The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 61 - 70

Chapter 61

Gerald really wants to die! Oh sh!t!

What’s up!

Did you go out today without reading the almanac? Why did you get slapped by Charlie one after another?

Even if he killed himself, this painting turned out to be real, and it was worth more than two hundred thousand!

However, he has already said his bold words, what should he do now? Should he really eat the table?


When the car burns you can buy it again, but how can the table be eaten? If you really eat it, don’t people want to die?

Other classmates also ridiculed him at this time: “Oh, Gerald, you said to eat the table yourself, don’t you regret it again at this time?”

“Yes, everyone is still waiting for your performance!”

Don’t know who slapped the table but a voice came: “Brother Gerald, please start your performance!”

Gerald’s expression was extremely ugly, and he blurted out: “Everyone, classmates, don’t you need to be so downhearted at this time?”

“Callous?” Charlie said with a smile: “You provoked this matter yourself. Everyone just urged you to fulfill your promises. Why do you get down?”

Gerald knew that he couldn’t get over with this crop today, so he could only endure his anger. He said in an annoying voice, “I was impulsive just now. I didn’t know it. I

apologize to Charlie and everyone. I hope everyone will be able to forgive.”

Seeing that he suddenly softened, everyone was very surprised. Is this still Gerald? When did he admit it?

But Gerald had no choice. What to do?

If he doesn’t admit that, he’s to eat the table, it’s impossible to eat it.

If he acts shamelessly, he must have committed public anger, and everyone still doesn’t know how to ridicule him.

Therefore, the only way at the moment is to admit the mistake, and only then can he overcome this hurdle.

Sure enough, as soon as he admitted, some classmates said: “Oh, it is not easy for Gerald to admit his mistake and apologize. Besides, it is impossible for everyone to really force others to eat the table, so let’s forget it!”

“That’s right, forget it! It’s impossible to eat a table, no one has eaten a table, let’s start it quickly!”

Charlie also knew that it was impossible for Gerald to eat at the table, but now that he admits it, his goal has been achieved. If you pretend to be forced, you have to clean up.

However, it is not enough for you to pretend to be so coercive and to tidy up like this. It is just the beginning, and there will be more miserable waiting for him later.

So he said, “Since Gerald has admitted his mistake and apologized, forget about eating the table. Today is the day when Darren Hotel opened, so don’t steal the limelight!”

Gerald breathed a sigh of relief.

But in his heart, he can’t wait to kill Charlie to relieve his only hatred.

Charlie didn’t plan to let him go either. He sent a text message to Doris Young: “Which vice president of the company has the surname White, and his son is Gerald, please

check for me.”

Doris Young quickly replied: “There is a vice president named Younghai White, and his son is named Gerald. What’s the matter with the chairman, what is your order?”

Charlie replied: “Knock him off and let him go now.” “OK, sir!”

Gerald didn’t know that his father had been expelled from the Emgrand Group and was walking through the expulsion process at the Emgrand Group.

After finally overcoming the gambling spell, he breathed a sigh of relief, but he was secretly thinking that he must find an opportunity to take revenge on Charlie!

Chapter 62:

More importantly, he has to find a way to regain his dignity in front of his classmates. Otherwise, after being beaten by Charlie twice in a row, how can he pretend to be formidable in front of classmates in the future?

When he didn’t know how to get his status back, there was a sudden noise at the door of the hotel.

Everyone looked sideways.

They saw a group of wicked young people rushing in, all of them wearing tattoos, holding baseball bats, galvanized water pipes, and the like. They were looking very uncomfortable at first sight.

Seeing such a group of people rushing in, everyone’s expressions changed, especially Darren and Lili, their eyes full of fear.

After the head of the scarred face came in, he first glanced around the hall, then pointed at Darren, and said with a grin: “Boss, don’t say hello in advance for such a big business, do you look down on us brothers?”
Lili’s face was pale, she squeezed out a smile, and said, “What are you guys doing?”

Before the opening, Lili heard that there are people collecting protection fees. The last owner of this restaurant was said to have been destroyed by these gangsters and had to transfer this shop out of necessity.

However, Lili felt that, in a bright world, would those black people still dare to grab money in broad daylight? That’s why she won this place at a low price and was ready to manage it.

Unexpectedly, just after opening, these people from the community would come here!

Scarface grinned: “When doing business here, we naturally want to take care of our

brother Biao. We don’t want too much. Give us 20% of the stock of your restaurant. In the future, if something happens to you here. It will be covered by us.”

After that, Scarface said coldly: “If you don’t give it, then don’t blame me for being polite, you have to close the door today!”

Upon hearing this price, Darren and Lili both took a breath. Twenty percent of the shares are required for one mouthful! This is daylight grabbing!
“Give you a minute to think about it.”

Suddenly, Gerald felt that he had a chance to come forward!

So he came out immediately and said: “Who are you guys with?”

Scarface asked with a grinning smile: “What are you, do I have to report to you?”

Gerald hummed and said, “Tell you, my father has contacts in both black and white in Aurous Hill! I’ll call the leader of the development zone and ask!”

Scarface looked at him with some fear, and tentatively said: “Do you know the leaders of the development zone?”

“Of course!” Gerald said coldly, “Get out if you don’t want to die!”

Scarface frowned and said, “Well, if you can find someone who can talk, I won’t come to this store in the future, but if you can’t find it, then don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Lili said nervously, “Brother Gerald, please contact us, please!”

Gerald smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, I will call the leaders of the development zone!”

The Emgrand Group also has projects in the development zone, and Gerald’s father is in charge, so the development zone leader has a lot of contact with his father, and he also knows Gerald.
Gerald called the first person directly, and he deliberately raised his voice and said: “Uncle Li, why are there a bunch of gangsters in the development zone collecting protection fees? They all came to my classmate’s business!”

There was a moment of stunned, and said: “Take off, what’s the matter?”

Gerald said: “A friend of mine opened a restaurant and encountered a disturbance and asked for protection fees, so I would like to ask District Mayor Li.”

The other end pondered for a moment, and said with a slight embarrassment: “I’m sorry to take off. I don’t care about these things you said. I’m in a meeting now, so I’ll hang up.”

Without waiting for Gerald to speak, he hung up the phone. Gerald was dumbfounded.

what happened? Wasn’t District Mayor Li always cheating on his father, hoping to get more investment from the Emgrand Group?

Why didn’t he listen now?

Where did Gerald know that the news that his father was expelled from the Emgrand Group had spread throughout the leadership of Aurous Hill!
Chapter 63

Gerald didn’t know the reason, so he was very annoyed. Now that so many classmates are watching, he can only grit his teeth and look for other relationships.

Gerald made another call to the person in charge of the district public security branch. This person also has a good relationship with his Dad.

As soon as the phone was connected, Gerald immediately said, “Director Issac, it’s me, Gerald, I have something to do in the development zone.”

Having said that, Gerald said the matter again.

The other party said embarrassingly: “Gerald, the other party is A Biao’s person, A Biao is Mr. Orvel’s person, you’d better not intervene in this matter.”

Gerald asked: “Don’t you care?”

The other side said: “You should also know the status of Orvel.”

Gerald was also a little flustered, and said, “Then you can always save face and help with the other party, right?”

The other party chuckled and said, “I really can’t sell this face, sorry.”

Gerald was angry and said, “Issac , I remember that you still want Emgrand Group to donate a batch of police cars to your branch? Don’t you want it?”
The other party simply didn’t say anything to him, and said coldly: “Gerald, your dad has been expelled from the Emgrand Group, don’t you know?”

“Expelled!? When did it happen?” “Half an hour ago!”

The other party said, and then said: “You can figure it out by yourself before speaking.” After speaking, hung up the phone!

Scarface saw him stunned, and said with a sneer: “Why? Can’t find anyone?”

Gerald was about to open his mouth to speak, but unexpectedly, Scarface slapped him in the face, and Gerald staggered, knocking down the table and chairs!

The audience was in an uproar!

Everyone’s faces were pale, but no one dared to step forward to stop this scarface. “Do you dare to hit me?”

Gerald covered his face, his pale face showed deep anger. “What’s wrong with me hitting you?”

Scarface smiled, and kicked Gerald’s stomach again, kicking Gerald to the ground, and follow up was a violent beating!

Gerald screamed when he was beaten, but at this moment, no one could help him.
After a while, Gerald was beaten into a pig’s head, his face covered in blood looked terrible.

Gerald was afraid of being beaten, crying and begging: “Big Brother, Big Brother, I was wrong! Please stop beating!”

“Wrong?” Scarface snorted coldly: “Well, just do it? You f*cking pretend to be forceful with me. If I don’t kill you, how will you get along?”

After speaking, greet the others: “d*mn, give me a hard hit!”

A crowd rushed up immediately, punching and kicking Gerald!

Some people even smashed him with a baseball bat. The scene was terrible.

Seeing that Gerald was beaten to death, Scarface walked in front of Darren at this time, and threatened coldly: “Your friend pretended to be forceful with me. The original 20% has now become 40%! If you don’t agree, his fate , is what awaits you too!”

Darren was panicked, but if he wasted 40% of his shares in one go, wouldn’t he become a part-time job holder for this gang?

So he plucked up the courage and said: “If you want 40%, then you might as well kill me!”
Scar frowned and said coldly: “Okay! Then I will fulfill your wish!”

After speaking, he immediately took out a bright sharp knife from his pocket. Everyone was frightened, and the female classmate even screamed.

Charlie saw that the scar was about to act on Darren, and immediately blurted out: “Put the knife down for me!”

The Scarface turned his head and cursed: “Who the f*ck wants to die?”

Chapter 64:

Turning his head, he saw Charlie, his eyes were puzzled at first, and then turned into a deep panic, he knelt on the ground with a plop!

When everyone hadn’t recovered, the scar face had already lost the sharp knife, slammed his bow left and right, and confessed: “Mr. Charlie, sorry! I didn’t know you were here, I didn’t see you here!”

Charlie was taken aback for a moment, looked at Scarface, and said, “Do you know me?”

Scarface nodded vigorously, and said: “Mr. Charlie, I am Brother Biao’s subordinate, I have seen you in Classic Mansion.”

Charlie suddenly realized. It turned out to be so.
It was Orvel’s younger brother who was troubled by Gerald and Harold in Classic Mansion that day, named Biao. This person was Biao’s subordinate.

No wonder he was so scared to see him.

Orvel saw that his legs were weak, let alone Orvel’s younger brother The classmates were shocked! Lili was also surprised as if in a dream.

Everyone did not understand why a fierce Dao brother, a scar face that even Gerald dared to slap, would kneel down for Charlie, the son-in-law! Still showing a look of fear of Charlie?

Claire was also dumbfounded and asked Charlie, “What’s the matter? Do you know him?”

Charlie was afraid that she would misunderstand that he had something to do with the underworld, and hurriedly said, “I don’t know him!”

When Scarface saw this, he hurriedly said: “I don’t know Mr. Charlie, and Mr. Charlie doesn’t know me. I just keep hearing about Mr. Charlie’s name and I admire it.”

This a$shole son in law?

This man is respecting Charlie?

Everyone can’t accept this reality, it’s really magical!
Scarface hurriedly said to Darren, “You are Mr. Charlie’s friend. From now on, your

restaurant will be covered by me, and I won’t charge you any protection fee! If anything happens, I will help you settle it!”

When this remark came out, everyone was shocked! Lili cried with surprise in her heart.

On this day, the contrast is too exciting!

Because of Charlie’s face, they saved 40 shares. More importantly, this scar face was willing to cover the hotel for free in order to curry favor with Charlie!

Now they can do business with peace of mind! Charlie is a life-saving grace!

Darren was also grateful, and said sincerely: “Charlie, I am really grateful for this matter.” Charlie smiled and said, “Thanks to me, you are too far-sighted.”

Scarface looked at Gerald, who had been beaten unconscious, and said with horror and worry: “I’m sorry, Mr. Charlie, I beat your friend.”

Charlie said lightly: “It doesn’t matter, he is not my friend, just an acquaintance, and there is no friendship.”
After all, he said again: “You send him to the hospital, don’t affect the opening ceremony here.”

Scarface nodded immediately: “Then we will send him to the hospital! Mr. Charlie, you continue, we won’t bother!”

After finishing speaking, he hurriedly greeted the brothers, took up the unconscious Gerald, and hurried away.

Everyone looked at Charlie’s eyes, from disdain to surprise, from surprise to awe. No one knows why Charlie has such large energy.

This live-in son-in-law seems to have suddenly become another person!

At the banquet, many people came to curry favor with Charlie, including Lili, who was the first to look down on Charlie.

Lili has now worshipped Charlie as a true god, and she kept expressing her gratitude and even offered a permanent free bill.

Charlie didn’t care about it, he just gave Darren a face, and it was a little trouble for Darren.

But in the eyes of others, what he did today has been a bit magical!

Everyone wants to know what happened to this live-in son-in-law who ate soft rice?
Chapter 65:

Claire was also very curious about what happened today.

First, Charlie’s BMW 520, why on earth is it twice as fast as Gerald’s BMW 540? Then there was Charlie’s ancient painting of hundreds of thousands!

Also, why does Charlie know people in underworld, and the people give him a lot of face.

On the way back, Charlie explained to her. He told Claire that this BMW 520 was a test- driving car modified by a 4s store. In order to make users mistakenly think that this car is very powerful, he made a little modification.

Claire didn’t know much about cars, so she believed it silly. As for the ancient paintings, it has been explained before. However, the scarface thing is a bit tricky.

After all, what he called Mr. Charlie one by one was called diligence, and Charlie couldn’t explain it.

In the end, he can only say that this scar-faced eldest brother is a relative of a friend of his own. He had seen him at a friend’s party before, and he also respected him because of his friend’s face.
Claire felt that something was wrong, but seeing Charlie’s certainty, she knew that it was useless to ask further, so she didn’t ask more.

Elsa has been observing Charlie, and she feels that Charlie is not easy, so she decided to observe him in the future to see what secrets he has!

Gerald is said to be miserable. He was in a coma when he was sent to the hospital.

His father was expelled from the Emgrand Group and was found to have used his

position for personal gain. He has been sued by the Emgrand Group’s legal department and was immediately arrested by the public security organs.

It can be said that Gerald’s house is completely finished.

However, Gerald’s family is not well-known in Aurous Hill, and no one is not concerned about their life and death.

Those who really get everyone’s attention are the god-level tycoons and the mysterious big figures who will be in the Shangri-La Hanging Garden.

Everyone can’t wait to know, who he is? Is it the same person? Soon, the time came to the wedding anniversary.
Because he told Claire a long time ago that he wanted to give her a surprise, Charlie forced Claire to put on a noble and elegant white evening dress before going out.

Claire resignedly agreed, and at the same time he mumbled: “It’s just going out for a meal. Why do you have to let me put on such formal clothes? Even if today is our

wedding anniversary, it doesn’t need to be so grand, right?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Today is our third anniversary. Naturally, it will be more formal. I have already booked the place to eat. The arrangements for tonight are guaranteed to satisfy you.”

He has done a good job of keeping secrets these days, and his wife has not made any doubts about it.

Claire smiled lightly, and she was very moved.

In the first two years of their wedding anniversary, the two spent it at home casually. Although it was not unusual, Charlie at that time even had no money, he would prepare some small gifts for her to please her.

However, this year Charlie has been uncharacteristically different and kept mysterious, but instead made her unable to guess what new tricks her live-in husband wants to make.
After a while, the two of them changed their clothes, went out and took a taxi, all the way to the Shangri-La Hotel.

Charlie stepped out of the car, looked at Claire standing next to him, his eyes were indescribably gentle, and said: “Claire, tonight, we are here to celebrate the third wedding anniversary. What do you think?”

Chapter 66

Claire’s expression suddenly became weird. Where is the restaurant that Charlie ordered tonight?

She subconsciously asked: “You’re not lying to me?” Charlie smiled and said, “Of course not!”

After speaking, Charlie explained: “A few days ago, I booked a place here. If you don’t believe it, let’s go in and check the information.”

Claire shook her head. After three years of marriage, Charlie never lied to her, let alone on such an important day as today. Then she said, “No, I believe you.”

After that, she asked: “You shouldn’t have reserved a seat in the sky garden, right? Isn’t there a big person chartered there today?”

Charlie hurriedly said, “I decided to be next to the Hanging Garden. It happens to be able to see the inside of the Hanging Garden. Then we can also take a look. Who on earth is it that has reserved it? What do you think?”
Claire smiled and said, “I’m not as gossipy as you!” Afterward, the two walked into the Shangri-La Hotel.

When they were about to go upstairs, a woman’s exclamation suddenly rang in their ears: “Oh, Claire, why are you here?!”

Claire raised her head and saw a pair of young men and women walking towards her.

The man wore a luxurious suite, and he knew it was a wealthy young master from a certain family at a glance, while the woman was covered in famous brands with beautiful makeup, but the brows and eyes were full of arrogant colors, and the dress was a bit kitsch and dancing posture.

This woman, Claire, knew her, Liqing, her roommate when she was in college.

Although Liqing and Claire were in the same dormitory, they are not classmates.

Although they were sleeping together, the relationship between Claire and Liqing was very ordinary.

This is mainly because Liqing Zhao pretends to be high-minded and is very jealous.

She has always felt that Claire is not worthy of the name Colonel’s flower, and the real school flower should be her.
But the actual situation is that she is much worse than Claire in terms of appearance, build, momentum or connotation.

However, this woman has an advantage. She is especially good at hooking up with men. It is said that she has hooked up with a lot of rich people before. All the expenses for four years of college were paid by those men.

Claire frowned, but seeing everyone in the class, when the two approached, she could only bite the bullet and said politely: “Liqing, long time no see. My husband and I came here for dinner, you What?”

Liqing said in surprise: “Ah, that’s a coincidence. My husband and I are here for dinner too!”

After that, she asked again pretendingly and curiously: “By the way, which position did you book, ordinary box, premium box, or luxury box?”

Claire was confused about Charlie’s arrangement, and could only reply truthfully: “I don’t know this. My husband ordered the location.”

At this time, Liqing noticed the existence of Charlie, covered her mouth and smiled, and said, “Oh, this is your husband Charlie, right? He was a very ordinary man at school back then!”
The sneer hidden between the words is particularly harsh. Claire looked embarrassed.

Liqing came back to her senses and hurriedly said apologetically: “Oh, sorry, sorry, blame me for being outspoken, you don’t mind.”

Charlie frowned slightly, this lady, she doesn’t seem good!

Chapter 67:

Liqing didn’t pay attention to Claire’s face, she pulled the man next to her proudly, and said, “I will introduce you to my husband Zheng Hao!”

Then, she praised: “He, he is the eldest master of the Zheng family in Aurous Hill, and he is also the heir of the Zheng family’s hundreds of millions of fortune!”

Claire nodded politely.

Charlie’s expression was a little gloomy.

I brought my wife to my wedding anniversary, who knew we’d meet such an annoying thing halfway through!

Liqing continued to say: “By the way, my husband is a platinum member here. He has a lot of authority. I guess Charlie has a regular box at most, right? Why don’t I ask him to help you upgrade directly to the luxurious box? How is it?”
Claire was about to decline, Charlie laughed, and said, “I booked a good position, so let’s forget about it.”

You know, the sky garden on the top floor will make up for a grand wedding. She is a platinum member. What’s so good about her?

What’s more, the entire Shangri-La Hotel is in his own home. If he took his wife to a luxury box with only platinum members, wouldn’t it be a surrender?

At this time, Liqing said with some dissatisfaction: “Claire, look at your married husband, you don’t know how to promote him, how do you usually discipline him?”

As she said, she took Zheng Hao’s arm, nestled her head on his shoulder, and said with a smile: “Charlie’s behavior is not suitable for such a noble occasion. I would like him to ask my husband for more advice in the future. Aristocratic etiquette, after all, my husband studied in England.”

Zheng Hao glanced at Charlie with disdain, and smiled: “My wife, don’t arrange this impossible task for me. Mr. Charlie is so maverick and you want to teach him aristocratic etiquette. I’m afraid it will be difficult. .”
Liqing nodded, sighed, and said to Claire: “If you want me to tell you, you should get divorced quickly, spending a lifetime with a poor man like Charlie you will feel


Liqing just spoke without any cover, not caring about Claire’s feelings at all.

Claire couldn’t bear it, and immediately said coldly, “Liqing, what do you mean? My husband, it’s not your right to comment.”

Liqing covered her mouth and smiled, and said: “You didn’t look down on me when I was in college. How could you be considered a colonel’s flower if you had some bad money at the time? Now that you don’t marry well, you don’t want me to talk about it.


Charlie was very unhappy when he heard this.

This Liqing, who was profane when she was in school, relied on having a decent face to hook up with a rich man, and now she is lucky to marry a rich family. Is she really a rich and young lady?

Besides, dare to laugh at his wife? Really looking for death!

Thinking of this, a burst of anger surged in his heart.
So he took out his cell phone and sent a text message to Shangri-La boss Issac.

“Within three minutes, all the information of Liqing, the daughter-in-law of the Zheng family in Aurous Hill was sent!”

When Liqing saw Charlie looking down at the phone without saying a word, she laughed even more: “Look at your husband, I’m taunting you, he didn’t even dare to speak for you. hahaha!”

At this moment, Charlie suddenly received a text message from Issac: “Mr., the information about Liqing has been sent to you.”

Charlie looked at the content of the long text message, then looked at Liqing and her husband Zheng Hao, and asked with a smile, “I have some interesting information, do you want to listen to it?”

Liqing frowned and asked, “What information?”

Charlie said loudly: “Liqing, female, 26 years old, graduated from Aurous Hill University.”

Chapter 68:

“During the freshman year, according to investigations, there were no less than a hundred records of house openings, and there were eight different men who opened houses, including Li Hu, Ma Fei, and Du Willsonping.”
Liqing was dumbfounded, her face pale and blurted out: “What are you talking about! Be careful I will sue you for slander!”

Zheng Hao frowned, he was obviously shocked.

Charlie said again: “Oh, this is amazing. You have opened a house with two men a few times. One of these two men is called Dong Bin and the other is Dong Jie. These two men seem to be brothers. Are you in a threes0me?”

Liqing shouted in horror: “You are talking nonsense! You are talking nonsense!”

Charlie continued: “Also, during your sophomore year, you were taken care of by the vice president of Shenghua Group at a price of 30,000 per month. You were taken care of for a total of three years, during which you had four abortions for him. At the Aurous

Hill Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the last abortion doctor declared you to be infertile for life.”

While talking, he asked Zheng Hao curiously: “Mr. Zheng, if I guess right, you should have no children yet?”

Zheng Hao’s expression suddenly became ugly. He glared at Liqing and asked: “What’s the matter?!”
Liqing sweated profusely and said in a panic: “Ahao, don’t listen to his nonsense. I gave it to you the first time! You know!”

Charlie smiled and said: “Don’t worry, don’t worry, there are more exciting!”

Liqing pulled Zheng Hao in a panic, and while dragging him away, she said, “Stop talking! Husband, let’s go! It’s too late for dinner!”

Zheng Hao frowned and said to Charlie motionlessly: “What else?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Listen well. After graduating from university, Liqing underwent a thorough plastic surgery in the Plastic Surgery Hospital. A month later, she entered the Zheng family company and deliberately got to know the Zheng family by scratching Zheng Hao’s Bentley car. Zheng Hao, a young man.”

After speaking, Charlie looked up at Zheng Hao: “Am I right?” Zheng Hao was dumbfounded.

I know these things and they are all true facts. That is to say, those things before are also true facts?

Liqing was already pale at this time, and her whole body was shaking in panic. She begged Charlie: “Charlie, I beg you to stop talking, please!”
Charlie sneered and said, “Now you know to beg me? Sorry, it’s late!”

After speaking, he said again: “After knowing Zheng Hao for half a month, she took advantage of the opportunity of a business trip to Haicheng to perform a meniscus repair operation at a plastic surgery hospital in Haicheng. After returning, she officially became a girlfriend with Zheng Hao and got married in half a year.”

Liqing was already sitting on the ground, she didn’t know how Charlie could reveal all her secrets, this was almost shaking her old bottom to her husband!

Zheng Hao was also so angry that his ears smoked, turned his head and glared at Liqing, and yelled: “So you lied to me that it was your first time that night, it was actually yours hundreds of thousands of times, right?”

Liqing hurriedly denied: “No, I didn’t, Ahao, you are my first time!”

Charlie smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I can find her medical records when doing the membrane repair. You will know when she goes to the hospital to check it.”
Zheng Hao grabbed Liqing’s collar and slapped her hard in the face: “Don’t tell the truth yet, do you? Don’t tell the truth yet. After I check it out, I will sweep you out. Your father, your mother, your brother, All moved out of my villa, and your brother should stop working in the Zheng’s family! I will let your family down the street!”

Liqing suddenly broke down and cried, and knelt on the ground begging for mercy:

“Husband, don’t be angry, I was wrong. It was all the mistakes I made before when I was young and ignorant. Later, I changed my mind to righteousness and lived with you!”

Charlie said at this time: “Don’t believe her, after she married you, she had a few breakup shots with the man who took care of her. That breakup shot, the other party also took a video as a memorial. If you want, I can find out the video and send it to you to watch!”

Chapter 69:

Zheng Hao’s face was very ugly, extremely blue.

At this moment, he finally felt what it was like to have a prairie on his head!
When he couldn’t bear it, he smoked Liqing countless big mouths like crazy, and cursed: “You stinky framer, you have been lying to me! Give me a cuckold, and I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you. !”

Liqing screamed when she was beaten, her hair scattered, and she broke down and cried.

Zheng Hao beat her and cursed: “Divorce! You are free now! Otherwise I will find someone to kill you, your parents, and your brother!”

Liqing completely collapsed!

She tried everything I could to marry into the Zheng family. She wanted to be a wife for a lifetime, but today, her dreams are completely broken!

All this is because of Charlie!

She hated Charlie so much, but Charlie smiled contemptuously at this time and said to Claire: “Wife, let them bite each other like dogs, let’s go.”

After speaking, he took Claire’s hand and walked to the elevator.

Claire’s beautiful eyes trembled, and she was shocked and couldn’t believe it. Where did Charlie know so much about Liqing’s dark history?

Thinking of this, her gaze couldn’t help but look at Charlie, and she couldn’t believe it and asked, “You made those things checked?”
“How is it possible, where do I have this ability?” Charlie said haha, “A classmate was badly injured by Liqing before. He has been digging for Liqing’s black material, but I didn’t expect it to come in handy now.”

With that said, Charlie has taken her into the elevator.

As soon as he entered the elevator, Charlie pressed the button on the top floor. Claire hurriedly asked: “Charlie, did you press the wrong floor? Isn’t the top floor the sky


Charlie smiled slightly: “My wife, where we are going to now is the sky garden at the top!”

As soon as these words came out, Claire was struck by lightning! Sky garden? how can that be?

In the entire Aurous Hill, everyone knows that the sky garden tonight has obviously been reserved by a mysterious man?

Even if Charlie has great abilities, it is impossible to book a place in the sky garden to celebrate the third wedding anniversary!

But the next moment, a bold idea suddenly appeared in Claire’s heart: Could it be that Charlie was the mysterious man who reserved the entire sky garden? !
Although this is like a fantasy, but at this moment, besides this explanation, are there other possibilities?

Thinking of this, Claire couldn’t help asking: “Charlie, did you reserve the Hanging Garden?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Yes, I want to give you the biggest surprise today! I will provide you with a flourishing wedding that no one can copy!”


Claire felt that her brain was short-circuited!

If this is really a big surprise Charlie prepared for her. So, isn’t she the happiest woman in Aurous Hill tonight?

Thinking of this, Claire’s breathing became hurried, and she almost lost the ability to think.

Chapter 70:

Just as her inner world was turbulent, the elevator had reached the top floor of Shangri- La Hotel.

A service staff at the door bowed slightly and said with a smile: “Miss Claire, on behalf of our Shangglak Hotel, I would like to extend my heartfelt blessings to you and Mr.

Charlie for the wedding anniversary tonight.”

Charlie waved his hand and said to her, “You all get back!” Immediately, all the staff left the scene,
In the entire Hanging Garden, only the world of Claire and Charlie remained. Claire was in a dream.

At this moment, what is greeted is a huge space with luxurious style.

The gorgeous crystal ceiling casts clear light, making the entire sky garden look elegant and quiet.

The soft piano masterpieces fill the sky garden and slowly occupy people’s hearts, making it hard to feel tension and anger.

Fresh high-end fresh flowers delivered by air from abroad exude bursts of fragrance, not strong or demon, but if anything is changing people’s mood, it is indescribably quiet and beautiful.

At this time, with the change of piano repertoire, the most classic wedding march called a Midsummer Night’s Dream suddenly sounded, and the melodious sound was endless.

When Claire was dizzyingly admiring the beautiful scenery, Charlie had put on a decent suit and was walking towards her with a bunch of flowers.

Every time he took a step, a series of beautiful and gorgeous red hearts wafted up on the floor made of crystal glass.
It seems that these love hearts are dancing with the sound of the piano, giving people a very powerful visual impact.

At this moment, outside the sky garden, countless people look forward to everything that happens inside through the crystal glass exterior wall and floor.

The only regret is that all the glass in the sky garden has been blurred to a certain extent. You can see a pair of young men and a women inside, and the flowers in it are so beautiful.

There is also the red love that keeps popping up on the floor. Countless women are looking forward to it and say: “This is so romantic! I have never seen such a romantic scene in my life.”

“If I were that woman, I would die of heart attack now!”

“Gosh! That man’s figure seems to be a mysterious rich man!” “It’s a pity that I can’t see his face! Oh! What torture!”

The scenes in the sky garden completely immersed the people who watched the excitement from the outside world.

Thousands of people are looking at it and admiring it with extreme envy. Everyone’s eyes are full of blessings, watching this grand garden that seems to be suspended in the air.
Countless women burst into tears, and felt uncontrollable envy in their hearts. They were even more overwhelmed. They were so jealous that they could not wait to be the heroine of this grand wedding tonight.

Even if people can’t see the real faces of the two tonight, they can still feel how happy the heroine is now.

Charlie walked up to her step by step, pointed at the night view of Aurous Hill outside the French window, and said with affection: “Claire, I love you! I couldn’t give you a

wedding back then, I hope this one is only for us A wedding for two, you can like it!”

Claire came back to her senses, covering her mouth, but crying pear blossoms brought rain, tears falling to the ground like pearls, and her pretty face kept falling.

After hearing this, Claire couldn’t help the turbulence in her heart anymore, took a step forward, plunged into Charlie’s arms, and said with tears: “I like it! I really like it! Thank you. Thank you Charlie! Thank you!”

Speaking of this, Claire was even more crying. At this moment, she felt that all the grievances she had suffered in the past three years were worth it!
No matter how Charlie did all this, at least for now, she is very happy, and tonight she is the happiest woman in Aurous Hill!