The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 41 - 50

Chapter 41

Gerald was so frightened that he shivered and said, “Brother Biao, I belong to the White family.”

“White family?” Brother Biao grinned and said, “What is the White family!”

Brother Biao spat out disdainfully, kicked Gerald to the ground, and said coldly: “The master Orvel just taught a White family stupid yesterday and was given 10,000 slaps in the face. You f*cking dare to follow him. Mention the king’s name in his house?

“Huh?” Gerald was frightened suddenly.

He thought that his brother was robbed by a gangster, but he did not expect that it was actually Orvel who beat him!

Just as he was splitting his guts, Brother Biao directly raised the stick and slammed it down against his head!


Gerald only felt the world spin, his head buzzed, his mouth and nose were bleeding, and his consciousness was instantly blurred.

Wendy screamed loudly in horror instantly!

Gerald is her fiancé and her only chance to marry into the White family. If something happens, her life will be over.

“Ambulance, call an ambulance!”

Wendy yelled in a panic, and tremblingly took out the phone, but was too scared to press anymore, she could only keep screaming.

Brother Biao frowned and said cursingly: “You little filth, you dare to call. Gouge her mouth, let me see how she speaks!”

“Yes, Brother Biao!”

When the boys heard this, they all showed cruel smiles.

What they like most is to destroy the flowers with their hands, especially Wendy’s savage flowers.

Wendy panicked immediately, madly trying to step back, but there was a wall behind her, and there was nowhere to hide.

“Come here, b*tch!”

A one-eyed man grabbed Wendy’s hair viciously and directly pulled her up abruptly. Then, facing Wendy’s face, the one-eyed man shook his arms and violently twitched.

These little brothers are all ruthless people who have been fighting with Brother Biao for many years.

In just two or three strokes, Wendy’s face was as swollen as a pig’s head, blood mixed with saliva and flowed down.

A woman being beaten like this will leave indelible marks on her face even if treated in time, which is almost equivalent to disfigurement!

Seeing that Brother Biao was so cruel, Elsa shivered again, leaning on Charlie’s back, and the two of them were almost close to each other.

At this time, Brother Biao saw Charlie and Elsa in the corner, and gave an order: “And the two of them, beat them to death! Dare to occupy the diamond box that I prepared for

the distinguished guests. They are equally guilty!”

That little brother had never felt pity for delicate bodies, so he reached out and grabbed Elsa.

“I see who dares to move her!”

Charlie’s eyes became extremely cold, and he kicked the brawny man to the ground. Seeing this, Brother Biao’s face sank, and he directly scolded, “Who the f*ck are you?” Charlie said lightly: “I am someone you can’t afford to offend!”

“Boy, you are looking for death!”

Charlie shook his head and dialed Orvel directly.

“Mr. Orvel, I’m in the diamond box right now, come down and meet me immediately!” After speaking, Charlie hung up the phone and looked at Brother Biao coldly.

Elsa’s face was pale, Harold just boasted to know Mr. Orvel, and the result was so miserable. Charlie dared to say such disrespectful words in front of Brother Biao, and maybe his life too was gone.

Wendy, who was drawn into a pig’s head on the side, heard Charlie’s words, her eyes were extremely horrified. This grandson is still pretending to be forceful at this time, is he trying to kill everyone?

Brother Biao sneered unceremoniously: “If you dare to offend the master Orvel in front of me, I think you are tired of your life or crooked in the head.”

When the voice fell to the ground, Brother Biao waved his hand to the boys and said viciously: “Kill him for me!”

Suddenly, Orvel shouted from outside the box: “dmn, Biao, you fcking want to die, don’t you? Even Mr. Charlie dares to move, I f*cking chopped you to feed the dog, believe it or not!”

Brother Biao was shocked as if struck by lightning!

Chapter 42

Mr. Orvel is here!

Mr. Charlie? Who is Mr. Charlie?

The next second, Orvel walked in tremblingly, and kicked Brother Biao directly to the ground: “You’re f*cking blind, you can’t even recognize Mr. Charlie, I’ll kill you!

Orvel scolded while kicking Brother Biao frantically.
Brother Biao, who had just been invincible, now looks like a dog in the water. Elsa was dumbfounded, what is the situation?

The kids were also panicking, this young man was actually Mr. Charlie? He actually wanted to do something to him just now, so he was looking for death.

Orvel cursed at the others: “And what are you guys doing in a daze? Kneel down and apologize to Mr. Charlie!”

“Mr. Charlie, it’s because I have eyes but no pearls that I almost ran into you! I beg you to go around us.”

The boys knelt down, kowtow apologizing frantically.

Brother Biao was also so scared that he knelt on the ground, and while pulling his face, he begged for mercy: “I’m sorry Mr. Charlie, please don’t forgive me my transgressions, please spare me this time!”

Orvel also slapped himself, his face nervously said: “Mr. Charlie, it was because I did not do well, and let my subordinates deal with you and your friends.”

Charlie glanced at Elsa, and said lightly: “I just invited my wife’s girlfriend to dinner.” After speaking, he looked at the others and said coldly: “They are not my friends.” Elsa was completely shocked!
It turned out that Charlie was not bragging at all, he did book a box in Classic Mansion, and it was indeed the top diamond box.

More importantly, this box turned out to be reserved for him by Orvel himself!

Reminiscing that she had looked down on Charlie before, Elsa was blushing instantly, not to mention how ashamed she was.

At this moment, Harold trembled all over when he heard the words of several people! what happened? Charlie, this Rubbish, turned out to be Mr. Orvel’s friend?

Wendy was also frightened, Charlie actually knew Mr. Orvel! The key is that Mr. Orvel was so kind to him!

Look at her fiancé Gerald again, he is already in a coma with blood!

While wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, Mr. Orvel promised: “Mr. Charlie, don’t worry, there will never be another thing like this. From now on, you will come to Classic Mansion and have a meal in the Diamond Box at any time. Come, I picked his eyeballs later!.”

Charlie gave a hum, turned his head and said to Elsa: “Elsa, I have eaten the meal too, it’s so messy here, let’s go!”
Elsa was awakened by Charlie, and subconsciously asked, “What about the others?”

Seeing the miserable appearances of Harold, Gerald, and Wendy, she was somewhat worried.

Charlie said lightly: “Let Mr. Orvel solve it.”

Orvel immediately said, “Mr. Charlie, don’t worry, I will arrange an ambulance to send them to the hospital for treatment!”

“Yeah.” Charlie nodded and said, “If this is the case, then the two of us will leave first.” Elsa was a little dazed and followed Charlie out of Classic Mansion in a daze.

Coming out of Classic Mansion, Elsa couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Looking at Charlie, who looked like an okay person, she only felt as if he was covered with a layer of fog, mysterious and profound.

“Charlie, what happened today”

Before Elsa finished speaking, Charlie interrupted her and said indifferently: “Elsa, please keep the matter a secret for me today. If Claire knows, she will be angry with underground people like Orvel.”

Elsa had to nod her head: “Okay, I see.”
After Charlie and Elsa left, Orvel asked to arrange an ambulance and took all the people to the hospital.

Wendy’s face was deformed by the jaw bone, which was tantamount to disfigurement.

And one of Harold’s hands was almost abolished, at least it will take a long time to recover.

As for Gerald, he was hit by a severe concussion. Although the person has been rescued from life danger, the sequel will be enough for him to suffer for a lifetime!

Chapter 43

Elsa and Doris Young of Emgrand Group’s appointment date will be tomorrow.

Leaving Classic Mansion, Charlie drove her to the hotel where she was staying and then left.

Elsa was continuously shocked by the evening meal while thinking about her future development.

This time she came to Aurous Hill. On the surface, she came to work at the Emgrand Group, but in fact, she was still carrying a family responsibility.

Dad told her that there was top-secret news that Wades, the top Eastcliff family, had found their young master who had been missing for many years and also bought the Emgrand Group to give this young master to practice hands.
In other words, the Wade family master is in Aurous Hill, and he is the chairman of the Emgrand Group.

Although the Dong family is a very good family in Eastcliff, they can only reach a second-rate level, which is a thousand miles away from the Wade family.

Therefore, the Dong family hopes that Elsa can take advantage of Wade Family’s young master’s identity to find opportunities to contact him in advance, if she can get together with him and promote the marriage of the two, that would be great.

Although Elsa was a bit repulsive of such things, she didn’t dare to neglect to think that the important task of family revitalization was on her shoulders.

She traveled all the way to Aurous Hill, preparing to work for the Emgrand Group, just to find the opportunity to contact the mysterious chairman of the Emgrand Group, and then find a way to attract his attention.

Elsa is definitely a very top super beauty in the upper class in Eastcliff.

She believes that with her appearance, knowledge, ability, and perfect body, she should be able to attract the attention of the Wade Family’s heir apparent.
If she can really marry him, then the Dong family will usher in absolute revitalization! Become a first-class family in Yenching!

As soon as she thought of this, she was full of expectations for tomorrow’s entry.

At the same time, she was also full of expectations for the mysterious Wade Family’s man.

She couldn’t help but wonder, how old is this Wade Family Young Master. and what is his appearance? Is he personable, tall, and handsome?

She couldn’t help taking out her phone and opening the video app.

She clicked on the video with tens of millions of clicks in her favorites.

This video is where Charlie used cash to face the sales director at Rare Earth.

She had analyzed this video a long time ago and knew that this video took place in Aurous Hill, which happened to coincide with the time in the news that Charlie was found.

Therefore, she speculated that the god-level rich man in the video should be the youngest of the Wade family, the chairman of the Emgrand Group.

She stared carefully at the back of the god-level rich man in the picture, carefully watching and pondering.
From this vague video, you can probably see that the famous god-level rich man on the Internet is estimated to be in his twenties, tall and thin, but she can’t see his face.

However, his figure is still very good, not much worse than those Korean long-legged models.

With such a figure, she believes the face will not be difficult to see!

However, Elsa suddenly felt a strange feeling in her heart. How could this person feel a bit like Charlie?

But after thinking about it, she thought it’s impossible.

Charlie is the son-in-law of the Willson family, what is the strength of the Willson family? Even the Wade family’s hair can’t be compared. If Charlie is really the youngest of the Wade family, how could he live in the henhouse of the Willson family?

It seems that she must be thinking too much!

The next day, Elsa reached the Emgrand Group early in the morning. Vice-Chairman Doris Young personally handled her entry.

Doris Young took her to the administrative department and introduced her to her job
functions, and then said: “Elsa, if you don’t understand in the future, you can directly ask me or come to my office to find me. “

Elsa nodded gratefully, and asked tentatively: “Deputy Doris, I don’t know if I have a chance to meet the chairman? After all, I will be responsible for the company’s

administrative affairs in the future. If I don’t know the chairman, I’m afraid I won’t be careful to neglect him.”

Chapter 44:

Doris suddenly became alert.

Charlie had asked her the day before yesterday to pay more attention to this Elsa, and Elsa asked about the chairman as soon as she came. It seemed a bit difficult to ignore.

She doesn’t know what the purpose of this beautiful girl is, who has traveled all the way to the Emgrand Group.

She said to Elsa: “Our chairman rarely comes to the company, but if he comes, I will tell him. If he wants to see you, I will notify you.”

Elsa was a little disappointed in her heart, but she nodded with a smile and said, “Thank you, Miss Doris!”
When Doris Young returned to her office, she reported the incident to Charlie.

As soon as Charlie heard that Elsa had just reported to the company, she wanted to meet with him, he became more vigilant.

This woman really came for him. What is her purpose?

Want to get close to me, does she want to harm me or seduce me? No matter what purpose she was with, Charlie felt a little disgusted.

So he decided to contact Elsa as little as possible, let alone let her know his true identity!

On the night of Elsa’s entry, Charlie’s wife, Claire, specially reserved a seat in a high-end hotel and was going to treat her to a meal.

As Claire’s husband, Charlie naturally wanted to be with him. This made Charlie a little depressed.

Just about to keep a distance from Elsa, he will have to eat with her again at night. But depressed, he was still ready to go to the hotel with Claire anyway.

However, when he arrived at the hotel, Charlie realized that Claire’s decision turned out to be the Hanging Garden of the Shangri-La Hotel!
The Hanging Garden Ballroom is mainly used to receive high-end guests, so it never provides any kind of private room service. However, Charlie booked the private room here on the wedding anniversary, which is unprecedented for Shangri-La.

Today is only three days away from the wedding anniversary.

A big and eye-catching notice has been placed at the entrance of Shangri-La Hotel: “The Hanging Garden will be reserved for guests in the Sky Garden three days later. All guests are not allowed to use it at that time, we apologize for the inconvenience!”

Everyone who saw this notice was shocked!

Someone has reserved the hanging garden in Shangri-La? This has never provided charter service!

It is said that the children of several big leaders in the city wanted to hold a wedding banquet here, but they were all rejected without exception.

Who is it that has the face to cover the entire Hanging Garden from Shangri-La?

Claire also saw this eye-catching reminder, and said in surprise: “Oh, the Hanging Garden was actually reserved? This is incredible!”
Charlie smiled on the side and said, “What’s incredible? The banquet hall, isn’t it possible for people to book it out?”

“You don’t understand.” Claire said earnestly: “This Shangri-La is not our local enterprise. It is a top hotel chain in the world. Their sky garden is a major feature of its own. It only serves high-end guests. In the private space, today the big man will make a package, and the other high-end guests will not be able to use it normally, so they simply will not open the private space to the outside world.”

With that, Claire couldn’t help sighing: “I don’t know what background of this person is. It’s really amazing to be able to cover this place!”

Charlie deliberately smiled and said, “Perhaps someone who loves his wife, may want to hold a wedding for his wife!”

Claire was surprised and said, “Here is the wedding for his wife? Then she should be a wife who loves him very much, and his wife is really so lucky!”

Chapter 45:

Charlie was very happy to hear his wife say so.
It seems that the place he chose will surely satisfy his wife on the day of the wedding anniversary!

The two came to the sky garden and sat down in the reserved seats, and Elsa arrived soon.



The two girlfriends hugged each other, happily.

Afterward, the two held hands and talked about the past for a long time, and then they gradually calmed down.

Elsa said: “Claire, you are too wasteful, you chose to eat in the sky garden!”

Claire smiled and said, “When you are here! Then I must bleed money, I don’t care!” Elsa chuckled: “It’s really my good girlfriend!”

Claire said: “It’s true that I’m not even qualified to order food here. I asked Emgrand Group Vice Chairman Doris Young to help me decide this seat, using her membership card!”

Elsa sighed: “The sky garden seems to be very demanding. It must be a diamond member or something?”

“Yeah.” Claire nodded and said, “To be honest, this is my first time coming here!” Elsa smiled and said, “Thank you so much, my kind queen!”
After speaking, she said again: “By the way, when I came up just now, I saw a notice outside saying that the sky garden was booked for three days later?”

“Yes.” Claire said: “It’s strange that Hanging Garden never accepted charter rooms before, and I don’t know what happened this time.”

Elsa nodded and said in passing: “Some time ago, there was an Aurous Hill god-level rich man. He bought a necklace and brought dozens of Rolls Royces, dozens of men in black, and more than 10 million in cash. Did you watch that video?”

Charlie shook his head, and Claire said, “I saw it, the pomp was quite big.” Elsa said: “Everyone is guessing who he is.”

Claire said: “What is there to guess”

Elsa smiled and said: “Gossip! Everyone wants to know who is so domineering. Some people say it should be the new chairman of Emgrand Group.”

Charlie’s expression on the side was startled for an instant. But it returned to normal soon.

Elsa went on to say: “Shangri-La’s Hanging Garden was wrapped up again today. I feel that the Hanging Garden package is the same person who bought the jade in the video.”
Claire sighed helplessly: “It’s been so long since I saw you, you are still so gossipy!” Elsa smiled and said, “Gossip is the driving force for women to survive!”

After that, Elsa said again: “I’m going to come here in three days to have a look, who on earth has such a great face and can reserve the sky garden!”

When Charlie on the side heard this, his head suddenly became heavy.

He just wanted to surprise his wife and give her a wedding that hadn’t been honored that year.

But he didn’t want to be noticed by everyone at once.

However, he seemed to underestimate the influence of the Hanging Garden.

It is estimated that many people in Aurous Hill now have the same ideas as Elsa, they all want to see who has reserved the sky garden.

Chapter 46:

This is a bit tricky.

I have to say hello to Issac in advance and be fully prepared in advance, in any case, I can’t reveal my identity.

During the meal, Elsa said to the two of them: “This time I came to Aurous Hill, I also had an appointment with our former classmates. Everyone said that they would take this
opportunity to have a classmate gathering. What do you two think?”

Charlie said immediately: “If you have a classmate gathering, I won’t participate.”

“Why?” Elsa said, “Although we are not four-year college classmates, we still had a classmate relationship for one year!”

When Charlie was taken in by the Old Master of the Willson family, he sent him to Aurous Hill University in order to let him know Claire in advance, and he went to the same class as Claire for a year of senior year.

After graduating from senior year, the two got married immediately.

However, Charlie had only been classmates with those people for a year, and most of them had always looked down on him, and they had no friends, so he was not interested at all to hear about class reunions.

Claire didn’t want to attend the class reunion either, so she said, “I will not go with Charlie. After graduation, I have no contact with most of my classmates.”

Elsa hurriedly said: “The main reason for the class reunion this time is that Darren in the class opened a restaurant, which will open tomorrow. He openly asked everyone to chill at his restaurant and have a meal together.”
After that, Elsa said again: “You think it’s a good business for someone else to go there, isn’t it inappropriate?”

As soon as the voice fell, the phones of all three of them beeped due to WeChat notification.

Immediately afterward, a lot of WeChat notifications popped up.

Everyone took out their mobile phones and looked at it. It turned out that Darren pulled a group of classmates, and this group soon reached more than 30 people.

Darren said in the group: “Dear old classmates, the small hotel I invested in will officially open at noon tomorrow. The hotel is in Aurous Hill. Please come and enjoy the

experience with Aurous Hill classmates. It will be a class gathering!”

“It just so happens that Elsa, one of the two golden flowers in our class, will also come to work in Aurous Hill. She will also attend the party this time. It is said that Elsa is still single and the bachelors in the group can hurry up!”

Immediately afterward, a large group of people responded. “Wow! Congratulations!”
“Oh, Elsa has come to Aurous Hill? Why haven’t we heard of it! She will be there by then!”

“Where is Claire, another golden flower in our class? Is she coming?”

“I heard that Claire was with Charlie, who came to our class later? I heard that Charlie still lives with the Willson family?”

“I also heard about it. I don’t know if it’s true or not. I haven’t seen them both since I graduated.”

“I heard that they are just a couple’s cutscene. They are nominal but not real. I don’t know if it is true or not?”

Claire saw these contents and said to Charlie, “Don’t take it to your heart.”

Charlie smiled slightly: “It’s okay, what they said is also the actual situation, I have long been used to it.”

Elsa hurriedly said in the group: “Don’t gossip about others! I am now having dinner with the couple! They are lovely!”

“Oh, it’s Elsa!”

A lot of licking dogs quickly gathered around.

At this time, there was someone in the group Charlie, the group leader Darren: “Charlie, although you came to our class for a short time, the relationship between our two brothers was pretty good when we were in school. Tomorrow you and your wife must be there!”
Charlie’s impression of Darren was pretty good. This person was really nice. He was very kind to everyone, and he never ridiculed others. He was one of the few classmates he had a good relationship with.

Seeing that he had said so, Charlie immediately replied: “Okay, I will definitely come to join you tomorrow.”

Darren said immediately: “That’s great! We must get together tomorrow!”

Chapter 47:

Seeing that Charlie had agreed to the classmate gathering, Claire reminded Charlie, “We have to prepare some gifts for the opening of Darren Hotel. We cannot go empty-


Charlie nodded and said, “I’ll buy a gift for him tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” Claire said: “It just so happens that I have to go to the Emgrand Group tomorrow morning.”

Elsa asked in surprise: “Are you coming to Emgrand tomorrow morning? Then come to me when you are finished with your business. It just so happens that I will drive your car to Darren’s restaurant at noon.”

Claire smiled and said: “Then your wishful thinking is wrong! I don’t have a car. I usually take a taxi or take a bus. Sometimes Charlie rides an electric bike to pick me up.”
“Huh?” Elsa blurted out: “You are a director, you haven’t bought a car yet!”

Claire said: “I haven’t worked for a long time, and I haven’t made any money. I usually spend money with Charlie and I have to pay for my mother’s living expenses. If I get it in one month, I can spare thousands. not enough to buy a car.”

After that, Claire said again: “Also, to be honest, I think buses are very convenient. If the weather is good, Charlie’s electric bike is also good.”

Elsa said seriously: “Sometimes you have to pay attention to ostentation. After all, you are now the director of the Willson Group, and you are the partner that directly cooperates with Emgrand. If you don’t even have a car, you will be talked about.”

Charlie also felt that Elsa was right.

My wife has always been too frugal, and most of the money she earned has been handed over to his mother-in-law, so she has always treated herself badly.

The mother-in-law is just a brave who just can’t eat. She saved more than one million to invest in unreliable financial management, not to mention two or three million to buy a car for her daughter to drive.
Thinking of this, he felt that he will have to buy a car for his wife. In this way, it would be convenient for her to go out and do errands in the future, and it would be better for her to talk about business with others.

After making up his mind, he decided to go to the 4s store early tomorrow morning to have a look

After dinner, the couple and Elsa left and took a taxi home together.

On the radio in the taxi, there are discussions about the Shangri-La Hanging Garden being chartered.

The hosts were all amazed that this was the first time in history that Shangri-La had made an exception to reserve the Sky Garden. He was also very curious about who could have such a great reputation.

The taxi driver also said: “I want to see, this person who packs the sky garden must be the god-level rich man on the YouTube short video!”

Charlie didn’t talk, but he was a little surprised in his heart!

It seems that after the news that the Hanging Garden on the top floor of the Shangri-La Hotel was reserved, it really caused a sensation throughout Aurous Hill!
This night, this matter continued to ferment throughout Aurous Hill! Soon the city is full of storms and no one knows it!

Everyone knows that the Shangri-La Hotel adopts a membership service, and only senior members have the opportunity to use the sky garden! As for the reservation, you don’t have to think about it at all. Diamond members are not even eligible!

So, who on earth contracted the sky garden has suddenly become a major issue for everyone’s curiosity!

There are rumors that the person who undertook the sky garden is the god-level wealthy who has become popular all over the country on YouTube;

Some people say that the person who has contracted the Sky Garden is an overseas rich man;

Some people even say that the person who has reserved the sky garden was a mysterious man. The reason why he did that was to hold a grand and romantic wedding.

Sure enough, the third rumor is more convincing!

For a time, there was another wave of rumors in the market!

Chapter 48:

Chapter 48:

After countless women heard it, they were even more envious and jealous.
Everyone speculated about which woman was so happy that allowed people to smash millions in one night, wrap up the entire sky garden, and show her love!

Many people are looking forward to that day soon, so let’s find out!

In order to avoid revealing his identity, Charlie specially ordered Issac to make a special transformation of the entire Hanging Garden. At the same time, he also looked forward to the arrival of the wedding anniversary in his heart!

He wants to give Claire a grand wedding on the day of their anniversary!


Early the next morning, Charlie went out early and went to the 4s shop. He has a 10 billion bank card in his hand, which he has not used much yet.

This time, he was going to buy Claire a luxury car that could be on the table. He himself wanted to buy her a Rolls Royce in one step.

But after thinking about it carefully, he was afraid that such an expensive car would not be easy to explain to her. Moreover, Claire’s personality has always been low-key. Even if she had such an expensive car, she would not be willing to drive it out.
So he decided to buy a business car for his wife about 500,000 worth, which is worthy of face, not too public, and more practical. She won’t be so distressed if it is scratched or bumped.

Thinking of this, he planned to buy an Audi a6 for his wife. Nowadays, all business people drive a6. The car has a lot of reputation. Moreover, a6 is an extended business car, which is very suitable for his wife to drive.

When he came to the Audi 4s shop, he parked his little e-bike at the door and walked in.

Several shopping guides inside saw a customer coming, and two people were immediately ready to greet him.

A woman behind said hurriedly: “Oh, this man came on an electric bike. It seems that he is here to use the air conditioner or the Wi-Fi. Just leave him alone.”

When they heard that they came on an electric bike, the others lost interest in an instant.

Recently, the weather is hot, and there are always poor ghosts who rush over to rub the air conditioner early. Sometimes they shamelessly sit in the exhibition car and don’t get down. In the end, they can only send security guards to rush them out. The sales are very annoying. .
Charlie rides an electric bike and wears a suit to sell goods. It is really not conspicuous here. He doesn’t look like a person who can afford Audi.

No one took care of himself, and Charlie didn’t care. He went directly to the exhibition area of the a6 sedan and found that the price of this car ranges from 300,000 to more than 600,000. The model of more than 600,000 is the a6 top model and the extended executive version.

To be honest, this car looks really good!

The price of more than 600,000 is not too expensive, Claire should be able to accept it.

So he opened his mouth and said, “Is there a new car for this top A6? I want to buy it now!”

The shopping guides all looked at him like a fool, and one of them said contemptuously: “Have you seen the price? Is there a small number of zeros?”

Charlie frowned and looked at him: “618,000, I saw it.”

The man sneered and said, “you saw it, are you still dreaming? Can you afford it? A bill will come out for you to swipe your card after a while, so many people are watching, you can’t take it out, what a shame!”
Charlie asked coldly: “Are you sick? Coming out in the morning without taking medicine? Do you want me to call 120 for an ambulance to take you away?”

The man hummed and said, “Cut, don’t be here to seduce me. Believe it or not, I will let the security guard drive you out? A poor guy who has come here to use air-conditioning and Wi-Fi, still pretends to be something?”

Chapter 49:

Charlie didn’t get angry and laughed, and asked him, “If you sell this car, how much can you get?”

The other party said contemptuously: “I can raise ten thousand!” Charlie nodded: “Very well, you lost ten thousand.”

After speaking, Charlie turned and went out.

He met the manager of this store coming in, and the name of the sales manager: Whibe was written on the other’s badge.

So Charlie asked him: “Are you the person in charge here?” “Yes.” Whibe nodded, “What are your needs?”

Charlie pointed to the sales just now and said to him: “You’d better turn that sale off. As long as he is here, it will only delay the business of your 4s store.”
When the man heard this, he rushed over and said, “Manager Whibe, don’t listen to his nonsense, this man is sick! He just came to use the air-conditioning wire!”

Charlie smiled and said, “If I am rag, just wait and see.”

After speaking, he immediately went out and went directly to the BMW showroom next door.

As soon as he arrived at the BMW store, Charlie saw one of the most luxurious BMW 760. This is the top accessory of the BMW 7 Series. It is the most expensive model of BMW.

The BMW 760 has a 12-cylinder engine, which is extremely powerful, and the interior is a luxurious mess.

He is also a little angry, don’t these Audi idiots look down on him? OK, then I will buy a top-fitting BMW for you to see.

Anyway, the Lord has money!

So he directly greeted a BMW salesperson and asked: “This 760, can I just take it away?”

The other girl was stunned: “Brother, this car has just arrived in the showroom today. Are you sure you want to buy it?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded: “I’m sure, take me to swipe the card!”
“Ah? This car is 2.6 million!” The other party was utterly dumbfounded.

She’s been selling cars for a long time and has never seen a customer who comes in and asks for a card swipe without saying anything.

Isn’t this elder brother here to amuse himself?

Charlie smiled and said: “I know, I see the price, you just say you sell it or not!” “Sell, sell, of course,” the little girl said happily: “Then please!”

Immediately afterward, under the leadership of the other party, Charlie swiped his card, paid, and picked up the car in one go.

When the 2.6 million BMW 760 came out, the people in the Audi store looked stupid.

Charlie drove the BMW 760 directly to the entrance of the Audi store, then opened the trunk and put his electric bike in, and then he drove away in a big way.

The shopping guide who looked down on Charlie was stunned. The Manager Whibe next to him said with a cold face: “Go to the HR and collect your dues, you are fired!”

“manager” “roll!”

The employees in other Audi stores were also scared silly. d*mn, no one would have thought that the person riding an electric bike was so arrogant, with a car of more than
2.6 million, and he would buy it!

The shopping guide who despised Charlie was even more regretful. Not only did he miss a major customer, missed tens of thousands of commissions, but also lost his job. If he had known this way, he would not look down upon others.

Here, when Charlie drove the BMW 760 out, he felt a little impulsive just now.

He didn’t feel sorry for the money, but the car was too expensive. How could he explain it to Claire?

Two million six hundred thousand, it can’t fall from the sky?

Chapter 50:

After thinking about it, a great idea suddenly popped into his mind.

Later, he drove to the roadside car repair shop and spent 20 to ask the boss to replace the BMW 760 logo with a BMW 520.

The BMW 5 Series looks very similar to the 7 Series. The difference is mainly internal. It is difficult for most people to distinguish from the outside, mainly by the tail label.

The 520 is the lowest in the 5 series, with average power and control, and average in all aspects.

The 760 is the highest in the 7 Series, with extremely strong power, extremely strong control, and strong in all aspects.
Charlie drove the 760 with the 520 sign and thought to himself that Claire didn’t know much about cars and didn’t study the car. He told her that it was a BMW 520, and she probably couldn’t recognize it.

The owner of the car repair shop slapped his lips, and said to his heart, this guy looked very honest, but he didn’t expect to have such a heart, and deliberately changed the top

matching 760 to 520, he must be thinking about pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!

After buying the car, Charlie thought that Darren White’s restaurant was opening at noon today, and he had to prepare a gift for him.

Thinking that Darren was the only classmate who treated him well during college, he drove directly to a large consignment shop of art and literature and bought an early painting by Qing Dynasty painter Huang Shen for 200,000.

Huang Shen is not too famous, so most people can’t recognize his paintings.

The reason for buying such an ancient painting is that, on the one hand, he felt that he should give Darren a weighty gift, but on the other hand, he did not want to let others know how much the painting was worth.
He thought, if someone asked about it, he would just be fooled by saying that it was a few thousand.

It was almost noon after buying the painting, Charlie called his wife Claire and told her he’ll pick her up from the Emgrand Group along with Elsa.

As you can see, Claire discovered that Charlie actually drove a BMW 5 Series!

She looked at Charlie dumbfounded, and asked in surprise: “Where did this car come from?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I bought it for you!”

“You bought it?” Claire was even more surprised: “Where did you get the money?”

“Private money.” Charlie said: “Look, I have been in the Willson family for so long, and I didn’t spend a penny when I got married. These years, I have eaten at the Willson family, lived in the Willson family, and used the Willson family’s resources. What’s weird about saving some private money?”

Claire said, “But you save money and keep it for yourself! Why do you buy such an expensive car? It costs 400,000?”

Charlie smiled and said: “You are my wife. If I don’t use my personal money for you whom should I use it for? Besides, you are now the director with no car. Everyone will laugh at you.”
At this time, Elsa also said: “Claire, you really need a business car, this car is quite suitable for you, Charlie has you in his heart, you should be happy!”

Claire nodded and said very moved: “Charlie, thank you!”

Charlie shook his hand gently, and said with a smile: “Why are you so polite with your husband?”

After speaking, he greeted the two and said: “Let’s go directly to Darren’s hotel!” Claire hurriedly asked, “Did you buy him a gift?”

“I bought it.” Charlie said, “I bought him a painting.”

“Painting?” Claire asked curiously, “What kind of painting?”

Charlie said: “It’s the kind of ancient paintings sold on Antique Street. I think the painting is a pomegranate, which means more money, more wealth, and more fortune. It’s pretty good, so I bought it.”

Claire asked, “How much did you buy it for?” “Some thousands.”

Claire nodded and said with a smile: “Then you might have been cheated! You can’t buy any real ancient paintings for a few thousand.”
Charlie said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, it’s mainly a kind of heart, courtesy is less affectionate.”

Claire nodded in agreement, and said, “You are right. The main thing is love. Let’s go straight to the hotel now!”