Wild And Wicked

Cast/ Introduction

1. Kataleya Hernández

Name: Kataleya Hernández

Age: 26

Ethnicity: Spanish

Lives in: California, America.

Work: Anonymous CEO of the Léya Corporation.Wild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

ORWild And Wicked - Cast/ IntroductionWild And Wicked - Cast/ IntroductionWild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

2. Enrico Nicoletti

Age: 27

Ethnicity: Italian

Lives in: California, America.

Work: • CEO of Nicoletti Cooperation.

• Suspected to be involved with

MafiaWild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

ORWild And Wicked - Cast/ IntroductionWild And Wicked - Cast/ IntroductionWild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

3. Kevin Walsh.

24 years old

An Irish man.

• Secretary/ Assistant of Kataleya.Wild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

4. Elias Garcia

Age~ 26

Ethnicity~ American

To be Ceo of Garcia Cooperation.Wild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

5. Austin Miller.

• American

Ethnicity~ East Asian

Age~ 26

Work: Cardiologist, owns a hospital.Wild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

6. Iris Michel

Age~ 26

Mixed race.


work~ Owns a firm. Is a human rights advocate.Wild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction
Rest characters will be introduced in the chapters🖤.

7. Nicolas Hernández

Age~ 31

Ethnicity~ Spanish

Work: Jefe de la mafia español (Boss of Spanish Mafia)

Eldest sibling of Hernández family.Wild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

8. Xena Hernández

Age: 28

Work: Fashion modelWild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction
ORWild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

9. Gael Hernández

Age: 21

Youngest of Hernández family.

Work: Student in college.Wild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction
10. Name: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Alias: Lilith

Work: Confidential Information

11. Riona Nicoletti

Ethnicity: Italian

Age: 20

work: College/University student.Wild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction

12. Davina Campbell

(You will know who in story)Wild And Wicked - Cast/ Introduction
                ✨ Introduction✨

The world we live in is nothing but a sinister place, where the sinners sin. Those rueful creatures hide among us; They pretend to be your friends, but stab you with their betrayal to watch you fall. In the world of deception and lies, there resides those people who want to bring you down on your knees. Don't let them break you, my daughter.  I am raising a Queen, not a coward Kataleya. Don't bow to anyone, instead make them bow to you.

Mistakes. Everyone made them. It's not hard to be wrong. Although, living with them forever? That's what is really tough. But, suffering as a result of someone else's mistakes, that's where the question arises. “What was my fault?”

Kataleya Hernández, who belongs to the family of Spanish Mafia, had questioned the faith she had to endure as the mistakes of someone else.

Darkness, secrets, deception and lies surrounds her. Yet, she somehow found a way to make the darkness her safe haven.
Her motto of trust no one when it comes to a complicated situation brought her where she is. The people who promised her forever turned into ghosts when she needed them, leaving only empty promises in the dust. Those who were the cause of the cruelty she had to suffer. Because of whom, her personality turned cold and mean.

She is cold and mean to everyone around her, or maybe pretending to be. After all, the fear of betrayal and the past repeating itself, suffocates her. Making it hard for her to open up or to trust again.

Although with her friends, she may be cold or mean, but with a different soft side for them. The only people she trusts her life with, except her.

“The most pure feeling in the world, love. I experienced it. I had it. And it was amazing. But, it's gone now. I made a huge mistake. I promised to never hurt her, yet, it was me who broke her. I hate myself. Only if I could tell her how much I miss her presence in my arms. If I earn her back, I will never let her go.”
Happiness. It's a small word, yet means a lot. Without it, a person's life is nothing but gloomy. Everything appears lifeless and nothing brings you joy. The liveliness is nowhere near, only the black and white turmoil of sadness is there.

Enrico Nicoletti's life is the definition of this: a workaholic who drowns himself in nothing but work to escape the sad reality that his life is only filled with sadness and suffering.

A rueful yet cruel past, hidden behind the cold eyes of his. The cold eyes which lacks warmth in them. And, the emotions which swirls in them, calling out for help. Silently screaming for someone to save him. To love him. But his silent cries were always unheard. What if someone finally see his struggle and listen to his screams?

When a situation emerge, and both are compelled to marry each other, what will happen? The secrets will unravel, the past will catch up, and maybe between them, a chaotic love will bloom?

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