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05 | People never change



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“You are stupid.” Gael sulked.

“Yeah. Stupid with 40% shares of the Hernández Corp.” I wiggled my eyebrows, almost getting smacked by the pillow.

“Yahh you brat! Who taught you to throw things at your elders? You want me to re teach you how to treat and behave with your adults?” I exclaimed, picking the pillow and hitting him with it.

“Oh cmon! Stop treating me like a baby.” He whined, making me smile softly.

“But are not you one?” I teased him while pinching his cheeks, making him yelp in annoyance.

“No! I am not a baby.” He argued squatting my hand away.

“Whatever floats your boat. Anyway, hungry?” I asked.

“I am starving.” He replied.

“Then go to the kitchen and make something for us.” I stated. Trying to push him off the couch with my feet.

“You are the elder. You go and cook something.” He spread his body on the couch, making it hard to push him off.

“I raised you, you brat. I am having a headache too, thanks to our elder siblings. So, either get your flat butt in the kitchen and make something for us, or pick up the damn phone and order a takeout.” I concluded with a yawn at the end.

“Fine. Go and freshen up. We both have been laying here since we came back from the mansion. Which was about two hours ago.” He stated and I hummed softly. 

“Also, my butt is rounder than the globe” he muttered under his breath while walking to the kitchen, making me roll my eyes.

“They didn't even ask us to stay for dinner.” I said, now laying on the couch and staring at the ceiling.

“I know right? They didn't even notice that you rarely touch the lunch. And then, you got busy with the paperwork. And I thought they will ask us to stay for at least dinner, but no. They wanted us to leave as soon as you were done with the paperwork.” The disappointment in Gael's voice made me chuckle.

“People never change, do they?” I let out with a deep sigh and closed my eyes, letting my hand press my temples.

“Apparently they do. Just not the people we know.” He yelled from the kitchen, making me chuckle.

For a few minutes, I just laid back on the couch with my eyes closed before finally bringing myself to get up.

Thanks to Gael, I just have to freshen up as he already unpacked my stuff.

Shower, here I come.


“La ta da da, La ta da da” Applying the face cream while singing along the lyrics of ‘Yours’ playing at the low volume, I stood in front of the mirror.

Admiring my reflection, I noticed how much mature I look now. It's not the first time I am staring at myself, but it's a habit I developed over years.

Staring at the person in the mirror, the reflection of mine. I began to appreciate it all. My beauty and my flaws. My maturity and my innocence. It's all a part of me. Some I had from the beginning, while some I achieved on my journey. Some would call it being much too egoistic, but it's what I call self-love.

I smiled at myself before walking towards the nightstand where my mobile, which has been ringing since I came out of the shower, was placed.

My hands reached the mobile and grabbed it. My lips twitched upward in a smile, as I saw who it was and quickly answered the call.

“This girl finally picked the call. We have been calling you for almost half an hour.” Austin's familiar voice reached my ears.

“Hello to you too, doctor.” I greeted.

“Why do you only greet Austin? We are also on the call! Why is he always getting the special treatment.” The familiar voice of Elias whined.

“Oh, shut up, you whiny little-”

“Language, you brat!” I cut Iris in the midst of her speaking.

“Beast? Whatever! But Elias stop whining, She treats all of us the same. It's a rare occasion if we're treated specially.” Iris completed, and I could just imagine her giving side eye to Elias.

“Stop bickering, you kids. And, let's focus on what's important first. Ok?” Austin decided to be mature and spoke.

“Shut up man. You are just jealous because it's me annoying, Iris, and not you.” Elias snickered.

I groaned in my head, knowing the turn this bickering is about to take.
I already have a headache, and I didn't ask for another one.

“Jealous of whom? Your flat arse? No, thanks man!” Austin retorted.

“Listen here, you-” before Elias could say anything further, I butted in.

“No! Listen to me, you flat arse humans. Your whining is giving me a major headache while already having one. So, let's be mature for today? You can continue being whiny when I don't have any headache. Ok? Good.”

Not giving them any chance to continue their bickering, I stated.

“Fine. We will stop.” Both of them accepted, while Iris chuckled at their helplessness.

“So, spill the tea, sis.” Iris stated.

“What tea?” I asked, trying to pretend to be clueless.

“Oh common! Stop with the suspense.” Austin exclaimed.

“Absolutely nothing. I am getting married next week. Not to forget that the ownership of 40% shares of the Hernández Corp are under my name. I am the owner of American branch, bitches.”

I dropped the bomb on them like it was nothing, and the other line went quiet. I furthered the phone from my ear, as all of them spoke together.
“You finally got the ownership? That's my best friend.” Elias cheered.

“I am still processing what you said. But, when the fuck did you get a boyfriend to marry?” Austin said.

“You are getting married? That too in a freaking week? To whom? When? How did it happen? Congratulations on the ownership,, though. We need explanation first.” Iris shrieked and bombarded me with questions after questions.

“Calm down guys. I will explain. Stop screaming.” I stated. I know they had questions and wanted answers,, but it won't be possible if they break my eardrum by yelling too much in the phone.

“Miss, you better start explaining.” Iris exclaimed, and with that, I began to fill all of them in with everything.

“Who is the man?” Elias asked, earning a groan from me.

“I told you everything and that's the first thing you ask me?” I tsked.

“No, but seriously. Who is the guy?” Iris questioned.

“I, too, don't know. I'll tell you once I find out. But for now, I am hanging up. I am starving and Gael must be done with cooking dinner. So, see you later, hoes.” I hang up the call without waiting for them to bid me goodbye.
I placed my phone from where I grabbed it and walked downstairs.

The smell of the dinner reached my nose, making me sigh. My brother is getting good at cooking. The smell is so delicious, which means the food will be more tasty.

“I smell garlic butter chicken bites.” I stated while getting myself seated on the dining chair.

“Yup. With lemon asparagus.” Gael added further, making me hum in appreciation.

“For how long was I gone that you cooked this?” I questioned.

“Turned out I really need to go grocery shopping. So, I ordered it.” He cheekily smiled.

“And here I was thinking of complimenting you.” I replied, taking the bite of the food and hummed softly at the delicious taste.

“Kataleya?” Gael asked, earning a ‘what’ from me.

“From where did you get the T-shirt you're wearing right now?” I gulped the food down and stared at him. His eyes glaring daggers at me.

“I stole it from you the last time we met.” I answered honestly. He hates sharing his clothes from the start. But being myself, I always steal his clothes. For some reason, his clothes are comfortable.
“Will you ever stop? You can buy clothes from men sections if you want but stop stealing mine.” He groaned.

“Fine.” I stated, not paying any head to him. Picking the fork back, I started devouring my food again.

For the rest of the time, none of us said anything and just ate peacefully.

Whereas, my thoughts were getting loud with each passing seconds. The tiredness wasn't helping at all. The questions were many but answers, none.

But which stand out was me contemplating whether I made the right choice or not. What if I regret it?

But, the answer to these question remained faceless and so does my future.

The only thing that is with me is the faith I've in myself and the choices I will make in the future.


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