MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 118

The echo of the stone thrown by Shannanet was great.

In an instant, a quiet storm swept through the bedroom.

............ only the sound of someone swallowing his breath rang quietly.

It was that moment.

Viege screamed popping and bursting with a red-faced face.

"What a load of bullshit!"


Lulac called out loud as if he were warning, but he couldn't stop the exploding Viege.

"Are you just realizing what you're talking about!"

"Yes, Viege. I know exactly what I'm saying."

The calm voice of Shannanet was more contrasted by the way Viege ran wild.

"I will take the place for you, who lack the ability. I'm telling you."

There was a fire in Viege's eyes once again.

Viege approached with a stride, threateningly approached Shannanet at any moment and said.

"I'm not good enough?"

"Yes, it's not surprising."

"Hey, sister!"

Viege, who seemed to scream, suddenly smiled in vain and looked up and down at Shannanet.

And he said as if he was dumbfounded.

"She's trying to be acting chief householder, and there's a certain degree in her dreams."

"It's impossible because I'm a woman?"

Shannanet made eye contact with Viege, taking half a step forward without losing.

"Well, then tell me if there's anything I'm lacking other than that I'm a woman, Viege."

Vieges quibbled as if he could refute it at any moment, but no words were heard.

Instead, his face turned redder than before.

Until now, Viege had never lost in this kind of argument.

The name Lombardi was able to capture anyone in an instant.

However, it was not Shannanet.

Shannanet was also Lombardi.

Moreover, as Shannanet said, Viege was no better than Shannanet.

So instead of answering, Viege was sarcastic again with a red face.

"At a rate like this, would you ask me to consider you as Lombardi's successor?"

But Shannanet replied with a nonchalant face.

"You haven't realized what I've been doing so far."

It was a word mixed with even a little ridicule.


Viege eventually couldn't resist and raised his voice again.

"There is no woman household in the Lambrew Empire!"

"It's not forbidden under imperial law. It's just a road that no one has walked yet."


Viege couldn't find anything to refute and gritted his teeth.

It was then.

Only one thing came to his mind that Viege was better than Shannanet.

It was more of a dagger to Shannanet's heart than any other word.

Vieges pulled out the knife without hesitation.

"A family where the woman is the owner of the house? How far do you intend to make Lombardi a laughing stock of the aristocracy, as well as being played by a fool like Vestian?"

The Patriarch who were listening to the conversation between the two were shocked silently.

"Hey, that guy!"

Lulac, who was sitting on the bed, looked around looking for something to throw away to Viege right away.

Shannanet was silent for a moment.

Looking at her, Vieges grinned triumphantly as he touched the most painful wound.

"Since when did our Lombardy live with the attention of other nobles?"

Until Shannanet asks calmly in a non-shaking voice.

"Did the nobles chatter about me? Then say yes. I haven't done anything wrong, so there's nothing to be ashamed of. But don't forget, Viege."

Shannanet's eyes were filled with unheard-of hostility.

"You knew about Vestian Scholes' extramarital affair, but you ignored it and supported him real estate."

Viege's body flinched greatly.

He didn't think Shannanet would know that.

Shannanet said, staring coldly at such a viege.

"If I were the laughing stock of the family, what would you be?"

The voice gave Viege the creeps.

Shannanet knew all that and didn't show an inch.

However, deep anger was enough to turn Viege into a weasel in front of the lion.

Finally, Shannanet said, looking up and down at him as Viege did.

"Lombardi does not play with the nobles of the Empire. We're a clan that reigns over them. But you seem to have forgotten that."

Shannanet's figure with a subtle smile was stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Vieges did not properly refute and looked around.

Both Lulac and the vassals were looking at Viege with cold eyes.

The atmosphere was running against him.

"I don't have time to deal with this crap right now! I don't have enough time to do the housework!"
Viege screamed and tried to escape this moment.

But a voice that, if not loud, could never be ignored caught up.


It was Lulac.

"Let me ask you this time. What has been the hardest thing you've done in the last few days as a landlord instead of me?"

"Are you doubting my ability, father?"

As if Viege was too much, he tried to appeal to his emotions, but Lulac didn't go over.

"......Viege, you've been taking care of your work as a householder agent. This means that you should also be responsible for the people who make up Lombardi. So answer me. What you've been trying to do as a temporary landlord."


Knowing he couldn't get out, Viege worked hard on his head.

Lulac was giving him a chance to answer anyway.

Then maybe the odds are still there.

Viege came up with the most plausible answer that came to mind.

"It seems to me that Lombardi already has enough money. But so far, the family's businesses have only seemed to focus on being called assets, so we've tried to neutralize that."
"Explain in detail what you mean by neutralization."

"Lombardi has too many enemies. I think it is a strong bond with other families that makes the aristocracy aristocratic. I tried to make Lombardi a nobleman."

"So instead of counterfeit checks, you were told to pay attention to the loans of the aristocrats who were close to you?"

At Lulac's words, Viege glared at Grodic Bray with sharp eyes.

"Answer me, Viege."

"......Yes, that's right. And I didn't ignore the counterfeit check at all. I'm just telling him to get the priorities right."


Lulac sighed quietly.

Those who don't know can teach.

A fool can enlighten.

"The counterfeit check issue wasn't serious either!"

But those who already have the wrong beliefs have no choice.

Lulac looked at Shannanet and asked.

"What would you have done?"

"I would immediately have told them to stop issuing existing checks and produce new editions. It would also encourage people with checks that had already been issued to quickly switch to new-shaped checks."
"For example?"

"It would be nice to put a small amount of money on the check."

"Oh." The householders vassal family shouted exclaimed.

In that way, the damage might be minimized.

But Viege smirked and sarcastic.

"That's not the solution to a counterfeit check, is it? After all, the damage caused by counterfeit checks printed by counterfeiters is inevitable."

"Then what will you do, Viege?."

"I wouldn't cash the check right at the counter. Let's just wait a week or so until it's confirmed in the books."

"That's not possible."

Shannanet firmly opposed Viege's words.

"The Lombardi bank is based on the trust that we can trust and trust the money. But how can people trust a bank that can't cash in immediately the money it's entrusted to them."

"So what do you want me to do? This and that don't work, that doesn't work either. Then bring me a way to figure out a fake check right there!"

Viege shouted as if he was dumbfounded.

It was a counterfeit that even the bank's employees who looked at the checks every day were fooled.
To be able to say it's his sister.

Vieges smiled leisurely.

But the smile didn't last long.

"There's a way for me to tell the difference between fake."


Viege shouted right out, but Shannanet didn't look over there.

I was just waiting for Lulac's words with a calm face.

"Is that true, Shannanet?"

"Yes, Father. Now give me a fake and a real check and I can show you right away."


As soon as Lulac called out his name, Grodic Bray hurriedly pulled out a counterfeit check and a real check from his arms.

In fact, he brought it in person today to report to Lulac about the counterfeit checks.

"Here you are, Shannanet."

"Thank you, Lord Bray."

Shannanet, who held a check one by one, looked around and said.

"And I need a match......."

"I, I have it!"

The householder Herringa, who is usually a smoker, quickly took a match out of his pocket and scrambled up.

Then he looked at Shannanet for a moment and asked.

"Do you want me to light it up, Shannanet?"

"I'd appreciate it even more."
Shannanet told Lulac, while Herringa's owner pulled out two matches.

"Look at the color of the flame burning each check, Father."

Lulac nodded with a stiff face.

Finally, Herringa's owner struck two matches to ignite, then carefully brought them to both ends of the check.


With a small sound of fire, the check began to burn.