MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 117

Early on, I went to the bedroom with nutritional supplements and snacks for my grandfather.

"Oh, our Tia is here!"

My grandfather welcomed me as always.

"How are you today, Grandpa?"

"This grandfather is fine. How's your injury, Tia?"

"I'm much better now. They say I can take off this bandage in a few days."

"That's a relief."

Grandfather patted my head and said.

"But what happened early in the morning today?"

Although I visited the hospital every day these days, I usually came in time for lunch, so he seemed worried about what was going on.

The reason why I moved in the morning was simple.

Last night, Clarivan visited Shannanet and taught her how to distinguish fake checks.

The idea was that Shannanet's personality would not delay anything as important as a counterfeit check.

But I can't say that.

I said with a smile.

"I just can't wait to see my grandfather today!"

"Did you? Uh-huh."

Grandfather smiled broadly again.

Then I heard a knock on the door outside.

You're here, finally.

I thought so and ran and opened the door.

"Who is it... ..what?"

It was not Shannanet.

Standing at the door were about six men of all ages.

"Wow," I opened my eyes to see if they didn't think they would see me either.

"Lady Florentia...isn't she?"

"Hello, household lords."

I politely grabbed the skirt and said hello.

Visitors were the owners of Lombardi's vassal family.

Clarivan's father, Romasie Dillard, and Caylor's father, Heringa, were also seen.

But what did everyone bring? Both hands looked heavy with luggage.

Oh, well, social life is hard.

I smiled and said to the owners with a fighting heart.

"You've been working hard since early today."

"Oh, yeah...And you, too, miss......."

He scratched the back of his head to see if something was wrong with Herringa's householder, who was responding reflexively to my words.

"Come on in."

When my grandfather gestured and said, the householders each carried what they had in their hands.

"......what is it all about?"

My grandfather, who sat in bed in a brown robe, asked as if he was embarrassed.

"I've brought some things that are good for everyone."

Romassie Dillard replied with a shy smile.

"This is Feltrose honey. It's very good for the respiratory system."

"I brought some of the finest bedding sets. Bedding is very important if you're going to bed."

"I started introducing what the owners of the households had brought in rare fruits that were hard to find."

My grandfather, who was staring at them, spat out.

"Now that you've packed your bags, you're trying to say something hard to say."

The householders all shut up as if they had hit the nail on the head.

I looked at them like that and said to my grandfather.

"I'll be out for a while, then, grandpa."

"Oh, will you? I'll call you when this grandfather is done."

"Yes, Grandpa."

Pretending to be tactfully absent, I greeted the householders again and left the bedroom.

I could feel their eyes following me until I closed the door quietly.

And when the door was about to clack and close completely, my toes snapped the door shut.

Conversations began to flow from the inside through a gap in the door that was barely open enough to fit a piece of paper.

"Yeah, what's going on?"

Grandfather asked.

"Well, that's......."

Someone hesitated.

But the hesitation was not long.

"I came to you with all my heart to ask you a favor."

Oh, I can understand this voice.

It was a Romassie Dillard, similar to and different from Clarivan.

"The vassal householders will gather to ask......"

Grandfather said in a slightly grinning voice.

"Okay, I'll listen with all my heart. Tell me."

"......I want you to reconsider your judgment."

This time it was a little younger and a little louder voice.

The big echo seemed to be the Lord Bray.

"What kind of judgment?"

"......Please reconsider your decision to have Viege as acting Patriarch."

There was silence in the room for a moment.

It wasn't that long, but it probably felt a bit far fetched to the householders.

"Do you all think so?"

Grandfather asked in a low voice.

"The same goes for the other householders who are not here with us, Lord."
"Since Viege became acting chief Patriarch, the workload has multiplied. It's time for spring harvests to move across the Empire, so our logistics are very difficult, my lord."

"The same goes for Bill K. Why doesn't he ask them to consider moving the civil engineering business in the North to the West, which was going well out of the blue?...."

The householders frankly expressed their dissatisfaction to the extent that they did not cross the line.

Grandfather who was listening to their story asked.

"So what do you want me to do?"

"We'll take care of it until the Lord returns."

"Will each family take matters into their own hands?"

"......I think that would be better."

It was something that householders couldn't say without a lot of complaints.

If those loyal to grandpa and Lombardi come out like that, they're honestly talking about it all.

"What do you think, Grodic?"


Grandfather asked one more time, while suddenly called Grodic Bray of Lombardi Bank hesitated.
"You must have had a hard time because of your poor handling of counterfeit checks."

"Did you know......?"

Grodic admitted.

"Yeah, actually, that's what made it clear. Viege is not capable of performing his duties as a chief householder agent."

"......How would you have solved it?"

"If I had the authority to decide......."

It was time to listen to Grodic Bray's voice.


Someone tapped me on the shoulder and looked back in surprise.

"Why are you standing outside?"

It was Shannanet.

"Oh, that's...."

I replied, falling from the doorway in a hurry.

"The owners of the vassal family came. They're talking inside."

"I see."

She must have seen me eavesdropping on the conversation.

Shannanet didn't really look at me scaredly.

"Ha, are you here to see my grandfather?"

"I wanted to tell him something, but I can't believe the owners of the household are here....."

Shannanet peeked into the room where the sound of the story was still flowing, and soon determined her mind.

"Maybe it's a good thing."
knock, knock

Shannanet knocked on the door and at the same time stopped the voice coming out of the door.

"Father, it's me."

"Is it Shannanet? Come in."

Unfortunately, I couldn't join the adult conversation anyway, so I took half a step back at the door.

But looking back at me like that, Shannanet said.

"You come in, too."

"What? Me?"

"Yes, it would be helpful to have you listen too."

Shannanet said so and then snuck inside alone.

You think it'll help to keep me in?

What does that mean?

I had a few questions in my head, but once I followed Shannanet into the bedroom quietly.

"A lot of people came to visit you early in the morning. You must be happy, Father."

Shannanet said lightly as she stepped inside.

"Long time no see, Madame Shannanet."

Several of the householders greeted Shannanet with pleasure.

The complexions that had been darkly dead while thinking of Viege just a moment ago were all the more alive just by looking at Shannanet.

And yet they couldn't help but feel sorry.

If it was Shannanet, not Viege, who was sitting on behalf of the chief householder.
It would have been possible not to make the excuse of coming to the lord of the sick bed after suffering this hardship and heartache.

"Didn't you come to work today, Shannanet?"

"Yes, the miners had a hard time getting new mining rights in the North. So I decided to take a day off."

Shannanet's words were greeted with delight by Romassie Dillard, at Lombardi's top.

"I heard you won the mining rights for a very large coal mine this time, right?"

"Since Shannanet's return, the mining company has been in full swing for days. Let us know the secret later!"

Shananet was regretting the years she had withdrawn and was continuing to succeed as if she had wings.

"I just came to talk to you about something."

"Things to discuss?"

"Yes, but before that."

Shannanet said, looking straight at Lulac.

"Could you call Viege for a moment, Father?"

"......there must be a reason why you say that. I will."

Lulac sent someone to the main office, and shortly after, Viege came down to the bedroom.

"Suddenly, what did you call me......"
Viege, as he was about to enter, hardened his impression when he saw the gathered householders of vassal family lords and Shannanets.

"Everyone didn't come to report, and I was wondering where they were."

Viege said, looking around at the faces of the standing householders of vassal family.

"What are you doing here?"

Shannanet also spewed sarcastic remarks.

"Viege, watch your language."

Lulac said, pressing down on his throbbing forehead at the sight of his eldest son.

But Viege managed to spit out a few more words.

"Did you run and get to my father? You don't like what I'm doing?"

At the same time, there was an indescribable displeasure on the faces of the householders of vassal family, but Viege twisted his lips even more.

"If you have something to say, you can tell me directly. Ignoring my authority as a chief representative....."

"Viege, stop!"

Lulac couldn't hold it in the end and shouted loudly.

"Shannanet has a formal suggestion. You're here because I came to ask for your presence! So watch your language!"
Viege poked his lips for a while and still asked in an obnoxious voice.

"Any formal suggestions?"

Viege's sharp eyes turned to Shannanet.

But Shannanet remained calm as if she didn't mind such a thing.

She looked around all the people in the room and finally caught the sight of Florentia.

Cleverly hiding in the corner of the door and watching the whole situation, her little niece.

Then she looked at Lulac, who was leaning against the bed, and spoke in her signature calm tone.

"As of today, I would like to formally suggest that Viege be relieved of his position as acting chief householder and that I, Shannanet Lombardi, be appointed as acting chief householder."