The Amazing Son In Law - Charlie Wade

Chapter 11 - 20

Chapter 11

After Harold knocked three heads, tears of humiliation rolled in his eyes.

But he didn’t dare to make a mistake at the moment.

Because he knew that grandma must have strong dissatisfaction with him now. At this time, he can’t say anything to make her angry anymore.

The Old Mrs. Willson saw that Harold kowtowed his head and admitted his mistake, she felt a little more relaxed.

She didn’t want her grandson to kowtow to Charlie, but the point was that this poisonous oath was about her own life.

She has always believed in Buddhism. If Harold doesn’t kowtow to admit his mistake, she is afraid that she will have trouble sleeping and eating, for fear of retribution to her.

So, she looked at Harold and said lightly: “Harold, these three heads are for you a little lesson. Don’t bet with others casually about things you are not sure about. Even if you bet, don’t harm your family!”

Harold said with a sad face, “Grandma, I know, I won’t dare anymore”

When speaking, his eyes cast a look at Charlie, viciously waiting for him, thinking, you rubbish, forcing me to kneel and kowtow to you and lose face, I will kill you sooner or later!

Immediately, Mrs. Willson opened the mouth and said: “It is gratifying to win this contract today. Everyone should hurry to prepare during this period. We must take this opportunity to build a good relationship with the Emgrand Group!”

Charlie reminded her on the side: “Grandma, since Claire talked about project cooperation, should the position of company director be given to Claire?”

Old Mrs. Willson raised her eyebrows, and she couldn’t help but think to herself. She did say that whoever gets the contract can be the director.

However, when she thinks that Claire has always been disliked by herself, and that her rubbish husband has been disgusting, her heart beats again with a different tune.

If Claire is held up and she will not be under her control in the future, what should she do?

At this moment, she wanted to withdraw her previous promise.

After all, when she made the promise, she didn’t swear a poisonous oath, even if she took it back, she will feel at ease.

However, she felt that this kind of remark could not be said when Claire just signed the contract, so she said in a convenient way: “Well, tomorrow night, I will hold a banquet and invite someone with good looks in Aurous Hill to the scene. Then, I will face to face announce our cooperation with Emgrand Group and the appointment of a new


Upon hearing this, Charlie was relieved with satisfaction.

Claire also smiled gently. It seems that the position of the director is finally her own, and she does not need to be squeezed out in the future, and her parents can raise their heads again!

Old Mrs. Willson turned her face, looked at Claire, and said, “Claire, there is one more thing, grandma wants you to help.”

Claire hurriedly said, “Grandma, would you please say?”

Mrs. Willson said, “I want you to contact the chairman of Emgrand and invite him to the banquet tomorrow.”

After a pause, the Lady Willson said with a look of expectation: “If he can come to our banquet, it will definitely be a brilliant good thing for our Willson family, and it will also make us famous!”

Claire thought for a moment, and hesitated: “But the last time I went, I only met Doris, the vice chairman of Emgrand, and never met the chairman himself. Moreover, we just

got someone’s project and are holding such a banquet. Does it not seem too deliberate?”

“So what? I just want to tell the whole Aurous Hill people that we are now tied to the big ship of Emgrand, and in the future our Willson family will develop!”

The Lady Willson finished speaking, and then said: “Even if the chairman of Emgrand does not want to come, it is okay to invite Doris over. She is the No. 2 figure of Emgrand Group, and it would be very face lifting for us to ask her to come over.”

At this point, Mrs. Willson was already excited.

When she thought that the big clans and big families who had not looked towards the Willson family in the past might have to rely on the snort of the Willson family in the

future, she couldn’t help but burst into enthusiasm.

The Willson family, in her hands, will become even more brilliant!

Claire thought for a moment before replying hesitantly: “I understand, I will try.” “It’s not a try! must be invited!”

Claire nodded lightly, and then quietly asked Charlie, “What should I do? What if the chairman of Emgrand doesn’t come? What if Doris is unwilling to come?”
Charlie laughed and said, “Try it, don’t you have Doris’s phone? Maybe the other party agrees as soon as you call?”

The Willson family will hold a banquet. In addition to showing the strength of the Willson family, Claire will also be announced at the banquet.

Wife is promoted to director, and it’s not bad to be a husband of such a woman.

At this time, Claire didn’t know that her husband was the chairman of the Emgrand Group. She sighed a little tangledly and said: “The other party is the chairman of Emgrand, and it is said that he is the young master of the Eastcliff family. How can he come to the banquet”

Charlie smiled and said, “I don’t think it is necessary. Maybe the other party is always at home with his wife, cooking and washing clothes?”

Claire was annoyed at him and said, “Do you think everyone is you?”

Charlie nodded: “Yes, it is very likely that the boss of the Emgrand Group is just like me” Claire curled her lips and said softly, “Cut it! How could it be possible!”
Chapter 12

Knowing that Charlie was joking, Claire didn’t care, stepped aside, and dialed Doris’s phone.

Soon, the call was connected.

Doris’s pleasant voice came across: “Ms. Willson, hello.”

“Hello, Miss Doris, I have something, I want to ask you for help.” Claire said embarrassedly.

“Well, say it.” Doris agreed.

Claire organized a few words, took a deep breath, and said courageously: “I want to ask if the chairman is free tomorrow night. We want to hold a banquet at home and officially announce the cooperation with Emgrand. I hope the chairman can appreciate it and bless us with his presence”

Doris was silent for a while, then replied: “Ms. Willson, I can’t do this, or else, I can help you ask the chairman’s opinion?”

Claire respectfully said, “Thank you, then I will trouble you.”

After hanging up the phone, Claire held the phone in some anxiety, waiting for news from the other party.

At this moment, Charlie’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Charlie was taken aback, and then he scolded himself in his heart. He forgot to mute the phone. It must be Doris who called to ask his opinion.
Charlie answered the phone with a calm expression on his face, and said “Yeah”.

Doris’s voice came from the other side, “Chairman, the Willson family is going to hold a banquet tomorrow night. Would you like to go there?”

Charlie replied: “Oh, that’s it, it’s okay, I’ll be fine. Just hang up.”

After that, Charlie hung up the phone quickly, and then mumbled, “These sales promotion is really annoying.”

Claire didn’t doubt anything, but shortly afterward, her mobile phone rang again.

Doris’s voice came over again, “Ms. Willson, our chairman has agreed, and will pass by then!”

“Really, that’s great, thank you for your help, and thanks to the Chairman for agreeing.” Claire was suddenly very excited. She did not expect that the other party would actually agree to it.

Claire hurriedly said to Mrs. Willson: “Grandma! The chairman of the Emgrand Group has already agreed!”

“Really?!” Mrs. Willson was suddenly excited!

After that, she immediately said to the Willson family present: “Go and prepare for me! Order the best hotel, order the best meals and drinks, and prepare to welcome the Emgrand chairman!”
“In addition, inform all the big companies in the city and invite them to our banquet! Tell them that the Emgrand chairman will appreciate their presence!”

Immediately afterwards, the entire Willson family became busy!

Everyone was extremely excited, constantly contacting various partners and the upper- class figures of Aurous Hill City.

This is undoubtedly a blockbuster!

For a time, the entire Aurous Hill City learned of this news.

The mysterious new chairman of the Emgrand Group will soon appear at the Willson’s banquet tomorrow!

Mrs. Willson received countless inquiries, and she responded with a smile.

She is so happy today, because as soon as the banquet is over tomorrow, the Willson family will definitely become Aurous Hill’s hottest family!

Thinking of this, she smiled excitedly and said: “Okay, come here today and start preparing for tomorrow’s banquet, the meeting is over!”

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Willson returned to her office. Harold rolled his eyes and followed closely.
“Grandma, are you really going to give Claire the position of director?”

When he walked to a place where there was no one, Harold couldn’t help but speak directly.

Old Mrs. Willson frowned slightly, and said coldly: “I have promised Claire, why can’t I give it to her?”

Harold still insisted: “Grandma, you can’t let her be the director!”

The Lady Willson asked back: “Why? She won such a big contract. She is the company’s hero and deserves to be entitled.”

Harold hurriedly said: “Claire was able to win the Emgrand contract because Wendell from the Jones family was behind her back. I heard that Wendell went to her house

yesterday! Emgrand Group signed a contract with us today. What a coincidence? You see, 80% of it is because she slept w!th Wendell!”

The Old Mrs. Willson looked sullen and said: “What you said is true?”

Harold said plausibly, “Of course it is true. Wendell did go to see Claire last night. You can find out after checking.”

After that, Harold said to Mrs. Willson again: “Grandma, she is a married woman at first. If the matter between her and Wendell is spread, let people know that our Willson family got the Emgrand Group contract by this means. Where do you put the face of the Willson family? Where do you put your face?”
Old Mrs. Willson frowned, she had already believed most of it in her heart. Wendell liked Claire, she knew it.

On her birthday, Wendell also gave a jade amulet worth three or four million. This also reasonably explained why Claire was able to get a 60 million contract.

At this time, Harold said: “If you let such a shameless woman be the director, then our reputation will be even worse. At this time, we must choose someone else to be the director, and then we will also give credibility to the project. Go to other people, and it’s best to choose a man, this can avoid gossip to the greatest extent!”

Old Mrs. Willson nodded gently. She believed Harold’s words 80%.

Looking at it this way, she really have to choose another director to eliminate rumors.

If everyone knows that Claire and Wendell got the contract before they get the contract, he can explain to the outside that he is getting the project with the new director, and he is definitely not relying on Claire to sell meat.

Moreover, the Lady Willson has a selfish heart.
She really doesn’t like Claire! Moreover, she has always favored sons over daughters, and does not want to see Claire’s status and strength in the Willson family grow.

She must be contained to ensure that the Willson family’s assets will not leak to outsiders.

When she thought of this, she had already made up her mind.

So, she looked at Harold and said coldly, “Harold, in the future, you must listen to me. You can do what I ask you to do. You can never do what I don’t let you do.


Harold immediately said faithfully, “Grandma, don’t worry. What you say in the future will be what Harold will do. I will fight wherever you refer!”

“Yeah.” Mrs. Willson nodded with satisfaction, and said: “At the banquet tomorrow, I will tell everyone that you are the new director and are fully responsible for the cooperation with the Emgrand Group, but you must remember that you must be obedient. I can lift you up, and I can step on you!”

Harold was ecstatic in his heart and quickly said, “Grandma, don’t worry! Harold must be obedient!”
Chapter 13

When she came out of the Willson Group, Claire was extremely excited.

Tomorrow grandma will officially announce her new appointment, and she can finally be proud of it!

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help saying to Charlie: “Charlie, thank you! If it weren’t for your encouragement, I wouldn’t dare to take this task.”

Charlie smiled and said, “My wife, you deserve it.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “By the way, my wife, do you want to celebrate such a big event?”

Claire nodded: “How do you want to celebrate?”

Charlie smiled and said: “It just so happens that the anniversary of our third wedding year is coming soon, let’s celebrate together! I’ll make preparations, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Claire asked in surprise, “Are you trying to surprise me?”

“Yes!” Charlie nodded and smiled: “I just want to prepare a surprise for you!”

Claire felt a little sweet in her heart, and said, “Then I won’t ask you exactly what it is!” Charlie said, “Don’t ask, just wait!”
In order to prepare a special wedding anniversary for his wife, Charlie thought of many plans.

The whole is mainly based on compensation. After all, he used to be poor and didn’t have the money to buy gifts for his wife, and he didn’t even give his wife a formal wedding. Now that he has money, he must compensate her well.

After splitting up with his wife, Charlie went to a jewelry shop named Rare Earth in the center of Aurous Hill City by himself.

Rare Earth is the most famous jewelry store in the region.

Gold, platinum, diamonds, and jade, it can be said to have everything.

Charlie wanted to buy a gift for his wife first, and then go to the best hotel to book a late wedding.

After arriving at Rare Earth, the shopping guides saw him wearing a four-bar Adidas, and they didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Charlie looked around for a long time, and saw a jade necklace locked in a cabinet.

The material of this necklace is the top ice jade, exquisite atmosphere, very in line with Claire’s temperament.
Charlie looked at the price, thirteen million, which was trivial to him.

So he called a salesperson and said, “Hello, please take this necklace out and let me have a look.”

The other party glanced at Charlie and said, “I don’t have the key, it is in our manager’s hands.”

After speaking, he used the walkie-talkie to say: “Manager Jane, someone wants to see our treasure of the town shop!”

Soon, a very enchanting woman trot over excitedly. Her name was Jane, the sales manager here.

“Which distinguished guest wants to see the treasure of the town shop?”

The salesman pointed to Charlie and said, “Manager Jane, this is the gentleman.” “Huh?” When Jane saw Charlie, she was as sick as a fly.

How can this kind of filthy rug afford the treasure of the town shop?

Thinking of this, she immediately said to the male shopping guide: “Liu, are you kidding me?”

The other party said: “No, this gentleman really wants to see the treasure of the town shop.”

Jane scolded: “Can this kind of filthy rug afford the treasure of the town shop? Are you blind? If you are blind, just say it and I will rid of you soon!”
Jane prides herself on being extremely accurate.

She can tell at a glance what kind of person and what kind of purchasing power one has.

Therefore, she also judged at a glance that Charlie was a pauper and stinky rug.

Not to mention the thirteen million treasure of the town shop, even the ordinary necklace for one thousand three hundreds, he definitely can’t afford it!

This is not a waste of your feelings?

The male shopping guide dared not speak out, so Charlie frowned and asked her: “You don’t open the door to do business? I want to see this necklace. What’s the problem?”

Jane sneered: “We open the door to do business, but don’t do business with worthless people. If you can’t afford it, don’t join the fun!”

Charlie frowned and said: “With which eye do you see that I can’t afford it?” “Ha ha!”

Jane said disdainfully: “This jade is worth tens of millions. What do you buy? I know, don’t you just want me to take a picture of you and send it to your circle of friends?”
As she said, Jane wrapped her arms around her chest, with a high-pitched look, her face full of contempt.

Hearing that this jade is worth tens of millions, many people around pointed and said with contempt: “This kind of person is really shameless. He can’t afford it but want to have to look at it. What to look at when you can’t buy it even in dreams?”

“That’s it, without looking at the identity, just that one dress, how can it be worthy of such a super jade?”

“I tell you, there are too many of these fooling around now!”

Charlie glanced at Jane at the counter, and saw that the other party was sneering at him with a disdainful face. He had already made up his mind to teach this b*tch, who is so low-minded!

So Charlie took out his cell phone and dialed Stephen Thompson’s number.

“Come to Rare Earth, give me 13 million in cash. I want to see it in ten minutes.” “No problem, Master, I will come here.”

Jane curled her mouth and smiled: “I’m still addicted to acting! You have 13 million in
cash. I have never seen so much cash in my life. I hope you can open my eyes! You don’t know, more than For millions of cash, you need to make an appointment with the bank

first? Hahaha, you are so funny!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Since you haven’t seen so much cash, you will see it soon.” The people around were all talking about it.

“It’s not a problem to be poor, the problem is not to swell your face to fill a fat man”

“Haha, this man doesn’t look like a rich man at first sight. He is still talking about 13 million, and can give out 300,000. I call him my father!”

“I just want to see what the 13 million cash looks like!”

Listening to everyone standing on her side, Jane couldn’t help but smile. She couldn’t see the cash after a while, let’s see how the poor ghost ended up.

A few minutes later, at the entrance of Rare Earth, several Rolls Royce suddenly stopped. Then, from the two front cars, eight bodyguards in black suits descended.

They were holding black leather suitcases in their hands, their muscles were tight, their faces were solemn, and they were all cold and murderous, and even the atmosphere around them was a little serious.
This scene immediately shocked the entire Rare Earth! Where does this big man come from, there is such a pomp!

Chapter 14

Seeing such a big show, Jane was also shocked, thinking to herself that it was not really the person who was called by the poor ghost?

But after another thought, how could it be possible!

It is impossible for the poor ghost to know such a powerful character.

Stephen Thompson got off the third Rolls-Royce and walked into Rare Earth. Jane quickly got up to greet him.

But Stephen Thompson didn’t even look at her, and went straight to Charlie. “Master, I am here and I have brought the money.”

Stephen Thompson said, waving his hand, and the bodyguard behind walked into Rare Earth, and directly put the box full of money on the ground and opened it.

It’s all densely packed with cash!

The people around were so frightened that they gasped for air! d*mn it!

This smelly filthy rug oh no! What this person said is actually true! d*mn, what kind of big man is he!

Many people took out their phones to shoot videos one after another. They didn’t want to miss such a shocking scene.
However, Stephen Thompson’s bodyguards cleared them all out immediately, and they could only photograph Charlie on the back of his head.

Charlie pointed to the cash on the floor and asked Jane, “Have seen so much money? Have you seen it now?”

Jane was frightened and nodded, “I see it, I see it”

Charlie said to Stephen Thompson, “I want to see the manager of this store.”

Stephen Thompson nodded, took out his cell phone, and searched for a moment to call.

As soon as the call was connected, he cursed directly into the phone: “Bad son, I am Stephen Thompson. I am at Rare Earth now. Give you one minute and get out of here immediately! Otherwise, I will make people burn this Rare Earth! Then let someone

break your dog legs!”

Jane’s face turned pale, and the expression in Stephen Thompson’s eyes was full of fear. Is this person really so powerful?

Own boss, but Aurous Hill has a big man with a face, and he can eat well on the road, who can’t give him some face? How can anyone dare to talk to him like this?
Before a minute, a middle-aged fat man crawled out of the office behind him. As soon

as he saw Stephen Thompson, he rushed forward and said, “Mr. Thompson, you come to my shop. Without saying a word in advance, I’d have come to meet you.”

Stephen Thompson directly slapped him in the face and furiously said, “You have a big shelf, and your clerk dares to neglect our young master. Are you tired of life?”

Stephen Thompson knew that the young master had been wronged a lot in the past ten years. At this time, seeing a clerk also gave him annoyance.

The middle-aged fat man received a slap in the face, and he was a bit wronged at first, but when he heard this, he was shocked and lost his mind.

The young master of Stephen Thompson? d*mn, Stephen Thompson already exists like a real dragon, isn’t his young master like a god in the Hanging?

His frightened legs kept trembling, and turned his head to see Charlie next to Stephen Thompson. Although he looked ordinary, he was the young master of Stephen Thompson’s boss family!
Thinking of this, the middle-aged fat man was even more apprehensive, and said quickly: “Master, I’m so sorry, I apologize to you.”

Then he turned his head, full of anger, and cursed: “Which thing that doesn’t have eyesight offends the young master? Stand up for me!”

The eyes of other shopping guides instantly focused on Jane. Jane quickly wanted to shrink back.

But the middle-aged fat man rushed up instantly, grabbed Jane by the collar, slapped her face with a blow, and cursed: “You are a b!tch not better than that. Even you dare to offend the master. You are really blind. blind eyes!”

Jane was knocked to the ground by a slap, she said crying: “Boss, I’m sorry, I’m blind, please spare me this time!”

“Spare you?” The middle-aged fat man grabbed her hair and pulled her face up, hitting her face with a big fist.

With one punch and another punch, her face was full of blood: “Drafted, do you want to kill me? You want to kill me, I f*cking kill you first!”

Jane’s mouth full of teeth was broken several times, and the bridge of her nose she had just paid for was also broken, her face was full of blood.
She broke away crying and broke away from the middle-aged fat man. She knelt and crawled to Charlie’s side, grabbed his leg, and cried: “Mr. Wade, I really know that I was wrong. I will never look down on people in the future, please forgive me.”

Charlie said coldly: “Do it yourself.”

When the middle-aged fat man saw that she grabbed Charlie’s leg, he was so scared

that he ran over and slammed on her head, cursing, “You can touch the young master’s leg? I’ll kill you!”

After this step, Jane suddenly became unconscious.

The middle-aged fat man said to the security guard next to him: “Put this dog-eyed into the waste bin behind the shop!”

“OK, boss!” The security guards did not dare to delay, and immediately took Jane, who was full of blood, and led her out.

Charlie said to the middle-aged fat man expressionlessly, “My wife likes that jade, please wrap it up for me.”

The middle-aged fat man nodded quickly and said, “Okay, I’ll wrap it up for you!” Charlie took out the premium card and said, “Swipe this card.”
After speaking, he said to Stephen Thompson: “You can take the cashback.”

The middle-aged fat man hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, you like this jade, so I will give it to you as a little gift!”

Charlie said: “I don’t need you to do that.”

The middle-aged fat man said in a consensual way: “Mr. Wade, treat it as a small little heart, please accept it!”

Stephen Thompson said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade, since he intends to send you as a plea, please accept it, otherwise he won’t even be able to sleep at night.”

Charlie hesitated for a moment, then nodded gently: “Okay, then I thank you.” Seeing Charlie accepted the jade necklace, the fat man breathed a sigh of relief.

If Charlie didn’t accept this necklace, he was really afraid that Stephen Thompson would not let him go. With his strength, hooking his fingers could also make him wiped out.

At this time, Stephen Thompson asked Charlie: “Mr. Wade, do you want me to send you off?”

“No.” Charlie waved his hand and said, “Where is the back door? I’ll go by myself.” The onlookers really opened their eyes today!
Several Rolls-Royces brought thirteen million in cash just to buy a piece of jade. As a result, the boss of Rare Earth did not even dare to collect money!

What is the origin of that very humble young man?

Many people uploaded this video to the Internet, and it became popular online. Netizens have called this mysterious person “super rich second generation”,

“overbearing president”, “god-level rich man”, and even set off a “search for god-level rich man” activity, and countless people actively participated.

But fortunately, when these people took the video, the man and his people were cleared out of the store surrounded by bodyguards, so the identity in their video was very vague and could not be used as a reference for finding someone.

Chapter 15

After leaving Rare Earth, Charlie did not go home immediately.

He wanted to give his wife a full set of surprises on the day of wedding anniversary.

This surprise is not just a jade necklace, he also wants to make up a romantic wedding for his wife.
At the request of the Master Willson, Charlie and Claire hurriedly obtained the marriage certificate, and the wedding was never held in time.

The Old Master himself wanted to choose an auspicious day and hold a grand wedding, but soon after the two got the certificate, he was seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital, so the wedding was been delayed.

Later, the Old Master left, and Charlie was not admired by anyone in the Willson family, so the wedding was even more impossible.

However, now that he has money, he must pay his wife a wedding!

When he thought of holding a wedding, the first thing he thought of was the Hanging Garden of Shangri-La!

Shangri-La Hotel is currently the best hotel in Aurous Hill. The hotel occupies a large area, the decoration is very luxurious, and there is a large and high-end shopping mall inside.

The Hanging garden is on the highest level inside the mall.

The reason why it is called the Hanging garden is that it is built with crystal glass, and matched with high-end fresh flowers shipped by air from abroad, it looks like a sky garden suspended in the air.
This is also the grandest and most luxurious banquet hall in Aurous Hill. If a wedding is held here, it will cost at least several million.

Charlie is rich now, a few million is nothing to him, as long as he can make his wife happy, it is more important than anything.

So he came to Shangri-La Hotel and wanted to reserve the Hanging garden on his wedding anniversary.

However, Charlie did not know that Shangri-La Hotel adopted membership service.

Whether it is eating, lodging, or holding a banquet here, you must have hotel membership.

Moreover, the corresponding services are not available for different membership levels. Ordinary members can only eat in the lobby and stay in standard rooms;

Silver members can eat in boxes and live in high-end luxury rooms; Gold members can eat in luxurious boxes and live in luxurious suites;

Platinum members can eat in the Hanging garden and live in top luxury suites.

And the highest is the diamond member.

Only diamond members are eligible to live in the presidential suite, and only diamond members are eligible to hold the entire Hanging garden for banquets.
Moreover, members above the gold level cannot be processed with money, and they must have sufficient social status.

Charlie came to Shangri-La Hotel, but before entering the door, he was stopped by several men in black.

“Sorry sir, please show your membership card.”

Charlie’s clothes all over his body are not worth two hundred, which is extremely dazzling when compared with those brightly dressed and luxurious guests.

Charlie said hurriedly: “I want to find your account manager and talk about the reservation.”

The other party said coldly: “Sorry, you can’t enter without a membership card!” Charlie said: “Then can I apply for a membership card now?”

The other party shook his head and said, “Sorry, the membership card must be processed through the introducer.”

Charlie frowned, saying that Shangri-La is too much trouble, right?

When he didn’t know what to do, he suddenly remembered that when he was arranged by Mr. Willson to enter Aurous Hill University to study with his wife as a senior, there was a college classmate named Sabrina Lee who seemed to be at work!
So he immediately took out his mobile phone and called Sabrina.

After explaining the situation that he wanted to apply for the card, Sabrina immediately said: “Class monitor Wade, this matter is handed over to me, I will come there!”

Charlie hurriedly thanked him.

It seems that even though they have only been university classmates with Sabrina for a year, there is still some friendship between them, and he must return Sabrina’s favor in the future.

“Oh, Class monitor Wade!”

A few minutes later, a woman’s exclamation suddenly came from inside the hotel door.

Lifting his head, Charlie saw a very coquettish woman wearing an ol costume, heavy makeup, and wriggling out of the hotel.

Sabrina? Her changes are really big enough! he almost dare not recognize her!

Seeing the glamorous girl, the two black-clothed security guards at the door hurriedly bent over and called respectfully: “Manager. Sabrina.”

Charlie said in surprise: “Sabrina, I haven’t seen you in a few years, you are now the team leader in Shangri-La, really amazing!”
Sabrina smiled and said: “Class monitor, you are polite, I am actually just a team leader of the personnel department, and I can only be regarded as a small and middle-level employee in Shangri-La.”

Charlie exclaimed from the bottom of his heart: “That’s already very powerful. I heard that Shangri-La’s management is very demanding. You are really amazing!”

Sabrina smiled triumphantly, and then looked at the two black-clothed security guards beside her, and asked coldly: “You two blocked my university monitor at the door and refused to let in?”

The two looked at each other, and one of them hurriedly said: “I’m sorry, leader Sabrina, we didn’t know this is your university classmate, and he doesn’t have a membership card, we were also abiding by the hotel regulations”

Sabrina snorted coldly: “The rules are dead and people are alive. Don’t you understand this truth?”

Charlie thought that Sabrina was going to punish them for this, and hurriedly said: “Sabrina, don’t make it difficult for them, they also act according to the rules.”
Looking at Charlie, Sabrina suddenly laughed. At the same time, she changed her face and sarcastically said: “Class monitor Wade, you take yourself too seriously, you really think I will do it for you, and it will be difficult for my subordinates?”

Charlie frowned: “Sabrina, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Sabrina curled her lips and smiled: “Is it not obvious enough? Just like you, you want to enter Shangri-La? I tell you, don’t even think about it in this life!”

Charlie clenched his fists and asked her, “What the h*ll do you mean?”

“I am teasing you!” Sabrina smiled and shivered, and said, “When I was in college, I

didn’t look down on you. I only knew the smelly rug, even a canteen bun without meat.

Still working as a class leader? Are you still gesticulating about my academic performance? I babble! Don’t look at your virtue!”

Charlie said with a gloomy expression: “Sabrina, I think I have never provoked you, why do you ridicule me?”

Chapter 16

Sabrina hugged her shoulders and said proudly: “I just look down on you, why? You are not allowed to talk about it?”
“University classmates who didn’t know that you went to be a live-in son-in-law after graduation? When you were in school, you couldn’t afford to eat, and when you graduated you are eating leftovers, you still have the face to ask me for help?

A bit of anger surged in Charlie’s heart.

People do not offend him, He does not offend people, Sabrina is really too much this time!

At this moment, he suddenly received a text message from Stephen Thompson on his cell phone: “Mr. Wade, Shangri-La, is the property of our Wade Group. Shangri-La in Aurous Hill is just one of our more than 100 Shangri-La units.”.

Charlie’s pupils shrank suddenly! Shangri-La belongs to the Wade family?

He subconsciously responded to the text message: “Aren’t you lying to me?”

Stephen Thompson said: “The person in charge of Aurous Hill Shangri-La is named Issac Craven and his phone number is 155. You call him and he will take care of everything.”

“Is it Okay?”

Seeing that Charlie kept low hair text messages made Sabrina very depressed.
She felt like she was abusing the dog, of course she wanted to hear the dog barking twice.

But unexpectedly, Charlie didn’t say a word.

It seems that this Class monitor, who was very stubborn when he was in college, is still so stubborn and indifferent to being scolded.

So she increased her firepower and sneered: “Oh, Class monitor, you can really bear it!” “By the way, I heard people say that you and Claire had been married for three years

and you haven’t gotten into her bed. Could it be that Claire was the mistress of others? Wouldn’t you just be a pretence for her to be someone else’s junior? Right? Hahaha!”

Charlie frowned.

It’s all about insulting me, but also insulting my wife? Sabrina, you are looking for death by yourself!

So, he dialed the phone number of Issac Craven, the person in charge of Shangri-La, looked at Sabrina, and said indifferently: “I want to ask your person in charge, how does Shangri-La recruit employees? Even someone with mouth full of dung, can they still be recruited?”
“Dare to scold me? Are you tired of life!” Sabrina immediately exploded her hair and shouted at the security guard beside her: “He is here to insult me, give him a beating!”

At this time, Charlie had already dialed the phone. “Hey, who.”

On the phone, a man’s coercive voice came.

Charlie asked coldly: “Are you Issac Craven? My name is Charlie Wade. I’m at the door of Shangri-La now. I will give you one minute to get down, or you will get out of Shangri-

La in the future!”

The man on the phone who was still full of momentum suddenly asked: “Young Mr. Wade? Are you really at the door of Shangri-La?”

Charlie said coldly: “You still have fifty seconds!”

The other party seemed frightened and blurted out: “Wait a minute, I’m here!”

Sabrina laughed angrily by Charlie’s phone call, and said sarcastically: “Charlie, I didn’t expect you to brag like this? Do you know the identity of President Issac? The two top members of Shangri La did not dare to act in front of President Issac. Do you think you can bluff me by pretending to make a call?”
Charlie said lightly, “Is it bluffing you? You’ll know after 30 seconds!”

Sabrina laughed loudly: “Okay, Class monitor Wade, then I will wait with you for 30 seconds! Oh no, I will wait with you for three minutes! If they don’t come out for three minutes, I will let the security guard tear your mouth. Look at how you brag in the

future! Hahaha! You really laugh at me!” Twenty seconds.

A middle-aged man wearing a top-level customized suit ran out in a panic. He is a dog of the Wade family and a very powerful dog.

Since he took office in Aurous Hill and became the head of Shangri-La, he has been one of the most respected existences in city. When has he been so flustered?

However, he had to panic, and never dreamed that the young master would appear in Shangri-La where he was in charge.

Sabrina was about to continue to ridicule Charlie, when she suddenly saw the security guards around her looking behind her with horror.

When she turned her head subconsciously, she suddenly discovered that President Issac was running out of it, and she was suddenly struck by lightning.
Immediately, she looked at Charlie, her eyes full of horror: “How is this possible?” “Who is Mr. Charlie?!”

Issac Craven’s voice was trembling.

The people were stunned, and Mr. Issac, who was able to bring the Aurous Hill earthquakes by stomping his feet, changed his voice in a panic at this moment!

Charlie said at this moment: “I am!”

Issac Craven rushed to the front immediately, bowed and said: “Master”

Before he finished speaking, Charlie immediately said: “Mr. Issac, don’t say something outside.”

When Issac Craven heard this, his whole body trembled in shock.

d*mn, I am a stupid dog! The identity of the young master must be highly confidential, and he almost called out. If the young master blamed him for that, wouldn’t he be finished?

So he hurriedly changed his name, but still respectfully said: “Mr. Charlie, you are welcome to Shangri-La. Please move to my office to talk.”

Sabrina was already frightened, she couldn’t accept this reality, but it really happened in front of her eyes.
What is the origin of Charlie? How can the bosses of Shangri-La treat him respectfully? She ridiculed him just now, shouldn’t he hold grudges?

Chapter 17

Thinking of this, Sabrina hurriedly changed into a flattering look, and said to Charlie in a charming manner: “It’s really an honor for our Shangri-La and my old classmates to

come by, Mr. Charlie.”

She felt that by complimenting Charlie, she could make Charlie forget or ignore what she had done just now.

However, she took Charlie too kindly.

When Issac Craven heard Sabrina’s words, he asked in surprise: “Sabrina, are you Charlie’s classmate?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sabrina said hurriedly: “Charlie was the monitor of my college class. We have a very good relationship!”

Issac Craven said immediately: “I will report to the President’s Office tomorrow, and you will be the personnel director of Shangri-La!”

From the team leader to the personnel director, there are at least three levels in Shangri-La, and the remuneration is more than ten times, and most of the employees are in control of life and death. He is definitely one of the executives.
When Sabrina heard this, she was excited and almost fainted.

At this time, Charlie said coldly: “Mr. Charlie, do you know what my relationship is with Sabrina?”

Issac Craven thought that Charlie was dissatisfied with this arrangement, and immediately said: “If Mr. Charlie is not satisfied, then let Ms. Sabrina be promoted directly to vice president!”

Charlie suddenly said, “Because I didn’t have a membership card, I called Sabrina for help, but she actually humiliated me for no reason, and even wanted security to beat me several times. You actually want to promote her to vice president. What do you mean?

Deliberately want to fight against me?” Hearing this, Issac Craven felt cold.

The flattering hit the horse’s leg!

Immediately, his eyes were full of anger when he looked at Sabrina.

Immediately afterwards, he slapped Sabrina’s face fiercely, and cursed: “Even Mr. Charlie dared to offend, you have the courage of the bear heart and leopard? Don’t you want to live?”

Sabrina was so frightened that she was soft, knelt on the ground and kept kowtow, crying: “Mr. Charlie, I was wrong.”
Issac Craven kicked Sabrina abruptly, kicked her a few meters away, and cursed: “You are not a dog with long eyes! I will let you know today and it has caused Mr. Charlie’s price!”

Having said that, he shouted to the security guard beside him: “Beat her fiercely! Beat her half to death, and then give her plastic face a good look, and then tell the whole Aurous Hill that no company will dare to use her in the future!”

Sabrina was so frightened that she hurriedly said: “President Issac, I was wrong, please forgive me!”

Issac Craven was furious, and shouted: “Now you know it was wrong? Why did you go? You can offend Mr. Wade too? If it wasn’t for the face of Mr. Wade, I would kill you!”

Sabrina broke down and cried. She knelt on the ground and crawled all the way to

Charlie, kowtowing her head again and again: “Class monitor Wade, I was wrong, sorry! Please let it for the sake of classmates.”

Charlie asked her indifferently: “Sabrina, classmate, why did you insult me and my wife just now?”
Sabrina cried bitterly and said, “Class monitor, I was confused just now. I blame my bad mouth. Please forgive me.”

Charlie said: “If people do not offend me, I will not offend others, but if they offend me, I will never forgive others!”

After that, he snorted and said: “You brew your own bitter wine, drink it yourself!”

Issac Craven scolded: “b*tch, dare to bitch with Mr. Wade, I will tear your broken mouth!”

Sabrina did not dare to beg for mercy anymore, but knelt on the ground and wept bitterly.

Charlie did not sympathize with her at all, but simply ignored her and said blankly to Issac Craven: “I want to talk to you about the Hanging garden. Let go to your office.”

Issac Craven nodded hurriedly, and said respectfully: “Mr. Charlie come with me!”

After speaking, he pointed at the security guard beside him and shouted: “Hit her hard!” “Yes, President Issac!”

How dare the security guard disobey him, nodding his head immediately rushed to hold Sabrina to beat her.
Sabrina kept wailing, but Charlie completely ignored it, and under the guidance of Issac Craven nodding and bowing, he entered Shangri-La.

As soon as he arrived at Issac Craven’s office, Charlie went straight to the topic: “A few days later, it will be my wife’s wedding anniversary. I want to reserve the entire Hanging garden. Can I do that?”

Issac Craven said without hesitation: “Mr. Wade, in order to ensure fairness to all high- end members, Hanging Garden has always refused to book the venue. Even the city leaders will not provide private space service. However, as long as you need it, the air in the garden can even be reserved for you alone forever!”

Charlie said indifferently: “That’s not necessary, just save it on the anniversary. Besides, I need you to cooperate with me and prepare a little surprise for my wife.”

Issac Craven said immediately: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, all Shangri-La employees and I will obey your instructions!”

Charlie got things done in Shangri-La. When he took the bus home, almost all the passengers in the bus were using TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.
Moreover, to his surprise, everyone is watching the same video! It’s the video of throwing thirteen millions in cash at Rare Earth!

The video was shot from Stephen Thompson’s Rolls-Royce team, a series of top Rolls- Royce cars, a dozen black security guards with black suitcases, and thirteen million cash dropped on the ground for dogs to watch. The low-ranking sales manager has no place to show herself, and the whole process is posted online.

However, the video failed to capture the front of Charlie.

This video quickly became popular in Aurous Hill. Countless people are wondering who is the superhero. Many girls even dreamed of Cinderella and the prince’s dreams, eager to one day meet this low-key hero.

Charlie repeatedly confirmed that he was difficult to recognize in the video, and then he was relieved and returned home.

At this time, the home is full of joy.

Claire got the contract from the Emgrand Group and was about to become the director of the Willson Group. Her parents were naturally excited and tearful.
She have been looked down upon in the Willson family for so many years, now she can finally raise her head and be a woman!

When the father-in-law and mother-in-law were happy, seeing Charlie was not as bored as before.

The mother-in-law said excitedly: “Oh, I’m so happy today, my daughter is really not an ordinary person!”

After finishing speaking, she looked at Charlie again, and said with a rare smile: “Charlie, you can be considered a great inspiration for this matter. I won’t let you cook today.

Let’s find a restaurant to have a meal!”

Claire smiled and said, “Then let’s go to Kempinski to eat western food!”

“It’s too expensive!” The mother-in-law blurted out: “That’s not more than 1,000 per capita?”

Claire smiled and said, “Mom, the director’s salary is very high, with an annual salary of one million.”

“Oh!” The mother-in-law applauded joyfully, and happily said: “It’s great, great! My family is finally promising!”

After that, she said: “However, you must pay at least 70% to your mother from your future salary. You young people don’t understand the importance of financial management. Money is definitely more reliable with me than you save yourself!”
Claire nodded immediately and smiled: “Okay mom, I will give it to you every month at that time, but let’s say it, you can’t always rebuke Charlie in the future, saying things like how can he be your son-in-law? “

The mother-in-law immediately opened her eyes and smiled: “Okay! Mom cares about your face, so try to talk less about him in the future!”

Chapter 18

Wendell was sulking at home when a family of four went to Kempinski for dinner. He also saw the news from the Emgrand Group, and was very depressed.

He thought Claire would not be able to get the contract from the Emgrand Group if he didn’t help. He didn’t expect that she would successfully win a contract of 60 million in the morning. He recalled that he had put a cruel remark at her house yesterday. This was not for her face?

Harold also called to complain about it, and said as soon as he opened his mouth:

“Brother Wendell, you are too interesting! I have been helping you create opportunities to chase my cousin, but you helped her win the cooperation of the Emgrand Group.
Didn’t you embarrass me?”

Wendell is also very innocent, what the h*ll? I didn’t help Claire!

At this time, Harold asked again: “Brother Wendell, tell me the truth, did you put my cousin to sleep?”

Wendell was too embarrassed to deny, saying that he had nothing to do with all of this, wouldn’t that mean admitting that he was incompetent?

So he said um um ah ah, “Yes, sorry Harold, I will definitely compensate you if I have a chance in the future.”

“I knew it!” Harold sighed, and then hurriedly asked: “Brother Wendell, my cousin should still be a intact? She seems to have never let that rubbish touch, you really hit a jackpot

this time!”

Wendell was delighted when he heard this. OK! Claire is still a …!

Then he might as well declare to the public that she slept with him, so as to provoke the relationship between her and her husband.

Thinking of this, he smiled and said to Harold: “Harold, your cousin was indeed still a virgin, and it was really cool to do it, hahaha!”
Harold said bitterly: “Then you can’t ignore me from now on, Brother Wendell!” “Relax!” Wendell readily agreed.

After hanging up Harold’s phone, Wendell’s father called again.

As soon as the phone was connected, he blurted out: “Wendell, something has happened! The Marriott Group stopped all our cooperation! Have you been offending people these days?”

When Wendell heard this, his heartfelt like an ice cellar.

The Emgrand Group has stopped all cooperation with the Jones family? Doesn’t it mean that the family has suffered heavy losses? !

He blurted out: “What’s the situation, Dad? I haven’t offended anyone these days! Have you offended anyone?”

Wendell’s father said angrily: “Neither do I! I have been in the company these days, and I haven’t gone out to offend anyone.”

Wendell said nervously: “Oh, dad, is it possible that the new chairman of Emgrand Group is preparing to shuffle the cards?”

“Very likely!” Wendell’s father suddenly realized: “Now that the new chairman has taken over, I haven’t had a chance to pay a visit. I have mentioned it to that Doris several
times, but she keeps saying that their chairman is not attending guests.” Wendell asked: “What should I do?”

His father thought for a while and said, “Oh, right, there will be a banquet in the Willson family tomorrow night. It is said that they have invited the chairman of the Emgrand

Group. Let’s go and find a chance to meet him!”

“Okay!” Wendell said immediately: “Tomorrow we will go together!”

The next day, at the most important highlight of the Willson family, the entire family was excited up and down.

Because after a night of fermentation, the Willson family got the Emgrand Group contract and invited the Emgrand Group chairman to participate in the family banquet. The news has spread throughout Aurous Hill!

For this banquet, Charlie found his most expensive suit to put on and went to the hotel where the banquet was held.

As soon as he arrived at the hotel entrance, Charlie got out of the car and saw a Porsche suddenly braked and stopped in front of him.

Immediately afterwards, Wendell, dressed in a designer suit and meticulously combed hair, got out of the car.
Soon, a receptionist came up and greeted Wendell graciously.

And Wendell obviously saw Charlie too, with a trace of disdain in his eyes, looked at him up and down, and smiled: “Where did you find a copycat suit, and the person wearing it looks like a dog.”

Charlie asked calmly: “What does it have to do with you?”

The corner of Wendell’s mouth curled up, with a bit of sarcasm on his face, and said, “You have nothing to do with me, but your wife has something to do with me now.”

Charlie frowned slightly and asked, “What’s the relationship?” People around can’t help but stop.

Beginning last night, there was a gossip in the circle.

According to the news, Claire was able to win the Emgrand Group’s cooperation entirely because she dedicated her life to Wendell’s relationship. Otherwise, with the strength of her and the Willson family, how could she win the Emgrand Group?

Now it seems that this is really a sign.

Wendell saw the crowd gathered, and said to Charlie: “What do you think was the
reason why the Emgrand Group was able to win the cooperation in the first place?” Charlie looked at Wendell and asked indifferently: “Because of what?”

Wendell’s mouth curled up and said, “Of course it’s because of me, because Claire is now my woman, so I tried my best to help her win the Emgrand cooperation. If you know, divorce her sooner, it’s also considered adult beauty. “

Although everyone around had speculated, but now that Wendell said it bluntly, everyone could not help being surprised.

Claire actually got the cooperation of Emgrand Group through sleeping with Wendell!

“Because of you?” Charlie laughed instead of anger when he heard this, and said, “You are worthy too?”

Chapter 19

“I’m not worthy, are you worthy?”

Wendell said with gloomy eyes: “You are just a rubbish, you can’t even look at your own wife. It’s too wrong to follow you in the first place. It’s nice to follow me, I can give her what she wants!”

Charlie’s face turned cold, lowered his voice, and said coldly: “I’ll give you two choices. First, you will kowtow to Claire and apologize. In front of everyone, you will swallow what you have said. Second, I will completely bankrupt your family group, if you

“Hahahahaha, are you kidding me? What kind of thing are you that made my group bankrupt?”

Wendell laughed wildly and looked at Charlie disdainfully, obviously not taking what he said seriously.

“Are you a mentally retarded daydreamer? What do you use to make my family group go bankrupt? Do you know what the market value of my family group is?”

Charlie was expressionless, staring at Wendell for a moment with a mentally retarded expression, took out the phone at random, and dialed Stephen Thompson.

“Within three minutes, I want to see Wendell’s group go bankrupt and liquidate its assets, and debts soar!”

In three minutes, letting a group with a market value of several billion go bankrupt is simply a pipe dream!

Wendell stared at Charlie with a stern look, and said: “d*mn, you’re so awesome! Do you think you are the superhero on the Internet?”

After that, Wendell said coldly: “rubbish, don’t pretend, I also give you two choices. First, you will kneel down and apologize to me, and then divorce Claire immediately; second, I will find a few people to completely abolish you from the face of earth. Then, let you see me and Claire sweet and sweet with your own eyes, and you can choose yourself! I will give you one minute!”
Charlie looked down at the phone and said, “You have one minute left, are you sure you can’t save it?”

“f*ck off! You still have thirty seconds to think about it. If you don’t kneel down, I will make you regret it forever!” Wendell said indifferently.

“Twenty seconds!” “Ten seconds!”

“Five seconds!”

“The time is up, don’t blame me for being cruel, it’s you rubbish that you found

yourself!” Wendell shook his collar, then waved to a few bodyguards, ready to take care of the rubbish first.

But at this moment, Wendell’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Wendell was taken aback, saw his father calling, and quickly picked up. “Dad, I’m already at the party, are you here?”

On the phone, Wendell’s father snarled frantically: “You rubbish! Who on earth did you offend! What trouble did you cause! Now all shareholders are frantically dumping our group’s stock, and our stock has fallen by more than 90%!”

As he said, his father roared again: “The bank suddenly came to ask for debt repayment! All the partners suddenly stopped cooperating with us and stopped settlement! Our capital chain has been broken! There is only one way out for bankruptcy and

Wendell’s face instantly turned pale as he listened to the voice from the phone, and cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

“Our house is over! Completely over!”

Wendell wanted to ask again. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a police siren on the opposite side of the mobile phone, followed by the sound of a door breaking, and the voice of the police asking his father to cooperate in the investigation.

He was suddenly weak, and the phone fell to the ground, smashing to pieces. As soon as his legs softened, he knelt in front of Charlie.

The wind blew, and the body and heart were cold.

Those bodyguards, seeing this picture, were all surprised and stopped stepping forward.

Wendell was extremely frightened, and asked Charlie in a low voice, “Who are you? You did it, right?”

The crowd onlookers were also extremely surprised. Wendell answered the call and suddenly knelt in front of the son-in-law of the Willson family. What happened?

Charlie looked down at him, bent over slightly, and said in a low voice: “I gave you the opportunity to choose, but you didn’t choose the right one.”
“I know that I was wrong, I apologize to you, please, let me go! At first I have nothing to do with you, I have never touched her, the Emgrand Group’s cooperation is not my help, those words just said are all made up, I beg you, forgive me and my family!”

Wendell kept kowtow apologizing, he couldn’t even dream that a son-in-law of the Willson family would have such a great energy! One phone call breaking his family!

When he raised his head and looked at Charlie’s cheek, he only felt that this plain face was more terrifying than a demon!

Can let his family go bankrupt within a few minutes, such a character is not offended at all!

Charlie shook his head and said, “You should be satisfied, because at least I will save you a life! Otherwise, your whole family will be dead!”

As soon as he said this, Wendell’s face paled and his whole body trembled violently.

Charlie looked at him and said coldly: “To tell you the truth, I am the superhero on the Internet. If you don’t want to die, you’d better not talk about my identity, otherwise, you and your father won’t survive tomorrow morning. !”
After speaking, Charlie patted Wendell’s face, and stepped into the hall without paying attention to him.

But Wendell completely slumped to the ground, and he did not dare to resist Charlie’s extremely humiliating action.

Seeing Charlie walked into the hall, Wendell even ran into the hall rolling.

Looking around and seeing Claire’s figure, he crawled over there, knelt at Claire’s feet, kept kowtow, and cried, “Claire, I apologize to you, I shouldn’t tell you about it. The rumors, you got the Emgrand Group project, it has nothing to do with me, please, let me go!”

Claire was taken aback by his actions, and quickly dodged backwards, but ran into a warm embrace.

Claire looked back, and it was Charlie who hugged himself.

After Charlie came in, he saw Claire. Today’s Claire has been carefully dressed, like a blooming star in the crowd, dazzling.

Seeing Wendell rushing towards Claire, Charlie took her in his arms first to prevent her from falling, and gave Wendell a fierce look.

Wendell was frightened and rolled away on his stomach, for fear of angering Charlie. Claire asked puzzledly: “What happened to him?”
Charlie hugged her while whispering, “I’m afraid this person is sick. Leave him alone.”

Although the two were husband and wife, they didn’t have any close contact. Feeling Charlie’s warm embrace, Claire’s ears were red.

She hurriedly broke free from Charlie’s arms, and said falteringly: “Well, Chairman Wade of the Emgrand Group should be here, I’m going to see”

Chapter 20

When Wendell fled, Harold just came in, followed by his sister Wendy and his fiance Yunlong White.

Beside Yunlong, there was also a young man dressed in luxurious clothes. Looking at his face, he looked a bit like Gerald.

When he met Wendell head-on, Harold said hurriedly: “Oh, brother Wendell! When I just came in, I heard someone say something happened to your family? Really?”

Wendell pushed him away in despair, muttering in his mouth: “It’s over, it’s over, it’s all over”

Harold asked with concern: “Mr. Jones, what’s wrong with you?” Wendell shook his head in fear, dare not say anything.
He had no doubt that if he said something that he shouldn’t say, he might be corpse on the street tomorrow.

So Wendell broke away from Harold’s hand and ran out in despair.

Harold looked at his back and sighed, “I guess this house is really finished, sh!t, too soon, right? It was fine yesterday, but today it is bankrupt!”

Later, when Harold saw Charlie and Claire, he was moved with bad thoughts, and

hurriedly greeted Claire, “Claire, I will introduce you to this distinguished guest. This is Gerald’s cousin, Fred White. , The eldest son of the White family.”

“Brother Fred, this is my cousin, Claire.” Harold introduced to Fred with a flattering expression.

As soon as Fred came in, his eyes were tightly focused on Claire. Hearing the words, he quickly stretched out his hand and said: “Hello Claire. I have heard about the beauty of the daughter of the Willson family a long time ago. Seeing it today, it really deserves its reputation.”

A trace of dissatisfaction flashed in Charlie’s eyes. There was no way for his wife to be beautiful, and the flies around her would be annoying to death after catching one after another.
So he stretched out his hand first, shook hands with Fred, and said coldly: “Hello, I am Claire’s husband.”

“You?” Fred looked up and down at Charlie, his disdain was overwhelming, and he

withdrew his hand before he said indifferently: “I didn’t expect Claire to be married. It’s really a flower on the cow dung.”

Wendy quickly explained on the side: “Brother Fred, this rubbish is imported into our Willson family. He has no job and no ability!”

After finishing speaking, she deliberately winked at Fred and said, “Brother Fred, after I marry Gerald, we will be considered as a family, and we must have more contact by


Fred naturally knew what she meant. This was to encourage him to pursue Claire. Then he smiled and said, “Miss Claire is as beautiful as an immortal. If I can communicate more, I can’t ask for it.”

At this moment, Charlie also saw his mother-in-law Elaine and father-in-law Jacob approaching.

After Elaine walked over, he hurriedly said to Claire, “Claire, have you heard about it? Jones family is bankrupt!”
“Huh?” Claire asked in surprise: “When did it happen?”

“Just now!” Elaine sighed: “I thought you would divorce Charlie in the future, and you can be with Wendell, but now it’s nothing to watch.”

Charlie was very depressed, is this mother-in-law a fool? Don’t know that the current son-in-law is the real son-in-law?

After seeing Elaine, Fred hurried over and introduced himself: “You must be Claire’s mother, right? Auntie, I am Gerald’s cousin Fred. You are so beautiful, no wonder you can give birth to Claire. Such a beautiful daughter.”

When Elaine heard that Fred turned out to be Gerald’s cousin, the eldest son of the White family, and the son of the rich family! Her eyes lit up and she said enthusiastically: “Yes, I am Claire’s mother. Are you and Claire friends?”

Fred nodded and smiled: “Kind of friends, but I just met today!”

Elaine was full of joy, and quickly nodded and said: “Everyone quickly find a place to sit, don’t stand, Mr. White, you young people, you should have more contact in the future.”
“Mom!” Claire exclaimed in dissatisfaction, preventing her mother from continuing.

Elaine was about to say something, Claire gave her a hand to remind everyone to pay attention to the stage.

At this time, Mrs. Willson was already standing in the spotlight!

She looked around with excitement before she stood in front of the microphone and smiled and said: “First of all, on behalf of the Willson family, I welcome dear friends and partners to come to our banquet.”

“Then, let us welcome the Vice Chairman of Emgrand Group, Ms. Doris.”

The spotlight moved instantaneously, hitting the beam of light on the front seat.

Wearing a black evening dress, Doris completely exposed her perfect figure to everyone’s eyes. Under the light, she was as dazzling as a fairy, and all the men in the field couldn’t help but focus on her.

Emgrand Group, Vice Chairman! Peerless beauty! Each of these identities is enough to attract everyone’s attention.

After Doris stood up, she just nodded to the crowd. When she saw Charlie, her eyes stayed for a while before she moved away.
At this time, the Old Mrs. Willson continued to speak: “Today, I would like to thank the Emgrand Group for being able to entrust such an important project to the Willson

family. The Willson family will definitely go all out to live up to the trust of Emgrand.”

“Secondly, we also want to introduce to our friends an outstanding junior of our Willson family. If it weren’t for him, we would not have reached a cooperation with Emgrand.

Moreover, after mutual consultation of our group, we decided to nominate him as our Willson Group’s Director, is solely responsible for the cooperation with Emgrand Group!”

The mother-in-law Elaine said excitedly: “Oh, Claire! It’s time for you to be on stage!”

Although Claire was ready to take the stage, she was still nervous. Charlie immediately cast an encouraging look at her.

Harold looked at Claire who was full of excitement, and couldn’t help but show a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Old Mrs. Willson also looked at the table and spoke with a smile. “Let us welcome the new director of the Willson Group, Harold!” Claire’s figure instantly froze in place
She looked to the side in disbelief, but saw Harold proudly and stepped onto the stage. Charlie’s eyes turned cold instantly.

A good way to cross the river and demolish the bridge!

The Willson family, after using Claire, immediately abandoned her, not caring about her feelings at all!

Claire’s eye circles instantly turned red, and tears kept rolling in his eye sockets. Immediately afterward, she stood up and ran out of the door without looking back. For her, how happy she was when she came, how desperate she was now!

Charlie watched her leave, his face even colder. Bullying my wife? Are you looking for death?

At this time, Harold stood on the stage and said proudly: “Thank you for the trust of the company, I will definitely work hard to be a director! I will definitely complete the project given to us by Emgrand Group!”

Mrs. Willson nodded in satisfaction, took the words, and said: “There is one more important thing about this banquet, that is, we are fortunate to have Mr. Wade, the new chairman of the Emgrand Group! Please use the warmest Applause, welcome to
Chairman Wade!”

There was thunderous applause from the audience!

All the guests tonight are rushing to the new chairman of Emgrand Group! Everyone is waiting to see his style!

Everyone is watching privately, just want to see, who will stand up at this moment!

Someone even said: “I suspect that the mysterious chairman of the Emgrand Group is the same person as the super goddess who made a lot of noise at Rare Earth on the Internet!”

“I also think it’s very possible! That super hero’s back looks strange, it shouldn’t be in the Aurous Hill circle!”

“God! If you say that, isn’t the chairman of Emgrand Group the most powerful super-rich in Aurous Hill?”

“I look forward to seeing him in his true colors!”

In this fierce applause, under the eager attention of countless people, Charlie suddenly, with cold his face and slowly stood up