array.”

After speaking, Charlie looked at the so-called Mr. Lai and smiled: “Unfortunately, this guy replaced the green plant with a stone. The stone is gold. This time, the gate is sealed. It doesn’t matter if you remove it now. Use it, so your fortune will be lost instantly, and it will only get worse and worse.”

Warnia was suddenly struck by lightning, and hurriedly put away the contempt for him before, bowed and clasped her fists and said pleadingly, “Mr. Charlie, please help!”

Chapter 213

Mr. Lai knew that he had caused a catastrophe when he heard this, and hurriedly said, “Miss Song, I didn’t mean it! Mr. Wade please take that stone away quickly.”

Charlie shook his head: “It’s useless to take it away. The Dragon Array is closed. It’s like throwing a stone into the water. Even if the stone is taken away, the water wave generated by the stone cannot be stopped.
Warnia looked at Charlie dumbfounded, and she couldn’t help but respect him a little bit, and asked: “Mr. Wade please help me solve this troubled dragon formation. No matter how much money I have to spend, I will not hesitate!”

When Orvel heard that Charlie saw the doorway, he hurriedly said: “Mr. Charlie, please help our eldest lady.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Miss Song, the Feng Shui in your room was not originally a trapped dragon, but this year is your natal year. Your own lifestyle has changed during this life year. It doesn’t fit in with the Feng Shui of this room, so it forms a big trapped dragon formation.”

After all, Charlie said again: “I want to change the Feng Shui of your room now, it may cause damage to your room, and I hope you don’t mind.”

Warnia said immediately: “Mr. please, even if you demolish this house, I have no objection!”

Charlie nodded and said to the housekeeper: “Uncle Boyu, please find a crowbar.” Boyu immediately said: “I will get it now!”
After a while, Boyu came in with a metal crowbar and asked: “Mr. Wade is this all right?” “Give it to me.”

Charlie looked around carefully, then pinched his fingers to make the final decision, then took a few steps in the room, pointed to a piece of wooden floor under his feet, and

said, “Mr. Orvel, please pry this floor open.”

Orvel nodded, did not go to help immediately, but looked at Mr. Lai and punched him in the abdomen.

With this punch down, Mr. Lai immediately spit out a mouthful of blood and wailed on the ground.

Orvel is a gangster like that, who has very practical experience. After this punch, Mr. Lai has no ability to sit up, let alone escape.

After that, Orvel took the crowbar from Boyu and raised the floor according to Charlie’s instructions.

The floor was pried open, exposing the concrete floor. Orvel asked him: “Mr. Charlie, what should I do next?”

Charlie said lightly: “The trapped dragon array must have a central axis, so I just deduced it. Below this should be the central axis of the trapped dragon array. The central axis of the trapped dragon array is driven by water, and the water flows through the eyes. It will produce the effect of locking the fortune, so if I am not wrong, there should be a water pipe line under this cement.”
“Really?” Orvel asked in surprise: “Mr. Charlie, can your eyes see through?”

Charlie said indifferently: “It’s not a perspective, but a deduction through the five elements and knowledge! For example, if you see the lights on the roof turn on, you can guess that the roof must be buried in telecommunications.”

What Charlie said were all Feng Shui mysteries recorded in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures. Most people don’t understand Feng Shui formation at all, so they can’t guess where there is water or fire.

At this time, Charlie said again: “I think the cement on the water pipe should be very thin. You can see if you hit it hard with a crowbar a few times.”

“Good!” Orvel suddenly slammed the concrete floor hard, breaking a thin layer of concrete away in a few strokes.

Everyone held their breath and watched, and as expected, they saw Orvel smash a PVC water pipe as thick as a thumb from the cement!

This kind of water pipe leads from the aisle to the bathroom, but there is only this one, that is, in a huge house, the water pipe can be anywhere.
However, Charlie was able to directly point out the specific location of the water pipe, which was a bit shocking!

Chapter 214

“It’s amazing!” Not only Orvel was stunned, but Warnia and Boyu were also dumbfounded.

It’s amazing to be able to find out the water pipes hidden in the cement.

Charlie said again: “Break open the water pipe and let the water spill out. Once the water comes out of the formation, it will break down the formation. Once the formation

collapses, the it will no longer exist!”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Mr. Orvel, you must smash this water pipe!”

Orvel nodded and smashed the floor several times before smashing the water pipe.

A large swath of water mist spewed out in a flash, and Charlie, Warnia and Boyu all hurriedly backed away to avoid it.

When the water gushed out, Charlie discovered that the Dragon Dragon Formation had also been completely abolished because of the fatal damage.

Afterwards, Charlie said to Boyu: “Turn off the water valve, the dragon formation has been broken.”
“This is broken?” Everyone looked incredulous.

Charlie said calmly: “It has been broken, and Miss Song’s fortune has been suppressed for so many days, and she should soon flourish.”

Just after speaking, Warnia’s phone rang.

“Mr. Song, the American side called and said that they made a mistake in the sample. It is not our problem. Our goods are all qualified.”


Warnia really took it! As soon as this breaks the formation, it immediately revolves

As soon as she hung up the call, she immediately said to Charlie with a look of gratitude: “Mr. Charlie, you are such a god! Thank you so much!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Miss Song, you are welcome. I have also been entrusted by Mr. Orvel to come and help. All should be done.”

Hearing this, Orvel was so moved that he almost cried. He didn’t expect that Charlie could still remember to speak for him at this time. In this way, he would definitely be able to remember his work with Missy!

He has always wanted to hug the eldest lady’s thigh, but the eldest lady is more repulsive to people of his origin, so he has always been able to wander around the edge of the Song family’s industry. With this credit, he will Surely you will be able to enter the Song family’s direct line of troops!
Warnia looked at Mr. Orvel and said, “You took interest in this matter, and I will remember it.”

Orvel hurriedly said: “Miss, this is my business!”

Warnia nodded. In front of Orvel, she was still the tall lady, but in front of Charlie, she was very respectful.

At this time, Warnia’s cell phone rang again. It’s Gongzi Li from Hong Kong Li Family!

“Young Mr. Li?”

Warnia was a little bit dissatisfied with the pigeons being released by Gongzi Li.

Gongzi Li said on the phone, “Miss Song, I’m so sorry! Just a little misunderstanding, my father’s Feng Shui master said, Miss Song, your fortune has changed suddenly, and now your wealth is soaring, and you are overwhelmed. I strongly recommend that we cooperate with your Song family. I sincerely hope that we can sign the contract as soon as possible. I want to fly to your city tomorrow. I wonder if I will be able to see you face to face?”

Chapter 215

Gongzi Li’s attitude suddenly changed drastically, and Warnia was shocked, and her chin almost fell to the ground!
Although she was a little angry at what Gongzi Li had done before, she was about to shout out excitedly now.

But she restrained it and said, “In this case, let’s make an appointment at a time and place for the signing ceremony.”

Gongzi Li said immediately: “The sooner the signing is, the better, so let me fly to Aurous Hill tomorrow to meet you in person!”

Warnia hung up the phone, almost admiring Charlie

From the two phone calls made by Gongzi Li just now, she can just see the power of Charlie.

The liar, Mr. Lai, destroyed the only student of the Dragon Array. Gongzi Li immediately called and refused to cooperate. He also said that it was his father’s Feng Shui master who saw that her luck was not good, and as soon as Charlie broke the formation, the opponent immediately Called and said that her wealth was soaring, this was the best

proof of Charlie’s strength.

When Warnia was amazed, she received another call from a stranger, and the other party asked, “Is it Miss Song?”

“It’s me, who are you?”
The other party said: “Miss Song, I am the manager of the Hermès store. You tried clothes and accessories in our store last week. Do you remember?”

Warnia said: “Well, remember, what’s the matter?”

The other party said: “That’s right, we just found a string of diamond jewelry in the corner of the fitting room with your name engraved on it. I think you should have left it in the store, so I called to confirm it!”

Warnia suddenly trembled with excitement, and asked: “Where is the bracelet now? Is it with you?”

“Yes, in our shop.”

“Then I will fetch it!”

After hanging up the phone, Warnia could not control her tears. She looked at Charlie and choked with gratitude: “Mr. Charlie, the bracelet my mother left for me has been found. Thank you so much.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Just find it. If Miss Song is in a hurry, please go and get it!”

Warnia nodded, hurriedly wrote a check for 20 million, handed it to Charlie, and said, “Mr. Charlie, this is a little heart, please accept it!”
Charlie smiled slightly and waved his hand. 20 million?

I really don’t lack twenty million

I don’t know how to spend nearly tens of billions of cash there. What do you want me to do with 20 million?

So, he said lightly: “Miss Song, you and I are also friends. There is no need to talk about money for this matter.”

Warnia still insisted at this time: “Mr. Charlie, the twenty million is a part of my heart, so I hope you can accept it! Otherwise, I will really feel sorry!”

Charlie said indifferently: “Miss Song, there may be intersections in the future, so why bother to calculate the accounts so clearly.”

When Warnia heard this, she suddenly realized that she hurriedly put away the check

and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, Mr. Charlie, I am a little stupid. If something happens to Mr. Charlie in the future, Warnia dare not follow the instructions!”

Charlie gave a hum and said, “Okay, go get your bracelet back!”

Warnia nodded, she really couldn’t wait to get her bracelet back, so after thanking Charlie, she hurriedly asked Boyu to drive her out.
After the two of them left, Orvel was also extremely grateful to Charlie, holding his hand, and excitedly said: “Mr. Charlie, you are so interesting! If you have anything in the future, even if you go up to the sword mountain or down the fire. , I am also willing to put my heart on the ground for you!

Chapter 216

Charlie smiled and said, “Remember your words, maybe I will have something to do for you in the future!”

Orvel hurriedly nodded: “Mr. Charlie, if you have anything, just order!”

At this time, Mr. Lai had been lying on the floor crying and begging for mercy: “Big Brother, please I am a bullsh*t! I will never dare anymore!”

Orvel sneered: “You liar, my people will come right away, and they will arrange it for you!”

Charlie asked in a low voice, “What are you going to do with him?”

Orvel said coldly: “I said how to chop up and feed the dog, how can I say nothing? I have a little brother who opened a dog-fighting kennel, let alone him, ten sc*m he can also eat with those dogs.
Charlie glanced at him without any sympathy.

This kind of deceitful liar is no different from a quack doctor. If a quack doctor is not cured, he will kill people. If you mess with this kind of fake Feng Shui, you may also die.

To put it bluntly, they are all rascal [email protected], and they are indeed dead.

Moreover, today, in order to defraud Warnia’s money, he completely completed the trapped dragon formation. Warnia could have run out of life soon.

People like her control hundreds of billions of assets. If her fortune and fate are all

exhausted, I don’t know how many people below will be implicated. In that case, Warnia will not be the only one killed!

Therefore, there is really no need for such a sc*m to stay in the world.

At this time, Orvel’s younger brother came over, set up the deceitful Mr. Lai and took away.

When Mr. Lai left, the ghost cried and howled, crying how miserable, innocent, and regretful he was, but no one sympathized with him.

Charlie shook his head as he watched, and said that he had a bloody disaster today, he didn’t believe him, he really deserved it.
After solving all the problems, Orvel thanked Charlie a lot, and only then sent him home. After returning home, Claire was still looking for work online.

Charlie didn’t say much. In fact, Charlie himself wanted to support Claire in starting a company, but it seemed that Claire didn’t have this idea, so he didn’t say much.

He also didn’t want Claire to be too tired. If she were to start a company and start a business, sshe would have a lot of work in the early stage. With Claire’s personal character, she would suffer a lot.

In the evening, Charlie received a call from his good brother Darren in college.

Since the last time helped him teach a lesson to the adulterer and his ex in the hospital, Charlie has never seen him again. The main reason is that there are too many things in the family that he really can’t take care of.

Darren told Charlie on the phone that he had almost recovered and was discharged today.

Since Charlie helped him get back to the hotel and paid millions in compensation, the first thing he did when he was discharged from the hospital was to invite a few better classmates to dinner.
Seeing that his good brother was about to be discharged from the hospital, Charlie naturally readily agreed.

At this time, Claire walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and casually asked Charlie: “It’s so late, who is calling you?”

Charlie said indifferently: “Darren is discharged from the hospital. We are going to have a dinner. Let’s go together tomorrow.”

Claire nodded and said, “Okay.”

Chapter 217

At noon the next day.

Charlie drove his wife Claire to Fenglin Hotel.

Although Fenglin Hotel is not top-notch in Aurous Hill, it can be regarded as a luxury level, enough to show Darren’s sincerity.

This time Darren was also considered to be bleeding, and he directly booked a luxurious box in the Fenglin Hotel.

The box is luxuriously decorated, enough to accommodate twenty people, and the initial consumption alone is seven or eight thousand.

After Charlie arrived, many people had already arrived in the box, besides Darren and Elsa, there were also a few classmates.

Elsa has not had a good time recently.
She has come to Aurous Hill from Yenching University for a long time, so as to have the opportunity to get in touch with the chairman of the Emgrand Group. However, after working for so long, she has never had a chance to see the real person of the chairman!

Moreover, she used to be the administrative director inside the company, but now it’s better to go straight out to be the sales director. She runs around outside every day.

What made her tortured even more was that she had been obsessed with that man since she was rescued by that mysterious man last time.

Therefore, her desire to meet the chairman of the Emgrand Group is not as great as before. Now she only wants to see her lifesaver, because she feels as if she has fallen in love with the mysterious man at first sight.

But she couldn’t think of it. In fact, the chairman of the Emgrand Group and the mysterious lifesaver were actually the same person, Charlie.

Seeing Charlie and Claire entering the box, Darren hurriedly stood up and said: “Charlie, Claire, you are here, sit down have a seat.”
Darren greeted Charlie and Claire with a very respectful tone, and he admired and appreciated this good brother.

Elsa looked a little haggard when she saw the two of them. She felt that she had a stomach and no one could say anything. Seeing Claire, she suddenly had the urge to talk.

So she stepped forward and took Claire’s wrist and said weakly, “Claire, let’s sit together. I have something to tell you.”

Claire smiled and said, “What’s wrong with you, looking listless?”

Elsa sighed and said, “It’s not because of my mysterious lifesaver. I found that I have fallen in love with him completely. Now I close my eyes and I am full of him in my head. It is him who I see in sleeps and dreams, but I can’t find him. What should I do with him”

“This, I can’t help it.” Claire helplessly spread her hands. After Elsa was rescued by a mysterious man, she shouted all day to find that man. But there are so many people, where can I find him? A single mysterious person?

Charlie on the side just sat down and heard Claire and Elsa’s words, a cold sweat broke out on his forehead, Elsa actually fell in love with him?
This is too ridiculous, don’t let Elsa know that her male god is him, otherwise there will definitely be a mess!

After three rounds of wine and food, Darren began to liven up the atmosphere again: “Everyone, thank you all for coming today. I will toast to everyone.”

After speaking, he drank it all.

Several well-connected classmates applauded one after another: “Mr. Darren is great!” Charlie smiled faintly, took a sip from the wine glass.

“I heard that Mr. Darren is now the big boss, he opened a big hotel, he still has two million cash in his hand, and he knows people on in the infuluential circles, he must take care of us in the future.”

A coquettish woman dressed in enchanting clothes with light makeup on her face smiled charmingly.

Chapter 218

“Juan Thompson, what you said, Darren and us are the best classmates. If something happens, he will definitely give us a hand.

A man with a Chinese character face also picked up a wine glass and drank it in one go.

Charlie glanced over them faintly, vaguely remembering that the two of them were his college classmates, the female was Juan Thompson, and the male was Jianhua Liu.
Darren said embarrassedly: “What it is, It is really a long story, not worth mentioning!”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Charlie and sighed with emotion.

When he met a s*umbag, he had almost been deceived for nothing, and was even beaten up.

However, it is precisely because of Charlie’s help that he could retake the hotel and receive two million in compensation.

It can be said that this was all given by Charlie, so how embarrassed to take it out.

So, he turned the topic off and said: “Jianhua is doing well now. I heard that you have become an executive of a company, and you have an annual salary of 700,000 to 800,000.”

Jianhua sighed and said, “Don’t mention it, that company is too bad. I’m about to resign and go to Xinhe Company to try. I heard that our university classmate Qiang Han was a senior manager there. Now it’s pretty good! Unexpectedly, this kid could have this


“Oh, he” Darren smiled awkwardly. His relationship with Qiang Han was not good, so Qiang Han was not invited to this party.
However, Jianhua and Qiang Han are very close. If they go to Xinhe Company and have Qiang Han’s support, they must be able to mix in a good position.

Elsa also said thoughtfully: “I heard that Xinhe Company in Aurous Hill is also a good large company, and it is quite strong. I can’t expect Qiang Han to mix so well now.”

Claire suddenly froze when she heard Xinhe Company.

After breaking with the Willson family, she was expelled from the Willson Group. In order to find a job, she has put in a lot of resumes these days, one of which is Xinhe Company.

Thinking of this, Claire smiled and said, “It just so happens that I have to apply for a job at Xinhe Group. If it passes, we will work in a company in the future.”

Juan on the side asked in astonishment: “In the beginning, you have been in the Willson Group well, why should you go to Xinhe Company to submit your resume?”

Claire said helplessly: “I have drawn a clear line from the Willson family now, so I have to go out and find a new job, otherwise I can’t support my family.”
When Juan heard this, she looked at Charlie’s eyes full of contempt: “Charlie, look at how hard it was in the beginning. As a man, you actually let your woman fall to this point, you are too Useless.”

The relationship between Jianhua and Charlie is not good, so she laughed

unscrupulously: “Charlie, or go to Qiang Han’s company to apply, although with your

ability, you can only be a cleaner. , But for the face of old classmates, it’s okay to let you be a cleaning foreman.”

Charlie said lightly: “You should keep this good thing for yourself, I’m not interested.”

Seeing him so unappreciative, Jianhua said uncomfortably: “Charlie, I know you have a strong self-esteem, but you see now, everyone is better than you, I advise you to

recognize the reality.”

Darren frowned and said, “Okay, today is the day of our classmate’s reunion. Don’t run against Charlie like this.”

After that, Darren said apologetically to Charlie: “Charlie, you must not take to your heart, Juan and Jianhua are so straightforward.”
Juan snorted coldly and said, “Darren, who made Charlie this Rubbish always look calm and unreliable. He has no ability, and he is quite good at pretending to be compelling.”

Jianhua added disdainfully: “He is just a poor d*ck”

Chapter 219

Charlie’s eyes were very cold, but looking at Darren’s face, he didn’t bother to be familiar with these two idiots.

Seeing this, Juan and Jianhua looked down on Charlie even more. They were ridiculed. They didn’t even dare to put a bullsh*t. They were a waste!

Jianhua continued sarcastically: “Hey, if you want me to tell you, Claire is really blind. If so many good boys in our class don’t look for her, why did she pick a rag like Charlie?”

As he was speaking, at this moment, the door of the box was suddenly pushed open. “Boom”

Several sturdy men in black broke into the box, and one of them, a young man with a cigarette in his head, said coldly: “Get out of here, I want this box.”

Jianhua frowned and said, “What are you doing? Didn’t you see us eating?”
After speaking, he patted the table and said, “This is the Fenglin Hotel. Don’t you understand the rules of first come first come first?”

“First come first?”

The young man with a cigarette holding a small inch walked up to Jianhua and slapped him directly. Jianhua fell to the ground, his face swollen immediately.

“You fcking pretend to be forceful with me? I’m the fcking Leopard Lin under Orvel! who the h*ll are you!”

“Leopard Lin?”

Jianhua held his face, his eyes panicked. Leopard is a famous leader in this area. Although it’s not a big deal in Aurous Hill, it is a person who no one can afford to offend.

“Sorry Leopard, let’s go now, let’s go!”

Leopard sneered and looked at the crowd cursing: “What are you doing in a daze? Don’t get out of here!”

Elsa and Claire panicked, and subconsciously hid behind Charlie

Charlie looked at Leopard Lin and said coldly: “For Mr. Orvel’s face, you get out now, I can spare your life!”

“fck, Charlie, you’re fcking crazy, this is Leopard, Brother Leopard!”
“Sorry Brother Leopard, we are not familiar with this Charlie, just ask him if you have anything, don’t hurt us”

Jianhua and Juan criticized Charlie for being bloody. What a f*cking pretense, this is

Orvel’s Leopard! It’s a murderous person who has seen blood. You don’t want to look to him like this unless you are looking for death!

However, the man named Leopard hesitated. He looked at Charlie as if he was thinking of something. His expression suddenly changed and he said tentatively: “You are Charlie Wade?”

Leopard has been following Orvel for a long time. He had the privilege of hearing Charlie’s name, and then suddenly remembered.

Charlie said coldly: “Could there be two other Charlie Wades in Aurous Hill?!”

Leopard was struck by thunder, and immediately knelt on the ground: “I’m sorry Mr. Wade, I didn’t know that it were you Master. I deserve a million deaths!”

Jianhua watched this scene and said blankly: “Brother Leopard, is there any

misunderstanding? It’s true that this person is called Charlie, but he is just a Rubbish son-in-law, not a master at all!”
Leopard Lin turned pale when he heard this, and kicked Jianhua to the ground:

[email protected], your mother, are you looking for death? Dare to insult Mr. Wade and see if I won’t kill you today!”

Although Leopard can be regarded as the number one person in the surrounding area, he knew in his heart that he was a dog of Orvel, and facing Charlie, Orvel had to kneel and lick, and he was even qualified to lick the bottom. Dare not have it!

“And you btch, you fcking dare to insult Mr. Wade!”

While talking, Leopard turned his head and gave Juan a slap, bleeding her mouth.

Chapter 220

“Oh, Leopard Lin, we still have to eat, please get out of here!”

Charlie didn’t bother to care about a small character like Leopard, so he directly bowed his hand and let him go.

Leopard nodded and bowed his waist and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I’ll get out of here! Get out of here now!”

After finishing speaking, like a pug, he quickly retreated from the box.

In the box, don’t mention how uncomfortable Jianhua and Juan were. Charlie, who had just been mocked by them in every possible way, turned into Mr. Wade in the mouth of Brother Leopard. What the h*ll was going on?
There must be some misunderstanding inside, Charlie is just a waste! Also worthy of being called Lord, a master?

Darren said to the two of them: “You two, let’s have a snack in the future. You must be low-key when you come out. What should be said and what should not be said, think before you speak, it could bring you big trouble!”

Jianhua and Juan had just been beaten by Leopard, and now they dare not even let go. Darren then said to Charlie: “Charlie, thanks to you, I toast you on behalf of everyone,

thank you!”

Charlie smiled faintly: “It’s just a small matter.”

The next day, Claire received an interview invitation from Xinhe Company.

The interview was scheduled in the afternoon, and Charlie took advantage of Claire’s attention and took out his cell phone to call Solmon White.

After the call was connected, Solmon White’s respectful voice rang: “Mr. Wade, what are your instructions?”

Charlie said lightly: “My wife is going to apply for a job at Xinhe Construction Company. I want to ask you about this company.”
Solmon White was surprised and said: “Xinhe Construction Company? This company is a wholly-owned enterprise controlled by the White family. Miss Willson is going to apply for this company? This is too bad for Miss Willson, or I will just remove the chairman of the company. How about changing Miss Willson as the next Chairman?”

Charlie was stunned when he heard the words, he was a little surprised that Xinhe Company belonged to the White family.

If Solmon White can help, it would be good, but after thinking about it, his wife wanted to rely on her own ability, so he said lightly: “No, you just arrange it then and let my wife pass the interview.”

Solmon White immediately respectfully said: “Okay Mr. Wade, I will arrange it now.”

Here, after Solmon White just hung up the phone, he immediately asked his assistant to send a notice to the senior management of Xinhe Company. The thing Mr. Wade ordered, he must do well.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Claire was about to leave for an interview at Xinhe Company.
Since the car was sent to the 4s shop for maintenance today, Charlie and Claire had no choice but to take a taxi, but this was the peak time. The two waited on the roadside for a long time and did not get a taxi.

Claire was a little anxious, and said helplessly: “If I miss the interview with Xinhe Company a little later, it would definitely give them a bad impression. I would not have sent the car for maintenance if I knew it.”

Charlie was also very helpless. Looking at the number of taxis, there are more than fifty people who can turn to him. It’s really a mistake.

At this time, a black Rolls-Royce Phantom slowly stopped in front of the two.

The window rolled down and the person inside was Solmon White. He was surprised and said: “Mr. Charlie, are you planning to take a taxi?”

Charlie was stunned for a moment. It’s a coincidence that Solmon White just made it?

So he said: I want to take my wife to the Xinhe company for an interview, why are you here?”